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  • Went to Applebee's at 15090 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Carrollwood, FL 33618 check # 9402-673208 and order the Chicken Fajita Rollup and it was nasty!! When does any fajita's get served with diced chicken? And about 10 pieces only in the whole rollup!! It was disgusting!! Not only was the rollup disgusting the amount of fries served with the meal was a joke! I gave the waitress a chance to redeem the rollup but she came back with one just as bad as the first one. Applebee's has gone down hill fast and I won't be surprised this this location is shut down soon. I took pictures to show my family and friends why I will never eat at an Applebee's ever again!! Disgraceful Applebee's simply disgraceful!

  • your management staff at the Gilroy California branch is the rudest and most impolite people on earth, Randy the GM even taints his workers drinks.There must be some type of overseeing for the stuff going on.

  • Yesterday, I had the most horrendous experience in my life! My daughter, was treating me to lunch at Applebee's Cascade. We ordered the two for $20 (My Daughter-Fiesta Lime Chicken & Me-Three-Cheese Chicken Cavatappi).
    Since I hadn't tasted my dish before, I asked the waitress if it was possible for me to taste it? She said no, but it was good. She usually has her chicken fried instead of grilled and adds salt and pepper. I asked her if I taste it and didn't like it could I exchange it for something else? She said yes. I took one bite and didn't like it. I told her and she took my plate. The next thing we saw was the manager, Ken, standing at our table. I explained what happened to him. He said he could not exchange it and we would still have to pay for it. Before I could say anything, Shawn said she was not paying for something we didn't eat and didn't have. He said well I guess I'm going to have to call the police. Since I have never in my life had the police called on me, I told Tishawn I'll pay for it, I'm too old to go to jail (lol). She no you don't have anything; what are you paying for? Four police officers came. We told our side of the story. The police officer shook his head in disbelief. The two male officer's got Ken, the manager's side of the story, while the two female officer's guarded the door. One of the male officers came back to our table and said ladies the lesson is, we just can't patronize our people/side of town. Ex. he went to a restaurant recently in Alpharetta and ordered a $300 meal. He didn't like it and they took it of his tab. His suggestion was to never come back again. I agreed. The second officer came to us and said this is the deal, he would take my meal off the tab, but he would not be serving us anything else. He said he couldn't believe all of this was over a two for $20 meal (shh). I thanked the officers and told them that was fine because I was going to give my review on the internet and let everyone that I know about what happened and I would never be back in my life for him to serve me. All four offices had to wait for Tishawn to pay for her food so we could leave.
    1. Never going to Applebee's Cascade Road
    2. Waste of taxpayers’ money
    3. Waste of police officers time (who by the way were very nice)
    4. Listen to your children, sometimes

  • Visiting Canton Georgia Applebee's on 11/10/16. First noticed that the menu had changed. It always changes. Much more than other restaurants. Disappointing. Then noticed that our server was running around like a chicken with her head cut off! She had all the tables while another server sat eating. She was not concerned that her co-worker could have used some help. That is what team work is all about. I know servers work for tips, but show some compassion. I would not ever have this server wait on me.

  • I was wondering why I had to pay for bread last night. All major sit down restaurants offer free bread with their meals.

  • I don't usually write negative things when we get bad service at places because it usually falls on deaf ears. But last night was RIDICULOUS!!
    My Husband and I were at the Litchfield Rd & McDowell location watching the USA WORLD SERIES – we were up at the bar, almost all of the TV's had it on them. We finished our meal (after sending back uncooked dried out rice and terrible boneless wings that tasted like old grease), still were sipping on our Long Island Iced Teas watching the baseball game and all the sudden the bartender changes ALL of the channels except for (1) (that we couldn't see because of the draft beer fountains) to Guadalajara VS Mexico SOCCER!! REALLY?????? My husband says, hey why did you change it from the World Series? She goes, it's on that one still!! (with an attitude)
    She knew we were watching it, she knew we were pissed and still did nothing about it. Not going to make a big stink about it, we just won't go to Applebees again. She also started talking to another patron right beside us in spanish so that we wouldn't know what she was saying to him and he responded back in spanish. We just got up and left. We have been patrons of Applebees for as long as they have been here in Arizona, but not anymore!! Too many restaurants to choose from that would never allow that especially when it's such an important and patriotic AMERICAN game. Both teams have not been to the World Series in over half a century plus! So See ya APPLEBEES!!

  • My wife went to your restaurant in Grenada, MS today. After 45 minutes the waitress, Lexy, told my wife in the rudest possible way that they gave her appetizer to another table. My wife had to ask Lexus 3 times to see the manager. The staff at this store has no idea what customer service is. We will not be going back.

  • Your Celebration (Florida) Location has not let their employees go home. The governor has said they need to evacuate & yet they are still there. I have called the police, Coast Guard and will be reporting this to the news. I will make sure my family and friends never dine at this establishment. There are over 10k ppl on facebook outraged at your company's lack of care for the employees & family members safety. Hurricane Matthew has already devastated many life's in the few hours it's been going on. Why put your employees at risk. The manager has hung up on people and yelled at others that called out of concern. This is sad & I hope no one gets hurt over greed and stupidity.

  • Ate at the Applebee's in No Platte NE. The advertised broiled vegies were actually boiled; the salmon was overcooked to hard and dry. I ate the little red potatoes because they were actually delicious. When the waiter came by and asked how things were, we told him, he said he was very sorry and took $2 off the bill. Like that's the answer …

  • To whom It May Concern:
    I am a medical professional along with my colleagues we provide service for Rowlett Texas.
    Met a young man at Applebees 14 months ago as he was a host. He developed his communication, was well received by customers, and became a server several weeks later. He was a star athlete with his school. This man that I have heard from my coworkers, and several group of staff members, that we meet at applebees for drinks was fired. The manager Chris spoke to the employee and let other staff members know he was not liked and had been profiled for months for his work. The other managers stated the employee had the top sales often in the business. Texas being the right to fire without reason was certainly the way Chris used an online complaint to dismiss the man.
    The employee chose to quit to seek other employment without any confrontation or lack of verbal abuse from Chris. The overall status is Chris took it to another level and banned him from the store. These are the businesses that the ex-employee recruited as his customers. Discount Tires, CVS, Lakepoint Hospital, Baylor Rehab Center, Family First Dental, Preferred Imaging,Sachse High School for fund raising through the baseball team. All of whom knew and respected this young man. I would strongly think that this company would not ban a customer simply because he dislikes the person for quitting and moving on. His relative is back from the war and is also puzzled why his brother cant visit his friends and people in the community that have seen him grow up and become a very respectable individual. Chris has forbid the other managers to allow the ex-employee on the premises, with his family, friends or even with our employees from our establishments. This constitutes the right to serve or throw out the customers according to Chris. This gentleman obtained these customers while representing your company and now we have developed a friendship.Chris does not have the ability to resolve this issue as a respected manager. Kyle is a better restaurant manager and has the abilty to handle complaints in a professional manner. We will certainly keep in touch with this young man to his next Restaurant. Disgusting policy the company has for ex-employees to continue to visit or eat with whomever he wants at the Rowlett Applebees.
    Sincerely Co- Workers at CVS Pharmacy.
    Affiliated with 10 medical facilities in the Rowlett Community

  • I am disgusted with the service in Laurel MS and the way your manager Jessica tells at employees in front of everyone but not everyone gets yelled at only the sweetest waitress that store has. I know the employee talked to Ron cause the gm is on vacation. You have lost 10 customers who each spend over 75 dollars in food and drinks every week 2 to 3 times that we go in there. We will go to wherever the waitress goes when she quits cause of Jessica

  • Went to Applebees Lawerenceville hwy, Tucker , Ga, with reservations for the last time we went we left without eating, problems, said we would try again today. LAST TIME for this restaurant. They have a new menu, my wife tried to order from it was told item no longer offered. Got caught between lunch and dinner
    paid $10.00 for a burger we could have waited 15 minutes and gotten it for $5.99. Burger had no taste, had to ask for lettuce, tomatoe, onions twice, was not offered drink refills. Paid check with gift card and cash.Server asked if I wanted my change. I should have asked if he wanted his tip.
    Last time for that Applebees. Will be calling corporate.

  • in lansing, new york. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!! and neither will the table across the room, that's the kind of overall service you get there. they don't care.

  • OK so I went to Applebee's Winder Georgia location. I enjoyed my drink and my sweet potato fries. I also had ordered the new Southwest Steak Soup, so when they brought out the first time there was no steak in the soup only beans. The second time they brought out to me it was so spicy I couldn't even eat it. So the waitress brought out some sour cream to put in it and some bread to take away the fire in my mouth. I was charged for the bread and the soup. I only had taken a few bites out of the soup. I think your cooks need to learn to balance the seasoning.

