Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Corporate Office for Burger King Holdings, Inc.


5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33126 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-378-3000

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number: 1-866-394-2493

Website: https://www.bk.com/

Burger King is famous for its fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers. Burger King’s largest competitor is McDonald’s. Burger King is one of the premier fast-food restaurants in the world.

Burger King’s Customer Service Number is 1-866-394-2493. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Burger King Corporate Office


  • How do you expect to sell burgers when you keep closing down stores. Live in the heart of Orange County Ca. City Orange and have to drive 20 minutes to find the nearest location.

  • Posting on behalf of the customer who had the following experience. I hope someone in charge can DO something at this franchise!
    In some way or another, I deal with this every day. If you don't have any respect for people with disabilities, I just want you to know that our rights for accessible parking are a law for a reason. If you don't have a reason to use an accessible parking spot, then please don't use it. I don't care if the whole parking lot is empty, it's meant for people who need it.

    Store address
    400 Cooper Point Road Olympia Washington 98502

    I am a loyal Burger King customer that is extremely disappointed with the actions of a Burger King employee.

    When I arrived at the location on Cooper point, I noticed that one of the disabled parking spots was being used by someone without legal permission,. IE… They did not have a disabled placard or license plate.

    After ordering my double cheeseburger, I asked the employees if anyone knew who had parked in the disabled parking spot. The person that appeared to be the manager, aggressively responded to my question by saying that the property was "private property" and he did not have to abide by the laws for people with disabilities. His reasoning was that he refused to park anywhere outside of Burger King's surveillance camera due to the criminal activity of "downtown Olympia". He also refused to move his vehicle and asked me to leave the property as I was not welcome. At this point, I knew that arguing with this person was pointless because they did not value the priority of disabled parking for people with disabilities. I have a strong feeling that Burger King is not in line with this opinion. Not only did I feel threatened, but I also felt discriminated against.

    To make this right, I believe that your employee should be reprimanded, and Burger King should strongly enforce the right for customers to have access to handicap parking. There is no excuse for this type of behavior.

  • Does any thing ever happen to these comments….well here is mine…..I live in Portage Indiana and there is a location on the corner of Willowcreek and Central Ave……First time back in about a year the wife and I stop by on a Friday night at 8:30 and with the lights on and the drives thru full we hear they are closed…….We go again last night and wait for 45 minutes through the drive thru as there is no one in the lobby as my Wife asks why did it take so long. This guy was so RUDE to her say there is only me and the cook,,,,the way the drive through is shaped you cant pull out so your trapped…….this place is dirty-dark and when I asked how many people are working he said "Dude there is only 2 of us here now do you want your food or not" Will find another location and I have no problem with leaving my information if someone wants to contact me…..What is going on here…..If it this kind of service either get other people or close this location down

  • I would like to make a recommendation. How about serving breakfast all day like McDonald's does. At the very least extend breakfast hours on weekends. Who the hell is eating burgers at 10/10:30 am? On weekends it should at least be 11:30 am.

  • I went to your location at Centennial Blvd. in Chillicothe last night. I placed my order through your 'App'. Your App took my order, also took money from my Gift Card, but when I arrived to get my food, the drive-thru was lined up. I got in line . . . slowly moving up in the line . . . got to the speaker and told them I had a Mobile Order. NO RESPONSE! I continued to try and communicate with the personal, but NO ONE WAS HOME!
    At this point I had been there 45 minutes. I pulled around to the window to see a DARK Restaurant. You got my $30 but I got NOTHING in return.
    I called the restaurant today asking for a manager, who was suppose to call me back, but 'guess what', NO CALL BACK!!!
    I guess I am just OUT $30!!!!!!

  • A location in Cleveland, Ohio got8 – yes, 8 – delivery orders in a row wrong. The range of incompetence ranged from the ice cream ALWAYS missing to an entire order being 100% wrong. In order to finally get the ice cream, I had to order 7 of them and only got 4. Customer service was nice at first, and gave me partial or full refunds on the first 3. But then they emailed me and said they cannot issue any more refunds now or on the future. Had the orders been correct, there would have been no need to submit that items were missing! Total incompetence!

