YouFit Corporate Office Headquarters

YouFit Corporate Office Headquarters
YOUFIT Health Clubs
6161 9th Ave. North,
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Corporate Phone Number: 1-727-209-6161
Fax Number: N/A
Customer Service Number: 1-888-968-3481

  • Denise Lloyd. I would like to commend Mrs. Mary Bright for how clean she keep the UFit Gym located at Olney Plaza, Phila PA. Mrs. Bright insures that every part of the GYM is clean. She walks around the GYM asking the members if we are okay or need anything. She would be a good manager. She lets us know which machines are not working. She keeps the ladies room extremely clean. She also insures that the workers that clean along with her are cleanning. I would recommend her for management.

  • I am a member of the UFit Gym located at Olney Ave, Phila PA. I would like to request that Mrs. Mary Bright should be promoted. She would make a wonderful manager because she and her worker Carl keep the Gym extremely clean. Mary comes around asking if there are any members have complaints. She insures that all the machines are cleaned properly. She is always at work earlier. She walks around and assist the members as needed. I wish she was the manager because she shows such a great concern as an employee working at the GYM.

  • I just came back from the Youfit Gym in Mesquite TX. On the way out the door the manager ( China Francisco) called me out saying to were a mask next time or I cannot come back to the gym. I had my Youfit towel tied around my head covering my nose and mouth. I looked up the Dallas County CDC guidelines and it states:Face coverings may include homemade masks, scarfs, bandanas, or a handkerchief. Dallas County residents should continue to maintain social distancing of at least six feet while outside their home. When I showed China this he said I would have to have two towels and could not use the single towel as a towel and face mask which is only used by-the-way when entering and exiting the building. China was rude, combative, and arrogant. It took another employee not a manager mind you to come over and defuse the situation. China or whatever his real name is refused to show me the Youfit mask policy guidelines and refused to give me his manager's name or contact info. China wanted to keep the situation confrontational. I have been a Youfit gym member for three years and have never had any problems until this manager came to this Mesquite location.

  • Just went to the youfit on Sample road and federal highway in pompano they would always call me or send me a email to let me know if there was a problem with my account went in yesterday new year's day nothing was said then I go in tonight and they tell me I owe for 3 month's after they have taken money out of my account so I ask the manager how come they haven't got in contact with me about my membership can't answer but tells me I can't workout tonight until I pay up so I guess there's no way to get in touch with the corporate office to settle this

  • I was at the gym on Saturday,somebody pucked in the garbage can in the men's restroom. Coming back on Monday,
    the restroom was stinking, nobody has cleaned it or empty the garbage. There is no cleaner in the morning until 10 AM, all 6 paper towel dispenser were empty. The gym was already open for 5 hours. The gym was dirty, dust balls all over, some weights laying around for days, nobody gives a damn. All the garbage cans were full. Every weekend the same problems. Understaffed.
    Dirty, If you care about your health, do not join YouFit in Oakland Park, Commercial Blvd.

  • i was at the youfit gym at north Monroe st. in Tallahassee today and waited 10 minutes for the water to get warm in the shower, which it didn't and told the girl at the counter and she refused to give me a phone number of the manager and after several trys she called a ass. manage who was standing 10 feet in back of me and yelled to her 'this guy demanded to speak to a manager ' I did not demand anything and don't appreciate words being put into my mouth,, she girl at the desk had no idea about the cold water, and the ass. manager told me she had tried earlier in the day to trip the switch to get warm water,, I don't appreciate the way I was spoken to and want something done about it… you may call me in Tallahassee 8505443002,,, todd lavigne

    • So, I attend this gym. I wanted to put my training on hold for a bit. Apparently you can for a $50 per month fee, but no one could even give me that information. I decided I just wanted to cancel my training and use up my sessions. Not one person there could do that. I had to wait to speak to a manager. I waited about 30 minutes only to be informed that the manager would not be there until 11:00 am. I came back at 11:00 and he wasn't there, but the district manager was. I waited about 20 minutes to speak to him. I said that I get why they don't train their employees to do cancellations because they want a manager to try to upsell customers on more services. Well, he swore up and down that everyone was supposed to be trained to do this and he would try to solve the problem. Nonsense. I didn't remember the 30 days written notice, so I will take that hit. However, they could have salvaged me if any person in the entire gym had been trained. Now, trying to get canceled, I am seeing that is going to be a big issue. I do have a copy of my written cancellation, so if they continue to try to hold more money out of my account, I have the signed statement.

  • Great gym, until you have an issue..poor customer service. Each location is run by a bunch of kids that have ZERO customer service skills and the so call managers are also not equip to assist. The manager are corporate does not return calls & if he happens to be out no one else can assist). Such a large corporation with such limited support. Bottom line, if you have a problem YOUFIT is unable to assist. Beware if you get personal training (minimum of 3 months) and you don't want to continue after the 3 months, PLEASE be sure to put your cancellation notice upon starting. DO NOT WAIT until you are closer to the end of your session.

  • This place is nothing but a joke. They have an inside pool which is closed more than it is open. The bottom of the pool is nothing but peeling paint not put on correctly.They hired a really cheap guy to paint the pool. There are TWO pictures hanging up and they are of ONLY BLACK folks.
    This is mostly a white neighborhood and they have NO customers who are black. 4 out of 5 of the employees are black and only the whites do the physical work.
    Since YOU FIT took over from FITNESS WORKS the place has gone to the dogs.
    My advise is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on 'you fit'. When you ask a question you can bet they will answer with a lie. This place is the pits. I would not advise an enemy to come here. Nothing but TRASH!