  • Me and my fiancé just went out to Applebee’s for some appetizers. We completed our order on the new tablet system, which is good by the way. It all started with her order of mozzarella sticks. The mozzarella sticks weren’t fully cooked, the cheese was barely melted. She called the server on the tablet which took him about 30 minutes to show up to the table. He arrived and asked the waiter, “Gary how do you like your mozzarella sticks”. He replied melted and my fiancé then pointed to the open mozzarella sticks and said these are not melted at all. He then took them back to the kitchen for a fresh cooked batch. Couple of minutes later my Siracha Shrimp came out and I was very excited because I liked Applebee's Siracha shrimp. The shrimp looked like it was just lightly fried what a nice coating on it but the shrimp did not have any Siracha sauce on it. I asked the waiter a young lady that brought out the food if this is how the Siracha shrimp looks and she said yes I asked her for a new order of Siracha shrimp. my fiancé mozzarella sticks came back at the perfect time but our waiter Gary did not come and asked if we were okay or if we needed a refill which my fiancé needed. Approximately 10 minutes later my Siracha shrimp came out. Now I cook for a living and the Siracha sauce on my shrimp was white so I am not familiar with any white Siracha sauce so I tried one and it tasted like ranch dressing. The shrimp was not spicy at all and I asked Gary to speak to the manager so I spoke to the manager Gus. He proceeded to tell me that he makes his own Siracha sauce which is white not red so I asked Gus why the appetizer picture did not say anything about homemade Siracha sauce. If something like that includes something homemade it should be explained in the menu. I told Gus I'm sorry but I don't want that so he took my plate away and just said sorry and that was all I was very dissatisfied to the fact that he did not try to come up with a solution. My bill was clear of the mistake for the Siracha shrimp. I proceeded to leave, I went to ask Gus a question and I said do you think you handled that matter correctly because you just left a customer dissatisfied without trying to fix the problem at hand. So I brought an example up to him if you go to a restaurant and on the menu it says homemade potato chips don't you expect homemade potato chips Gus said yes I expect to have homemade potato chip so I say what if they give you a bag of Lay's would you ask them for the homemade potato chips Gus said yes I would ask them so I said you see what my issue is here the picture on the Siracha shrimp did not say anything about homemade Siracha sauce which is white I told Gus Applebee's is a company and you’re supposed to follow company policy and make the company's food correctly like described in a menu just like any other Applebee's. Gus continued to ask why was I mad at him I was uneasy at him because he was not following company policy by making the correct meal and he did not try to solve the problem at hand he just let it be then Gus slightly insulted me by asking me did I want something for free I proceeded to tell him no I have my own money and I told him again I work in the food industry and that was not a way to handle a problem like that as a manager you are supposed to strive for excellence in the hospitality industry because you want the customer to come back again and I also will post attachment pictures to this. Thank you for reading this.

  • Had a bad experience for Fathers Day with my family……even after talking to Manager Billie we left there with the intention of never coming back…………

  • Bradenton, Fl Cortez This was the worst experience for me and my kids. Love Apple-bee's but being treated in this manner is unacceptable. I went to this restaurant celebration with family. Long story short me and my kids were the last ones left in a separate section. Waiting on the waitress to come back to pick up the check. I had my card so I had to wait. Another family member stayed with us even left an extra tip for us. Out comes the manager yelling for us to leave because some of the people there supposed to not have paid there bill. Which that was very strange and hard to believe when we had a Sheriff dining with us. There was a few outsiders but the rest was family. He wanted me to pay him an extra 100 when me and my kids food was a little over 20. He asked us to leave before she came back to pick up the check. So I politely picked up my card and got the hell out of there. Now he has a little more to add on to that padded bill. I wanted to curse him out but the restaurant was still full of customers. Sorry but not sorry never ran out on a bill. He deserved it and much much more lol all the way home.

  • I ate at the Sierra Vista, AZ Applebee's the other night. The coleslaw was so very dry and tasteless. It was just awful. I hate to pay money for bad food. I wish they had more Kosher style food on the menu. Everything has pork, shrimp and so on.. Not a lot to choose from especially if one goes there often to eat.

  • We often use Carside to Go. I was very disappointed with the last order we got. Asked for well done burger and it was very pink, in a cardboard container, and the French fries were in a paper sack. I didn't think I was ordering at McDonalds. It used to be a burger and fries came in a container with a lid on it and it would stay hot till we got it home. None of my food was hot, in fact the French fries were cold. You may be saving money using cheap containers, but you will be loosing customers. You raise prices, cut portions sizes and now use cheaper containers.

  • I'm completely DISGUSTED with the service I received on yesterday at 3329 Gentian Blvd. Columbus, GA 31907 and that will be the last time I eat at this location!!! On yesterday my son chocked on some mozzarella sticks and NO ONE came to aid us. Luckily I was able to get it out on my own or I would've been a grieving mother today. There was a waitress there working, who was sitting with her kids 3 seats in front of us, and she didn't come to see what was going on. Once my waitress (Kathryn J) returned, I explained to her what happened then I asked if we could get something else. She then stated very nonchalant "Oh okay, what would you like?". She never asked "Is he okay?" nor did she even show any type of concern about the matter. We didn't get the chance to eat our food due to the lost in appetite. This has been a terrible experience for my son and I. You need to get servers who actually care about their job and want to make sure the guest has a great experience. I would not recommend anyone to come to this restaurant.

  • Went to an Applebees in Kentucky last night. It was fairly empty. It took forever for our food to come out and when it did my meal was cold. It was sent back to the kitchen and had obviously ben put in the microwave because the burger (without a bun) was like a hockey puck. The vegetables were still half cold. If that wasn't bad enough one of the waitresses had brought her baby to work and was walking around the restaurant with her in her arms. She was working at the time….I believe this might be illegal. The service and the food was awful…not what we were used to at all. We received a lame excuse an usual that the cooks were new and the waitresses were new and were handed a $10 gift card for an appetizer or dessert. Big deal! That made a miserable evening so much better.

  • we would frequent applebees in conway sc often…until several years ago the service and food was terrible…well we decided after a few years to give it another try.NOPE,not any was warm, told they dont put lime or salt on house marguerita..quesadilla was suppose to be steak…turned out to be mostly cheese.
    it was terrible

  • My husband and I stopped in at our local Applebee's in Springboro, OH. No one was there to greet us, took several minutes or more. The restaurant was not busy. The booth we were seated at was being blasted with air conditioning at 9 pm. Our waitress was slow to come to our table. Finally took our drink order, water, and didn't see her again. We left. Food has steadily gone downhill. Shame on you Applebee's, corporate greed at work here

  • just wanted to write to tell you that you have done an injustice with changing your chicken Alfredo with the penne pasta. I loved that stuff. so after a long day at the hospital my sister and I decided to eat at applebees. which was my choice because I love their pasta. but when ordered and got it it was horrible. they not only changed the pasta noodles, but the Alfredo sauce and you don't get as much chicken or the garlic bread now. and its still the same price. The Alfredo sauce was watery and noodles were overcooked. there was little chickem on it. I just wanted to say big big mistake in changing this and I probably will never eat in there again. We waited for 45 mins for our food.The waitress was very kind and the manager did take the meal off the ticket and offered me something else. But why would you change something that was realy good to something so cheap. thanks for listening. kym

  • My boyfriend and I both work at restaurants. We had decided to go to Applebee's in Jamestown, ND for date night! When we were greeted by our server we realized it was someone that does not like either one of us. BUT. This was not an issue for us, as we are both adults and we did not go there for issues. We went there to enjoy the very little quality time we get to share with each other. And despite all the issues we ended up having, we were still polite and respectable.
    Well. First things first, the server did not bring the drinks, apps, entrees, or second drinks. They were all brought to us by different people. The server had one other table. She also disappeared for over 20minutes. The apps and entrees were brought to us by a manager, that manager did not ask how anything was or if we needed anything to go with the apps or the food. So there we sat, until we both were ALMOST finished with our meal when our server finally reappeared. So needless to say I was stuck eating the boneless wings I had ordered, that came out with the wrong sauce on them because I was not going to wait another 30mins or so to get the right kind made up and brought out to me. But, I also did not complain about that because as I mentioned I am a server as well, so I feel bad complaining about anything and just dealt with it. Maybe if she would've came back to check I would've mentioned but she did not.
    Then it was time for the check. She finally brought it to us. We put exact change plus a tip in the book. She came to take the book, and asked if we needed change. We said no, as we were sick of waiting around and that was one more thing we were going to have to wait for if we needed change. So she took the book and disappeared into the back. Which to me was odd, she did not stop at the nearest computer to close out our tab. That being said we did not get a receipt, so we finished our drinks and left.
    About an hour later I get a call from the police. Saying I walked out on my tab and that if I come back and pay now they will not press charges on us.
    Needless to say there we went, back up to Applebee's. We were grilled by the cops, they did not believe us! I proceeded to go through a play by play of what happened, from the bills we left her to the fact she randomly disappeared into the back and we did not receive receipt. After about 30mins of dealing with the cops not believe us, the officer is like. "So if I go check the tapes I will see you putting cash into the book". We said yes you will. So they go back into the restaurant. 20minutes go by, so there we wait. Then the manager and two cops come back out to speak to us.. I guess the server had found the money, "it had fallen out of her pocket book". And the manager handed us our money back and apologized for the whole ordeal. The cops obviously did not seem to really care, just pretty much said sorry for wasting your time. But I am not at all pleased. I work three different jobs and I finally had sometime I could spend with my boyfriend who also works a lot, and like an hour and half of that time had to be spent getting grilled by the cops and accused of a crime we did not commit. And all we got out of it, was our money back. And nothing is happening with the server that had tried to pocket the money we gave her for the tab. Even the manager on duty, and cops both thought it was very sketchy that when they actually went to look at the tapes, then the money randomly appeared.

  • I just experienced the worst serves from your Granger location, 4/3/16 @ 7pm. Our server Toni, could not even got our drink order right, we ordered 2-rasp tea, sweet tea, lemonade, and chocolate milk. She took our order, but was never to be seen after that. The place was not even busy. There was about 8 total tables with people eating. She was very rude to us while placing our orders, rushing us along. I was looking for her, we didn’t get the appetizers we ordered, asked for the manager that was a waste of time. He did not even speak to us, just brought our appetizers to us. Our meal came out a few moments later, we did not even get a chance to enjoy them. I ordered a baked potato, it was not cooked all the way through, and I had to wait to find someone to send it back. My family was almost done eating, then my second potato came out. I finally was able to speak with the manager Ken, he said that he would take care of it. When I had to send back my baked potato twice, I changed to mashed potatoes. They were good, so I was telling everyone at the table that I like them and they were good, she was behind me mocking me. After speaking with the manager Ken a second time about our horrible service it went on deaf ears, he justified why she was being the way she was. At that point I just asked for my check, paid for it and left. I made a choice to dine at your restaurant, a choice that I regret. As a server/bartender myself (management) the way your staff treated my family was disgraceful. I have NEVER been treated with such disrespect as I did in your establishment. If any of my staff acted in such a disgraceful manner they would have been terminated immediately. It was also a shame that your restaurant manager stood in front of my family and made numerous excuses and justified all her actions.

