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Reach Barnes and Noble Corporate Office 

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Barnes and Noble corporate office is located in New York, New York. Below are comprehensive details about Barnes and Noble headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the book retail industry.

How To Contact Barnes and Noble Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Barnes and Noble Headquarters – Overview

Barnes and Noble Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Barnes & Noble Corporate Headquarters

A Snapshot of Barnes & Noble’s History

Founded in 1886, Barnes & Noble has grown to become the largest retail bookseller in the United States. Known for its vast selection of books, e-books, magazines, and educational materials, Barnes & Noble also offers a variety of multimedia products, toys, gifts, and café services in many of its stores.

The Book Retail Industry and Barnes & Noble’s Position

In the book retail market, Barnes & Noble competes with other bookstore chains, independent bookstores, and online retailers like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Barnes & Noble differentiates itself with its large, welcoming store environments, extensive book selections, community events, and the integration of digital content through its Nook e-reader brand. For student publications BN competes with Chegg.

Barnes & Noble’s Customer-Focused Approach

Barnes & Noble is committed to enriching the lives of its customers through books and reading. The company focuses on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in its stores, offering personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff, and hosting author events and book clubs to foster a community of readers.

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Barnes & Noble Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Barnes & Noble’s products and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s dedication to fostering a love of reading and providing a unique and welcoming bookstore experience.

Barnes and Noble Lie to Customers

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 2, 2024

Had a book go back to their warehouse, where I had the book sent they were only allowed one book per month. I called their customer service three times to see if the book was received back at their warehouse as I wanted a refund. I was told the book never showed up at their warehouse then someone by the name of Jay in their Customer Service said he would refund my money. I waited 5 days as he told me to wait and checked my credit card and nothing showed up, I was lied to even give an incident number that is what Jay customer service said they give out instead of a confirmation number and I am livid. I hope the conversation was recorded like it said it would be, when I called that day, I am going to the Better Business Bureau. I am a senior and on a fixed income. I want my refund.

Nancy Wilcox

Barnes & Noble Poor Customer Service

Rated 2.0 out of 5
November 26, 2023

I went to obtain a book at your store. There was a person behind a service desk in the middle of the store who was unable to help me and told me to go to the front checkout. It was busy that day and I waited in line only to be told by the person checking out to go to the service desk. I advised that the person told me to see the person at checkout. She said she wasn’t allowed to do it if it was busy but did help me out after much complaining. Not sure why you do not have “Just Tyrus: A Memoir” because it is on the best seller’s list, so I have to order online. Then when I went to check out my magazine and use my phone number for my membership, she said I needed my card. Wow, what is going on with your store? Needless to say, I am not renewing my membership and I can order the book easier on Amazon.

Thomas Cardell

Barnes and Noble Customer Service

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 4, 2023

Barnes and Noble is NOT a central data system for the corporation and outlining stores. I spent two hours trying to change the order that was split by the company. Part of the order was going to New Jersey part to Texas, and it was all supposed to go to Texas. The reason I spent two hours and then when I talked to you at all the information! I called her on the phone to order thinking it was a Central system it is not.! Instead of solving the problem in 15 minutes took me over two hours. The company wasted the money on his employees talking to me and I wasted my time. With the central system, they would have all had information about me and be finished in 15 minutes!! Barnes and Noble needs a centralized data system near behind the times and wasting money for the employees and customers and as a customer, I am extremely upset!! get a centralized data system Catch up with the times!!!!!!!

Michael Banski
Corporate Office Headquarters