  • I had 2 whoppers at valpo calumet ave store . I might not go there ever again . Everything about my sandwiches was horrible in taste . I doubt they will be open much longer . All i got was 2 whoppers how can they not cook that right . I was the only person in the drive up window and nobody in the dinning room.

  • The San Angelo,TX.76904 3333 Knickerbocker Rd. Store #:2054 On Saturday APR 23,2022 at 12:12pm I witnessed a special needs lady and her mother come in to BK to dine and relax on a Saturday afternoon just to enjoy the weekend. BUT instead she accidentally spilled her drink because she was blind. So…Her mother called upon the staff to help with the mess. ONLY to be LAUGHED at by the staff of male teenage rejects. The only one kind and smart enough was the only female on site that day she took charge in cleaning up the mess and replacing the lady's drink.
    If action is not taken! You're company will regret not doing so. Nice people in TEXAS DON'T MESS around so I suggest YOU LISTEN AND DO WHAT I TOLD YOU!!! To take care of it. And I suggest you also visit each and every location to also correct any and ALL problems. Lets also see a national NEWS apology so that WE THE PEOPLE can once again believe in great customer service. Remember I'm calling you OUT! please DO the RIGHT thing. I will also leave a survey with the receipt I got. It will be a negative review which in turn will DRIVE the company stocks into the ground. Remember… To do the right thing.

  • WHY Is Burger King still in Russa after they attacked UKRAINE!!!!! Will not buy any of your food till your gone from Russa…..for good !!!!!!

  • To All American Citizens, joint me in boycotting Burger King inability and responsibility to pull away from Rusia. We cannot support an American company doing business with Russia killing machine of innocent children, women and men by a brutal regime! Boycott Burger King today!

  • I have decided that I will no longer purchase food from Burger King at 4502 Garth Rd, Baytown, TX 77521. For as long as I can remember, Burger King's slogan was "Have it your way". with that in mind, I am always very deliberate in ordering exactly what I want, in the correct order, right down to the condiments. I will say, at this point, my wife has a medical condition which makes her mouth exceptionally sensitive. Something as benign as tomato sauce can set her mouth on fire because it is too spicy.

    The first time it happened, I ordered a #2, all the way, with no cheese, add bacon. When I get home, she takes a bite, screams, and throws the burger down. We open it up to find a fistful of jalapenos on the burger. We ended up throwing the burger away and she ate cereal for dinner, but her mouth was on fire the rest of the night. I understand that mistakes can be made, so I just called the store and told them about it. Apparently, BK also sells a Texas Bacon something or other, but I emphasized that was not what I ordered.

    A few weeks later, I got the same #2 burger for her, and the same thing happened. This time I took it back to the store and had them remake the order. Before leaving the store, I pull over and check the burger. Well kiss my ass… there is a pile of jalapenos sitting in the middle of the remade burger. They finally got it right on the 3rd try. After I got home, I called the store and spoke to the person in charge to be sure that they were aware of the issue.

    So tonight, I go to Burger King and again, I order a #2, no cheese add bacon. When I get home, she takes a bite of the burger, and throws this one down. So guess what? … there’s a pile of jalapenos on this burger too. First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me. Third time’s a charm. No more BK for us. It’s safer to stay home and have a bologna sandwich.

    PS: Tonight, I ordered, for myself, a Big Fish and a Big King. I got home with 2 Big Kings. My daughter’s order, however, was correct.

  • I have a question, why is it that you waste money on those window timers?? the managers takes your money and makes you pull up and wait 10 minutes to get your order I ask why do I have to pull up no one is behind me they say we on a timer this really ticks me off and I was just wondering why you even bother with them on?? the store I use is on tyndall parkway panama city fl.

  • I enjoy many of your products. But until you suspend operations in Russia during their invasion and war with Ukraine, I will be suspending my visits to any of your restaurants. Instead, McDonalds will receive more of my business. They are doing the right thing – putting people before profit.

  • It is appalling that Burger King is still doing business in Russia. Your Russian profits are paid with the blood of Ukrainians. This is reminiscent of corporations that collaborated with enemy forces in World War II.