  • Disgruntled spouse! My husband began working for Applebee's a few weeks ago. He manages a location in Conyers, GA. The GM at this location has been sorry about getting him his schedule only days before the beginning of that new schedule. So I just got it on Friday and noticed over the weekend that he was only scheduled for 1 day off, rather than the usual 2 days off per week. I questioned it to my husband and he said that he didn't realize it at the time and was to check on it. He calls me to inform me that, part of policy is that, if they go over quota for staffing times, management is punished by having to work an additional day, in the kitchen. What kind of business operates like this? You punish your managers and over-work them, tiring them and discouraging them from performing and doing well. There are going to be times that the restaurant is under or over-staffed as part of a normal fluctuation. My husband has two young boys at home and I often feel like a single mother because of his dedication to his work. He does so love managing restaurants and has done so his entire life. This punishment is a bit extreme. He is now seeking other employment. I like Applebee's restaurant and enjoy dining there. You should be ashamed in treating management in this manner. It is no wonder your manager turn-over is 130%.

  • I would hope someone at corporate reads these comments. I want to make a complaint about the menu. There are too many things scatterd all over the place and then there is always a smaller new one on top of the old one. It's just overwhelming and some of the stuff is repeated. You guys seriously need to simplify your menu. I cringe every time I go there. Plus your happy hour used to be the best in the business. You really need to bring it back.

  • Hello I'm a worker in the Applebee's location in hayways,South land mail. We have been extremely suffering from the lack of a morning dish washer. The managers have a prep cook which at time doesn't always have time to work both dishes and prep. Also we never have morning dishwasher which causes a major slow in order time . only leaving a mess of dishes. This problem continues to be a normal present issue daily . please help
    assist this growing problem. I didn't leave a name as I do not please to cause issue in my work or risk my job.

  • We went to Applebees in Beckley, WV on February 9th. The weather was horrible, 18 degrees and snowing and I was looking forward to the French Onion soup. This was 5:30 PM, and they were out. When told that I would be contacting the corporate office, the manager, Matt, came out, slammed a chair down at our table, and stated if you want corporate I'm going to give you the cell number for my boss. He was extremely abrupt, rude, and just said you go ahead and call them. Then he said it was a good thing I didn't order another soup because they were out of it too. He eventually offered an explanation which said he had more customers for the Super Bowl than expected and they had not had a truck in to refill. Then he said he did have a case of French Onion but it was still frozen. He came by a couple of times asking if everything was ok, was the food good, etc. but his attitude preceded him. There was never an apology; just wanted to know if we were local and if we ate there often. I noticed that he was waiting at the cash register when the waitress brought our bill, so we payed in cash so that he would not have our name. He was very intimidating and in no way represented management. If we return and he is still manager, we will not go back again until he is replaced or trained properly. It was far from a pleasant experience!!!

  • On 2/13/16, we went to Applebees in Cumming, Ga for dinner, the service was poor. Our server disappeared on us and when we were done eating she could not be found for our bill. There was a very nice lady there who helped us after she couldn't find Amanda. As we were going out of the restaurant, our server came running back in, never once did she look up at us or apologize for not being there. This is very unacceptable!

  • I went to Applebees at 7345 E Washinton St Indianapolis, In 46219. Tb# 16-c9 Waitress: Kelly M. Check # 9238-569571. This is by far the worst experience I have encountered at Applebees. We had a decent sized party of 8 on a Saturday Night before Valentine's Day so I did not expect the most expedient service as I realize Saturday nights are generally busy dining nights anyway. What I did not expect was to wait 45 minutes to just get a drink. I ordered sweet tea nothing complicated. We did not even get an explanation as to why it was taking so long to get our drinks until 30 minutes had passed. They had run out of clean cups and were going to give us to-go cups to ride is over until clean cups were available. Fifteen minutes later we get our drinks in regular resteraunt cups. We never got the other drinks promised. One member of our party ordered coffee. He was brought water and told that coffee needed to be made. In the time we waited to get our drinks several pots of coffee could have been made, yet he had to wait even longer because they had not the foresight to make a pot of coffee as we sat waiting. It took another twenty minutes and asking another tables waitress before our party member received his coffee. It was an hour and a half before we received our dinner which must have been sitting in the back awhile because by the time it got to the table the food was cold. We made a complaint to the manager, whose name I did not get unfortunately, and she said she would look at our checks and see what she could do. I would not be complaining had she done even a little something to make the evening right, but she never did anything. I do not know what kind of manager would promise something to their customers and then not follow through. Not only would I not ever come back to this particular Applebees I would recommend to anyone I come in contact with to never go their either. As a matter of fact I recommended to the couple I saw waiting to be seated as I was leaving that if they wanted good service they might go elsewhere.

  • I was in your fine establishment tonight about 5:00 pm. I am sorry to report that I jammed my knee. I have been treated over time (before this incident) for the meniscus damage to it. We were seated in the bar area but up against the wall so to speak. As you go to sit down there is a huge step (I'm short) in order to get there. The bar area is already dimly lit, which is pleasant. Unfortunately for me tonight I was brought to that spot. As I tried to sit into the booth-like seat I never knew and never saw that huge step. That being said, I seriously jammed my bad knee. I have taken a picture of that spot in the restaurant for you to look at in hopes it can be corrected so others don't do what I did. The table itself totally obscures any amount of light that could be shed onto that huge step. My picture is with the flash on so it looks lit but it's not. It's pitch dark there. Given that~ I suggest you put a reflective tape there for fair warning to your patrons. Unfortunate as it is I will need to see tend to my knee. The weather was so bad out we chose to eat and not be delayed with paperwork. Please let me know you received this as I will forward my complaint to corporate so you get the OK to fix that small but painful problem. My name is Terry Nasci. My phone number is 315-533-6027. Thank you in advance for correcting the problem. I dined at the Applebees on Erie Blvd Rome NY 13440. This is a copy of the mesage I sent to that establishment via Facebook message as soon as I arrived home safely. I have heard nothing in response thus far. Sad face…

  • Saturday Evening My family and I went to Applebees for dinner and we had the worst

    experience for dinner and this is the second time. The waitress kept asking us if

    "everything was okay" three times before our dinner even arrived I finally said no

    we have no food yet. I ordered the Shrimp Stir fry and prior to me ordering it I

    asked the waitress if it was spicy and she replied no. I dont think she had ever

    had it before because it was so spicy I couldnt handle it. When My husbands dinner

    Arrived he had ordered a medium well steak and the waitress kept insisting he cut

    it open before she left the table and she would not leave until he checked it and

    there it was a raw steak! So we sent it back. By the time he was finished eating I

    finally received my second dinner plate. I ordered my steak well done seeing how my

    husbands came out so raw. Well when the waitress asked me to cut mine open it was

    more raw than the first steak my husband received. I was livid. The waitress asked

    me if I wanted it cooked more I said absolutely not please take it away, As I had

    already lost my appetite. It also took more than 15 minutes to get my husbands

    drink refilled and we had to keep reminding the waitress to bring him another

    soda. Mind you, She only one other table besides us and it was not busy. Then the

    manager proceeded to the table asking me if I wanted a box for it so I could take

    it home to cook it more, I was insulted. I looked at him baffled wondering why he

    told me I had to take it home to cook more and then eat it. So he offered us a free

    desert. This didn't help satisfy my hunger for a dinner meal. Moral of the story is

    this meal should have been completely free. I was not pleased that we still had to

    pay for my husbands meal even after it had to be sent back and cooked more he still

    didnt even enjoy it knowing he had to sit there and eat while I waited for my

    second entree to arrive.

  • Not sure what is going on with Applebees, in general, but it's time to bring in some new management that's willing to focus on quality, and customer service. Applebees would be better to close locations and focus on keeping customers happy at fewer locations, than having more locations with bad quality and bad service.
    Just my opinion, but I am an unsatisfied customer that has even said, "I will pay for what I want, just give me what I want."

  • I've been to the Springfield oh applebees about 3 times in the last month and after tonight I will never go back. All three times this month we watched 2-3 of the same employees (cooks) drinking out in the parking lot behind the building. Tonight these same boys were at it again, the one walked up to somewhere and came back carrying a bag that had beer in it. He proceeds to take the beer out and stick it in a bush while drinking one. When he goes in another one comes out and goes to the bush and starts drinking. I watched this for about an hour while waiting for my husband to meet me . The one boy even pulled his pants down and pissed right out in the open while child were getting outhe of a car right in plain site. I will get something done about this !! How can they allow this to happen ??? How can they not tell that 3 different employees of theirs are intoxicated? ?? This is the worst restaurant in all of Springfield.

  • I come in at 7 o'clock was seated right away order drinks then food We orders two stakes he did not ask what we like for vegetables with it and the order came out one comes out hot one was cold and not good he had to re cook a new order and it is over 20+ mints not happy with them at all I give them a 1 stare from 5 stare last time was 5 stare know the stack come out and it was pink I had to call a manager It will be 20 mints more know It will be free for one stack but that just not write my Mom has to stand and watt for me 45 mints more so mad he come by 2 times to offer drinking all so my My Mom gets a Coffey he did not ask the kind all so a charge for it for a 84 Yr old get this $2.29 I paid the bill and left a tip yes 1 cent this is the worst you can leave

    After My call to the main Office the owner mad a call to me states she look in to it and call me back but she did not Then the store MGR calls me and tries to make off as if it was all OK and then offers me 10.00 and I state you OT to write the bill off then I give yo 20.00 in a gift card but Get this he a lies he never sent to me at all. I call back the main office all the main office will do is send it back to the owner grate BS I never send a dog to Tamarac at all.

