Bubba Gump Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bubba Gump Corporate Office Headquarters
Landry’s Restaurants, Inc. (Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market)
1510 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-850-1010
Fax Number: 1-713-386-7070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-552-6379

  • Bubba Gump MD. Disgusting establishment!! Wish I could upload pictures to show the gross on camera!! Do not come here. Calling the health department as we speak

  • My 18 year old daughter had lunch at the Monterey location during her break home from college. She accidentally left her debit card at the restaurant but called the restaurant later that day and she was told they would keep it in their safe for her. At her earliest chance 5 days later she drove the hour long trip back to get her card (there was a big rainstorm and she couldn’t get there sooner). She called on her way and was told again that they had her card. Unfortunately when she got to the restaurant the manager told her they shredded her card 3 days ago “per their policy.” While I understand that this policy protects their customers, I was very irritated that my daughter wasn’t told this when she called BOTH times and she made a wasted trip to the restaurant. What made it even worse was that she left to return to college 2 days later-that gave us very little time to try to get her a new debit card. Poor communication on Bubba Gumps part regarding their policy on debit/credit cards left at the restaurant. We won’t be returning.

  • My mother and I had a very bad experience at the Bubba Gump Shrimp in Las Vegas at 3717 S Las Vegas Blvd. The young lady we had as our waitress was quite rude to us. We waited for nearly an hour for my mother just to receive her "ceaser salad". The only way we could get her to come back to assist us was by flipping down the table sign to "RED/STOP" which means we needed assistance. Also, my mother ordered her appetizer and the waitress kept bringing out the "wrong" appetizer even after we told her repeatedly it was incorrect. My mother never did receive her correct appetizer. We then requested the Manager to express our concerns especially being out of town guests who loves to visit the restaurant whenever we are in town, and unfortunately the gentleman who was the Manager at the time treated us even worst than the waitress. He spoke very condescending to my mother and as we tried to explain the situation, he even smirked and laughed at us stating at times that he will not take "our word" as truth and he needed to check with the waitress to validate our issues. My mother is a senior citizen who deserves to be treated with respect, and it was almost like he was making fun of her as she tried to simply tell him about how we had been waiting all that time for her to receive a salad, and never to receive her appetizer. As paying customers my mother and I felt totally humiliated and violated, and we were treated very unfair as if we did something wrong. We asked the Manager was there anything that could be done for us, and he looked us both in our faces and yelled "Nope" while slamming down the menu and abruptly walking away from the table. In disbelief, my mother and I hurried up as quickly as we could and paid our bill and left the restaurant. I could not believe how we were mistreated by the Waitress and Manager at the Las Vegas Bubba Gump Shrimp on S. Las Vegas Blvd. I felt it was very important to write this review to let others know and beware when visiting that location. I will also be contacting the Corporate Office for Bubba Gump Shrimp to express my concerns. No one should EVER have to go through this type of experience ever again!

  • Bad service at the location in miami Bayside. Employees act like a bunch of high-school kids grouping up in the kitchen while the customers dying of thirst. Also bad attitude and I was forced to tip by the manager

  • The bubba gump in Maui lack a lot of everything wait staff slow, the food was barely warm, we didn't get crab cakes, was told the kitchen staff was slow waited for an hour to get the food. No southern tea was offer on the menu. No one of the staff check on during the meal. I honest felt as if I was forest gump myself.I will not est at any of the resturant associated with yall. Spending my time and money both of which was a waste.gald I didn't center my vacation on that one place.

  • I went to the Bubba Gump in Baltimore MD. BAD experience. Service was okay until my food came out. NOT ONCE was i told to be careful because my plate was hot or warned that my food was cooked on the it came in and to be careful. I reach across my plate to grab my drink and as i do my arm hits the handle on my plate. I quickly pull my hand back and the waiter watches it all. He then walks away and says nothing. I then notice that the burn is starting to form a mark on my arm. 10 minutes later the waiter returns and i ask him for ice because my arm was burned by the plate. He then says yeah it was hot because we cook the food in that plate and goes to get his manager. As the manager gets to the table i show her the mark that is forming and she offers me burn spray. Not once did either of them apologize, ask me if i was okay, or take anything off of my bill. On top of that, the food was absolutely DISGUSTING! I will NEVER eat at this place again.

  • Had a horrible experience at the Bubba Gump Baltimore MD. After being seated, we ordered drinks, and food, everything was fine. Everyone's food comes out except for mine. I get my food almost 5 minutes later. Not once did the waiter say this plate is hot, or we cooked the food in this metal that your food is in so be careful. I reach across my plate to grab my drink and accidentally touch the handle on my plate, which burned me. The waiter walked away as he saw this happening. He comes back to the table 10 minutes later and i ask him for ice because my arm was burned and starting to bruise. He gets his manager and they bring me ice and burn spray. Not once did they apologize or even offer to comp my bill, or ask me if i was okay for that matter. I will never go to this place again! On top of all of that the food was absolutely DISGUSTING

  • In chaperoning a fieldtrip yesterday (5/13/2017) at Universal Orlando, we experienced one of the rudest people ever. In short, she yelled "…MOVE!" at children who were merely trying to be seated. This behavior was atrocious and uncalled for. We often visit this location, however, that ended yesterday. I will present this issue to PTA with a sound message as to how children/customers are treated and will be contacting corporate as well. Shame.

  • My wife and I had a WONDERFUL experience at the Kona Hawaii Bubba Gumps as we have had many times over the years, every year. Excellent food and very friendly helpful staff.
    I thank you folks for bringing back the "I'm Stuffed", crab stuffed shrimp. Deeeeelicious!!

  • We went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp in Laughlin April 8th which is a saturday. We were out on a small visit to see our grandmother and Bubba Gump shrimp was one place we were wanting to go since we planned our trip (months ago). So Saturday after our last visit with gramma, we thought we had enough time to go to Bubba Gump and grab a few cocktails and Apps. When we parked and ran to the host, she said that they were closing early and the credit card machines were down, so its 940pm and she just said No? I then asked for a manager and he said that the card machines were down. He never asked if we were paying cash ( which we were ) he just seemed annoyed. What resturant ( besides a mom and pop shop that has nasty food ) closes early on a Saturday? Anyways some other server came out and seated us and was very sweet and our server was very apologetic ( since she was set up for failure ) and she did an awesome job!! Our apps looked like they were just flung onto the plates ( no presentation what so ever) and the calamari was under cooked. The manager never came back by and said hi or asked how we were doing. We spent $75 for nasty food and had to fight to even get to experience the place!! Bubba Gump Shrimp, Guest are how your still open!! If your gonna have high prices, please make sure your food is on point and your staff is properly trained and your manager cares about his guest and restaurant!!! I mean this place sounds so cool and it's not!? It's just very sad how much we spent and got treated like we were unwelcome. Myself and my family will never go there again!! And I will let everyone I know to not go there as well. It's just to pricey for horrible service!!! Like, I think we get treated better at McDonalds!!

    • I just went there on 3/10/18 and the cashier sad there not pet friendly.Checked on the website and they said they were pet friendly.Cashier said its Manager thing FIRE HIM

  • I had a very bad experience in bubba gump universal studio California location last night April 6 2017.We sat at table at 7 pm and after ordering our food we waited an hour for the food( after complaining about it because other people whom sat after us, were eating their food )my kids were too hungry and they were about to faint. They came up with laim excuses like we just sat a party of 22(30 minutes after us)and when finally the food was served(in quote)my burger was burned and my kids food was in cooked. I will never go to that restaurant again and I will never recommend them to anyone.

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