  • I can not give you a store number because when i asked for one they dont have a receipt machine. I know they dont give receipts because they would get complaints. 605 North Hwy 190 E, Covington, La 70433. This location should have been shut down a long time ago because it is so poorly ran by management. As a store manager for a nationwide company this would be unacceptable in our company. Is there no district manager or regional manager checking on your stores to make sure they are running properly. These employees have the worst attitudes when i go to this location that i have had to tell the person at the window that he was the most unfriendliest person working this window with customers. One time i ordered doordash and he called to tell me they were out of burgers did i want chicken. WHAT! if i wanted chicken i would have ordered popeyes I wanted a burger thats why i ordered buger king BURGER king home of the whopper not home of the CHICKEN. How does burger king run out of BURGERS. Not suprised this location has always been terribly ran by its management. I think a lot of your locations are not being taken care of by your district managers and they are not doing their jobs like they are suppose to be and its running your businesses down and sooner or later they will close because nobody wants to deal with the RUDE employees that are hired like they dont want to be there and the always not having something because management does not order enough food amd take care of your business the way you hired them to do. I believe that you have really good food and people love it but the people you hire that work in these locations are going to run your business in the ground due to the attitudes and the lack of food. We work hard for our money and if we choose your place of business to spend our hard earned working money we should not have to get attitude like we are bothering them attitudes when we go there to get a meal. When you go through to order they talk to you like what do you want instead of hi welcome to burger king can i take your order NO its like what you want. Fix this place or shut it down because us hardworking people should not be dealing with attitudes and always out of something because you chose these people to wait on us. DO BETTER FOR YOUR COMPANY OR ITS GOING TO BE RUN INTO THE GROUND BY YOUR NASTY MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES.

  • I ordered a big fish and onion rings. I received 6 onion rings and 5 were burnt, crispy, and uneatable. BK truly has the best onions out there, but this order broke my heart

  • Well, I've had it.
    I place an order and am told the ice cream machine is broken.
    I get home and stuff is missing.
    But I have stayed loyal in spite of screw-ups.

    Today is the day that broke the camel's back.
    I ordered food.
    I took advantage of the $1 fries that YOU ADVERTISED.
    It wasn't there when the invoice came up.
    Not a big problem.
    Your app is terrible, as has been attested to by so many of your managers that I have spoken to across the eastern United States.
    I bought my wife a soft serve vanilla ice cream. I asked for chocolate sauce on it as she likes a chocolate sundae. They said they can't even though they have been doing it for weeks and months. 10 cents of chocolate sauce is going to break the bank? I told them "FINE" in a very irritated voice. I got to the window and told them they have been doing it for a long time. It's for my wife, not for me. It's a thoughtful gesture that I like to surprise her with. But your franchise has to squeeze that dime profit, huh??! Well, they got their revenge. They tore the fries bag and the fries were all over the bottom of the bag. I am erasing the BK app and will log onto the McDonalds app. Customer service??? Negative. Bye-bye. I won't be back.

  • It is sad that the Burger Kings in Springfield Missouri USA have fallen below par. Stores understaffed, new hires getting written up for not being properly trained. In the store tonight I overheard an employee telling a manager that they could not do that job because they were not trained on that position. The employee was written up and told to do the job and learn it. At the same time that employee was expected to also work their own position. After trying for over a month to get a milk shake out of the Kearny Street store. I was told that GM did not want it fixed because she does not like making shakes. Considering I frequent this BK and see new faces I can only assume that turn over is high. Unfortunately it does not seem to be an employee issue, but that a management issue. The GM and the immediate managers above the GM are reported as being down right nasty to their employees. According to labor law and employee does not have to put up with said verbal abuse, not even from a manager. It is my professional opinion as a secret shopper, food service worker, and business owner that the Franchises Management in Springfield Missouri USA needs to be reviewed and replaced. On several occasions the immediate management has broken health code by allowing people not employed by Burger King to enter the kitchen area (children, husbands, and boyfriends). This is especially frowned upon during this time with a Pandemic going on. After personally hearing management arguing with the above mentioned employee. I will not be frequenting any Burger Kings or any other chain that Restaurant Brands International has anything to do with.

  • The Burger king at Smokey Point Washington is a disaster. They shut down randomly during the day. Put cones out. Don't process people's orders. One person posted, he had an online order and when received there was a bite out of his burger. DoorDasher can't even get their orders. This place is a disaster.