  • I used to go to the Applebee's in Glendale, WI. but stopped because everyone was completely rude and unprofessional.
    So I started driving a little further and going to Applebee's on Holt St in Milwaukee,WI. The first few times it was ok, but when I went on Sunday 12/27/15, not a very good experience. My daughter and I both ordered the Shrimp Parm Sirloin, medium rare. Hers steak was fine, but vegetables and fries were very salty. Mine was cooked medium well very chewy, my double order of fries were like someone poured a container of salt on it. I informed the waitress Tia of the situation and she replaced the steak (which took forever to come) and got only a 1/2 order of fries, (which were still very salty). As we were coming to the end, Tia looked very irritated at what ever drama was taking place at that time. I knew something was going on because the on duty Manager came and stood close to are table waiting for Tia so the can go in the back to resolve what ever was going on. There is a time and place for drama to take place. We feel the manager was wrong on standing there waiting for her. Tia service was great, very polite and professional. Once the manager and Tia left the floor, the rest of the wait staff was gossiping and talking about the situation. UNPROFESSIONAL! !!
    I think after 2 Applebee's and poor service at one and poor management at another, I'M DONE WITH APPLEBEE'S! !!! I would really like to know who trains these peolpe.

  • My family and I were so disappointed with the lack of customer service we received at Applebee's last evening. After having just purchased an Applebee's gift card for a friend, we thought we'd go to Applebee's ourselves for dinner after some Christmas shopping. The service was bad on several different levels. First, we walked in to a fairly thin crowd around 8:15 p.m. and wasn't greeted by anyone nor were we even acknowledged by anyone for at least 5 minutes or so (and they were not busy). Once we were seated, our drink order was taken and soon after our meal order. We did receive our appetizer pretty quickly…but it was downhill from there. Only once did the waitress come by and she asked if we needed more chips which we did as they never give enough chips to match the gracious quantity of Spinach dip. We were very appreciative we didn't have to ask, but she never came back with the chips. Quite a bit later she stopped by and asked how we were doing, I asked her to please check on our order. She never came back, but a young man who I thought must have been the manager or assistant manager came around and asked how things were and I told him we had not yet gotten our food. He said he'd check. After my son and husband had been totally out of tea and water for quite some time, someone stopped by and brought us fresh drinks. At about 9:00 p.m. a couple waitresses brought out my son and husband's food, but not mine. Finally after they were just about through with their food, I was brought mine by who I assumed was the manager or assistant manager. I told him I needed a to-go box since my husband and son were all but finished with their food. He didn't bring it back, but rather a different waitress who brought a small box which my entire food order would not fit in. When we finally got our check around 9:30, I was extremely frustrated (and tired from shopping). I asked our waitress if they only had one cook in the kitchen and she proceeded to tell me our order got mixed up and then my order was given to someone else. I told her I wanted my order taken off the bill, which they did. Bottom line, I feel the manager should have come to our table and explained the mix up and apologized. In the end I feel, he should have told us we would not be charged for my order due to the mix up and our long wait for food. I should NOT have had to ask that it be taken off. My husband hates confrontation, but I could not let poor service go without comment. In the end, I never ate one bite of my food. Even though the food is usually very good, the customer service (or lack thereof) we received was horrible. I am upset we even bought an Applebee's gift card for a friend who might have to endure the same poor service we did. Needless to say, it will be a very long time (if ever) before we go back to this Applebee's. Customer service is the cornerstone for success in any business!

  • Went to Applebee's Jacksonville Florida (Queens Harbor) Most mismanaged place I have ever been in . We placed are order waiter brought are food mine had not even been ordered. He apologized Put in my order ,we had ordered pretzels brought a tablespoon of cheese mind you for a full order of pretzels . I asked the server for more cheese he comes back to are table and informs me the manager said he would have to charge me for more cheese. I then cancelled my order and paid my bill and walked out. I will not be returning to Applebee's again.

  • Just left Applebee's in Anniston Alabama on Hamrick Road that was the worst place I believe that I have ever eaten. Baked potato was still hard whole pieces of bacon not bacon bits quesedela burger was awful dry without the normal sauce that goes on it. Ordered an appetizer plate and they brought each piece of it out at a time and not on the platter all at one time the boneless wings was cold and the salad came out after all the other food was out. Ordered kids pizza and my grandson picked it up to eat it and got sick just from the smell of it . it was soured and came out of a box was not made fresh for sure. Will never go back there again waited on the manager to come out and talk with us and she never showed paid over 100.00 for our party of nine worst place ever.

  • Please don't send out coupons which advertise "Two for One" meals and then, in FINE PRINT WAY below in the copy, barely mention that you have to PURCHASE TWO (overprice) BEVERAGES!


  • We are a weekly customer to Applebee's and love the warm and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, we have seen many servers come and go for different reasons (finished school, got another job in another restaurant or pursuing another line of work). The real reason I am writing this is because we purchased several gift cards and received the $10 bonus cards. We used the gift cards but forgot about the bonus cards until one week when we tried to use them and found they had expired. We were never told they would expire when we received them. We talked to the manager and he told us to write the corporate headquarters. Can these cards be replaced or did we just lose them?

  • I went into Applebees restaurant in Dickinson ND. I order the new Crispy Brewhouse Chicken for lunch. I bit into the chicken and it was completely raw!! the breading on the outside was cooked perfectly. But the chicken was not cooked at all!! If I get sick I will hold you accountable!!!! I used to eat there 3 times a week, Now I will never eat there again. They also still charged me for my daughters meal.. So gracious of them !!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for the meal on Veterans Day. I feel like many that are bless by your company that provides meal to veterans. We did our part for this country and its good that your company gives back. Thank you once again.

  • Applebee's location
    555 Saratoga Ave.
    San Jose, CA 95129
    Date 11/15/15
    Occasion: Taking my son to his last lunch before he left for the Marines Boot Camp

    We ordered some boneless hot wings w/extra ranch – different wait staff brought them without individual plates and no extra ranch. When I finally got our waitress' attention and asked for the ranch, she just "thunked" it on our table. I looked up at her and she was doing the dirty look face.

    Son's hamburger was not cooked how he asked for it and just a terrible meal. ANd terrible staff!!


  • Just wanted to say a few words about the Applebee's in Lawton Oklahoma. I am a Veteran and for lunch today me and my wife went there. It is just around the corner from my house and we go there often. I was just amazed at the overall service, quality of food, speed at which we got our meals and the friendly atmosphere. Let me tell you they were packed but the staff was outstanding on how they took care of the veterans. I was waiting to be seated and watched as the General Manager Shawn helped a very elderly couple with a walker clear a path for them out the door to there car. Miss Sunshine the other Manager ran an outstanding system for seating everyone coming in to the restaurant . She even had her own family helping out due to the large volume of customers. Every employee was working hard but still had a smile on there face. What else can you say other than Thank You to everyone that made my Veterans Day special and Thank You Applebee's. Job Well Done.

  • I went to Applesbees last night and received the worst customer service ever. The quality of service has really changed within 6 years I tried to give them a chance after not going for two years and found it is still bad. It takes 20 min for someone to serve a drink, and we had a waitress come up to us 3 different times introducing herself 3 different times and trying to retake our order. After an hour and never receiving our food we walked out. We did talk to a manager and he claimed she was new and was under his wing but she continued to mess up on small things. We gave her advice on writing down orders and she claimed she was but when she would repeat our order it was something totally different. I am not sure what was going on with her but I am sure others walked out. The location is in Douglasville, GA near Chapel Hill Mall. The other locations with very poor service is on Thorton Road Lithia Springs, GA, Lithonia, GA near Stonecrest mall, all the applebees in Oklahoma City. I think the last I had good customer service was in Las Vegas and that was 10 years ago.

  • Anyone else have a problem with the new All In Burgers at Applebee's? They started out tasting really good but now they seem to have removed the all in portion of the burgers!! What happened, or is this just at the location in Bowie, MD?

  • Do not take your family to Applebee's in 7519 S Cicero, Chicago, cannot believe that the cooks and manager are selling cocaine inside the restaurant, just order it off the menu just need to know the code name, just ask Kizzy Jones and Cesar The cook, just like ordering a salad. Oh my god will never take my family there ever again,

  • Montclair CA 10.3.15 Receipt 28811
    Attempted to comment on the Applebee's commentary page twice but feedback page errored out and just made me more angry.

    Dinner w/friends before going to drivein movie. Allotted 2 hours and guess what.. we were LATE
    curtosey of David forgetting to input our food order.
    Host and seating: fast/friendly, quoted a 5 minute wait and were seated timely.
    Drink orders were taken by someone other than server and were quickly delivered.
    Service: David was friendly, but he was slow, unorganized and it took multiple trips to bring items to the table.
    Food: 2 for $25.
    2 House salads: Good, fresh, crisp and nice size however charged two different rates $3.49 and $4.00?
    7 oz Steak cooked perfectly but not hot when delivered, FF were old and cold. Requested new FF, second ones also new arrived old and cold, veggies were over cooked and water logged. Chicken and shrimp: potatoes were great hot and fresh, sautéed onion and mushrooms under the chicken were good. Chicken was super charred and almost black on one side, maybe from the hot skillet and was so over seasoned it was inedible.
    Classic Burger: arrived plain no lettuce tomatoes onion nothing, had to wait for condiments to add to burger and once received burger was cold. Also burger was ordered medium rare and arrived well done.
    Cedar chicken, Chicken strips and kids pizza meal were all good. Requested spoons never received.
    Unfortunately the manager stopped by before our food when everything was good, when I needed him he was no where to be found. Requested bill be split, paid at table top and split own bill. Disappointed $85 meal will not return. Will continue to try so you can have appropriate contact information.

  • Hi my name is Tiffany Artis me and a party of 6 went to the richmond applebees the service was horrible and I was very upset because we kept sending the food back because the shrimps was cold not only that the waiter kept bringing the wrong food out not only that it was like a long time before we got our food I never had that experience in my life I feel like I should be compensated because of my experience and I still paid for my food when it should have been free my number is 7575561450 .