  • Re: Youfit at 1433 E. Williams Field Rd., Gilbert, AZ .Phone: 480-963-5070
    I personally went in on 12/22/17 to cancel my membership, and that I will not be charged for next month's membership at the end of this month( december). Jacob Sanchey had reassured me that I will NOT be charged at the end of december, and my last day will be 1/29/18, because I had paid the last month when I first joined. No forms were signed because they DO NOT have the forms, but REASSURED that my membership is cancelled, and I have to keep checking to see when I can go in to sign the form.They had "put a note" on my account that my membership is cancelled.Again, I asked a NUMBER OF TIMES to make sure as I know they cannot be trusted, and made them write on a card with his name that my membership was cancelled on 12/22/17. I was reassured I will not be charged. Well, guess what! My membership WAS CHARGED yesterday!!!!I called today, and found out that there was NO NOTE on my account about my cancellation! Jacob Sanchey JUST LIED to me! I am livid. Now I know why I do not like this gym and will not recommend it to anyone. I have heard things, and I know now they are real now.

  • I am a member I go to the Gym on Fowler Ave in Tampa Fl the tread mills breaking down only one bike working now its getting kinda hard to get a work out we need the equipment working its been down for 3 months I no we only pay 10 dollars a month but come on now we need something to work on help help help

  • I have yet to hear back from anyone regarding the following email: I did have a conversation regarding about the lack of training and the monies that ive spent. It was decided that Sarrah and Chase would try and put a routine together however there were discrepancies as to what might work. When I asked about the overlapping payments, it was explained that the tests and assmts done in the initial Jumpstart purchase were separate from the tests and assmts done two days later by the trainer. I was again told that the trainer went over things and therefore I had a program. I guess my definition of a program is different, being shown a machine once and then being left to aimlessly wonder around the facility does not to me justify a routine.*********** I am emailing out of frustration and I am not sure where to go. I joined You Fit for the $10.00 a month so I could use the treadmill and maybe the circuit exercise area. Stomach is my main goal the rest will follow. On my first visit to join, Thomas met me and walked me around briefly, I explained my issues with other gyms, memberships, crowds and ability. I wanted a place I could go that wasn't buys wouldn't judge (I am educated, confident in my job, friends and home but when I walk into a gym I become that 6 YO fat kid on the playground) and I could get some cardio and maybe some strength training. I explained that I don't know what to do, how to do it or in what order it should be done. Thomas suggested for a special initial price I could get an assessment and 4 sessions with a trainer. This seemed like a reasonable idea. I met Sarrah for my assessment, upon completion, it was suggested that I get a trainer for several visits a week, I was adamant that I didn't want to buy a car but agreed that I needed guidance (per the aforementioned statement) after several conversations, suggestions and 2 hours I signed up for 1x week in addition to my 4 initial sessions (using them weekly). It was agreed that this would be a good guide and a routine would be built. At this juncture I met with Chase (my trainer) within 3 minutes it as decided that I needed to be with Chase 3 times a week 2 minimum to achieve my goals. I explained again I am not buying a car. I stuck to my purchased training program After the first visit with Chase, I came back on my own but wasn't able to do any of the exercises, I didn't know which machines to use, where they were, which weights or how many reps to do. I was informed that if I didn't know how to do an exercise I could google it? Additionally, I should do what’s comfortable? I decided that I wasn't going to run away this time so I bought a note book and on my next visit with Chase wrote down what the exercise was called, where it was located how to set the machine, Stand, Sit, Push , pull or bend, how much weight and how many reps. I started the book with Mon/Fri exercises and Wed/Sat exercises. As chase and I met more exercises have been added, I've placed them in the book according to the above category. With each visit the exercises have become more and more vague as to how to place them in to a work out and in what order to do them. Yesterday I explained to Chase again that I wasn't understanding what to do in what order to achieve what I am trying to achieve, the answer again was, you need to switch it up so you don't get stagnant. I explained again that until I knew what to do, when to do, and how to do it in what order switching it up doesn't help me! I am now a month into the program, I have not been given a routine, I have not done the same thing twice, there is no system or process, there are several exercises that have been shown that I just don't know how to do. I was told at each meeting Thomas, Sarrah and Chase that I can ask them or anyone about machines (assuming I know what machine to be on) but I have, with exception of training, seen a You Fit shirt on the floor.

  • I had cancelled my membership at Fitness 19 before it changed over to YOUFIT. I kept getting phone calls from YOUFIT corporate stating I owed money from 2015-July 2017. I explained that I cancelled my membership before Fitness 19 went out of business and paid off my balance. I spoke to several people and everyone was very rude and said it was my problem to figure out. Today I called the number above (the 727 #) and spoke with someone named Deanne. She answered immediately, no hold time, was extremely nice and she took care of things that needed to be taken care of. Just wanted to give her a shoutout for taking care of it then and there instead of giving me the run around like everyone else. Thanks Deanne!

  • I am a member of a location in Dallas, Texas. My husband pays for 2 memberships (as though i am the one who goes the most). My location does not offer as many classes to take like the other locations around the D/FW area does. Then when I go to a class to try they tell me I have to upgrade to a Lime Card in order to take the BodyPump class. If i'm paying to memberships I should not have to pay for an upgrade in membership. I left Gold's Gym to go this this gym as it was closer to home. I am starting to regret that I made the change. I will be cancelling my membership soon, as I am buying a house. So I will be leaving YouFit in next couple of months.

  • I cannot believe how bad this company is!! Incredible! I cancelled my membership as I didn't got to the gym, they got 2 years of payments and I only went once!! they told me that my 1st and last payment would cover everything if I chose to cancel my account. I personally went to the Flower Mound, TX location and cancelled, and they tried to charge me a $10.00 cancellation fee. I told him not once did the guy mention any cancelation fee, he said paying the 1st and last in the initial payment covered. I spoke with an area manager and he waived the charge and said he cancelled my account. when I asked for a copy of the cancelation I was given a piece of paper and I shoved it in my purse. when I took it out I noticed they gave me my contract. I immediately called my bank and made sure that no withdrawls will ever be made again!! I got a lovely call yesterday from their accounting department saying they couldn't withdraw my monthly membership and to call immediately, I called the Florida phone# they left me and I had the UNPLEASANT task of dealing with a total rude BTCH!! I told her I cancelled and she said well you still owe a month and I said no, it was covered when I paid 1st and last and then she said well you owe the cancelation and I said no that was waived because I was told when I signed up that there was no fee's and then she threatened to send me to collections and ruin my credit for $10.00.