  • I stopped at Burger King in Kings Mtn. n.c. on Jan.24,2022 at 3:58 pm and there was no one in the parking lot or drive-thru, after I got home and open my sandwiches I found out why. My whoppers were awful!! There was one pickle on each whopper, 3 pieces of very small cut lettuce, very little to no ketchup or mayo. What has happen to this company? You had a GREAT sandwich better than anyone and now I would feed it to my cat or dog. I know things are hard and to get good people to work is a problem but the people that are there to work should take pride in their job
    or Burger King is going out of business fast. It's funny there is a Wendy's across the road from this burger king and they are always full in the drive-thru and parking lot.

  • The new Burger King in Grain Valley, MO has the absolute worst construction I've ever seen and the food is horrible! The flag pole is leaning to the left really bad, drive thru and parking lot has mud and construction debris everywhere. Does corporate not have any inspections once a restaurant is open?

  • I ordered two milk shakes, two frozen cola sodas , one whopper, and had it delivered by Grub hub mobile and only received two sodas, one whopper, no milk shakes. a driver named Ian claimed he attempted to call me, yet no record exist. The Burger King rep. claims no responsibility for the order. The Burger King store #2367. The address 330 Central Avenue , Jersey City, NJ 07307. The transaction ID : 76621-65001-10313-020743 with a total price 32.87. What kind of swindle is going on with your stores and the delivery service?

  • 11500 e 23 rd independence mo never go back wrong order and out of every thing tried to get what i orderd just left


  • I am a Burger King customer. I received an email from Burger King on Christmas that said something like: "Merry Christmas from the KING." Please know that I have rarely been so offended in my life. There is a King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is possible that the person who created this ad campaign will only bow to Him after his retirement from working in advertising and after his death. All of Burger King (internationally) is a dwarf compared to this King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The disrespect and true intellectual ignorance in this pun has diminished my interest in Burger King and my interest in spending money at Burger King. What conceit. Truly.

  • I went to the local Burger King in Albemarle NC to get the whopper for 37 cents as advertised on TV and on the radio only to be told I needed a coupon to get it.. I received a sheet of coupons earlier in the week, so when I got back home and found NO 37 cent coupon I was highly upset. This is no way to run a business. Neither the TV commercials nor the radio commercials said that you needed a special coupon…I will think a long time before I go back to Burger King…If this is the way you do Business..I will not longer do business with Burger King!

  • Eighteen minutes is the time I had to wait for two milkshakes and one Wopper sandwich with cheese together with what I believe is the worst ever over cooked fries I had from BK. This is supposed to be fast food, the body language of the staff does not display any sense of urgency in the way they prepare your order.

    I can go on and on, but I will give them some time as the Providence outlet is only a few weeks old.

    Come on Burger King, stay on top of your quality checks, this is not what I expect from you.

    Order#1107 placed 26/11/2021 @ 6:12 PM

  • Hello who in the world own # 5772 Burger King in Perry, FL 32347? Whos is the district manager? who is the managers? They need to come and get their store in order it is the worst BK, we just left from there and we was in line at the drive-thru for 20 min to even get to the speaker to place our order and then set another 15 min only for the lady to come on the mic and say our system is down so I can't take your order WOW! so I had to get out of my car and go to 5 cars behind me and let them know they had to back up because they can't take any orders because the system is down, to me that is crazy because 20 years ago when I worked at a Burger King and the system go down we manually took orders. And it's not just today this is an on going thing or they will say we don't have enough employees or we don't have any milkshake, we don't have any meat. The owner of this BK should be a shame of their self seem like to me they just want the money from the business. If you go inside it's the same way and look nasty inside, look like everything it almost broke they don't want to fix anything shame on the owner. Some body need to do something this is not right, the people in the town have to get out of the line and go to another restaurant, just like Thursday Nov 18, 2021 we was in line at the drive-thru and it took us 40 min to get our food and 8 cars pulled out of the line and went to McDonald this should not be. DO SOMETHING OWNER OF BK!!!

  • I'm an employeeAZ. Burger King in 16364 w Yuma rd, Goodyear az. This place is horrible. I hadn't been paid in three weeks and I'm being threatened with being fired just for no good reason. I wouldn't recommend anyone working here and the employers need to be fired for mistreating their employees.