  • Applebee's in Bountiful, UT is a fun place to work. The management is very good. We have a great team & value our customers! I am currently working on my degree and ran into this page while writing a paper on organizational behaviors.
    I just want people to know that we have a great team and would love for people to enjoy their experience with us. Although I am only a server I hope your experience at Applebee's doesn't influence you to not go there again. 2 for 20 is the best deal around so come in and enjoy your meal and free appetizer at a great location!

  • I'm trying to get to someone who will please help me. My client was supposedly "banned" from the Applebees's in Las Cruces, NM on Avenida de Mesilla, my client went there last night with her family and was rudely approached by the staff the she was "banned" she had no inclination as to why, so my client spoke to the Manager on duty who was RUDE to her, he told her that yes indeed she was banned but could not tell her why, all he was able to tell her that a police report was filed against her. Come to find out, yes indeed a false report was filed against her, my client left Applebees, leaving the money on the counter with her friend, the bartender Claudia and my clients at the time friend filed the police report. Strangely, my client has returned on many occasions after that particular incident with her at the time friend, so come to find out not only was she shocked but upset by the way she was spoken to in such a manner.
    How does someone remove that report, my client interviews for my corporation at that particular Applebees site, now she can't go, I will have to remove all my clientele from there granted Las Cruces, NM is growing however, everyone still knows everyone, especially my client.
    Any recommendations?

  • Went to the Williamsburg Virginia Applebees on Sunday Aug. 9, 2015. It took 30 minutes to be seated even though there were lots of empty tables. It took one hour to get our food. For some reason the bar tender waited on us & she was really to busy to wait on us. There were 3 in my party. Two of them ordered the riblet basket, but received a rib platter & were charged for the more expensive platter. I ordered an Oriental chicken salad & the chicken was hard as a rock. What has happened to the service & food? Very disappointed.

  • Went to the Lebanon VA Applebee's for dinner with my family this evening and the whole experience was a disaster. The wings we ordered for an appetizer tasted freezer burnt. Then the onion rings tasted as if they were burned or very old. After that, my husband found a hair on his plate. The "manager" is a very poor excuse of one. They tried to over charge us and my baby's food, which was just a cheese quesadilla, tasted as if it had set in grease before served. I will never give Applebee's my business ever again!

  • NOTE TO CORPORATE APPLEBEE'S: We went to dinner at your Hattiesburg, MS restaurant. There are close to 40 OTHER restaurants we could have gone to; however, we chose Applebee's. I ordered the Chef/Cobb Salad (complete with a grilled, sliced chicken breast) on top of a bed of lettuce with a sliced hard boiled egg, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese as my dinner. My salad came as described, however NO hard boiled egg was included… I pointed this out to my waitress. I was SHOCKED when she 'explained' the salad no longer came with a sliced hard boiled egg due to the 'problem' with chickens… Are you kidding me???!!! The MISSING egg made up 1/3 (easily, if not MORE) of the PROTEIN in this 'meal'!!! My salad had the chicken (WHAT 'problem' with chickens???!!!), a small portion, sliced on top. I COULD have ordered the "Chicken Cesar Salad", however, I WANTED the hard boiled egg, so I ordered the 'Cheff' or Cobb salad INSTEAD! So here is the 'bottom line': I paid FULL PRICE for a salad MISSING 1/3+ of the protein ADVERTISED on the menu for this meal! I am NOT happy; rather angry! If your Hattiesburg, MS restaurant is going to CUT OUT 1/3 OF THE ADVERTISED PROTEIN OF THIS MEAL, THEN THE MENU SHOULD HAVE BEEN CORRECTED TO REFLECT THIS FACT, AND/OR THE PRICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! BAD FORM!!! WITH SO MANY OTHER RESTAURANTS AVAILABLE TO US, APPLEBEE'S WILL NOT BE ONE OF OUR FUTURE CHOICES!

  • I was at the Andover, Kansas Applebee's tonight with my nephew, his wife, and their two children and my sister. We ordered our drinks. I ordered a Strawberry Quencher Lemonade, my sister and nephew ordered alcoholic beverages, and his wife got a water. They got their drinks before me. I had to wait longer for my drink. The food comes, my steak which I ordered well done is undercooked. It was returned to the kitchen and another steak was prepared for me. Someone who likes a well done steak knows that when you cut into it and juices flow it isn't done. My 2nd steak came that way and the manager tells me that it was checked for temperature. I told him I did not want the food, I was told it was going to be comped, they would cook it for me still. I said no. I was offered to order something else. I again said NO. Why would I want something else when my family members were finishing what their food that they had gotten promptly. Oh and during the waiting time I was asked TWICE if I would like a refill on my drink and it still took until the 2nd steak came out for me to receive my drink refill.. Needless to say my experience was very poor and a bit upsetting because I didn't get to eat with my family whom I don't see often. Did I mention that my nephew had his 2 children who are both under the age of 3 with him and his wife? How could I have made them sit longer and have them watch me eat? Not at all was this a pleasant dining experience!

  • Seems to me after reading the preceding comments that Applebee's overall does not have a good following. We gave our local Applebee's in Beaumont, CA another try and had an even worse experience than the first time. Very poor service, no management present on floor. Wait staff seem unorganized and dissatisfied. Ordered ribs which come with fries and coleslaw and tomato basil soup. When the ribs came out the outer portions of the fries and ribs were body temperature at best, only the center areas were hot which meant it went on the slide hot but wasn't served out for a while. The coleslaw had no sauce at all! The tomato basil soup was warm and for 4.95 there should've been a lot more soup and not served 1/2 with crotons. That soup was served in appetizer form rather than meal. The final blow was they charged us .99 for a game on the table that was not noted anywhere!! Now I know why we prefer Chilis. I would say that Applebee's has no pride at all and everything shows it.

    I don't normally get involved with management and hiring practices but I am deeply disturbed and thinking of contacting an attorney. I am publicly posting this as a precaution to any other student who might attempt to gain employment at the Radcliff Kentucky Applebees. My Daughter, who is a college student and home for the summer, filled out an application after being told by an acquaintance, who puts sauce on food that they might be hiring. She had an interview with a manager by the name of Ashley. The interview went great and my daughter waited for 2 weeks. At the time of her filling out the app, that " acquaintance" of hers stated to her that she may not get the job based on having the same last name as her sister that previously worked there for a short time. We thought that was ridiculous since that is well…..ridiculous. After the interview, we found out that was in fact the reason she didn't get the job after the first interview. At that time, she was told a manager by the name of Jimmy was fired and he was the reason she didn't get the job, because of her last name. He was supposedly fired for other reasons as well, such as throwing a drink on an employee. However, the message we got was that her last name kept her from getting hired. She was again contacted by another manager by the name of Dwayne. He asked her to come in for another interview. At that time, she was HIRED as a night SUMMER server. Which to me, means she will work the summer and then return to school in the fall. I should add, she gave up another job that she was hired at to take this job at Applebees. This " acquaintance", the person who sauces the food, must have changed her mind or perhaps got envious that my daughter was hired as a server, and went to the manager Ashley, from the first interview, and told her my daughter is going to be returning to school. Something Dwayne,the manager that CLEARLY hired her, was very aware of, and in fact applauded her during the interview for going to the same University as him, University of Louisville. He wrote a big HIRED on her app and told her to wait for an email for final instructions. After about a week of waiting for this email that never came, my daughter asked the same "acquaintance" that sauces food, if she had heard anything. Later that same day, my daughter, who by the way is a very hard working wonderful young lady, came to me in tears. Ashley, the first manager, told her that they were going to pass on hiring her. So, at this time, we are left confused. Is it because of her last name? Is it because she is a student? Is it because the management there does not communicate properly enough to decide who is hired and who is not? Is it because this girl who puts sauce on food has so much influence on management that she is able to convince them who should and should not be hired? In my opinion, along with any attorney who may not know how to put sauce on food, but might understand the law, any of the reasons above are unlawful. I should also add, Applebee's is located right near a military base, so they are no strangers to employees who may have to move. My daughter was up front with them and they were fine with it. What kind of place wouldnt hire a student that is going to school to better herself? She is hoping to learn how to get through life without having to sauce food and boss everyone around. It is clearly the loss of Applebee's, but as a Mother, I intend to do anything I can to make sure this won't happen to other students. Maybe the sauce girl should just go ahead and become the manager since she clearly is in charge of the pathetic management in Radcliff Kentucky. Beware to any students trying to gain employment at this Applebees. Unless the sauce girl has no issues with you, it isn't likely you will get the job.

  • I went to Applebees last night in Lincoln NE at Gateway Mall. Just to find out they let my favorite waitress go last night. Catherine was the most pleasant waitress there and now they let her go. I will never eat at Applebees ever again if they treat their employess like that. again. Just lost a loyal cusomter, way to go Applebees. 🙁

  • PUEBLO COLORADO APPLEBEES IS NASTY. PUBLIC HEALTH IS A RISK! Their dishes are filthy dirty and the glasses are the worst. Two visits and even talked to a manager and staff about how nasty things are. You can litterly scrape the nasty stuff off the glasses and told a manager to his face. WILL NEVER GO BACK.

  • PUEBLO COLORADO APPLEBEES IS NASTY. PUBLIC HEALTH IS A RISK! Their dishes are filthy dirty and the glasses are the worst. Two visits and even talked to a manager and staff about how nasty things are. You can litterly scrape the nasty stuff off the glasses and told a manager to his face. WILL NEVER GO BACK.

  • I am begging you, to PLEASE, bring an Applebee's to Sheridan, Wyoming. We have so few dine in restaurants and too many fast food ones.

  • Went to Raynham,Ma. Waitress Sammi, fantastic,appitizes good,dinner tasted great …until I got a hair in
    My pasta, i told sammi very quietly and she immediately replaced the meal but the manager would not come over to the table, she would not even look at us, it almost became a joke with my husband and I,if you only want to do half the job maybe you should only get half the pay.