    I called the Flower Mound location totally furious and the girl that answered was rude and the manager never called me back. The girl said he was coming in at 9 am and she would give him the message (Christopher) I waited all day long and nothing, so I stopped off at the gym and that guy was there and when I confronted him on it he said he barely arrived (HE LIED), then I spotted the Area manager who I cancelled with and I demanded to speak with him. He said he did everything and I owed nothing and I told him what happened. I CALLED while there the Florida accounting and I PUT IT ON SPEAKER!! the guy that answered told BOTH of us that I owed nothing, I shouldn't of been called and he apologized for the rudeness I received. I demanded an apology letter and he said he couldn't do that. I made the Area manager Gil give me a cancelation document and that the fee's they tried to charge were waived!!

    I HAVE ALSO REPORTED THEM TO THE BBB for shady practice, for lying and for hidden fee's and threatening me!!


  • Got a membership Dec 2015 which I paid in full for a year. I was unable to go due to health issues and I was told today they would not react my membership for the yer I paid for even though it shows I've NEVER came into the gym….BAD BUSINESS.

  • Got a membership Dec 2015 which I paid in full for a year. I was unable to go due to health issues and I was told today they would not react my membership for the yer I paid for even though it shows I've NEVER came into the gym….BAD BUSINESS.

  • Today a youfit gym in Dallas TX on Dallas parkway kicked out 3 veterans and their wives after telling 1 veteran "your kind is not welcome here" and "this gym is not a good fit for you" while he was motivating fellow soldiers during a workout. He had just signed up as a new member minutes before this ostracizing display of belittlment by a trainer named Jay. This was both humiliating and disrespectful to these veterans. Any establishment who will so boldy humiliate any of their members like this needs to be reported. This gym should be put on the military blacklist for this appalling display towards these veterans!

  • Today a youfit gym in Dallas TX on Dallas parkway kicked out 3 veterans and their wives after telling 1 veteran "your kind is not welcome here" and "this gym is not a good fit for you" while he was motivating fellow soldiers during a workout. He had just signed up as a new member minutes before this ostracizing display of belittlment by a trainer named Jay. This was both humiliating and disrespectful to these veterans. Any establishment who will so boldy humiliate any of their members like this needs to be reported. This gym should be put on the military blacklist for this appalling display towards these veterans!

  • Watch out. You pay 2 months in advance plus annual maintenance fee. Plus you are required to give 60 days notice for quitting. You also pay an additional $10 each and every time you make any changes or quit. In addition, you will then pay a different, higher rate FOREVER. It's not really that cheap when you consider all the fees. Regional sales manager for Colorado unprofessional and unreasonable. He is just a rule enforcer and has no common sense nor customer service sense. NO access to fitness room even for 5 minutes while no one using it. Clean club, however, they spray cleaning products in the air right next to equipment while you are exercising so you can inhale them deep into your lungs. Dangerous! Please spay in a cloth first and then clean. A couple good trainers there, but can't support poor upper management.

  • north port location is run down people are complaining about the equipment. It needs a pain job and they ran out of paper towels and said they ordered then. They gave us a bogus phone number for the corp office .you cannot reach anyone who really cares they just yes you .You cannot get anyone to complain to.The better business bureau needs to look into this company

  • water foutains not working for over three weeks, the water is hot. I feel like they are trying to force you to buy thier bottle waters.

  • In the Youfit located in Coral Way, Miami the managers put theirs interest over the clients and change the schedule arbritrarily against clients wishes.

  • So apparently YouFit Health Club Does NOT value their customers and feel that it is okay to provide mediocre customer service. After pausing my membership I have still been charged for months and have proof given to me by YOU FIT that this is incorrect. COREY the manager at Youfit on Westview and University REFUSES to return my phone calls now. The last time I saw him was 8/1/16 to drop off all of my credit card statements proving that I was charged incorrectly and still did NOT do anything. I was their this morning and have print outs of all my charges. THEY ARE STILL INCORRECT!! Corporate does NOT have a number (go figure_ and the only person who can "help" me chooses to ignore the big notepad at the front counter that says please call Nicole with all of my information. With that being said I do NOT recommend joining YOU FIT. I refuse to give up until they right their wrong and I have proof of all my claims. Hopefully this gets someone's attention and I am contacted back. The only reason I am even a member there is because I love my trainer Michelle. It is too bad Corey doesn't know how to be as attentive as the other people there and made him the manager….go figure!

  • I joined youfit in Feb of this year and signed up for a personal trainer for 3 months. I was also told that to cancel my membership I had to do so in person on the 5th of the month. I wasn't told that I had to cancel my personal trainer on the 5th of the month also or the $320 per month charge would just continue to roll over. When I was charged for a 4th month I went to the club to complian and was told ok it was fixed and would not be charged again,guess what I was charged again. Now I am told that becasuse my cancellation request was not 30 days before the next billing date that I would have to pay the charge. Since signing up in Feb I have not used one half of the sessions I have paid for due to my trainer had a phone problem my trainer had a lung infection my trainer hurt his knee now my trainer had his foot operated on and cannot walk yet I still have to pay for his service. this really puts a bad taste in my mouth and I will certainly be telling everone I know about this via all forms of social media

  • We have been members of the You fit Gym at the Boynton Beach Mall since
    it opened in 2014..We have had no problems with billing, staff, or the
    facility in fact it is the cleanest gym by far that we have used in
    40 years…The cleaning staff is excellent…we observe them cleaning all the machines one by one meticulously…this is the main reason we continue there….Staff is friendly and accessible..

  • Personally identifiable information (PII), or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), as used in US privacy law and information security, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.

    As I walked into my Youfit gym there was no one at the front desk for at least 5 minutes. There were 4 computer screens in full view of everyone displaying their customers pictures, names, etc. Federal Law (as stated above) in the workplace prohibits an individual's identity to be shared with anyone. You need to change this to comply with Federal Law. The computer screen needs to be in a more discreet location and/or the screen reverts to a cover screen immediately after a person checks in. You might want to pass this information by your Legal/Compliance department.
    Feel free to email me.

