Eat’n Park Corporate Office Headquarters

Eat’n Park Corporate Office Headquarters
Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Inc.
285 East Waterfront Drive
Homestead, PA 15120 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-461-2000
Fax Number: 1-412-461-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-412-461-2000

  • I am waiting for answer to my question. I am thinking about getting a lawyer because no said that I need State id to start with

  • I do not understand why I can not use my old State Id until my new one comes in. It is going to be the same address as the old one. I do not understand this at all. The manager where I am at said that I could use the old one and work until my new one comes in.

  • As an employee of Eat N Park I recently had a situation that I needed help from a female manager. Stephanie Blakely; a manager; of the Wexford Eat N Park restaurant was more than wonderful. She was nurturing and caring even after her hours. She kept reassuring me that I would be okay and that she was there for me. She never left my side. I cant thank her enough for being so kind and understanding. She let me know that she was available for me when she was off the clock and she kept her promise. If it wasn't for her I feel that I wouldn't have had the confidence to do what I felt I had to do. She deserves a big recognition and a thank you!

  • Do you really know what the manager at westmont is like? He is very nasty to the employees he gets pleasure picking on them,making fun of them and generally putting them down even in front of customers. He gets a kick making employees feel inadequate. I wish you could do something about this. Yes your probably going to find his a few of his favorites have no problems with him,there might be a few who knows, but in general I think most are happier when he is not there. What a way to have to work being belittled or yelled at or ignored by someone who is suppose to be a leader not a jerk.

  • Way to go Eat n park. What kind of message do you send to your employees? I understand that you are picking a single server from each restaurant and putting them on a pedestal saying that they are better than all the other servers. How do you think that makes the rest of them feel? Oh you don't really care if your other servers feel discarded its more important for you to feel good about yourselves by singling out someone than letting everyone know they are doing a good job. The funny thing is you only have the word of the gm to how good this person is when the coworkers really know what goes on that the gm either doesn't knows about or maybe just doesn't care cause they just like them more anyway. What a laugh .You have employees working hard everyday that will never see any recognition or thanks. What a shame and shame on you for applauding, actually creating this. You should not make employees feel inferior ever, they are all working hard. Well most off them but definitely not just 1.Remember there is no I in team.

  • I want to know why Eat n Park, Edgeworth/Sewickley makes salary employees work over 50 hours a week without over time pay?

  • I recently worked at Park Hurst First Side and our new GM Justin has no personal skills other then talking about women or drinking. Since he has got here he has changed the atmosphere of this once fun place to work. We have went from a democracy to a dictation and he is the reason why. He verbiage is nothing more a a dictator and uses his position or leverage to make others feel threaten about their job. I have been employed here for almost 3 year, never got a write or reprimanded, I told as I am told, but he has taken his position to another level. No one needs to be treated like this.

  • So my family and i were at eat n park tonight. We got there at about 6:15 we ordered and were wired on right away. We ordered 3 sandwiches. It took over an hour for us to get our food. We talked to the manager who then proceeded to tell us that the restaurant and the staff were busy. Yet, the restaurant was not busy at all. While we waited two couples who ordered about 40 minutes after us got their food within 10 minutes of ordering. This is completely unacceptable for 3 sandwiches.

  • Hello – I want to share of a new food group in pgh – called 412 food rescue and Andrew McC,. of pirates donated a refrigerator truck to help with stores/rests. who have cooked food to transport it – anyway it is a good, new food cause – you can search their website – there are lots of Eat N Parks and the daily soup I guess could not be saved – here is a way. – Please consider. I heard of it on KDKA radion – 1020am dial today. A worthwhile group and I wanted to share with you. Cordially – Janet J/Ross Twp

  • Mary Moore
    08/02/2016 at 8:00 p.m.
    I went to the McKees rocks eat"n' park and had a wonderful liver and onions dinner with french fries and a side salad. It was DELICIOUS. Then I had a chocolate sundae. Mmmmm good! My waiter was excellent. I WILL return.

  • What's going on at Westmont location ? I frequently go for breakfast early in the morning and lately the place is a mess,dirty tables and floors! I had to ask the server if she could clean up before my friends got there.

  • McKnight Road Eat n Park is Disgusting !!!!!!