  • I got fake money from the waitries at applebees ,,,I told the manager and he said there was nothing they could do about it……. I will never spend my money there again…..sad becuz we luv applebees and went all the time!!!!!….Lose our business over $50….I tip $50

  • Visited the Applebee's in Merritt Island, Florida, I previously worked for Applebee's for 7 years. A few weeks prior I had filled out the application online because it was a different franchise than the one I worked for. I had not heard back from anyone at this time so I went by to see a manager and give him my resume. At the time the server came back to me while I was having lunch and told me they were not hiring to go online and fill out the application which I already did. The complaint I have is that the manager never did a table visit I was having lunch! The manager should have introduced himself and let me know that information. Well a few days later I go on craigslist and there is a post for the same location hiring all positions, cooks, servers and host! I think managers need to trained properly in this respect, why would you not want to speak with someone that has worked for the company for 7 years and never had an issue I had many regulars and was a valued employee. It is just beyond my comprehension I mean maybe he was busy but the restaurant was not. I did leave my resume with the server which I am sure probably went into the garbage. I loved working for Applebee's I never thought I would have such a hard time trying to transfer.

  • Went to the Applebee's in Salem, Oregon. (Commercial St) First of all I would like to state I have been a faith full customer since it has opened. Me and my wife and my son always sit in the bar area.

    The last few weeks we have had the worst service. But after last night I have to say it was ridiculous. Waitress (Annie or Ashley) blamed it on the kitchen being behind. Along with behind literally hanging out. Ass crack and all. (not appropriate dress code, remember family restaurant and my son does not need to see that) We ordered our appetizer on the computer thing on our table. Had them in less than 10 minutes. But our dinner order took over 25 minutes. After our appetizers. She was rude almost snappy like we were asking for more than we should. We had to get our drinks refilled by the Beer and wine reorder button on the table along with my son getting his pepsi refills from there to Did I mention also had to ask for silverware. When our entrees came. Why because we did not have them when we ate our appetizer.

    If I go out and spend $85 dollars on meal I want a little service, a person who seems like she want to be there, not to mention dresses CORRECTLY.

  • From the minute we walked in the restaurant it gave us a bad impression and things went down hill from there.. first off, the greeter at the door had his pants sagging, yes sagging. Sagging so bad we could see his underwear. I went to the restroom and nearly slipped and fell because of some substance on the floor I assume was urine because one of the urinals was stopped up with toilet paper. Trash hanging out of the waste can. The toilets very dirty with feces. I have pictures I took if you need them. Yes pictures took because no one would ever believe me.

  • Last night we went to Applebee's in Saginaw MI. State St. location and what could have been a very bad experience was turned around by the Mgr. Chris we had ordered our food and appetizers we received our appetizers and waited awhile and had not received our food as I look around people that came in after us had all received their food and some getting their bill. The waiter had filled our drinks and asked if all was well when he noticed we had not received our food spoke to the Mgr. and told us the Mgr. was handling it and would be out momentarily to speak to us and was very apologetic. The Mgr. had handled the situation very professional and bent over backwards to make us happy . we eat at Applebee's at least twice a month and has become our favorite due to the wide menu variety to please our families different tastes. we just want to say Thanks for what could have been a very bad experience into a positive. We will be back! (

  • My two friends, child, and myself decided to have lunch at the Applebee's in Coventry, RI. What a mistake it turned out to be!! We all ordered a cup of onion soup, one spinach and artichoke dip, one pretzel and cheese sauce, and boneless chicken. My friend also ordered mac and cheese with fries for her child. The spinach and artichoke came out first, then the pretzels, then the chicken. The child STILL DIDN'T have her meal which I feel should have come out with the first appetizer. The boneless chicken was not hot at all! We asked to have it sent back as we were dissatisfied, which was done and still have yet to get our soup and child's food. The poor waiter was so apologetic I had to tell him not to worry as I was a prior waitress and it wasn't his fault at all!! I feel it was the kitchen's fault and the fact they were shorthanded for the customers they had. This was the first nice day after all the snow and they were very busy you would have thought the manager would have thought accordingly. Now let's get to how rude I feel the manager was after I told him. He at first said I'll take chicken off bill which I'm like thank you then when child didn't get her meal and our soup didn't come I'm like REALLY this is ridiculous. So I asked for a comment card which another worker got for me. Shortly afterwards the manager just so happen to come around corner and says Don't worry about the bill I took care of it never even apologizing for the inconvenience etc. his waiter however came over again and apologized. I think maybe this manager should learn some customer service satisfaction somewhat nicer

  • Went for lunch at Applebees in Farmingdale NY. This is one of the worse Applebees I have ever been to. We walked inand there were 4 tables filled and the host tells us we have to wait to be seated. There were already 2 couples ahead of us waiting. I asked why was there a wait she said the servers were not in yet. It was Noon time. How can a place open its doors if they didn't put enough servers on. Now come 3 famlies behind me. This place is a joke. We were told we had to wait longer for a booth when there were 10 open ones. This place needs to be shut down. Just send in secret shoppers and you will find out on your own. Its down 110 in Farmingdale NY. What a joke this place is

  • my friend and I just ate at the applebees right of rufesnow in north richland hills, I ordered a medium rare steak and he ordered some kind of new shrimp pasta. I took one bite of my steak and spit it out, the steak was PURPLE, my friends shrimp was still FROZEN. I sent the steak back and the brought me back a new one. This steak BARELY had grill marks it was so under cooked. We later got home and started to get sick, we ended up throwing up out of both ends. I called the applebees and asked to talk to a manager and when one finally picked up by the name of "frank" I informed him of the bad meals we had and how it made my friend and I sick. He did absolutely nothing, he said ok thank you for the feed back have a good night. are you serious right now!!? horrible service horrible food! he didn't even offer to repay me or anything! applebees is awful! they have lost my business and every one elses that I know. hopfully I can spread the word far enough to where no body has to go to such an awful place such as this ever again!

  • We went to Applebees in Dawsonville, GA last night. Three of us, musicians after a performance 1 hour away. We called ahead to make sure they were open and still serving, and we were told yes, until 1:00 am. So we drove there, went inside, and the sound was deafening!!! They had a live band playing, and whether or not they were good, the sound level was louder than a jet taking off nearby. WAY, WAY over the top. We begged the server (two of them actually) to ask the band to turn it down a little, but we were told "He won't, do it, because we have 18 year olds who can't sit close to the bar area and so the band has to play loud so they can hear it." Direct Quote! It wasn't just loud, it was HORRIBLY TOO LOUD! Literally, our servers had to shout themselves and we too in order to be heard over the noise. Your manager there should be fired. Any conscientious manager would have made the band either turn it down or stop playing entirely. This is grossly unfair to not only our party but to ALL patrons in that restaurant. It was a seriously disgusting experience for all of us. We left without even ordering and had to resort to a nearby Waffle House, where the food may not have been up to Applebees but at least we could converse with each other and with the waitress.
    BTW, there appeared to be NO 18 year olds in the restaurant last night when we were there, but even if there had been, damaging their our our hearing is not on the menu.

  • I would like to let you all know of my trip to this Applebee's in Hillard Ohio. We went into this store after coming from the Moose lodge to get something to eat. There was four of us my girlfriend Lucinda McDermitt her sister Alma Teensy Holbrook and her husband James Mickey Holbrook and my self. we sat in the bar section of this restaurant and order 3 Perfect Margaritas and a Bacardi and coke. I then asked if the bartender(Josh) would change one of the four tv's in the bar to the Daytona 500 four different times I was told that someone had requested that the OSU/Michagan basketball game that was on all four tv's was requested to be on. I then asking one of the managers to do it. Then about 20 minutes later a manager came up to us and said we were being loud and refused to serve us anymore. Now mind you we had already ordered food and would have spent well over 100 dollars in your restaurant. as it was when we were told they would not serve us anymore we left after paying for our drinks and went to the Outback and got excellent service and we did not get refused service. I feel that this Bartender was under trained and was not able to handle the bar. He never smiled never once asked if we were doing ok. I feel Applebee's owes us some kind of compensation for this and i will be calling the corporate offices on Monday as well as the district manager as well as the general manager.

  • Went to Applebee's in Lancaster/Depew New York last night with a group of my girlfriends. We sat at the bar first while waiting for a table and everything was going fine. When we were sat our waitress came over and was very rude and nasty. One of the girls from our party was walking to the restroom and crossed paths with our server Jessica and heard her say "I don't f**king want them, I'm not f**king running back and forth for them!" That is completely unacceptable! The whole time she was taking care of us she was rude and turns out it wasn't just to us but all of her tables as well as the hostess that was on. When Jessica was ready to leave for the night she made it clear by throwing our checks down with out asking us if we wanted anything else and disappeared for 20 minutes after doing so! So unprofessional! When she finally did come back to check on our payment she turned away and started screaming at the hostess who was seating her again, we thought the girl was going to cry. Also not the mention the fact that the table can hear you as well as the other people you took care of! We spoke to a manager and he got a new server to take care of us after we payed her, this one was the complete opposite of Jessica and was the nicest server we have had. When we told her what Jessica did she seemed embarrassed but not surprised, which is why we are complaining since it seems this isn't a random occurrence. Jessica was terrible and we don't understand how she can have a job here. Worst service ever, couldn't enjoy our girls night out while she took care of us terrible job and manners by Jessica!