  • EXTREMELY Dissapointed. I was Very Specific about how I wanted to pay cash, month to month, for my membership (pay as I go). I was told that I could do that, and would Not be billed monthly. They LIED. You cannot pay cash, as you go. You will Still be billed, on your credit card, monthly. They will NOT credit you and they will make you pay an additional amount to cancel your membership. This company is FRAUDULENT and the State Attorney's Office should SHUT THEM DOWN!! As I work in Social Media, I am going to make it a Point to Tell The World that this gym is Horrible!!!

  • The problem is 99.5% of the people on here do not have legitimate complaints. Does Youfit screw up, of course, just like every other business, but for the most part all these complaints are people who just didn't take the time to read what they sign. It's like that episode of South Park "how do you know you agree to something if you didn't read it?"

  • My experience with your facility in North Port Florida, 34286

    The whole company is run like a crime syndicate. Once you sign they own you and they play the fine print like a fiddle. After multiple issues, mostly billing for myself and another member of my family, I cancelled my membership in December of 2015. They told me that they were going to charge me $10 to cancel. I told them that that was ridiculous and that I wanted my membership cancelled. I instructed the associate to tell the manager that I was not intending to pay to cancel since there was no contract period and that I was month to month. She told me that they would most likely charge me a months fee (roughly $16). I told her to have the manager call me if she had a problem. No call!!! Then they took January money, Then February money and now March and an Annual maintenance fee. After calling me they indicated that because I didn't pay the $10, they felt justified in continuing to steal from my account and continue to do so. I am two hours roughly from that location and they continue to extort on an ongoing basis. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

    To make matters worse, when I went to make a comment on the website, the functionality failed and I was not able to post. Maybe not a coincidence.

    • So you are upset because they didn't cancel you out because you refused to follow the cancellation process that you agreed to when you signed? Nowhere in their advertisements to they advertise "No Contract". I see month to month everywhere but I have never seen "No Contract" printed anywhere. Anything that has your signature on it is considered a contract. That receipt you sign at a restaurant is a contract that you will pay said amount of money. Be an adult and follow through on the contracts you sign. You would be pretty mad if they went back on their end of the deal so don't go back on yours. What exactly was your complaint with the BBB? I didn't want to hold up my end of the agreement and expected them to give me anything I want. That's not how life works.

  • I just came from the North Port Florida Gym and I am going to enter my personal experience. I had called previously before going and found that I could join for the $1,00 dollar down and $10. a month only to find that I just couldn't pay the total that we only wanted to join for the short period (snowbirds) 3 months and we were willing to pay the cancelation fee for each of us . PRoblem was they didn't want the full amount and THEY NEEDED A BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER to process this. Why is my question if Im willing to pay by cash or one check for the total amount then why do you need my bank routing number.After reading all these complaints on this site now I understand what the problem is. We had joined for the last two yrs with these terms but I quess this was NOT good enough for them. We are retired my husband and I both decided we will make this our a concern here in North Port since they pride themselves on having good business people in the area so my goal today is to start with the Better Business Bureau and then He is considering writing an article for the North Port Sun Paper and then maybe we should all start a campaigne to write all the newspapers where Youfit is located to get the word out about there business practices. I know there are a lot of young people that use these gyms and cant afford all these extra fees etc. to stay fit. Shame on you YOUFIT.. Debbie

  • Like many of the comments above, I am furious with this scam of a company. In addition to terrible business practices, the staff are rude. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, as well as TWO fraud reports with my bank to try and stop payments. Something shady is happening because YouFit continues to charge my account with different transaction numbers that my bank cannot identify. I have dealt with this in every way I possibly can, short of a lawsuit. Please include me if that comes to pass.

    • Clearly, there is no such thing as a "Corporate Office" here, and no one is even monitoring these comments. Calls go to a local branch somewhere else in the country, where a "manager" just informed me that no complaints can be resolved over the phone, we have to Go Into the same branch (which I've already done!) and resolve it in person. I am calling the news to report this. A lawsuit is necessary to bring these criminals down.

    • If everyone would just follow the proper cancellation policy that they agreed to when they signed up they probably wouldn't have any issues. Instead people want to argue over a $10 or $25 cancellation fee and then complain again when their account wasn't cancelled. Now that is not to say that they never mess up, because like anything people make mistakes. With that said the majority of these complaints are from people who didn't want to follow the procedures they signed for.

  • You Fit continued to take money out of my account, even after I cancelled membership due to a very poor experience at You Fit. The staff delivered poor customer service, and management was not available to assist my concerns. I called management, and corporate and both stated they were unable to assist me, and that I should email corporate even after verbally speaking to them about the same problem. I rate them an F, very poor standards.

  • Awful billing regarding personal training. DO NOT sign up for a personal trainer. It is extremely difficult to cancel and they are difficult to work with. They persuaded me to "suspend" my personal training and then when I cancelled they charged me an additional month. I haven't used a trainer in over 4 months!!!The positive is the fitness club is very well maintained and a nice place to work out and is convenient.

  • I have been trying to cancell my personnal training for 1 month already. I new I was going to have an operation. The person at the front desk would always tell me I have to do it with the manager. It happens to be the manager was never at the place. I called and left message they never called back. I called again finally someone acting as the manager says I have to go in person and that someone at the front desk should be able to help me. I was told at the front desk I couldn't do this. He says that the rules changed and now we can do it . it's just a way of them taking your money. Than he told me I had to bring a doctors note. Why would I have to bring a doctors note when I have trained past the first initial 3 months because I wanted to so now that I want to cancell I have to bring doctors note. I never signed anthing sayint that I wanted personnal training for life. What scammers!

  • I can confirm that this is the correct corporate number, and the Manager's name is Gina Ruth – She is the manager over the regional managers. As of right now my issue hasn't been resolved yet, but they said they're working on it.