    Went to eat with my husband….he went to restroom, I sat down…waitress came…talked nice to me….soon as my husband came to table, everything changed….no service for him at all….brought me silverware, but eventually I had to go find some for my husband…she would not bring it….said we could't have the special because it was now after 4:00….but the table across from us, she went in the back and made special arrangements for them to get the 4:00 special, even though it was after 4….never came to check on us…..had to ask the cashier for napkins…..the waitress would only come and speak to me only, never acknowleding my husband at all…you see, although I am white, my husband is black….it was digusting how we were treated…..when I FINALLY got her to the table to get my bill, she could tell I was upset, and tried to ask me if I wanted a tea to go….just looking at me….although it was my husband drinking tea, not me….asked for the manager….took forever to come, because I was told he was handling an inccident in the back…..I had also seen him handling an unsatisfied customer while I was eating……he finally came out….younger that my grandkids…..didn't know how to handle the situation at all, except to repeat the same thing he had been telling the other disgrunted customer….like a robot, that 'this isn't Eat n Parks' policy, not their standards….blah, blah, blah,,,,never apologized,,,,just repeated his "policy memorized reguations"…..we even had to pay for our food !!!! then after we paid, he said "do you want to sit and have free dessert? then, all the other waitresses happened to tell us the server we had was fired, and they had just brought her back…..she needs to go again…..then…..she came running from the back kitchen area when she saw us speaking to the manger, and got right up in my face!!!!! She would not shut up, and the manager finally did get her away from me….I was startled and frightened…..then, and we are all standing at the door, she pushes through all 3 of us with her care keys…I thought perhaps she was leaving….well..was I wrong!! I went out to the parking lot to wait for my husband, who was still talking to the manager…..the CRAZY waitress came flying up to me in the middle of the parking lot with a LARGE BLACK baby doll all wrapped in blankets, screaming…" look,, hey, look, I am NOT prejudice!!!! Look, I have a black baby doll!!! What the heck is she doing this for???? Now I was really scared !!!! What next, and knife gonna be pulled on me, or what ???? I ran to my vehicle, and hid on the other side…..scared to death!!! What a NUT…..LOONATIC……CRAZY DISTURBED PERSON IS THIS ?????? If you go to McKnight Road Eat n Park, DO NOT LET A WOMAN NAMED DONNA WAIT ON YOU!!! SHE IS TOTALLY CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Won't b back @your three springs Dr restraunt. What the heck is going on do you have the knowledge to retain a good employee you left on of your best servers go weeks ago. You restraint needs help hire that server back. About 80% of her reg customers now go to Bob Evans down the road. My family included and we're a bit family.

    • Are all your managers as unprofessional as theyseem to be steub oh managers seem to be going then you cross bridge to WV and your weirton store has went down hill . At least your listened to someone and removed the last manager Linda But that store has some issues

  • Went to Easter brunch at your weirton restraunt asked for our favorite server we were told she was fired.First that info shouldn't be told to public from your employees 2nd won't be back that server had years invested in your comp and was let go for a stupid mistake .As I am disappointed how your store is being run I and my family WILL NOT BE BACK Mrs johntson

  • I also won't be a customer @ you restraunt(weirton). Your company doesn't know a good employee if it hit you in the face.

    • I also won't be a customer at that restraunt .Management team needs looked into for letting GA good server go for a stupid forgetful mistake .One manager always has a wrinkled shirt looks like he always has a hangover one a know it all and the GM has an attitude .

  • So t be going back to your weirton restraunt Your so called management team fired one of the best severs there went in today for lunch and left went to Bob Evans and ran into her other reg customers. And they gave me website so expressing my option you don't know a good thing till you lose it and you lost a hell of a waitress for a stupid mistake and my family are no longer customer Me + Mrs Gills

  • Omg what is going on in that store? Just left there heard news about all this I'm with all of these comments my husband and I no longer will eat at this establishment. Who is the highest ranked person ? I hope it not that dark haired guy that I see every now and then sitting in the back like he's superior . I would like the pres of company get busy hunt that girl down put her back as your sever don't be a fool Mrs Mannual

  • I just heard our fav waitress got fired at you weirton store I'm sorry but I think your CEO needs to go to this store see what is going on there . the waitress was employees tger for years and from what I was told by other employee it was just a stupid mistake on her part. Needless to say my family and friends will no longer eat at your establishment. If I was in charge you need to contact this waitress and beg her to come back.your fools if you don't . You will loose a lot of business And believe me to town of weirton will back me on this my friends and family will make a huge buzz of this at are churches thank you Marryann and Thomas. Be prepared to get more of these comments I'm giving email out to all her regulars. And she had a. A lot between eat n park and elbys she has quite a group of regulars

