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  • Frontier Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Frontier Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Frontier Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

7001 Tower Rd.
Denver, CO 80249-7312 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-720-374-4200
Fax Number: 1-720-374-4375
Customer Service Number: 1-800-432-1359
Email: Online Only
Reservations: 1-800-432-1359
Easy Returns Milage Program: 1-866-263-2759
TTY: 1-800-872-3608


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  1. My son traveled along with 11 others from CUN to MIA on January 4th on Flight #10. First of all the complete inadequacy and utter disaster at the Cancun airport is an understatement. After arriving in Miami two hours late, his along with approximately 11 others did not have their baggage. They immediately went to report this situation to a Frontier representative in Miami and it was a complete ghost town! NO ONE was there – someone in baggage claim informed them that the next shift would arrive at 4am and perhaps there would be more bags! Like seriously!! He completed a claim for delayed baggage and my husband physically went to MIA to locate and speak to someone – after 2 HOURS of trying to locate a person from Frontier he finally banged on a door in baggage claim area and someone with a Frontier shirt who shared a small space with Jet Blue answered. After explaining the situation he did some "checking" on his computer and told my husband the bags were still in Cancun and would be on the flight (January 5th) that evening from CUN to MIA and would be delivered to the house. Well, just like every other lie we have been told that is not the case. Multiple phone calls and status checks just to be told we have to have patience and give them time. There is one daily flight from CUN to MIA where are all of these bags. It is not like there is this one tiny duffle bag they are looking for; there are about 15 lost full size bags for this one particular flight. They just don't disappear!!! It is funny that after researching this flight it is almost ALWAYS delayed about 2 hours. Perhaps an investigation is needed of your airline to see why this is happening. Are you employees in CUN opening up bags and pilfering the bags based on contents; very interesting indeed. There has now been TWO flight from CUN to MIA and no update on any of there luggage. Perhaps his firm should look a little deeper in to this situation and file suit whereby someone would have to answer them legally – without that you simply get lie after lie and NO RESPONSE! I work for a fortune 500 company in the Executive Offices and you people should be ashamed of yourselves and how you conduct your business!!

  2. My daughter was scheduled to fly on Flight #1316 from Chicago (ORD) to Ft Myers (RSW) on December 24, 2017. The flight was originally scheduled to take off at about 2:30PM. When she first arrived at the gate (approx. 12:00PM) the flight was delayed a few minutes due to snow. As she waited the delay increased to 5:45PM. About 4:45PM all of the passengers were asked check in with the attendant at the gate. When she got to the head of the line, she was informed that they no longer had a seat for her. The attendant told her to stand over to the side to find out what they were going to do. She did so for about 4 hours until she was re-ticketed on another airline for the next day. At that time she was told she would receive a $1000 Travel Voucher. She did not arrive in Ft. Myers until about 6:00 PM on December 25th. I have been in the phone with Customer Service representatives on numerous occasions. I have yet to see the Travel Voucher. In addition I paid for a hotel room near the airport since Frontier would not give he a Hotel Voucher. Also, I have a number for Frontier at O'Hare, but when I call it, it rings once and then disconnects. HELP PLEASE, HELP.

  3. My last 4 flights with Frontier I got an Internal 500 Error Code while trying to book on the web. So I had to call for a reservation. This resulted in me being double booked. The web site booked but never sent a confirmation email all I saw was an page that said Internal 500 error code.
    This happened again on 7/22/17 where I was double booked.
    This 500 internal error code has been going on for over 2 monnths. How does this airline stay in business. It is pathetic and the customer care if ludicrious.

