Krystal Burger Corporate Office Headquarters

Krystal Burger Corporate Office Headquarters
Krystal HQ in 2012
One Union Square Suite 1
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Corporate Phone Number: 1-423-757-1550
Customer Service Number: 1-423-757-1550

  • It's impossible to call corporate I was in titusville Krystals and the manager was very rude we stopped going to Krystals for 2 or more years we started going back because there were different people in there and they had a manager who was rude and mean

  • I been calling the Krystal on Hixson Pike in Chattanooga TN no answer, got sent to a full voice mail every time. My order was wrong. I just want them to make it right. I been eating at Krystals since 1972 on Cherry Street. Please make it right. I still have my receipt.

  • February 26, 2020 at 7:15 am I went to Krystal restaurant (Mobile. Alabama on Schillingers Rd}. I had a coupon for breakfast that was not expires. The cashier (Octavia) could not find the coupon on the cash registar (machine). She was mad because there were three customers behind me. She could not find the key, so she tried(fake) to call the manager. Still she could not find the key. She started to curse (bad words).We (the customers) heard would she said. Then she said " You have to change your order". I told her I really want my breakfast using my coupon. She said again " No, I can no find it. Get somethingelse or leave. So I did. When I left, she said bad filthy words that me and the other customers heard. I will never go to this restaurant again. I will tell others about my experience and I hope they will never go to this restaurant.

  • BROOKHAVEN, MS: My experiences with your Krystal's arent well. I went in b/c I had 2 separate orders; last time I ordered separately I was made to go back through the drive thru&I was the only customer at the place& it took 36 mins. Anyway, I walked into your restaurant&there where 2 people at the table eating taco bell. The female got up, took my order, questioning me the entire time even though I was very thorough, as if she wasn't listening the ENTIRE time. She then needed someone to let her in the computer so she loudly started screaming her name. Give her my order again, getting cut off and questioned again bc she isnt listening. She took my orders at 8:13pm, and I waited. I had two different drinks with my orders, both were labeled the same, so then I have to taste test these drinks and label them correctly. 1/2 of 1st order came out. 2 employees sat down back at the table to eat their taco bell, 1 from the back told her she needed to clock out, to which she replied "well who gonna work the drive thru?" At this point, I see only 1/5 of the employees behind the counter, who is at the drive through,1 guy was taking out the trash. (only 1 customer was at the drive thru my entire visit.) another employee comes in (i assume off the clock) and is fussing bc something about free food, him and the girl who took my order I believe go back and forth about how he has to buy a drink or something. I missed how he got a cup, but he walks behind the counter, makes a drink and says "I aint payin for this" Then a guy walks out and comes back with gloves. I then get the 2nd order, and ask for a bag for it, and a large bag to put the 3 bags in I will eventually leave with. Minutes later, I receive the last part of my first order. I then ask again for a lg bag to put them all in,&was told "We don't have any, I don't know" she shrugged and walked off. I left at exactly 8:30pm. The floors where disgusting and the condiments station was a mess and sticky. The employees seem to really not want to be there and have no communication skills or manners, judging by the way they handled me and their coworkers. I have been to krystals 3 times in the past few months, and each time is a bad experience. I myself worked in the restaurant business for years, was employee of the month, a closer, etc, so I understand a whole lot, and this is the first time I have ever complained of service.The service I recieved also made me late to clock back in at work, and I work literally 3 minutes away. In my opinion, 2 small orders shouldn't take almost 20 minutes at a fast food place.

  • Krystal store #408 on Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL, (05/24/2017 12:52PM(CT)). Upon entering, there was no employee at the counter; at the drive-up window; in the cooking area; or anywhere else — except for one employee at a table, sound asleep. An employee eventually came from the back room to take a drive-up window order. In a minute or two, 2 or 3 other employees came into view. I commented that the entire restaurant area was filthy beyond words. Mud had been tracked in and was all over the floor, along with food particles, spilled condiments, and trash. Several tables had not been cleaned probably since before the lunch crowd. The rack that normally contains condiments, straws, eating utensils, and so forth, was at least 98-percent empty. There was absolutely no packets of mustard, or pepper; only 2 small packets of ketchup; about 6 packets of salt; a dozen or less straws; and a few packs of eating utensils. One napkin rack was totally empty, and the other was almost empty. After reading several customer reviews, apparently FILTH is the norm for Krystal outlets. If the customer area is allowed to get this bad, imagine what is going on in the back with the food.