  • Warning, beware of any company that hides their corporate office. They don't want you to know who or where they are. It is unethical, unprofessional and not safe. You can contact the Better Business Bureau. It does not matter how young or old a company is if you can't reach their corporate office then there is definately a problem with that company. This not corporate.
    YOUFIT Health Clubs
    6161 9th Ave. North,
    St. Petersburg, FL 33710
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-727-209-6161
    Fax Number: N/A
    Customer Service Number: 1-888-968-3481

  • Good evening,

    I am writing you this evening because of the rude way my girlfriend and I where treated at your Coconut Grove YouFit location. We are new members, we joined less than one week ago. We where advised to purchase your Lime membership because it would be the best deal for us. What we where not properly informed of at the time of purchase is, that my girlfriend cannot go to work out without my being with her. No problem, so we thought. We decided to get two memberships, one for each of us, this way we can both work out whenever we wish. When we went to the front desk to switch membership status, we where told we would be charged $10 dollars to downgrade my membership. I advised that we where incorrectly sold a Lime membership and where not informed that in order for my girlfriend to use the gym she would have to be with me. At this point I asked to speak to the manager, Ben Ybarra, who was working out not 15ft. from the front desk. He advised the young lady that he couldn't speak with me because he was OFF THE CLOCK. I am a business owner and as you know, ingoring a valued customer is something that isn't done in business. It was very rude to say the least. The attitude given by the the girls at the front desk and their lack of knowledge in procedures was also very upsetting and time consuming.
    The way my girlfriend and I where dismissed by Ben Ybarra and by his staff was very dissconcerting to say the least. Mr. Lopez, as the regional manager, I am sure you will be sympathetic to my issue and will help my girlfriend and I resolve this matter of our memberships more smoothly.

    Respectfully awaiting your response,

    Richard J. Sanda

  • I too have had a terrible experience. I was told about a "jumpstart" training program at the new Houston gym. 12 sessions for $279.00 so I signed up. The trainer/salesguy/crook completely lied to me and signed me up for a recurring EFT charge for $300 a month. He completely lied to my face and while signing the documents(which were on a fuzzy computer screen) he talked me through what I was signing and still lied to me. Derrick is his name by the way. The $300 came out of my account the following month and I immediately notified the training Manager Courtney. Mind you the deduction of the $300 also caused my account to go into overdraft where I accumulated three overdraft fees. Courtney said she was working on it and they she had reached out to corporate and spoke to J.R. I continued to follow up with her and she kept telling me J.R. is working on it. So, I escalated it to the gym manager Morgan. She too has been telling me that J.R. is working on it. Nobody would give me a direct line to talk to J.R., or a corporate contact. I kept calling the gym everyday to stay on top of it and Morgan passed me off to a trainer and told him to "take care of it by the end of the day". Well, that was a week ago, I have been dealing with this for almost a month now. I have been told that J.R. is supposed to reach out to me but still……nothing. I feel lied to, cheated, hustled. I can't believe how many other stories are on this thread of similar situations. Does anybody practice ethics or have a conscious anymore?

    • So you just sign things willy nilly without questioning what you sign. Even so the state of Florida takes people's stupidity in account and gives anyone who signs any legally binding contract 3 business days to read the agreement, which is emailed to you, and get a full refund if the contract doesn't say what they thought.

  • To whom it may concern,

    I have been a member of the North Port, Florida Ufit for over 2 years. The gym has been going downhill and the manager Ashley does not seem to care. The main concern is the air conditioning at the back of the gym which includes the ladies and men’s room has not worked of over 1 MONTH. Trying to get ready in the morning for work is just horrible as I sweat after a shower and doing my hair. I have complained and complained and nothing seems to get done and I am treated as an annoyance instead of understanding my concerns. The hand dryer in the ladies bathroom also has not worked for the past month and no paper towels to dry our hands, I have asked staff and they tell me that they will let the manager know instead of getting some and putting it in the bathroom. I have asked what do they do when they have used the bathroom wipe their hands on their clothing? The clock battery went dead and it took over 1 month to get it back up and running. The pins were stolen from the weights and we are not able to use them until they get new ones I am sure that will take another month or so. There is so much competition with new gyms opening up and you hope that Ufit would be on it’s A game, well not at the North Port location. I am now getting to the point of wanting to join another gym that cares about its customers. Unfortunately your North Port location is not being run how it used to be and the previous staff was friendly and always cared about the gym’s cleanliness.

  • I like the actual healthclub, when all of the machines work. The money part of it sucks!! I was charged the $39.99 annual fee, but after a year who remembers it's coming out of your account!!! So it didn't clear, but they attempted to take it out two more times each time going up by $10!! So I ended up owing $59.99 and was charged by my credit union 3 times for NSF fees!!! When I talked to the so-called manager she got rude with me and instead of trying to help me she insulted me! I never said I wouldn't pay it, however when your fee continues to go up and the only way you take payments is thru automatic deductions, give me a day at least to put money in there to cover it!!! I am going in today to cancel this crap and I hope they end up in bankruptcy!!! No phone call to remind you of your upcoming annual fee deduction, no phone call or email to advise you of the return fee or charges pending….nothing!!!!

  • Not true. The club I was a member of went out of business. I was offered to join Youfit for the same price of $11 a month. Right away my account is hit for over $21. When I call in 6 times I can't get anyone to help me. Finally I go in and talk to the Regional Manager who tells me it's a late fee. How can I have a late fee when I just joined and they draft from my bank?
    I won't be a member of a club where I have to make 7 attempts to correct a draft out of my bank. Glad you are happy but no need to call names and disparage people who have legitimate complaints.

  • I sent the Regional Manager this email today.

    Mr. Kipp, this email is a followup to my visit to the Richardson Youfit location. You personally cancelled my membership and promised an email confirmation. Please send the confirmation to this email promptly.

    You offered me two free months of membership if I would stay, which I declined. If Melinda had offered one free month on any of my 6 calls to the club, you would still have my membership. However, your decision to employ a manager that ignores new members concerns, combined with her lack of professionalism and follow-through, made me realize that this is not the club for me. I would say the Heyli (sp?) was most helpful on the phone and tried to assist me.

