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  • Cumberland Farms Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cumberland Farms Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam:
    I live in Milton NH, 03851. I am a year-long resident. Although we are only 4000 year round, we have tourists running through here all summer. But don't forget the locals who buy your gas and keep your store running all year. We support your store. Why did you stop carrying Chocolate Acai berrys in this store when the manager keeps saying they are in the "warehouse" and every other Cumby's has them even RI? Is it because you don't want drivers to come this far? But we can support your gas station all year round? We are used to hour runs for things. Please don't stop the popular snack. And the manager there is making many people angry. Please get rid of him and listen to the locals and carry what they want. Isn't that what business is about?

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