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Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1757 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-518-869-3218
Fax Number: 1-518-869-3574
Customer Service Number: 1-518-869-3218


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  1. January 9, 2021

    Rodney Bronson

    On Friday, January 8th at approximately 2:00 pm I went to the Hoffman's Car Wash, located at 2214 Ballston Ave Saratoga, NY 12866, operating my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. As I approached and entered the car wash bay, there was a male and female employee at the computer. Neither looked up or acknowledged me as I entered but continued to look down and push buttons on the computer. As my truck was going through the automated system, I heard a loud bang on my truck roof and the entire car wash came to a halt. While the car wash was stopped, I observed the female employee approach the drivers side of my truck. She made a motion for me to open my door. I did. She handed me a piece of my truck, the equipment that the overhead roller had broken off; mumbled something and walked away. I closed my door and the car wash started again.

    As soon as I exited the car wash, I stopped to inspect my truck for damage and discovered that my air intake had been smashed. I then walked around back to the entrance to speak to someone.The female employee came out after I asked for a manager. I felt she was immediately dismissive, short and blamed me for the damage. She just continuously referenced a sign located near the vacuums and at no point did I feel she was listening to my statement or considering my questions. She would cut me off mid sentence and state they are not responsible. I asked for her identification and that of a corporate contact to address not only the damage to my vehicle, but the unprofessional demeanor she displayed. She identified herself as Jule Gapp and gave me Rodney Bronson as a corporate contact.

    Subsequently I have spoken to several Hoffman employees who state there is a height setting on the computers that they are responsible for settling correctly when taller vehicles, such as trucks, enter the car wash. I have never had an issue with Hoffman’s Car Wash over the last ten years with this vehicle. As a matter of fact I was just at this exact car wash just two days prior and had no such issue. I have been a loyal customer with this vehicle. One can only presume the female employee, Jule Gapp, did not set the computer correctly on this occasion.

    I asked for a manager not to seek monetary gain for the damage rather for understanding as to why this happened. As I stated I had taken my truck through often with no issues. I currently have a 90 day car wash pass and am afraid to use it. Rather than addressing the issue with professionalism I was instead I was met with a rude snide manager that had no interest in understanding my issue. I am extremely disappointed in this employee and shocked that Hoffman's would allow customers to be treated in this manor.

    I look forward to hearing from someone as soon as possible.



  2. They have always been crooks. I used to work for them. They claim to use Pennzoil motor oil when in fact they use cheap cheap oil. Not even brand-name.

  3. Been a customer for years but not anymore. Have oil change & tires rotated as usual. Went through car wash, and later at home noticed both sides scratched. Went back today and advised machine "couldn't possibly" do damage. I have no trees or bushes, so who is responsible?! I keep my car as well or should say better than most. Even have a blanket to cover trunk area, no messes for me. To bad Hoffman you lost 2 vehicles and I'll tell everyone I know, not to use your services. Queensbury location folks, steer clear.

  4. Also not happy. The last 3 times I had the people at the Saratoga car wash clean the inside of me car I asked specifically to do the front & rear windows extra good as I physically can't any more. The first time they skipped it altogether. the next 2 times they missed at least 1/2 of the rear window. Last time my car was the only car in there. I live on SSI and it's to expensive to do only do a half ass job

  5. Not happy that they only told me one price for a basic car wash at 20.00$ Seemed high to me as I never paid that much before. Sure enough the sign said 20$ Was offered free car wash coupon for 4$ more. Ipaid the extra money for the coupon. Sounds like they are using bait and switch techniques. After using my coupon doubt will go there again although I have beed a regular customer in the past.

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