    Do not attempt to withdrawn any funds from my account. To do so after my cancellation today would be considered theft and fraud by me and I would report it. I work in an industry where we deal with unscrupulous behavior and I know my rights.

  • I don't know how you're running this business clearly you just hire whomever. JR promised me that I would get an extra free session which according to the trainers isn't true, so then why is he telling it to customers/potential customers. Also I was told I could have a three month contract only to be charged for the fourth month after I had already put it my notice, and every time try to make an appointment to workout I kept getting the run around, I was even told to be at the gym at 7am and I found out once I got there y'all don't open till 8am, seriously messed up. Plus my trainer was fired and I still haven't gotten a new trainer, even more messed up. Marcella one of the trainers called me and when I told her what time I wanted said she would call me back and didn't, also messed up. To be quite honest anything and everything that's happened to me at this gym has been terrible, I don't understand how y'all can run a business like that.

  • I wish I had read all this before I joined though in actuality my experience with the employees and my trainer is great. However, my spa in Southaven has a new manager who weighs 120 soaking wet. He is extremely cold natured and keeps the gym heated like an oven. He sits in his office with a hoody on and refuses to lower the thermostat so the customers will be cool. The employees all complain about it being hot. The manager's reply is "I'm cold so it's cool enough". I'm going to have to change my membership. I'm not sure if any corporate types monitor this page but hopefully someone will see this and make a change.

  • not being able to call a company should be enough warning… Unfortunately, by the time you hit this page it is already too late.

  • They suck. Cancelled my membership went in and signed form10 months ago and didn't notice they was still charging me. Went back in and they wanted to charge me 25$ to cancel because they have no record of me coming in. Bunch of crooks. I said fine I will come in and wear there shirt with it saying they are crooks everyday with her name on it.

  • I workout at U fit in Norcross Georgia nice place but during lunch time the employees work out I don't have an issue with that but this I do. First one employee is in the free weight area which is not very large he has a soccer ball that he kicks and runs with it from one side of the weight room to the other not very smart and another employee is working out on bench press and the whole time leaves his phone on anther bench takes up the equipment that other want to use . The management should have a talk with them we are paying members and I don't have a problem with them training but not at the expense of the members if this continues I will cx my membership

  • I am a member of the YouFit GYM in Carrollwood, Florida club. WOW, I sure wish I read all of this before I joined up.

    My OVERALL experience with the club has been good. The machines are brand new, and clean once a day. What impressed me the most is how they keep everything so clean. They even walk around and re-stack the free weights where they belong. I have been going to gyms for the past 45 years (retired military). I never saw such a clean GYM before. If they can maintain that level of maintenance and cleanness they will do well. One more thing. The initial welcome when I walk thru the doors prior to working and when I and finished with my workout and walk out the door, I ALWAYS ALWAYS received "HI" or "SEE YOU, HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL WORKOUT". Now that is excellent service. Make a person fee like he belongs to a club.

    But now I have a complaint, and wanted to talk with a Manager over the store Manager. They said I need to speak to the regional manager but would not give out phone number or me his name. So I asked to speak to the District Manager and got the same answer. When I call the Main Headquarters phone number that is list on the Internet, I received the St Petersburg’s club. She said the Internet page is wrong because they were the 1st gyms that open up. OK, and then correct it. Very easy done.

    All I wanted to do was to speak to a "mature manager" about how I was disrespectful by "one" employees and "fraud" that happen to my debt card. It was kid of a personal business matter not to be discussed as the front counter.

    Also, I was told to send an email message to the Corporate Headquarters. Who is going to read it? Where are they located "at" the St Petersburg’s GYM ????? I beginning to understand why folks are all upset with this YouFit GYM.

    I realized it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. But there is something here that is not right. And as a paying customer they should bend over backwards to assistance me. It’s that what "Real Detail" all about? To make the customer happy and to gain new customer’s? To make money? To meet your monthly and quarterly goals ?????

    I am just going to set back and see if some from the Management Staff of YouFit GYM contacts me.

    Dave Skinner

  • I wish I would have read these comments sooner! I just paid 39.98 for a membership on 11-4-2014 canceled 11-07-14 due to a personal issue they never refunded the money and they are not going to. I basically paid 39.98 for three days at the gym:( This gym definitely sucks!
    Murrieta CA

  • When I went to cancel three memberships the manager said I had to pay a $25 processing fee for each one . That is a lie and I don't know where he got this info from . If you read the contract on their web site it says it's a $10 fee. And they lied about the " No hassle month to month terms ". The owner of Youfit is under investigation .I am now being hassled by bill collectors because Youfit won't do the right thing by their contract . The gym is in Miami , Fl. in the Crossings .

  • I agree this gym is garbage and super un professional and the employees are way under trained! I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone period!

  • They just opened up 2 locations in Richmond, VA and they put flyers on the cars in the privately owned parking lot of a major club competitor in the area, which I am a very happy member of. How tacky & unprofessional is that to try and gain new business?

  • I'm glad I ran into this forum. I just had a horrible experience with this joker (YouFit) over my contract cancellation. Like many other before me experienced the same thing, they deliberately hung up on me when I called to on the phone to cancel before 30 days after they asking me all my membership information. I thought my cancellation was OK until I shokingly found out they charged to my credit card monthly due. I came to explain to them but to no avail, thru the deaf ears. In addition, they charged me cancellation fee plus the whole month fee for few days of the current month. It's a shameful and dishonest business practice and un-american way. I want to write a letter to the head president but don't have the legitimate email address. Does anyone know the email address of the head huncho or public relationshop department?

