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Ker’s Winghouse Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Carly my server in training at stadium WingHouse must have been under the influence. She could barely keep her eyes open for god sakes. If she were to drop anything hot or heavy on my kids I would definitely be filing against the company.

  2. Wednesday evening, I went up to wing house in Brandon, fl on hwy 60, where i go often.My friends and I sat out side on the patio where Sydney was bartending. I guess she was also serving patio but never greeted our table, from the moment i sat down i was recieving very dirty looks and a nasty atitude from her. As i ordered my drink from the bar i sat down at the table with my friend,who didn't order anything yet. Then sydney went to the front bar were I believe scarlett was working she began to tell her something and pointed at our table, witch i believe is very disrespectful and insulting. I don't believe anyone should be pointing at there own customers while they are working no matter what you have going on out of work, Scarlett came to our table and approached her in a very rude manor, then lied about what she said. Scarlett said "my manager said she saw you drinking and i know you’re not old enough to drink, so you need to leave”then walked away before we could ay anything. At this point she was to embarrassed to even be at wing house . She never once touched a drink and if she felt like she was drinking she should of handled it in a professional way and asked for her id. Instead, she lied about something she quoted a manager said,that was never said by a manager. I DO NOT appreciate this at all.I will be contacting corporate. I deffinitely will let them know what an embarrassment it was to go wing house on why 60. .

  3. I visited your Fairgrounds/301 location today to pickup an online order, which was noted to be ready at 7:06. I actually got there around 7:15 to make sure order was ready. I approached the window, gave my name and she told me the amount, then I paid. I waited outside (chilly weather) as she went retrieve my order from the kitchen. I noticed she didn't return after 5, 10, or 15 minutes, so I went inside to inquire about my order. Another waitres took my receipt to check on it, then came back to say it wasn't ready yet, however it was now 7:30. I went back outside to the pickup window to continue waiting, then about 5 minutes later my order was ready. I nearly waited 30 minutes over the stated time to get my order. Not to mention once I got home, I realized that they forgot to include an item I ordered!! I called back up there to inform them, and as soon as I mentioned my order was not correct, she knew exactly what I was talking about. I asked would I be compensated or get a credit for that item and she said yes! However, I don't think I'll be returning due to the fact that my order was not correct, I had to wait almost 30 mins extra for an online order, and not once did anyone come to give me an update when I was waiting or did she apologize for all the issues!!

  4. I was at your Bradenton Wing House and was APPALLED the way a black gentle man sits at the front table with a back pack. He also flirts with the girls where the food comes out of the kitchen, that's not very sanitary. he also gets his own drinks. I NEVER SEE HIM BUY ANYTHING AT ALL . WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO GO ON. I live in Whitfield and think ill go else where if this continues. he must be there 7 days a week. he is always there when i go.

  5. Was at your Altamonte location and was Absolutely APPALLED by the way your managers conducted themselves (Juan) (Chuck). First of all Juan was groping one of the bartenders as she tried to clean the bar and It was just disgusting. I've been to plenty of wing houses before and never have I ever seen such weird behavior. They have all conducted themselves in a mature professional manner. The next time I went in I had a problem with my bill,and one of your bartenders told me they would get the manager. This was at 10 pm on a Friday night and the she waited almost 15 minutes for him to get out of his office and he followed by yelling at this girl. When he finally approached me he was so distasteful and unprofessional that I couldn't stand him being in my line of site anymore that I just paid my bill and left. Something needs to change in that location or I will never step foot in that store AGAIN.

  6. Was in you st pete store , NEVER AGAIN , Your manger Steve is a pig , We set there and whatch and listened to the way he treats girls SHAM ON YOU FOR HAVING A PIG LIKE THAT treating these young girls with such disrespect, he makes it a game to make them cry and how fast he can make them quite
    Comments about there privet parts making them wear shorts a size to small, complain and he cuts ur shift ,He bragged about this. I bet u have high turn over in girls.
    To all stay away from a company that lets a man like this work for them , sham on u

    Would love to see someone treat his daughter like this if he has one, Also place is dirty roach ran across table waitress call him Steve

  7. Visited a Wing House (US 192-Kissimmee) on the same night that the NBA finals and the USMNT game against Ecuador were on. I was impressed at the number of televisions in the establishment. I thought 'WOW it wont be a problem catching the game here". To my surprise I was TOTALLY wrong. When the server was asked to put a TV on the soccer game her replied was… we are watching basketball, I have to ask a manager to see if we can change it. When the manager was asked, his replied was 'everyone is watching basketball I do not have a TV available for soccer. When the manager finished, my jaw dropped. YOU have to be kidding me!!! Here is a business with at least 2-dozen TV's and no one in the restaurant wanted to put the soccer game on. We'll I can assure you that I will let everyone of my friends, family and total strangers know to avoid your restaurant. Way to go wing house, keep your local sport while the rest of us enjoy a truly global game in a business that caters to all sports fan, not just the NBA.

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