  4. My mother, my daughter, and myself flew Frontier on 1/16/2017 from Denver, Colorado to DFW airport on flight 124. After arriving in Dallas, my daughter's car seat which we had checked in Denver had not arrived. After waiting for about an hour to see if someone could locate it and then filling out the paperwork for my missing item, they offered to loan me a car seat until mine arrived. Not only was the car seat covered in baby puke and animal hair, it smelled terrible, and I refused to take it. There only other option was to have me pay them $150 for a decent car seat to which they said they would refund in one week. I also declined this offer due to not having the $150 to pay for a replacement car seat because they lost mine. I was informed that the car seat would be delivered to my house by that Wednesday, January 18,2017. The car seat never came and I had tried almost daily to contact Frontier airlines which proved to be pointless because either nobody answered or nobody could help me. Today, January 23,2017, I decided to just drive up to the airport around 6:30pm to see if the car seat had arrived seeing as nobody could help me over the phone. Same as when I arrived, there were about ten other people waiting to speak to this woman about baggage or flight issues. I had told her about my problem to which she said she would call a supervisor. After about an hour wait, I asked if someone could let me into their room where they keep their car seats because that's where I was taken to before. I was brought in there and my car seat was still NOT there! The lady again said that she had contacted the supervisor who was on their way in a few minutes. This lady, the only one at the Frontier Airlines check-in counter, proceeded to shut herself into the break room for 30 minutes and then attempted to sneak away from the area altogether! One of the other customers waiting on this imaginary supervisor stopped her to which the employee said she was going to get her phone charger and the supervisor would be with us shortly. Another hour later and neither this woman or the supervisor came back, and the check-in desk was completely abandoned. Another customer waiting on this supervisor used the airport phone to get assistance and was notified that the Frontier Airlines staff had left for the night and there was no supervisor there to assist us!!! Are you kidding me?! Two hours I had been waiting there to speak to someone about my car seat that they lost ONE WEEK AGO! Either someone finds my car seat or reimburses me for the $400 I spent on that car seat. Absolute worst customer service ever and I would never fly Frontier or recommend it to anyone else.

  5. My brother and his new wife flew from Phoenix to Portland on December 29. The airline lost their bag which contained a wedding dress, sign in book, journal from their two years on a church mission, and other items for the wedding reception. They spent hours on hold trying to speak with someone. I had a lost and found rep at the Portland airport trying to get in contact with ANY Frontier employee for me for hours and she couldn't get anyone to pick up a phone. At 10:15 am she suggested I come to the airport and stalk any employee I could find, but then she realized the next flight didn't come in until that evening at 6:30 so there could be no one at the airport all day to help me. I called corporate headquarters and explained the importance of speaking with a person rather than leaving a message, and they left me on hold for an hour before I had to hang up and start getting ready for the reception. The airline was "kind enough" to allocate a whole $50 to replace the wedding dress for the reception. So generous. My family will never fly this airline again.

  6. $162 in taxes and "carrier imposed fees and seat charges" for a $299 trip from Denver to Cleveland for my wife and I…GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK. Frontier Airlines has collected the last seat fee from my seat believe me. I'm told that in business, if you make someone happy, they'll tell 3-4 people, if you piss someone off, they'll tell 15-20, well, I'm pissed, and at least that many will hear from me
    Don and Judy Alley, Colorado Springs

  7. I had a flight booked for November 28th 2016 and couldn't make it on the plane due to getting sick, I've been going through hell and back to get my refund. I will never book or fly with the airlines again. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. All they want is money!!

  8. You get what you pay for and this is the worst Airline in the world. Lost bags and impossible to get any help or weed through the "customer service" phone number to ever speak to a live person. Then that person transfers you to someone else and on hold again forever. They simply wait you out until you hang up so they dont have to deal with the problem. Lesson learned…

  9. On 10-05-2016 I followed the instructions to give notice that my wife was having scheduling problems at work which is Clute Texas Police Department. This was unforeseen. I cancelled the 2 tickets (incident #161005-000095)and then received an email from Frontier Airlines that there would be no refund. A response was then sent that I would possibly go without my wife to visit her aged parents in Denver, CO. I was then told that the tickets were cancelled and gone with no new ticket being issued. If you check we have used your Airline numerous times each year due to my wife's parents having medical problems. I feel that no consideration was given to Law Enforcement and a customer that frequently uses this airline. A letter was attached from the Chief of Police to ask for consideration. We did not want to hide from the truth and did not make up lies about health issues and or subpoenas being issued. $190.00 may not seen like a large amount of money but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel we have not been give satisfaction and consider using another airline even if it cost us more money. The last trip ( a couple of weeks ago) we had to wait in the plane for 2 hours for a "maechanical problem". We did not complain but no remarks such as a free drink, a future discount, etc was offered or made. Customer Service with Frontier Airline seems to be going down hill. You may look to see if cheaper fares will sustain you because when customers are treated badly you will loose customers AND their friends / family. Robert Turner, Det Sgt Lake Jackson Texas Police Dept

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