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  1. Corporate needs to reevaluate their use of USPS for delivery. I ordered a book that shipped out of Reno, NV on Sunday Feb. 6. 2022. It arrived at the San Diego postal facility on Wednesday, Feb. 9th at 7:53 AM. Indications initially were that it was to arrive on Friday the 11th, then on Saturday the 12th and here it is on Sunday, the 13th and my book still isn't here. Tell me why it takes four days or more (who knows when I'll get it) to arrive from the local post office. I live in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo). There is no explainable reason why this should take so long. You need to use a better delivery service!

  2. Too strict with their textbook return policy. I asked for a reduced rate for being late a few days with a textbook, was told no that's not policy by management. No customer service help what so ever. Will never use Barnes & Noble again!!

  3. Same issue as I am seeing posted above. Terrible customer service. I tried to call and talk about a credit card charge. Person I talked with could barley speak English. After 20 frustrating minutes I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was put on hold and left there for over 90 minutes. I finally hung up, called back, rinse and repeat. I will no longer do business with companies that use foreign service people. Nothing personal against them, but I want to be able to understand and be understood by the personnel on the receiving end of the call. I finally called and told credit card company I wanted to dispute the charge. They asked why and I said I did not get the product for which I had paid. Long story short, after 4 months of back and forth between credit card company and B&N the charge was finally removed. Will never use them again.

  4. Total time on phone for issue=1hr 52mins
    Issue: Unauthorized reoccurring charges on credit card
    – Called customer service phone #800-843-2665-reached Cambodia and could not understand the person who answered the phone. When I told her why I was calling she transferred me without notice and the person on the other end picked up phone and hung up.
    – Called back–reached Cambodia again and the person (Eman employee #2141652) could not understand, language wise, why I was calling and transferred me.
    -Talked to Schmeka, supervisor, would not give employee number. Very short in manners and rude. Asked my name and address and said she could not find anything..transferred me…
    -Christina answered the phone…apparently your employees are not happy working there. Very rude. Said she could not find anything for my address but I asked her what address she was searching, it was incorrect. When I told her it was incorrect and gave her the correct address, she said she didn't have anything for that address either. I asked her to spell the address and she refused and said she "absolutely will not do that". I questioned why she thought that was a ridiculous request since they had the wrong address to begin with and she just again stated she would NOT DO IT! She told me to just go to my bank and dispute the charges. Again, very rude and very unprofessional. Perhaps she should talk to Schmeka and ask her why she didn't verify the address with me. That is customer service 101 to verify correct information.
    -I asked for supervisor and I got James. James was quite quiet as well and as the others do not announce to the customer what they are doing and they just do not speak (appears that they have hung up or you are on hold or they are just ignoring you). James said he could call me back if I could get my credit card number. I do not feel comfortable giving my information to anyone at this company due to the unprofessional and disgruntled manner in which they speak. They do not understand that they are the business and I am the customer. They are not responsive and do not care why you are calling nor care to resolve any issues. I am surprised by the manner in which they speak, I guess I thought since this was a book company that I would be having more intelligent conversations. I will call my bank and dispute the charges. No longer will do any business with Barnes and Noble.

    1. What customer service. I have had two chargers fail within 6 months. I went to the barns and nobel store in Albuquerque NM to get a replacement as my nook hd is still under warranty. Store did not have any or did the other barns and noble store. Went to the online store and no charger either. Called their customer service center, got disconnected twice. Finally talked to a customer representative and she said she would submit the tequest and the charger should arrive in about a week. A week later no charger. Called again and talked to rachael. She said she would have to resubmit the paperwork again as it never left the warehouse. A week later no charger called again and talked to mary same story have to resubmit the request. Ask to talk to the supervisor rachael. She said she would take care of it and it should arrive in a week. Week later no charger. Called again talked to joe. He said it has not left the warehouse so I asked to speak with the floor supervisor sarah. She said it had been shipped out on the 17 th of July (to different stories). Ask her for the coperate number. Called the corporate number and got transfered to the customer service dept waited and ended up leaving a number to have my call returned. Still waiting. Ordered a charger from Amazon.com and it will arrive tomorrow. I am done with barns and noble my personal experience is the have no customer service. And still no charger or word from them and no return call

  5. I would like to know why you do things the way you do. I'm talking about the Niles, Illinois store specifically. There has been such a high turnover rate in employees. Kim in the Cafe is useless. She expects staff members to do things correctly, but she doesn't. i.e.. expired milk, wings not down on the sandwich machine. She says derogatory comments to her staff in front of the customer. I know for a fact that 2 of her staff were up for lead of the cafe. Both of those guys are gone!!!! They weren't good enough for the position, but they were in second place during the holidays.She was out on disability during the holidays of 2014. When she came back all she had to say was "what did you do when I was gone?" They were in second place without her there. Other employees have given there notice as well. You'd think with the expense it costs an employer to hire employees, they'd work harder to keep them. That's all I have to say. Thank you

  6. I brought a NOOK HD on March 4th on 2013. Since the spring of 2014 the battery has been has been going. it'll shut off when its at 100% to 70%. Saying that the battery is dead. I have to recharge it when I'm reading or playing my number games. when I play a movie on it with in seconds it dies. I have complain about this problem twice now and all they want is the warranty. my husband and I brought a warranty back in March of 2013. I remember what day it was, what the associate looks like what time of day it was. They cant seem to find my warranty. But, hey its my fault that they cant find the warranty. my husband had the receipt, when he clean out his wallet he through it away, not meaning too. because of the associate not putting the information in the computer right I get screwed big time. I call the headquarters now I'm waiting for them to call me back….. I wait HELP and they CUSTOMERS SERICE ASSOICATES will do nothing to help me, they keep going around in circles in the conversations. Either I get a NEW NOOK HD or I'm going to get a KINDLE…. I love my Nook and Barnes and noble. I've been a customer since they open up in my home town. I even refer family and friends to Barnes and noble. they don't help me I will not refer them again. I have never been so disappointed in my life over a company character…… very, very, very, dissatisfied customer

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