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Eat’n Park Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I do not understand why I can not use my old State Id until my new one comes in. It is going to be the same address as the old one. I do not understand this at all. The manager where I am at said that I could use the old one and work until my new one comes in.

  2. As an employee of Eat N Park I recently had a situation that I needed help from a female manager. Stephanie Blakely; a manager; of the Wexford Eat N Park restaurant was more than wonderful. She was nurturing and caring even after her hours. She kept reassuring me that I would be okay and that she was there for me. She never left my side. I cant thank her enough for being so kind and understanding. She let me know that she was available for me when she was off the clock and she kept her promise. If it wasn't for her I feel that I wouldn't have had the confidence to do what I felt I had to do. She deserves a big recognition and a thank you!

  3. Do you really know what the manager at westmont is like? He is very nasty to the employees he gets pleasure picking on them,making fun of them and generally putting them down even in front of customers. He gets a kick making employees feel inadequate. I wish you could do something about this. Yes your probably going to find his a few of his favorites have no problems with him,there might be a few who knows, but in general I think most are happier when he is not there. What a way to have to work being belittled or yelled at or ignored by someone who is suppose to be a leader not a jerk.

  4. Way to go Eat n park. What kind of message do you send to your employees? I understand that you are picking a single server from each restaurant and putting them on a pedestal saying that they are better than all the other servers. How do you think that makes the rest of them feel? Oh you don't really care if your other servers feel discarded its more important for you to feel good about yourselves by singling out someone than letting everyone know they are doing a good job. The funny thing is you only have the word of the gm to how good this person is when the coworkers really know what goes on that the gm either doesn't knows about or maybe just doesn't care cause they just like them more anyway. What a laugh .You have employees working hard everyday that will never see any recognition or thanks. What a shame and shame on you for applauding, actually creating this. You should not make employees feel inferior ever, they are all working hard. Well most off them but definitely not just 1.Remember there is no I in team.

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