  • I placed a mobile order today 10/24/ 2021 for Drive Thru pick-up from Burger King located at 2450 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow NY 11554. Tel. 516-731-2397. My Order number was: 80
    This order was a total disappointment. The order was a Mix n’ Match for $6.00.I ordered the Spicy chicken sandwich plus the Impossible Burger. One large French fry and 4 PC Ghost pepper Nuggets.
    Total $8.69
    When I picked up the order at the Drive Thru window the cashier handed me my order in a bag and
    when I was about to drive out, she mentioned that the chicken nuggets were regular because they ran out of ghost pepper nuggets. I was not please being informed that the nuggets I ordered were changed without asking. But there is much more disappointment when I got home with this order. Instead of a chicken sandwich and an impossible burger each, I got two cold impossible burgers, half box cold, burnt fries and chicken nuggets. I called this location number three times to complain, no one answers the phone.
    Headquarters need to look into this franchise and the attention the employees there are a providing when filling orders, especially on a Sunday. Food quality and portions are never consistent here.
    This particular order from Burger King was a waste of my time and lost money for awful food that I threw out. Management needs to make changes and provide proper training and supervision at this Burger King location.
    B N Deonarain

  • Just to let your company know, 2 fast food business closed last week in our neighborhood. If Burger King dosent start opening the dining rooms you will probably be next. People dont always want to eat in their cars. This is the Jackson,Tn. Area south Jackson 38301..

  • hello im in need of finding out who the owner is of Bugger king in morganton Nc . store Burger King 1573. 736South Sterling St Morganton NC 28655

  • Burger King Vidor Texas stop by around 340pm they said we have no bacon and we have to have the correct change.You can x this place out always terrible service

  • After getting weary of McDonalds, I drove an extra 2 miles to store #11244 in Cary, NC and bought a croissant with bacon, ham and sausage. I love ham and I like my food on the salty side. After 2 bites, I removed the ham and threw it away because it was more salty than anchovies. I took one more small bite and threw the croissant away. This sandwich was inedible. Your fries are delicious but this sandwich was horrible. Next time I will just go across the street to Biscuitville and get a ham biscuit there. Maybe McDonalds. Their service is erratic and their food is mediocre. Their coffee is great. I am striking BK off my list.

  • I have been a customer of Burger King for years and prefer Burger King over all of its competitors.

    Yesterday, July 4th, I placed an order by using the phone app. I gave them plenty of time to prepare the order before going to pick it up (order #36 – hamburger, fries & a fish sandwich). When I went to the drive up window, there was an older woman who was suppose to be working there but instead, she was busy having an extended conversation with the woman in the car in front of me. Once your worker (?) glanced over at me but then continued her conversation. After 4 1/2 minutes, the conversation finally ended and I pulled up to the service window. The woman then asked me what my order was (I had already given my order # at the outside order station). I repeated "order 36." The order was not ready and in fact, it took an additional 7 minutes to get it. I could hear the workers inside just chatting on and on. If I hadn't already paid for the order on the phone app, I would have driven away without the food. AWFUL service!!!
    Thank you.
    Karen Sugden

  • We waited 15-20 minutes in line at the Burger King on S. Park Street in Madison, WI. Worker at window replied they were low on staff causing the wait. There was no place for vehicles to go once they paid to wait for the food. Not open inside to dine. We won't go there again.

  • Why are you False Advertising!?!! I've been seeing your ads for the 'CH King' and get a free Whopper. I decided I would try it. When I asked if I ordered a CH King Delux would I get a free Whopper, they said 'No'. And I saw a sign for their Frozen Drinks and ordered a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. They said they only had Frozen Coke. I declined. I used to frequent this Burger King on a regular basis. Maybe not anymore.