  • Both parties ordered a side salad, they gave us a small container of dressing, which was not even half full, the 9 oz steak was the smallest 9 oz steak we had ever seen. The macaroni appeared to be the cheapest box brand there is. When I say boxed macaroni, I am meaning the very small noodles with powdered cheese. Looked like a kraft macaroni and cheese commercial you see on tv. But this macaroni tasted terrible and dried up. We would have been lucky if it was kraft brand. The portions of the meal looked like we had ordered off of the kid's menu. The mixed vegetables were dried up and sticky. We had went to this location about 6 months ago and had a bad experience, and decided we would give it another try. However, it was a wasted $50.00. When we were there 6 months ago, we could not get waited on; we were seated at the table next to the person seating customers. We waited 20 minutes and we had not even got to order drinks. We got up to leave and the person seating people looked at us, and asked if we were with the party that just came in. I told her no, that we had been waiting and nobody came to wait on us and we were leaving. Her response was " oh ok". They were not that busy, very few customers in there at that time. The customer service and food is definitely not worth the price. I did not complain to the manager at the restaurant because I did not feel as if it would do any good, knowing that nothing had changed in the past 6 months.

  • I have never been so disappointed with Applebee's! My wife and I ate at the McMinnville Tn. location on Saturday 1/31/15. The restaurant was absolutely filthy! Dark black stains on the booth fabric, food on the wood area, food all over the carpet. filthy blinds. Hostess didn't even speak to us. To me it showed the classic signs of a restaurant in the process of closing. I know we will never eat at that location again with it in the shape its currently in. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To whom it may concern,
    I have a concern that I want to bring your attention to that is occurring at Arlington Road Applebee’s. Managers have decided to create a scorecard for each server. Servers are ranked based on manager opinion, alcohol sales, comp/voids, and GEM survey. I understand the theory behind this system. I can see where bringing light to these areas we can focus on these to make them better. I agree. However, this scorecard is being posted in the public view of all servers and back of house employees. Servers who are not performing well are being pointed out and harassed based on their performance. It is one thing to use this scorecard privately but to post it and publically humiliate servers is not in the best interest of Applebee’s in trying to make each individual better. I feel along with many other who may not have been anywhere near the bottom of the scorecard that this system is degrading and causing more harm than good. It shows how managers feel you are performing along with alcohol sales (maybe you only work lunches) then putting you on a ranking sheet. Not exactly the best way to motivate the front of house staff. It is my wish that you investigate this system before some type of bullying or harassment situation occurs.

  • Went to Applebee's on my 21st birthday to be carded and denied service because my license as said, expired. Even though state law, States that my licenses valid till the following business day due to the fact but is closed Sunday. Very dissatisfied. Will be calling corporate to voice my disagreement.

  • To whom it may concern,

    I felt the need to comment on the commercial I just watched because I found it quite amusing… Is anyone that works for Applebees an actual Chef? The reason I ask is your commercial shows some idiot actually squeezing the crap out of a hamburger cooking on a grill. Was it your intent to tell people that any hamburger they order will come out dry and disgusting? If so, great job!!! Now you know why I don't eat at your establishments. I actually care about the texture and flavor of my food. So give your advertisement department a big hug for me, they helped me feel better about my decision to never eat at Applebees.

    Thank you so very much!

  • applebee is the new gateway center is a raciest restrurant we were seated to the last table in the back and no one came to offer even water nor were we given any napkin or plates the staff acted like we weren't there the place was by no means one even came to take our order.that treatment was last used in the civil war.we walked out but maybe if that jackass that walked past us a few time might need a lesson to see how he would like being unemployed.

  • I visit Applebee's here in Sioux Falls several times a week. When an Oriental Chicken Salad is priced at $11.00, one would expect to get the entire salad paid for. One time the Chinese Noodles were missing and there were no carrots and few pieces of cabbage, the second time it was mostly romaine lettuce and this last time the dressing tasted like one that went with fish, no carrots and again most lettuce. Now I receive a letter from June Aisenbrey stating that I need to bring in my receipt with my name, postal address and phone number. I DO HAVE A RECEPT BUT IT IS FOR A GIFT CARD OF $20.00 PURCHASED AT THE "SAME TIME" AND WHO KEEPS THEIR LAST RECEIPT!!!???? If a regular hassle is all that is received with each visit, maybe I should check out other restaurants that appreciate my business. She is receiving a copy of my complaint to you.

  • This is the third attempt to contact you, after spending 20 mins writing first two your site didn't send it. Seems it doesn't like complaints. So now three times as irritated as I was previously with you. If you are going to advertise endless fries with your special burgers you might want to tell your servers to return at least once before I finish my meal. The ten fries I got with meal didn't last very long. I had to stop another server to find ours. When they did come back and attempted to order more they never did show up. Waited at least ten minutes after burger was finished before cancelling. They also had to be told twice to get a small box of wife's left overs. Totally irritating experience and will affect my decision as to where I spend my dining dollars in the future.
    Delray Beach, South Federal Hwy location, 33444 7PM 11/18/2014

  • ok went to Applebees on Raeford Road in Fayetteville, NC tonight and while my service was great the management (Nate and a young woman) had the whole resturant in such caos im not sure i'll go back there. Apparently Applebees want wait staff to ask the names of all their customers?!? what kind of BS is that? Mt wait staff know my name but only because i go there regularly and I chose to give that information. How uncomfortable to feel pressured into telling someone my personal information…. Looking for a new dinner spot!!!

  • This review is not directed to our server.He was lonely young man who did his best to correct the mistakes made by the kitchen staff. I have no problem tipping the 18% posted on the bill .People don't tip correctly and this fixes that problem. I digress. So we ordered the sampler platter. I had it before. No problem. I instructed my server that I wanted the mini cheese burgers with out condiments or onions. Guess what I got? I sent that portion of my meal back twice because someone in that kitchen just did not get it.. The mild bar-b-cue sauce is not . The spinach dip was great and served hot. Oh if you are expecting their happy hour(11a-4p) to apply to the service upstairs it does not. However the seating downstairs is not handicapped friendly The entire restaurant upstairs and down is LOUD and NOISY . After visiting this place twice in the last two months we will be going to Dave and Busters or Olive Garden for a quick meal after a show. I suggest your people take a visit

  • Can someone explain to me as to why they have our own Service men and women who are employed at Applebee's working on veterans day? You are serving free meals to vets but you MAKE your own employed vets and currently serving work that day. I'm very disappointed in this act. They fight for your business to exsist. Give them the day off.

  • I went to Applebee's with 8 others in Cape Girardeau MO and got the absolute worst service that I have ever received in my life. At first everything was fine, but when it took the appetizers an hour to get to the table it got a little questionable. When the food finally began to come out all the plates were sat down each with about a 10 minute interval in between each plate….that's ridiculous. When everyone else's food was correct and had come out two hours after we had ordered my meal came out freezing cold and it then took 20 more minutes to get a server over to ask for a manager and 15 more minutes to eventually get a manger over to the table who looked like we had been his first table that he had to talk to because he was a deer in headlights. It then took 20 more minutes to figure out what was to be done with the tickets and after all of this I still had to pay for some of my ticket. I had all of one beer and three mozzarella sticks and still had to pay. I'm not sure I'll ever go to another Applebee's any time in the near future because of this experience.

  • This is the second time I have been to this location and have had poor service. The first time I was there I was with a party of thirteen, the whole party was not there and the hosts refused to seat us until we were all there. I had asked to spesk to a manager and she got us seated. As the last members of my party arrived I began to tell the server that they were ready to order drinks and she ignored me and walked away. Then she came back and asked if we were ready to order and I told her that the members had not ordered drinks and she said she was going to take the order and the drinks all at once. I then told her we weren't ready to order and she said she had other tables to check on and walked away. When she came back we asked for a different server and she seemed like she hadn't understood what she did. Then we had a great server named Billy who made our experience better. My friend had ordered a patron margarita and it had a fruit fly in it. Billy promptly ordered him another one which had another fly in it and gave him a water with a fly in it. Not once did a manger come over to apologize for this. The only time we saw a amanger is when we were seated. Tonight I had went to the same location and the service was extremely poor. Once I sat at the table Ali J did not introduce herself but began asking drink orders as we were waiting for our party. When I told her that they were on their way, she rudely stated that the location closed in an hour and they had to be there before the doors locked and kitchen closed at 11:45. Fifteen minutes before the restaurang closed. When my whole party was there, my sister started to order an alcohol drink and she said she would have to card everyone since she was only 21. As a server, I told her that the law was that someone at the table must be 25 if there are guest under 21. There was no one 25 but I thought it was interesting that when we came in with the party of thirteen, no one was 25, and we had several minors and the 21 year olds , all 10 of them, were served alcohol. Then she took our order. Ten minutes later the appetizers came out and four minutes later the entrees came out on top of the appetizers. When I made a remark about it, she neglected to care. When we were eating, I heard her outside talking about us to her manager and co worker and continuously looking at us. By then I had asked for our checks so we could just leave. When I left I left her a note stating how upset I was with the service since both of the times I came with all servers. When I left, she took the note and gave it to my friends and told them to give it back to me because she didn't need another server telling her how to do her job. This time I never saw a manger, besides outside talking about my party with her. I have never been so disgusted with a restaurant in my entire life and I would expect to get fired at the restaurant I work at if I displayed such ignorant behavior.

  • Applebees "used to be" a good place to eat! Made the mistake of going to lunch yesterday in Pinole, CA. It was 12:40 pm and very few patrons in the restaurant. I was surprised that there were so few people there, actually. When we were seated in a corner booth, my tablemate and I could not carry on a conversation because the music in the restaurant was so loud. I asked the waitress if she would mind turning it down and she said, "no problem". But, she turned it off instead. About 10 minutes later, the manager turned it back on. He sent a server over to tell us that the music could not be turned down but they would be glad to move our table. We couldn't have moved anywhere in the restaurant where the music wouldn't have been just as loud. We asked to see the manager, Russell Bushnell, who reluctantly came to the table and very rudely explained to us that he would not turn down the music as it was ambiance. We immediately got up and left and will not go back. Applebees is neither customer-focused nor do they care about losing business.