  • I became a member of their Clearwater FL location in Gulf to Bay and bought 8 Personal training session. My first appointment, the trainer was in a conference meeting and they cancelled me 2 hours before my session. I did not get the message so I showed up at the gym. The clerk aplogized and rescheduled me for the same day 2 hours later. I went home and when I returned the Trainer was AWOL. I spoke with the manager and the only words that came out of his month were I am sorry. I told him that his is unacceptable and that I would like my money back and he said that he could not refund me. asked to speak with a manager and he told me he was the manager. I told him I want the information of his boss and he refuse to give it to me. I left and called the corporate number and it was another location so I explain the situation and she told me to speak with the manager and I told themt that is exactly what I did so she gave me this email and told me that someone higher up will get it and call me back. Guess what??? This email went to the local health club and the manager left me a message and every time I called he was not available. Finally, I spoke with the personal trainer director and obviously nothing was done about it. It looks like all the trainers can disappear without giving an explanation and nothing happens. But if you do not give them a 24 hour notice you will lose your session Way to run a business. I will be cancelling my membership as soon as I am done with the sessions. Do not waist your time on this gym.

  • Youfit sees the majority of the people are saying the exact same thing and they are still not willing to change their policy! That in itself is bad business!!! All we ask is that you be fair when it comes to cancelling the membership! Most would eventually come back to your gym if only they were treated right the first time. I hope the greedy owners of this "company" make the right decision to revisit the cancellation policy and stop taking advantage of hard working people. Shameful! What company continues to charge after you are in default of payment? NOBODY!!! If your don't pay your cell phone bill, they cut you off! You won't be charged every month for service you didn't or couldn't use. You can not continue to use the facility but they continue to charge. I have a contract with AT&T but they are not charging for services not used, so how can YouFit?

    If you guys know a good lawyer, this may be a good case!

  • YF is more FY kind of gym!

    When employees gossip bad about one customer to another customer to cause customers to fight that is pretty bad, when employees bring dangerous friends and sic them on customers they do not like that typical. Hopefully Youfit is just another gym franchise because with scandale which threatens the well being of customers Youfit is sure to lose customers to the competitors.

  • I got a membership that was month to month, I hurt my knee and tried to cancel and was refused at the front desk And the excuse was that I was an annual contract, and that was a lie. For all of you who have been slammed as I have. I called today and tried to make it right but they tried to make me pay over 100 bucks. So my plan is to pickett in front of the Tolleson AZ store. I will be making a youtube video about them and getting 5,000 subscribers to share thevideo

  • I got it now, why this gym its called YOU FIT, Because YOU WILL FIT in another of they scams…Nasty GM AT Sarasota Fl, Location….DONT SIGN UP.

  • signed up before the club opened, 3 months later there is still no instructor for yoga. had to pay $70 dollars to cancel the manager would not speak to me just the assist mgr

  • The you fit in Weston FL is the worst of all of them, the AC in the room for the zumba and other classes is always broken, the room is extremely hot. No matter how much or how many people complain, they don't do anything to fix it. This gym is poorly managed and no one seems to care..

  • no number for suggestion or correction, if any one at you fit is reading this change outfit of trainers so they do not look like managers and put a lish on them so they dont bother peoples wifes and daughters

  • I joined while they were still building and they never offered me a contract, just flipped through a chart and told me the information. I had to have surgery on my arm (which at the time of signing I did not know). It will take a year of therapy before I will be able to do any guy work. They will only cancel and charged me $69.00. They refuse to take any cash payments so you must use a credit card or bank card. I don't use them and my daughter will let me use her account if I can put the money in it prior to the charges. I explained to them that I would have to send or bring in the money because I couldn't put it in her account. They took it out any way and took her child support money. They do not work with their customers. There seems to be no one accountable that you can file a complaint with. Not an company that anyone should do business with. Had they been right with me, I would have gone back when my arm was healed but will not now. I have learned to check deeper into and fitness club I plan to use in the future.


  • I agree. Terrible management! I live in AZ and we are on our 6th or 7th manager in the last 15 months! And most are young kids that just left their jobs at Starbucks! The place is a joke.

    • We are sorry for your bad experience. Can you let us know which club you go to? We want you to have the best service you can encounter in our locations. Thanks for expressing your concerns.

  • I've been trying to cancel my membership. Is anyone ever successful? The people in my YouFit are nice, but they have no ability to do anything outside the box, and the "box" is unfriendly and greedy! I went in today with a check for $42.40 which the manager Paige had said [yesterday] would be required to close my account, but Priscilla said I now owe February and a $25 fee applies as well. The words "class action" are starting to read well. I want out! Kathy in Weston, FL

    • The problem is not the employee. I went through the same thing and was able to cancel because I went through corporate. They do not tell you but I found out through corporate that no one in the gym has the authority to accesses the personal information, not even the manager. Only corporate can do that, however they do not explain this to you when you join. I was told it was for my safety because if an employee is not happy they could steal our info which happen in other gym chains. I got the feeling they meant Youfit without having to say it. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

  • YOUFIT, if you care in making your gym reputable, PLEASE FIX all these money issues you have with all your members and put a STOP to all these hidden fees and MAKE THINGS RIGHT. People like me go there to work out and be healthy, not to be ripped-off and feel abused with the way you deduct money so easily and freely. Money is hard to earn and the economy crisis is very hard on everyone, please dont take advantage of those that in good faith trust their credit cards and/or checking accounts to set up a membership with you….YOUFIT. Please deal honestly.

    • Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns and your experience we apologize for the inconvenience you had with us. You can send a message to and our management team can reach out to you directly to assist you with your concerns.

  • This is by far, the worst gym experience i have ever had. They are dishonest in their ways and WILL take your money and send you to collections if you try to stop them. I had a lawyer call me regarding an absurd amount that i was supposedly "owing" the gym. Although you cancel, they still deduct from you. JENNY, the manager at the youfit location: 3900 SW 112th Ave, Miami, FL 33165, is the most arrogant and unprofessional person i have ever met and the fact that she has to deal with the public and your money, makes her unquialified to be running any location of service. YOUFIT DEDUCTS MONEY and will make your life miserable if you ever try leaving them or cancelling your contract. Will RUIN YOUR CREDIT even when you cancel and follow their rules by the book. PLEASE BEWARE!!! I wouldn't want anyone else to have to experience what am going through. I am now contacting a lawyer to file a lawsuit!

