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Fazoli’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fazoli’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 2470 Palumbo Dr.
Lexington, KY 40509
Website: Fazoli’s Restaurant
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-859-268-1668
Fax Number: 1-859-268-2263
Customer Service Number: 1-859-268-1668

  • When you order and they take your money and then park you for over 35 minutes. This is a great way to go out of business You store at Washington and lynhurst on Indianapolis is one of the worst won't be coming back to your business ever

  • try to get a hold of customer service what a joke they dont even answer!!!!!!!!!!!good way to take care of problems christy

  • Dec. 3, 2017 west wichita, ks. Having eaten several years at this location of Fazoli's it has become very apparent that the corporate officers and managers are more involved in profits than customer satisfaction or meals served. How much does it cost to make two portions of spagethii with meat sauce and 10 bread sticks? Does it justify $17.00 plus as a charge in which the portions ended up not even coming close to the top of one bowl?? The manager I talked with one time I brought the meals back, advised me that they were told to only serve 8 oz. of pasta per serving. I guess that includes water also for a weight factor. so does a business really scam the public as this company does??? It has happened before to our family a few times, with going to other places for food now a result. I guess I am going to have to call the Better Business Bureau of Wichita and the Chamber of commerce to make somebody aware of their scam business practice.

  • Clearly made my order in the drive-thru for pizza baked spaghetti, kids Alfredo meal, a dozen extra breadsticks and a baked parmesan. Order was repeated correctly. When I pulled up I paid and was given order. Due to having previous issues with things being left out I checked my bag and receipt. Baked pizza spaghetti was missing from order and receipt. Returned to drive though and kindly replied to crew member that "the pizza baked spaghetti was not INCLUDED in this order." Nowhere did I say Fazolis forgot it or did not give to me. Pulled up to window as instructed and crew member, Kristin J, was already exhibiting attitude/ annoyance and demnanding my receipt. She then said it probably wasn't rung up to which I responded "nope, it sure wasn't". Although it was repeated back to me. Then Kristen J rudely responded "well I'm busy!" In a less than savory tone. So yes at that point I did dish the attitude right back at her and say "well it is your f***ing job and YOU made the decision to work here. It's part of the job!". Kristen then slammed the drive thru window shut and I could visually see her carting on with guestures and facial expressions. Order was up and yes I did snatch it from her and drive off due to the extreme dissatisfaction in service received from store #5242. The food was very dry and lacking in flavor and appeared sloppily rushed. This is not by far the first incident of your employees exhibiting bad attitudes and making mistakes in orders then being rude instead of appologizing for their error. I myself worked at this fazolis when it first opened in when I was in high school and am appolled at how sorry the service and food has gotten. Will not be returning or reccommending to anyone else. I don't mind spending more money for better service and food at olive garden.

  • Location: Columbia, Missouri

    Tasks list are not assigned properly per shift. Tasks list are not dispursed equally to employee. Employee are being treated unequally. Favoritism by management. Management is not around to help out during closing time – when staffing is very short. Leaving variety of tasks to be completed by employee. Management leave early during the week and weekend does not help closed when staffing is very short. Management do not represented as a teamplayer. In order to be a manger – manager needs to lead by examples. Less talks and more actions. Be professional and deliver. Employee morales is low due to poor management in this location. Corporate need to clean house (managment) in this location in order to have high employee retention rate. Turnover rate is high due to these particular reasons. Employee satisfactions is very low due to poor management. This location need expertise advises from corporate in order to have a high employee retention rate and make this location a safe, fair, and respectable place to work.

    In advance, thank you for your time and considerations in regarding to this matter.

  • Mold was discovered in almost every container of Parmesan cheese. The containers are left out every night. This occurred at the Montgomery,Al location.

  • Do NOT frequent the Fazoli's in Mansfield OH–the staff here is totally incompetent. I ordered meals for a Christmas luncheon for my staff and asked they be ready at noon–I arrived shortly before noon and waited 30 minutes for my order to be ready! (My staff only has from 12:15 to 12:45 for lunch so it defeated the whole purpose). The manager, Austin, ensured me he had verified all items were in the carry-out, after the 30 minute wait time. When I arrived back at work, over HALF of the items were missing from the bag–all items I had paid for. This warranted another trip to the store, and had I not checked the second order for accuracy, IT WOULD HAVE ALSO BEEN WRONG!! This is three times in 4 weeks this sorry excuse for a business has not been able to handle a simple carry out order. We will no longer be frequenting their establishment—pathetic!!

  • I visited the Fazolis in Council Bluffs, Ia on june 13, 2016 on my way to work and to my shock and surprise when I had time to eat the dinner I had purchased there how disappointing it was. I ordered penne pasta with extra alfredo and sausage and mushroom to be added. I paid $1.00 for mushrooms and had 2 tiny pieces of mushrooms in the entire bowl, I also paid $1.50 for italian sausage and found only 3 tiny slivers of sausage in the entire bowl. Not only did I not get extra alfredo sauce, I barely had 2 tablespoons of sauce in the entire dish. That was by far the most dry pasta that I have ever had. Now I understand a company needing to make money, but this is ridiculous. Pasta is one of the cheapest dishes to make and to serve a dish of food like that to a customer is what will drive you right out of business. I called and talked to the manager of that store and his initial response to me was, "some mushrooms are larger than others". When he discovered that was not an appropriate answer then I started to get some descent customer service. He told me to bring the dish right back and he would make it right. I had already told him that I was at work and didn't get off until 11:00 pm. so that was not a possibility, so he offered to send me a coupon for a complimentary entree. Which is fine, but chances are I won't use it because of the quality of food that I received the first time. I suggest you do the math and multiply that response to dozens of customers and see just how long it takes for word to spread about the quality of your food.

    a very disappointed customer….
    Alice Miller

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