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  • A&W Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

A&W Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact A&W Restaurants Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yum Brands – Address

1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-874-8300

Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-502-874-3000


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  1. There was an A&W on Church Street in Burlington VT-15 back in the 1960’s. Could you possibly know who was the franchisee or was it corporate owned. I still go to your location in Middlebury VT-15 and Wilmington NY and say A & W is by far the best food and service ever.

  2. I just purchased several 2-liter bottles of A&W Rootbeer and there was something very wrong when I tasted the first bottle so I tried a second bottle. Both were bad. I tried a 16 oz bottle I had on hand to see if my taste was off. That bottle was fine so I know the large bottles are bad. Please contact me ASAP.

  3. I am very upset that you have changed your zero root beer formula. I love d it .. the only soda I bought for years and years. I used to put milk in it to taste like a float.
    But now the milk kind of curdles. Is it a temp change? I buy the 2l bottles in the grocery store, the taste is completely different!

  4. I had a really bad experience at the Wittenberg A&W, please refer to the above explanation… I did call them at Wittenberg to get the Store # so that I could correct the mistake that I made on my survey… The younger lady that answered the Wittenberg A&W said that she looked on a receipt that they had and that there is no store # on the receipt, and why I wanted to know… I stated that there must be a store identification # on the receipt, she looked again and said that there is no number on the receipt and again asked why I wanted to know… I then said I was doing a survey and she hung up on me without any comment or explanation… That did not help my very poor experience with the Wittenberg A&W

  5. I just did a survey for a really bad experience that I had at the Wittenberg A&W and then I realized that it was the wrong receipt that I did the survey on, so please know that the very poor comment on the receipt with the code 1637W WAS NOT FOR THE A&W ON THE RECEIPT AT 2646 MANITOWAC ROAD, GREEN BAY WISCONSIN…. THE VERY POOR COMMENTS WERE ONLY FOR THE WITTENBERG A&W!!!! THE 2646 MANITOWAC A&W WAS EXCELLENT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN RATED ALL EXCELLENT COMMENTS.. PLEASE REFER THIS TO MANAGEMENT, THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Today is National Root Beer Float day. I went to our one local A&W in my town and presented my coupon for a free root beer float. I was told this is a fund raiser and I would have to put money in some box they had sitting on the counter. I asked for a manager. I told her the problem and read to her the "free root beer float" language, and she stated to me that this is a fund raiser. I made the comment, well it isn't free then is it?" I have never heard of such thing. This is extortion. I will be contacting our attorney general's office and their corporate headquarters tomorrow. The manager needs to be fired. She got very snotty after she figured out I was right and turned her back and walked off. Hey A&W, your food is too expensive and I can by root beer and ice cream at the store. Don't need your employees' crap!

  7. Stopped at West Broad location in Columbus Ohio. Cashed in a coupon for a bacon double cheeseburger. Was charged and paid for it, but when I got home, I only had a plain double cheese. Stopped back the next day to get the correct burger that I had been charged for & paid for, but was refused by very rude manager who said I should have let them know on the day of the problem. As it was the next day, she couldn't/wouldn't fix it because it would mess up her precious paperwork. Yet she had no problem taking my money the day before for an incorrect order. I consider this stealing from a customer. Will no longer be doing business with A&W or Long Johns, which shares this location.

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