  • For the 3rd time in about 4 weeks, the local BK in Albemarle NC just can't get their s#1t together and make a sandwich to order. What is so difficult about a Whopper with cheese and ONLY mustard and ketchup?? The first time, I got home and just threw the food away. I'm allergic to raw tomatoes. The second time just about 2 weeks ago, I got the BOGO, with fries, and the Whoppers had everything but the kitchen sink on them. Again…in the trash, but a call with the manager, at least offered me a free meal or two for the mistake. I thought.."problem solved". Sunday I went again with a coupon for a free Whopper, and the girl at the window was absolutely clueless and had me drive to the window. She was even trying to charge me for TWO Whoppers! At anyrate, the manager was at the window by that time and straightend out THAT mess, but when I got home….another Whopper with everything on it. I was PISSED! I called and drove 6 miles to get my food the way I wanted it and paid for it to be. The manager threw in a "free" order of fries for my trouble, but fries don't cover my gas, my time, my aggravation, my milkshake that was like milk when I got home. I don't know which is worse, the workers or the managers. I've worked in the restaurant business for years, and this is ridiculous beyond words. McDonalds sucks, but BK is running a really close second right now. From now on I'll just go to Wendy's. It's closer anyway. BK USED to be THE place for a good burger or a Yumbo, but not anymore, and if you own stock with them, sell it before you lose your a$$. Just sayin'

  • Your Dunkirk, MD location needs to be trained in customer service. What's worse than that is the way the manager, Jeremy, runs things. No one EVER answers the phone and when they do they act as if you are bothering them. Oh and if they don't mail a W2 for taxes, well good luck getting one. At this point since nobody has helped my son get his, we are contacting a lawyer. This is RIDICULOUS that we have been asking for tax forms since February 1st and still haven't gotten the correct instruction to get them.

  • Went to Burger King in Indianapolis waited 10 mins to order waited another 19 mins at window for food, My order was 2 douuble cheese burgers and a large unsweet ice tea. live about a mile from there went straight home burgersd were colds and ice tea was sweet. Would have wdent back with order but I didn't have 20 mins to sit in line and return order. good news my dog loved the food

  • Burger King CEO and administration you should really check on the bottom of the rung of service. Looking at the complaints, someone should be looking at the staff that is running the restaurants. My husband and I are on a fixed income so we go to Burger King and use the coupons to get our food. We generally go to Burger King store #25462 in Sebastian, FL. Almost every time we order our food at the drive thru, there is a mess up with the order. Wrong drinks, no sauces, incomplete order, no french fries and other problems. It is all I can do to convince my husband to continue to go to Burger King. If this is the best service Burger King can supply, Something should be done to correct it…..and it is NOT to raise wages to $15/hour!
    We love that Burger King offers Pepsi products but really should have checks and balances on employees that can't even fill simple orders.

  • Elk River Minnesota location should basically be bulldozed and put up a building with Chick-fil-A in it. The building is terrible and Messy! They're not even open when they say they're going to be open. The food quality is by far the worst it is ever been. It's gotten so bad Google can't even find a good review. I used to work at Burger King years ago and we were the best around now you look at the Quality and the people working it's shameful. Why not just close down Burger King and quit disappointing people.

  • My latest experience at my local Burger King was appalling to say the least. The food was good as it usually is however the window attendant was not only rude but certainly was not dressed apropriately for working in the food industry. I witnessed his waistband fall completely below his buttocks several times while I waited for my order to be filled. he was continously pulling up his pants then right back to handling food. Needless to say it was impossible for me to enjoy my meal. I find it hard to believe that there is no dress code that must be followed on a company level.

  • Burger King used to have the advertising slogan: "Have it your way; special orders don't upset us." However, restaurants in the Burger King chain are the only fast-food outlets where I consistently encounter problems getting what I order. I encountered this problem from my former residence in Maryland to South Carolina where I currently reside. Why is it so difficult to get a PLAIN burger? Once, in MD, I asked for a plain CHEESEBURGER and I was asked if I wanted cheese with it. Really? Burger King is the only fast-food chain where I MUST check my order before I leave if I have any chance of getting it "my way".

  • My family do not eat pork or beef, why can't BK service turkey sausages and turkey bacon. Why can't we have that choice. We like BK, but just once we would like to order a sandwich with turkey. And if you chose to do this please don't cook it with the bacon. Thank you very much.

