Houston Garden Center Corporate Office Headquarters

Houston Garden Center Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 5345 West Loop South
Houston, Texas 77081
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-979-645-4816
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-979-645-4816

  • I need to get a call about being over charged. My receipt shows 9 items however I purchased 8 plants.

  • I just called the closest HGCenter to get prices for 10 Little John Bottle Brushes. The person on the phone confirmed they had 3 gal and 5 gal available, but it was against corporate policies to give me prices over the phone. She said I'd have to drive to the store to get prices. Why even have a phone number then!? I am now trying to call corporate headquarters, but the phone number on the webpage is not in working order. Way to go Kim!

  • Today I went to the Houston Garden center in Kingwood. I shop there often. But today, after the most unprofessional behavior I got from Castillo (he said he is the manager) I will no longer be a customer of Houston Garden Center.

    I originally went there today to purchase 10 bags of cedar mulch. I always like to look around the plants cause I always end up buying more of what I originally went to the store for. As I was passing through the area where the roses are I saw not one but at least 3 signs that said ALL ROSES $12.99 or 10 for $120. I took 3 roses and my friend who was also about to purchase some other things also took 3. When I got to the register the person at the register said that those roses were $39.99. I told her the sign says ALL ROSES are $12.99. She said that it was only the other roses but not the tree roses. I repeated to her that the sign says ALL ROSES and does not say a certain type of roses. She replies with an attitude DOES NOT MATTER, THE ROSES YOU HAVE ARE $39.99. I explained to her that under Texas law (Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA)) that is misleading because the sign clearly says ALL ROSES are $12.99. She pointed at the sign and said you me you can call that number if you want. I asked to speak to the manager and he came out (he said his name is Castillo) and I explained to him what was going on and he immediately got defensive and became offensive. I told him that the sign says ALL ROSES, and ALL ROSE means all roses. It does not distinguish or classify any type or variety of roses. I told him that I was gonna file a complaint to Houston Garden Center and to the office of the Texas Attorney General for a violation of DTPA law. His reply to me was DO WHATEVER THE F@#& YOU WANT. Please note that I did not include the actual word he used.

    The manager (CASTILLO) has extremely poor customer service skills and no profesional characteristics at all. A so-called manager should never ever use that type of language with anyone. His vocabulary and tone of voice towards me was not only offensive to me, but I was insulted by the non existence professional ethics. I am a career individual. I hold a management position in a major corporation here in Houston and I hope to God that I never ever get to act the way Castillo acted towards me.

    I will be filing a complaint to the office of the Texas Attorney General and to the BBB. I not only hope to receive a reply from you but would like to see some corrective action.

    Thanks for your time, sincerely

    Angel Sanchez.

  • April 11,2020 approximately 7:05pm, I went to your store at 99 & 59 North. I bought one bag of lawn fertilizer. The employee walked to the register,acted as though I wasn't standing there. He proceeded to try and staple a bag of miracle grow together. He stared at me and sarcastically asked if I was ready. He rang me up,and began messing with the bag again. He knocked over the stapler . The stapler landed on my right ankle bone,immediately swelling and bruising. Again,he said nothing as I held my ankle. I picked the stapler up and gave it to him. Again , he said nothing but here's your receipt. I've always bought my plants from here. This employee either hated his job or was just a rude employee. A I'm sorry would have been nice,after all,he knocked the stapler off.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am trying to create a small garden in my backyard and my friend recommended the Houston garden center where she had received assistance from a young black gentleman. [Houston Garden CTRs 02; 6072 HWY 6 North, Houston TX 77084. The next day, September 16th about 7:10pm, I visited that store in order to buy some potting soil and I passed about 3 employees who did not acknowledge my presence. At the cash register I inquired on that black gentleman to get some assistance. I made my purchase at 7:18pm and got assistance in loading the potting soil in my car.

    I felt bad for asking this young man to assist me further since he was the only one who was moving plants from one area to the next. I quickly noticed that the store manager was not being productive in any form and he kept monitoring the young man's willingness to assist me as I was also needing to get some potted plants. The store manager and other employees were just chit chatting with no regard to the customers. The young ladies were at the cash register unconcerned. One employee was walking through the garden aisles, hand in hand with his supposedly girlfriend or friend who had brought him food but did not seem to be on a lunch break because he pretended to be working whenever I looked in his direction.

    The young gentleman was a bit apprehensive in assisting me further and he mentioned that he had been ostracized and yelled at, the day before, for providing assistance to some elderly people. However, he mentioned that he would assist if I had any specific questions. I went around the garden making notes on possible flowers and then at about 7:40pm, I went back to inquire on herbs that repel insects.

    The store manager made a beeline for him and did not acknowledge my presence and was very rude. He demanded that the young man needed to move an entire area and would not leave the store before completion, no matter the time. He also mentioned to the young man that he could not assist me further. I then asked that store manager if he could help me and he breathed heavily, looked at his watch, and said reluctantly that he, the manager had many things, better things to do before store closing at 8pm

    Excuse my assumptions, but I had observed most of the employees being very unproductive as well as not even acknowledging the presence of customers which is the first rule for reducing customer theft and increasing customer sales.

