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AARP Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact AARP Corporate Office Headquarters

AARP, Inc.
601 E St. NW
Washington, DC 20049 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-202-434-2277
Fax Number: 1-202-434-7710
Customer Service Number: 1-888-687-2277

  • Hi how are you my father is deceased passed away in 2004. But still receives mail from aarp. It has to be fraudulent because again he passed away in 2004 in november the exact day I can't recall

  • Customer Service is a funny notion when speaking about AARP. I sent my $45 5-year membership in as requested back in November. Although the check was cashed, I continued to receive cancellation notices. Thinking that perhaps they crossed in the mail, I ignored them until I received notice that, in fact, my membership had been cancelled. I checked with the bank and was informed that the check had been cashed. Surely this would be a simple fix…right? To date, I have spent hours on the phone, on so-called "Live Chats" and emails with no resolution or correct direction. When I called the 888-687-2277 number…sitting on hold for more than 45 minutes and finally speaking to an "intake" person who told me that he was unable to assist. He assured me that a "supervisor" would call me the next evening to address my concern. Still waiting…each email that I have sent…each follow up "Live Chat" keeps sending me back to the same phone number where they were absolutely unable to assist. I am flabbergasted that this is an organization designed to assist seniors. If it is frustrating for me, I could only imagine how frustrated my 81 year old mother would be. Shame on you AARP. Train your people properly to help consumers. Not just push them off without assistance. Does anyone monitor these comments or even care. I'll tell you what…I will gladly take my $45 back and be done with you!

  • My membership expires at the end of February, yet I start getting renewal notices in early September, six months in advance. This is very irritating, as other members have mentioned. They come every month, and if I don't renew right away I start getting messages acting all solicitous, like "we're worried we haven't heard from you." This is a waste of paper and postage and impacts the environment. Please stop. (And don't tell me I can automatically renew — I'm not sure from year to year that I want to stay with AARP. Membership has itsplusses and minuses.)

  • I just got through dealing with a complete, incompetent, ignorant person in their web development team department. They have these stupid dancing letters you have to enter to access their website. They will not show up in Firefox. The guy tells me we have issues with Firefox and those letters… Then tells me to use Chrome, which I only have on my computer for once bloody reason. When I do web-development, I test to make sure EVERYTHING works across ALL browsers and modern Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Apple). I told him I would rather not, that I have my own issues with using Chrome. He then goes on to tell me well, then you're going to have to decide because we don't use Firefox. I told him point blank, if they'd learn how to do proper development, they wouldn't have these kinds of issues. They're completely incompetent if they can't either FIX said issue with Firefox or do like others and find a script that works with all. Because this is the absolute worst case of telling a member of your services to F-OFF that I have ever heard of. Either fix it? Or hire someone that can, because obviously the idiots you have making your website don't know how!

  • I used to work forAARP they are the most under handed company I know I have siatica and I get flare ups about 2X a year I was pulled from my job.My doctor said I could go back to work in three days I return to work and was sent home again my doctor faxed AARP 3X that I could go back to work now they say there fax machine was down try again my doctor sent it again now they say I have a new worker. I thoughtAARP WAS ABOUT THE DISABLE AND ELDERLY NOT THEY ARE A FRAUD I WILL BE CONTACTING THE FTC.

  • I have to laugh! Reading he above comments on AARP there are only 2 that I do not personally identify with. All the begging for membership fees – all their available services. The bottom line is that AARP is your best friend (so they tell you) and their hand is in your pocket draining every cent they can. All their schemes (aka offered services) are in place to put money in their pocket. As people "wise up" they drop their membership but that won't sink the AARP ship because there are more suckers born every minute.

    Best Wishes AARP……Ken Stelter

  • My wife and I have been AARP members for several years now and for the most part we feel positive about this. However, there is one thing that really "sticks in my craw"! We get so many e-mails and regular mail letters wanting us to renew our membership. (EARLY!) We started getting them last year and I've lost count of the number of letters we have received relating to this matter, Why is AARP doing this? Is it strictly for the money? We made several monetary contributions to the organization last year and have already one contribution this year, Our membership is valid through July,2018 and we are not going to renew till it gets close to that time, Please stop sending out reminders.

  • ATTENTION: JUST LIKE THE COMMENT PUBLISHED 10/31/2017, MY COMMENT VANISHED WHEN I CLICKED ON "PREVIEW". I hope that it will be published if I click on "publish".
    Under the new leadership the rumours have been that AARP is only interested in making money now instead of offering savings to their members.
    I just received my first renewal for my car insurance through the Hartford. My monthly payments went up from $45.99 to $57. I don't remember when was the last time I filed a single claim with any insurance company. I receive the "safe driver award" from the Secretary of State in Illinois every time I renew my license.
    I spoke to customer service. The representative's explanation for the increase was an insult to my intelligence. He said that my premium went up because the claims of others in my state. Everyone knows that premiums go up for those who file a claim. Therefore the Hartford and AARP double dip, increasing not only the premiums of those who file a claim but also the premium of those who filed NO CLAIMS.
    I will be looking for other companies, competitors of AARP, who truly look after the interest of their members instead of greedily filling their coffers.
    This is positively despicable!

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