  • I've long been a fan of Krystal. I live in another county so I drive 40 miles round trip to visit either Krystal in Jackson, Tn. Recently I went to both Krystals in Jackson on Mon. & Tues. and neither had chocolate shakes and to save the 40 miles I tried to call and they were having phone problems. What's a fellow to do? How do you run out of shakes? If this was the first time this has happened I wouldn't say a word but it has happened numerous times in the past. Tell me how and when to order the shakes and I will do it.


  • Tried to eat a Krystal's in Lake City, Florida and after we got our meal including burgers and fries , we were told no ketchup, hello? We got our money back and we started out the door to go to Wendy's then were told they found some, really. We told them to feed our cold meal to Mike Moses. A burger place with no ketchup is like a BBQ place with no BBQ sauce. Maybe the owner Mike Moses needs to start finding out what's going on in his krystal, instead of running around trying to look cool.

  • Ordered a sausage biscuit and two coffees at 8:45. Cashier told us to get our coffee and they would bring my order to me. Fifteen minutes later, she came to our table to ask me if I wanted toast instead of a biscuit—that it would take about 10 minutes to bake some more. To that I said I would wait. After another 20 minutes I went to counter to inquire why I had not received my order yet. Another "attitude-infused" employee told me she had called for it to be picked up—she did not. My party and I were there alone and sitting close to counter. After realizing she was not going to back up on her lie, I asked for a refund, showing the receipt with the time on it! Obviously, this second employee decided she wasn't going to bake any more biscuits and just didn't serve me! THEN had the nerve to smart off, give the "evil eye" and act very, very rude. P.S. the first employee was very sweet and even called the "rude employee" by name—meaning she was not acting properly. Apparently, after reading other posts here, there needs to be a major overhaul teaching your employees how to treat your customers—of which I am no more!

  • So I have tried to call, I've contacted the store, I've emailed and nothing seems to work. I was parked at a Krystals in Tuscaloosa Alabama and was towed I had been there for less than 15 hours with no signs of tow warnings or hours of acceptable parking. My car ran out of gas and I was assured my car would be fine but then it got towed. I asked the tow owner why and the General Manager told them it had been there for weeks!!!! I had to pay $200 to get it back which is a steep fine for someone in college. I demand to speak with someone who will at least look at this problem!!

  • I have got take out breakfast from the drive thru on Manchester expressway in Columbus Georgia 3 times in last two weeks. I will not be going back. Each time there has been something wrong with my order.
    original scrambler with bacon had no meat on it it
    original scrambler came without any salt pepper, no spoon and I ask for biscuit and got has browns. coffee tasted sour and cream was curdled
    today it went even worse: original scrambler with bacon was something not even near. it had hash browns, sausage and gravy with cheese. the coffee creamer again was curdled. I had to ask for spoon to eat with and salt and pepper. I don't get to know these problems till I am already at work. I am allergic to spices in sausage and can not take it back since I already at work. they need to check orders as they bag them up and ensure all items are in bags.

  • Stopped by the one in Union City,GA this morning. Wanting the biscuit and gravy. Well when I got my order it was in a bag with a wrapped biscuit with a whole sausage with a little gravy added to it. The young lady at the window said they don't put it in the little box anymore. It comes wrapped. Needless to say gravy was everywhere in the bag. I use to stop by there all the time, well sorry Krystal you just lost a customer. I didn't ask for a whole sausage on my biscuit. I know the gravy comes with sausage but I pick it out. Thanks for ruining my breakfast this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stopped in the store on 20 in Cumming, Ga. tonight to grab a #1 for dine in. My wife and I were headed to the movies and decided to split the meal as we were short on time. The store looked closed with not a single customer or employee in sight at 8:00 pm. We stood at the counter 10 minutes hearing laughs and talk in the back. I stepped around the end of the counter to ask if anyone was there and a woman came out. We ordered the #1 which is 4 burgers, fry and a drink. We were overcharged $2 amd when we got our order they had given us a chili cheese fry that we did not want. Being in a hury we said nothing and sat down to eat. The chili fries were so nasty we could not eat them. We both ate a buger and part of another as we both agreed it did not taste right. We threw it all away and left for the movies. Insread of the movies we ended up back home sick to our stomach. Never again…

  • I can't believe that your listed number on this website is out of service?!? That doesn't fill me with confidence.