    I feel compelled to write this lengthy complaint because I feel that there are many injustices where employees may not know their rights. If this is the way management shows negative bias to hard-working employees, I do not believe that this company is the right fit for my purchase nor those of my friends. Most importantly, OSHA needs to be aware of this

  • I have worked at HGC and they are the worst place to work. Employees work almost 7 days a week and anywhere between 10-12 hours a day. No vacation time or any other benefits and there is no breakroom, fridge or microwave.They will fire you on the spot for missing a day if work, even if you have doctor's note. THEY DO NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES,THEY ONLY WANT THE MONEY. My advice is never buy anything from them, they are a rip-offs and no matter how despite you are in need if job, don't ever apply there.

  • TO ALL UPSET CUSTOMERS: I am a HGC employee. Let me tell you about their hiring practices. NO interview, if you can fill out the application and have 2 pieces of ID you are hired.
    In addition, I would actively seek elderly and women alone because they are the people most in need of assistance! My manager told me not to do this and that these people were bad customers they didn't want. Then stuck me loading bags of mulch and soil for 12 hours a day. I am a 50+ man and that was hard work. Other older men of Hispanic persuasion would collect carts, help and greet customers, and there ws no problem. Then, come 8:00 pm it was time to work. Move plants from here to there, for no apparent reason… and come 9 or 10 oclock, sit and wait to punch out. I hope the management is reading this because people want to work but not sit around riding a timeclock because the !@#$hole boss wants to.


  • I went to the i-10 west store on Katy freeway in Katy and bought a Christmas tree a few days ago. My kids were so excited and picked one out. I got the premium black hill fir for 79.99. It has been shedding needles since I bought it. All the branches on the bottom are bare. I have tried calling but get a recording and I called the number that the recording said but the vm box is full. My kids are so disappointed. I will not be recommending this business to anyone. It has only been a few days since I bought it and it will not last until Christmas.

  • Your commerical with the chirpy blonde telling us "now is the time to plant flowers" is annoying at best with so many devastated from Harvey and displaced trying desperately to put their lives back together.The last thing they want to hear is something trivial like when to plant flowers. How about saying "now is the time to help your neighbor rebuild and when you return to your home IF YOU STILL HAVE ONE, then we'd like to help you wash the memory and smell of Harvey away with flowers. Your commercial makes me want to throw a hammer at my tv. At the least, pretend your are aware of the vast suffering going on around you and stuff a rag in the mouth of that blonde and get a clue!

  • I've been trying to reach a location near me to make sure that their shipment of grass has come in, but keep getting a recording saying mailbox is full. I tried another one of your stores and the same thing. Finally I did get an answer at the West Loop Location near beechnut and the Lady said that HGC does not answer their phones. Why in the HELL do you have a phone number to your locations. This is really stupid. I've already made several trips to your store last week and you were out of grass, and I'm just trying to make sure grass is in before wasting a trip. Maybe ICE needs to investigate all of your locations – because this is terrible customer service.

  • I went to your HWY 6 location. Your employees at that location very rude to me. I have never experience such a bad customer service. I will never shop at Houston Garden Center again.

  • What ever became of customer service these day. I bought some grass Friday night and discovered that I needed more. I went back to get some Saturday and they were all out of stock. Well, I decided to call another store to avoid the long trip, no answer, just voice mail, and I called three more store and drove to two more stores anyway. Every single store have the same voice mail that said happy holidays, hello, we are already near the end of March. No one ever answered the phone at any of the store. So I called the corporate office and spoke to a rude receptionist. She said that's just the way the owner has his phone setup. Apparently the same person owns all the locations. They are so rude and do not care.

  • I just called the location on 5000 Westpark Drive, Houston (Bellaire) the person was very rude and seem not to care to help customers. She was super rude and did not want to talk when I asked for her name she hang up the phone. So I called back and asked for her name and stated for what and I said I want to talk to your boss to let them know you are very rude and she stated he is not my boss I report to the owner. She did give me her name "Jeniffer"

  • A cashier at the HGC West Loop South near the HCC campus was a monstrous comedy.No people or social skills.I wrote to Ms.Kim Hooper and she has not responded.I will go to Cornelius in the future based on this pathetic cashier at HGC.

  • I need to speak with someone ASAP. I bought a tree from the Tomball location and it has been shedding terribly. I have called the store nonstop to get no answer. VM box is full, so I can't even leave a message. I'm not happy at all because this was a $50 tree that won't make it to Christmas and I need to know what I need to do to get another 1. I picked this tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving and have been nursing it with water.

  • Your employees need a day off at least once a week ! Working a 13 hr day 7 days a week is ridiculous . And when my significant other asks for a day off y'all can't even give it because it's Christmas tree season. I have doctors appt I need to get to !!! Y'all are ridiculous . And then y'all post ridiculous notes that read they'll be terminated if you call in. Including , sickness, dying, leaving early , or a death occurs. Unbelievable .

  • I was given a gift card for mother's day last year. For health reasons I could not use the card right away. Now that I am able, I tried to use the gift card and it was declined. The clerk was very rude, telling me I was so stupid not to realize the card had expired. There was no expiration date given on the receipt. $100 may seem like nothing to you but it does to me. Will never shop at a garden center again.

  • I was called a thief by one of your employee at the Hwy 288 & Bltwy 8 location. I will like to talk to someone, please contact me at saeedanewaz@yahoo.com or give me your phone #, I will call. I am very very upset, will report to BBB & consumer protection agency.

  • I would like to know why y'all are offer $20 gift card and the website isn't working…..that us so wrong of y'all and the offer expires tomorrow… Smh

  • I would like someone to contact me asap. I was laughed at by a manager and employee at one of your locations. I was also told that the manager didn't care that my husband was injured on your property

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