  • Not to mention the fact that they are closed in GA at the threat of a light misting of snow. It really REALLY pisses off my wife and I that we have to literally go 1/4 mile up the street and pay for guest passes to LA fitness which in both of these pathetic cases of "snow" storms they have been closed. Hire some employees with the balls to make it in to work considering paying members would like to get their workout in for the day. And lets not start on the employee safety crap, I work in downtown Atlanta, and I live in kennesaw which is a hike…..but I'm still going….passing al the other gyms that are open besides the one I'm paying for.

  • I am shocked to read all this. Been a satisfied customer since 2011. I have used multiple locations in FL and GA. Never had any problems. Machines are well-maintained. I could tell you worse stories about Bally's.

  • I read the above comments and have to agree. I hate to be a hater but YouFit is not a dishonest and they take your money!!! I and my daughter signed up the same day with different contracts, and credit cards and when her card expired instead of contacting her to let her know they started charging my card for her fee's, without my authorization! My credit got messed up because of their irresponsibility and negligence! This experience has left me not wanting to be with any gym.

    • We sincerely regret that your experience with Youfit has not lived up to your expectations. Please let us know which Youfit location you were a member of and we will further review this situation to see how we can help. Thank you for expressing your concerns.

  • You leave messages from managers nobody calls you back. This place is a joke. Do not do not sign up. You will be taken for a ride!

  • DO NOT SIGN UP AND GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR CHECKING ACCT INFORMATION. You will have to change your checking account/ They deduct money without approval. TRUST ME stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not take Visa/MasterCard or Amex as payment because they know you can stop the payment at any time. Do not sign up pay a few dollars more and go to a NORMAL gym!

  • Do not be fooled! This gym is a joke- they deduct fees when they want. They deducted two annual fees from my account never refunded us. The deduct double memberships- they want us to pay $25 to cancel never gave us paperwork up front stating anything about a cancellation fee. Called manager from Wellington gym never returns call. I have to change my whole bank account so the CROOKS can stop deducting money from my account. I feel like obtaining an attorney and SUING the crap out of this place!


  • Was told that half of membership was cancelled BY ORIGINAL MANAGER and no one still worked there from original cancellation to stop additional billing. Have been charging me for last 3 months. Parkland manager jared unwilling to help and offers no resolution. BEWARE!

    • Same problem here. We are so upset have to change our whole bank acct over this. The manager TJ at Wellington gym doesn't care does not call back.

  • I canceled my membership $25 ok, I knew that. They have an annual fee that they charge once a year and I was told at the end of Dec. Nope Dec 1st. Anyway I "could have avoided" the fee if I canceled within 10 days, today is the 21 of Nov….Nov 30th makes 10 days BUT! I still have to pay the annual fee because its 10 business days!!!!!! They aren't closed on weekends why 10 business days that makes no effing sense! Youfit is a joke. I would never recommend this gym to anybody even if they are "affordable" terrible service by employees when trying to cancel and very unknowledgable. They just pass you down to the next lemming to tell you to read the policy because they don't even know their polocy apparently!

  • I started a membership with YouFit and they made it very clear that I had to maintain the membership for a year or I would be charged to cancel it. So I used it for a year and a couple of months before I got into a car accident. Then I was unable to afford the membership as I tried to get my life back together and I visited their location to request that it be cancelled. They then stated that I would have to pay a $25.00 fee to cancel and I notified them that:
    a) my year contract had ended
    b) if I couldn't afford to pay the monthly membership then there was no way that I was going to be able to afford to pay them $25.00 to cancel the membership
    Apparently, although I kept my membership for the year that I agreed to, I still waited too long to cancel the membership and still had to pay to cancel the membership despite fulfilling my contract and now they are harassing me for the money.

    • The same thing happened to me. We were paying 9.99 and they uped to 15.99 when it clearly stated in the contract 9.99 and they are still selling memberships at 9.99. We have been down to a one income family for a year now due to job loss and they are not willing to cancel without paying the 25.00 fee and when you ask to speak to a manager, they either hangup or the manager never calls you back. This is no way to run a business nor is there any compansion or customer service skills in their employees.

  • I tried to apply for a job at the pompano office. The little girl that they have as the manager is an idiot. I called her 4 times and she never returned my calls.
    Very unprofessional.

  • I really just don't understand why nobody can read their agreement. Yes you SHOULD be told about everything but it is still your responsibility to read the agreement and if you don't agree with everything in there you have 3 days to cancel and get a full refund. So apparently everyone here complaining agreed to everything.


  • I really just don't understand why nobody can read their agreement. Yes you SHOULD be told about everything but it is still your responsibility to read the agreement and if you don't agree with everything in there you have 3 days to cancel and get a full refund. So apparently everyone here complaining agreed to everything.

    • Dear "person". Not one of us is going to take the time to read page after page of their agreement. Do you know how many agreements are put in front of us in a single year? Too many to read. Every time I get a new debit card or open an ebay account I get dozen of pages of legal jibber-jabber to review. We just simply hope that the company is legitimate, and that the terms are reasonably acceptable. After all, are they in the business to make money running a health club? or are they in the business of tricking people out of money when they try to cancel their membership?

    • You're a moron, you just said "too many to read" . It is clearly your fault for not reading. Don't try to blame someone else for you actions and lack of a brain.

    • I did read my agreement and the Buford, Georgia location failed to have the trainers available to fulfill my contract. I have paid for services not rendered for the last three months.

    • We DID read our agreement, do you think everyone on here is an idiot?? They are liars, and for the life of me, I don't know how they get away with it. ( You must work for them– get off of here!!!) DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM!!! WARNING!!! BBB here we come!!

  • Horrible, don't be fooled. False advertising they rip you off. There is contract terms they don't tell you. If you try to get out they don't let you. You woll be charged regardless. They need to be reported to the BBB and taken out of business rapidly.

  • BBB has 133 complaints so far. If a lawyer takes this case now, i am sure they will find many more abuse, Billing irregularities, false advertisement,lies told to sign you up.

    • Well they told me on several occasions that they waived a month due to me having my friends from the fire dept join and i only found out they were not doing it because one month the funds were not there and i had an over draft fee and this has happened three times this year so it cost me 105 dollars more due to there negligence