  • yesi have a big complant about the Burger King on hwy 77 South side Al it is nasty food on the floor paper on the floor grill is beyond nasty an they have about 4 people in mangagement an they have a 16 year old thats a manger an she has a real smart mouth it takes aleast 45 min to hour sometimes to get a order everyone that work there is teen age high school kids that dont care u cant run a business with ten aged kids that shouldnot be working there so just wanted to let someone know where something can be done im asking this tobe invesgated if not ill go futher i dont want to but i will P.S i forgot to mention the food its not done all the way an they put to much mayo kect ect when u pick it up it all slides out of the bunn

  • I am very disappointed that when you send out coupons there are 6 WHOPPER related coups but not ONE for the IMPOSSIBLE burger. Why was it created if you are not going to value it and promote it ? Also, the BK app needs to have more options for the IMPOSSIBLE burger as well….I hear McDonalds is working on a Plant Based Burger, get with it Burger King. There are a lot of us that refuse to eat NASTY MEAT !!!

    Thank you,

  • The girl who took my order was rude very unpolite. I was the one saying thank you she didn't even acknowledge or say anything back to me. I was charged close to $13.00 for a combo at burger king. Okay no problem I will spend $13 plus if I have to, but be prepared to give me my money's worth. If you want to charge me more than a combo from in & out or the habit burger make sure your food is on par and freshly made to theirs. The sourdough was not toasted at all,the burger patties where not flame broil that is a lie. You can tell these were microwaved patties. The fries were not cooked. they were a white color and soggy. Disgusting food really. I have never paid this much money and been this dissatisfied I work hard for my hard earned money. And have many choices to decide where to spend it. This will definitely not be one of the places in the future. Wendy's food is 100 times better and their prices are about 1 dollar less. I made a huge mistake giving burger king a try and paying so much for my meal. if this was a $5 meal I wouldn't bother reviewing since you get what you paid for. In this case I paid 3 times for than I should have, given what was given to me. Never again.

  • Re: Your location #2916, East Orange, NJ 2/17/2021
    Hi, My name is Fred. I ordered take out this afternoon. My order was taken and very quickly filled. I moved down the line because I didn't want to be in the next customer's way. I got my order and left. A couple of hours later, a young man came to my home with my wallet which I had left on the counter while inserting the straw into my drink. I MUST THANK THE YOUNG MAN, THE RESTAURANT MANAGER, AND YOU, BURGER KING for caring to personally care for me, the customer. CONGRATULATIONS NOT JUST FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, BUT FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TO A GRATEFUL CUSTOMER

  • Campbell Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24501 is an absolute DUMP! The food is CRAP and the whole evening shift is a bunch of neighborhood dudes that have no business being on shift together… God forbid they have to drop a fresh deep fry product, such an inconvenience! Just because you can't eat inside doesn't mean it doesn't have to be clean…geez!!! Be a great place for a fast food restaurant?!?

  • Was at Burger King in labelle Florida this morning around 10:15 order breakfast and was told no cokes machine is broken, while I was there people from drive thru kept coming in with their orders wrong and they seems to keep filling orders that were all ready gone, duplicates, I went to sit and had to clean my table while 4 of the employees stood at counter talking about their social lives, there is no reason why one person can not walk the dining room and clean tables. Ok regardless of all this after I said something on social media I was told by other people that the soda machine has be down for weeks and no one seems to know when it will be repaired. This Burger King lost its manager a few weeks back to a promotion and has not been the same since, poor service, unclean and poor attitudes by the employees, Corp really needs to send someone in to observe them secretly and file a report.

  • Went to Burger King in Grandview Mo. At the order speaker there was a sign taped to it that said " Must have exact change as we have no coins and cannot make change. There are 2 banks (one next door and other across the street).Got a Whopper Jr. burger with large onion rings.
    They put 1 onion ring sauce in the bag for a LARGE order. I asked for a couple of more and was told that costs extra .27 for each. REDICULOUS! But I gave them .55 and got 2 more. They didn't offer me my penny overage and I had just given them 4 with my order, but I won't quibble about it.
    I left, and was eating. My burger was cold as were the onions rings that were also stale like they had been sitting in the warmer for quite a while. I ended up feeding them to the dog. And not one napkin in the bag. Guess they charge extra for those as well.
    I haven't been to this Burger King in quite a while and now I remember why!
    I won't be back EVER!!! I will give my business to Dairy Queen across the road every time! May cost a bit more, but my food is ALWAYS fresh and hot! And when I ask for extra condiments, I get all I need at no extra charge.
    Bye bye forever BK!