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BJ’s Brewhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact BJ’s Brewhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

7755 Center Avenue
Suite 300
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-500-2400

  • The store in Frederick MD is horrible…The KM is sleeping with an employee…Our GM is a big pothead and one of the manager jermery stays after till 6a.m.partying with the girl who sleeps with our KM…can you believe this crap?? And nothing is being done about it..

  • Hello, I write to you as a server who works for BJS. I love my job and its fun for me to work in the restaurant atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of my managers here is constantly picking on me. Why is it he is the only one who dislikes me? He has been doing the schedule and lately giving me food running shifts only. Every time, another manager has to go back in and fix the schedule for me so I have hours. Not only that, but when I work with him on the floor he makes remarks that mistakes "must be HER" (as in me) but it never even is… I consider myself to be an excellent server and like I said, I love my job and I am understanding to criticism but when I am not even doing anything to get picked on by this one manager when the other managers recognize my great preformance. This managers name is Kenneth Elwood. I have no idea what he has against me but its hurting me financially and its hurting me emotionally because i genuinely do enjoy working for BJs and i really really dont want to leave.. This is the Melbourne FL location. I really hope someone sees this.. thank you for your time, its greatly appreciated.

  • So I file a complaint about management and their treatment of the fellow associates and you delete it! Don't worry though, several phone calls will be made to corporate head quarters tomorrow!

  • I will never come back to your restaurant ever again! I was in your restaurant in Melbourne today and was sitting outside trying to enjoy my lunch when three managers and a young gentleman came out. They weren't out there five seconds when one of the managers started berating the young man accusing him of arson and threatening to call the police and having him band from not only the store but the whole mall! The other two managers said nothing! The poor man couldn't even get a word in edgewise. He had the right to defend himself! And being a cook as well, there was probably nothing more than a small grease fire, which is all to common in kitchens! If that is how you treat your employees without any regard or respect then you should not even be in business! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • A server named Jessica at Bj's brewhouse in Pembroke Pines, FL was unforgivably rude. Her attitude and the faces she would make unknowingly thinking I wasn't looking at her every move since she first spoke to me with a tone that I wouldn't give my own mother, so why would you give it to a customer that is bringing in business to the restaurant you work at. I am constantly spreading the word of how incredible to food is and the great customer service usually provided, but last night was a nightmare. Usually when you sit close next to the bar (which is what we did) you receive your food fast and steamy… It took an entire hour to bring our food and to complete the experience, our food came cold. To conculde, we had to pack our meals and leave because we did not like the vibe she was giving us. It was noted and unnecessary. Our entire dining experience there was terrible. To make Jessica a better server I would suggest she change her attitude and the way she approaches customers. We were greeted with a serious face.

  • As a long time employee i have seen the good bad and ugly of all at the bjs in Cupertino. Standards have fallen very short from gold standard at this location. Promises of growth and setting eachother up for sucess are not the terms of bjs anymore. Rodney Winstead is slowly driving that location into the ground. His relentless ability to punish those without completely comprehending the entire situation is poor management and will result in action taken against the company as a whole.

  • I sit here writing to you as a concerned cook that worked 4 day for your company and I am not educated have no degree in anything but I do love food and I am very passionat about cooking food the things that I saw in one of your locations made me very sad and it broke my heart to see the the miss use of food and the ignorance of the complete staff about food please I only write to you because I am a very poor man I save a whole month to take my family out to eat and if I was met with the kind of poor food quality I was met with I would just never eat out to a sit down place ever on the line you have a lot of confidant kids with big mouths that in the end sacrifice speed over quality I know that you are a big company but I urge no I challenge you to supprise all your locations to see how they actually run your restaurants I trust you as I would trust any one that if I the investor was paying a manger a good salary to run my investment they should represent every aspect of my company the complete lac of leadership in this restaurant makes me sad I'm my short career at ur location when did we forget to have or show a bit of passion for what we do I m only an simple cook that is very confidant in his art with much respect and appreciation I hope that not now but one day we can all have passion for our trade think of how much more profit your company can make and how much bigger of a wait you had if you had some one with leadership to empower everyone in the restaurant to have some kind of passion for their work again i trust you to please please bring back the pride and joy to work as a simple ignorant line cook that loves to make people happy by cooking fast clean and very precise I don't know much but trust me I do know my food maybe some day I can have a great feeling to know that everyone had integrity in their skill

  • Management in Aurora, Co namedJake is rude and offered no solution to my problem. I dined and then ordered food to go and when I arrived home, the food did not taste well. I called in to explain this to him and he proceeded to tell me numerous times that I "should have never ordered to go and I should have eaten my food in the restaurant". I told him that his response was not very customer friendly and he proceeded with "well what else would you like for me to say because there's nothing I can do". I ended the call promptly. I am informing you guys that after frequenting BJs Brewhouse at least once a month for 4 years in s row, I will never visit again.

  • Please follow up with employee complaints reguarding management at BJs brewhouse in Greenwood, IN. Reports have been filled.

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