    • I have to agree with this . Your company is a fool as for others my family and friends will no longer dine at your weirton store. The server always went above the call of her duties. Your fools just down and out fools. Call her txt her send her a letter hell skywrite it but your a fool if you don't get her back thanks Jon and jean

    • I have to agree with this . Your company is a fool as for others my family and friends will no longer dine at your weirton store. The server always went above the call of her duties. Your fools just down and out fools. Call her txt her send her a letter hell skywrite it but your a fool if you don't get her back thanks Jon and jean

  • I'm very disappointed in your weirton store you had a hard working server with years of experience and she made a mistake. Not intinualy. It was just a mistake. On behalf of all her LOYAL CUSTOMERS and we stand behind her This company is a fool if you do not hunt her down and ask her back My family and I will not return to you weirton name is Mrs Jones my phone #304-748-3399 I'm SR
    Spreading the word about you stor in my church, my clubs and anywhere else.Shemhad 16. Years in your company I hope the weirton area community boycots your store .I know my friends and family will. I'm 60 years old lady and everyone gets a second chance have any of you ever made a stupid mistake

  • I don't know what going on at your weirton eat n park but there is some serious issues there food taking long time breakfast buffet looks like crap and your servers seem to be worn-out The new management team you have need to be retrained.My group no longer go to thisstore and alot of your reg customers I see in another restraint seem to say what I have said thank you!

  • I don't know what going on at your weirton eat n park but there is some serious issues there food taking long time breakfast buffet looks like crap and your servers seem to be worn-out The new management team you have need to be retrained.My group no longer go to thisstore and alot of your reg customers I see in another restraint seem to say what I have said thank you!

  • I go to the Washington Eat n Park. I order my favorite, shredded pot roast with mashed potatoes. Last weekend my meal was half the size that it normally is…the price is the same..the other 2 ppl in my party got super burgers and fries..the buns we're cold which made the Burger cold and cheese wouldn't even melt. The Burger was served with 15 fries…yes I counted them…why are these meals half the size? And when we asked the waitress to send back the cold burgers, she said the cook was new and was thrown off bc one Burger was ordered with a seedless bun…a cook or chef is confused over a seedless bun?

  • your restaurant in Willoughby is absolutely vile! we went for supper, floors dirty ,service appalling! Waitress brought our food , except one sort, which we had to wait another fifteen minutes for to come to our table. We never even got our appetizers, till after our breakfast ,which my eight year old twins were waiting for. I have been to this restaurant several times, but will not be back. We asked for the manager, she said Chris would be right with us,. never saw her.

  • A couple of Sunday's ago our family gathered at Eat and Park in Willoughby Hills on Som Center Rd, after church. Our food took over twenty five minutes to come to our table, food was cold, pancakes were hard. The waitress was extremely pushing the buffet, which most of the food was also cold, and she seemed annoyed that most of our family ordered off the menu. While my brother stood in line for the buffet , he witnessed the waitresses playing with their phones by the pop machines and laughing. As he watched through the kitchen door he saw two waitresses take French fries and cheese fries off a customers plate and eat them, put the plates on a tray and bring them to a table near us. We asked to see the manager because of the dissatisfaction of our food, and not getting any refills of coffee or water, he never came to our table, but we did observe the waitresses playing with his tie and all of them laughing, as we left we noticed his name tag said Chris. Your restaurant is a disgrace and we will inform others and will never be back!!!

  • On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 I attended a birthday gathering for my father at Eat' n Park in Edgewood . We had a party of 15 people, who order food. Upon receiving the food it was discovered that there was hair in one of the adult meals and one the children's meals; The waitress was notified and she brought manager to the table. He listened to our complaint and told us that it would be taken care of when we checked out. During the remainder of the meal hair was discovered in at least two other meals. Again we asked to speak to the manager and he came to the table. Upon sharing additional information with him.He stated " what do you expect me to do about it." He had given the waitress instructions to take 20 percent off the total bill after his first trip to the table, but we had ordered with individual bills and the compensation that he was offering along with the lack of class he displayed for belonging to a well known and respect company such as Eat' n Park was shocking and disappointing. We have been residents and professionals in this area for many years and come in contact with many people on a daily basis. I will be sure to share the details of my family's latest experience at Eat ' n Park while trying to celebrate the birthday of the patriarch of our family. We sang happy birthday for him in the parking lot because what had happened in the restaurant.

  • I have never experienced a worse assistant manager than Chris Moore at Westmonts restaurant He is very arrogant and lazy .His favoritism is discriminatory.If this is our up and coming generation of management you should just close the doors now

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