  • Our experience at this particular Applebees, was probably the worst dining experience I've had in quite some time. To start off, once we were seated it took the waitress almost ten minutes to even come greet us, and take our drink order. Once she did, it was another ten minutes before we received our drinks. At that point we ordered our food, with salads and the appetizer sampler. After 15 minutes of waiting for our salads and appetizer, I made a comment as a manager walked by that it would be nice to get our salads and appetizer BEFORE our meal. Two minutes later came our salads, with the manager following with the appetizer. As we were eating our appetizer, my boyfriend felt something funny in his mouth, and pulled out a long black hair that was in the spinach artichoke dip. I flagged the manager down and showed her, and she apologized and took the appetizer away, and off our bill. About five minutes later our food came out, but by this time we had lost our appetite. The waitress asked if we needed drink refills since ALL of our glasses were empty, and had been, and said she'd be right back. Fifteen minutes later she decides to stroll around to our table with guess what, NO drink refills. I politely ask about the drink refills, and she says "Oh, I forgot." When she brings back the refills, she askes if we wanted boxes as neither one of us had touched our food, the thought repulsed us. With the boxes came the $30+ check for us to pay, which we did against our better judgement. With full boxes of food we could barely stomach eating, and the decision to never eat at an Applebees again. The service was extremely poor, as I kept overhearing that we were not the only customer they were apologizing to, and it would probably literally disgust me to walk back in their kitchen. We will not be back to any Applebees because of this experience, and I will be contacting corporate first thing in the morning.

  • Im a regular customer at Apple Bees and I loved going there until a few times ago it was very unsanitary very dirty spoons forks and knives had left over food on them my immune system is very weak and to see that the manager Katy at Store 13351 Sr 535 Ste 100 Orlando Florida 32821 continued to make the server's continue to serve food there is extremely disgusting.It is clear that no plates or silverware are being properly washed, They have sick people around us every day and if im not mistaken a few states away in Texas a man has the Ebola Virus so who knows where or who he spread it to. Also the Gate that leads to there disposal was open while I was walking my dog before I headed back to the holiday inn resort where I stayed and Saw them digging through trash which looked like it was inside a little blue swimming pool for kids picking out silverware and bringing it back into the restaurant to use again it was the most nastiest sloppy disgusting thing I've seen knowing that I just ate there I will never eat at Applebees again and I have a picture of the disgust trash which your serving to your customers and im going to post this picture everywhere to let the people know what type of service they are getting.

  • Oxford, Maine location.
    I was there from Florida visiting family and 5 of us were treated with complete disdain by your management on duty Sunday 9/21/14. Ultimately, this affected a party of 9, as 4 more were on their way.
    5 of us arrived to watch NFL football (Patriots game of course being in New England). We got seated, ordered drinks and food right at kick-off.
    5 minutes into the first quarter, the manager changed the channel on the TV we were watching to another game, for 2 people at the bar. (We were at a high top in the bar area, watching a TV overhead that was not behind the bar.) The manager did apologize and said we would have to move. OK I guess. A little annoying 5 of us were uprooted mid drinking and eating for 2 people at the bar. We moved amicably, and the waitress kindly brought our partial drinks and food to another hightop in the bar area, which was by the way inferior in comfort to the original seating.
    We got situated… and 10 minutes into the game, he changed the channel again! This time he said "I figure there are enough TV's in the room for everyone" and suggested we watch a TV that was across the dining room!! We felt insulted and it was hard not to take this personally. He would not budge, rationalize or work with us. His dialogue was short and uncaring. He did not offer to comp any drinks or food for the inconvenience. We had no choice but to leave. We paid the balance, and tipped the waitress accordingly, as she deserved. She was appalled the manager had done this to us. So were the other waitresses working the bar area, so were the bartenders, so were the neighboring patrons. And the hostess was completely mortified. (God bless her).
    We drove 12 miles or so to the Oxford Casino, and rerouted the family members that were on their way to Applebees. We had a fantastic time at the Casino bar, and were treated with above average hospitality!

    I will never in my lifetime set foot in that Oxford Applebees when I am up there. And my family will not as long as that manager is employed there. I and we were so mad and embarassed… we forgot to get his name. I'm sure records will show who was on shift Sunday afternoon 9/21.

    Otherwise… the Applebees I frequent in Safety Harbor, and Oldsmar, Florida is always great. In relaying our experience with other Norway/South Paris and Oxford residents… everyone had substantially bad things to say about that branch. Let it be known, you have very very serious concerns there with Customer Service/Hospitality from Management. Food reports were average to good.
    The Norway/South Paris/Oxford area is quaint. Word of mouth up there will most definitely affect revenue. I urge you to please make note.

    The good humble folks of Oxford County. They deserve better treatment.

  • Wanted to let all my family and friends (and anyone else interested) know that the local Applebee's here in Clinton MO., during their recent remodeling, decided to destroy the items LOANED, 10 years ago, to their business for the Hometown Hero's display. This display included paintings and personal art supplies of my dad E.M. (Ike) Parker, along with the personal works, inventions and possessions of other families in the area. All of these items were on loan (not owned by Applebee's) from family members. I called the local Applebee's and inquired when I could pick up the items they were no longer using. I was told they had been sold! After waiting 4 days for the manager to return my call, I called again and visited with "Michael the manager". He informed me that our family's possessions along with the other families' items, had not been sold, but "are probably in a dumpster somewhere".
    I am so disappointed, upset and mad! While these items were nothing more than wall décor to Applebee's they were important to the families involved.
    I am sure the new "décor" at the Clinton Applebee's is lovely. I will never know because they have lost this customer forever!
    Please feel free to share…….

  • My husband and I go to the Applebees in New Hyde Park, NY frequently, mainly because it is close to home, but last night was the last time. Our meals have sometimes been so-so but last night the steaks we ordered were horrible, they could not be chewed, the soles on his boots were probably easier to eat. I know we weren't eating steaks from Peter Lugers but we could have expected to have something that was edible. I probably should have told the manager but I just wanted to get the heck out of there.

  • I went to applebees in johnstwn ny 9/10/14…HORRIBLE experience….it was the weirdest applebees ever!! Filled with local town drunks!! Loud…obnoxious and super drunk. they were borhering guests eating. families with kids in there. bartender kept serving them and they were all suoer drunk. yelling cussing making derogatory comments to women. talking filthy!! One guy got up from the bar and walking around with beer in hand hitting on the women who didnt have a guy with them. He even slid into a booth unwelcoming from the women. manager did nothing about it. the bartender was a heavy set gal who stated to one local that she works part time at McDonald's if that helps to identify her.
    Applebees, I thought, at least everyone that I have been to was a family style restaurant…not a tavern for the local drunks!!!!! Who I might add are making your other patrons leave and NOT cone back!! I know you like the locals money but im surprised this place isnt sued yet for over serving local drunks. I will write to corporate…someone needs to ckean up this place or maybe noone cares. I wont return here and bases on other reviews they had same experience with the local town drunks turning thus into a local tavern…its applebees for crying out loud!!!

  • Saturday we visited the Hialeah,Fl restaurant. First we decided to seat outside on the covered patio, it rained and when I asked for napkins to dry the shares, a manager said I will have them dry for you…never happened. Secondly, after about 7 minutes a waitress came out to say, she was going to take our order, and bring the silverware….4 minutes later she took order, no silverware.
    After a total of 49 minutes,and no one coming out to say a word, a manager came out and said that he was sorry and the orders were being put trough because the system had gone down !!! Almost an hour…what there is no more paper tickets? Embarrassing that at this restaurant, when things go wrong (and I know sometimes they will) they should face the the costumers and try to ease their frustrations instead of hiding and when forced to face us, at least have the decency of not obviously lie to our face.
    I wanted to be out of the house, but not spend a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes…..and then say sorry..nothing we could have done !!!!!
    I am pretty disappointed because, as a member and trustee of The Hialeah Chamber of Commerce we helped with the grand opening of this restaurant, I am a full supporter of local business and it is a sad day when I come to the conclusion that I will NOT patron this establishment again, and when asked why not my FB posting of having dinner at Applebees,well I will share my experience and the indifference with which I was treated.
    I hope that in no way this reflects on the cooks, for casual dining, the food was well cooked.

  • 2505 Emons Ave in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn 11235. your valet service (VIP) crashed my car and another car in your parking lot adjacent to restaurant. Police came and got drivers info from Valet drivers.Drivers admit accident. Have repeatedly asked for insurance information. Accident occurred 7/18/14. I used my insurance to repair my vehicle(Lease) and I had to pay $500.00 deductible. Management puts blame on VIP Valet service. Why doesn't management have any insurance information on Valet Service THEY EMPLOYED to park vehicles on THEIR PROPERTY??? THIS REFLECTS DIRECTLY ON APPLEBEE'S and how they treat customers!!!

  • The mangers in Augusta Georgia on Peach Orchard Road are some of the most unprofessional and rude Manger you could have in your business. When they have folks to come and interview for jobs they have folks to wait hour at a time and many time they forget the folks coming. I seem one day they have folks coming every day and then after the folks sit for a hour or two they come and say Oh I forgot about you. Why would a manger have someone to come in and do not interview. No job is worth being mistreated or waiting on sorry manger. The interview process should be better managed. Maybe they should get training on how to treat customers or possibly employees. The Applebee on Peach Orchard and Windsor Spring in Augusta Georgia is not that good for your manger not to respect folks time.

  • DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER – Twice we have visited Applebee's. Once in Lehi, UT and once in Sandy, UT. Both times the food was not done, The fried shrimp was mushy. The stakes were not done and really bad. The service was ok but you really need to do something about the food. If I pay that much for a meal I expect it to be good.

  • went to applebees in bradenton florida for karaoke. the manager told 5 guests to stop singing. what a joke neighborhood bar and restraunt what a joke. he was rude to the waitstaff also. and he wouldn't even make change for the customers made the servers do it out of their tips. total disrespect what a joke and he is the gm

  • Its corporate policy to clean and be shut down by closing time. Its called labor costs. Besides that, what kind of idiot goes into a restaurant just before they close asking for a steak?? Go make one yourself… Morons