  • We have always ate at Krystal and substituted toast instead of biscuit with the scrambler and never a problem. The Krystal in Douglas Georgia charged us $2 more. It made my husband so mad we got our money back and refuse to eat there again.

  • I'm a current employee of MAC003. I love my job,but the schedule isn't being put out on time. My coworkers and I tend to have to call on Sunday and get our schedule. Sometimes it isn't even finished then. It's becoming a continuous problem and this issue needs to be resolved soon. Thanks in Advance

  • The Krystals in Dayton, Tn is usually very good and I almost always have a good experience except when the General Manager is there. She is rude and interrupts customers that are trying to order. She is rude when anyone asks for condiments or anything. I know what it is like to work with the public. You are not supposed to interrupt or be rude.

  • The Krysta restaurants in Jackson, MS is disgusting. I was visiting my hometown Nov. 5th – 8th and I visited your restaurant on state street and it was disgusting. They were unorganized, slow and not very courteous. My order was wrong and when I received my shake that I ordered, whip cream and chocolate was all over the top they put on the cup. It was gross and I did not eat this. I also had a chance to peep inside the window, it was so nasty in that kitchen. Do you people visit your sites? Obviously you do not.

    I guess while I was visiting, I went to another site located at the Metro Center. This was worst, I order but waited 20 minutes and the line never moved. What type of training are you providing your people? Do something about this.

  • The store in Jacksonville at 5444 Blanding Blvd. Is amazing. I've been to almost every store in Jacksonville due to the fact that I am a delivery. There service is very fast and accurate. The employees that work up front are so friendly nice and respectful. And the cooks are all understanding as to how I want my order done. I feel that this is a very model example of how a fast food place should be ran and operate. I have never had a problem at this specific store as I have the others in this are such as the one on Normandy and San Juan. Nomatter how busy they are the cashier still provides a warming and freindly experience. They are very fast with there service. There is no much if any at all waiting. Sometimes I have my order before I have even finished paying and receiving my change. I dont beleive that this store gets the recognition and credit is deserves. I see them work so hard and dedicated every time I am here. Even when I don't work I drive across town just to come here to this location.

  • I just left the Krystal on Cherokee Blvd in North Chattanooga. I have seen better canned dog food rather than the meat on the little Krystal burger!! The freaking meat was WHITE!! Can we say GROSS!! It was served to me on a DRY bun; it was COLD and can I include HORRIBLE!! I could not eat it!! Did you forget you can get in BIG time trouble with the Health Department for not keeping food at a certain temperature? I went back and had them replace the gross food with a corn dog. It was BARELY warm and the grease they cooked it in was OLD!!! I will NEVER eat at another one of your restaurants EVER!!! The manager came over and handed me a Apple pie for my trouble which ALSO was cold! The onion rings had NO taste to them except grease and batter. You guys need to give it up and close all of the restaurants. I would not give an animal food from your restaurants! SHAME ON YOU!! YOU ALL HAVE RUINED WHAT USE TO BE A FUN PLACE TO GO AND ENJOY A STEAMED BUN ON REAL BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ANY MORE…AND NOT ANY MORE IN MY LIFE TIME FOR SURE!!

  • Please remove the annoying commercial with the little Krystal burger with the onion ring and the BBQ sauce. It is freaking ignorant. Please do us all a favor, the person who thought of this needs to be fired ASAP. Hire someone else in your marketing department. "Remember me for my BBQ sauce." I have nightmares about this ignorant commercial . each time I see the stupid crap on television it reminds me of how gross Krystal's really is.

  • First, I would like to say that the Lewis family enjoys Krystal's Menu and Food for a number of years. The Krystal Franchise located off the Pooler Parkway in Pooler, Ga really needs someone from upper management or human resources to look into the store's practices. The Supervisors/Managers to do have any control over their employees. We have visited this location three times and seen the same actions. The employees disrespect their leaders and customers. Very unprofessional and a bad outlook on the Pooler area, a Savannah suburb that draws millions of tourist to the city every year. Also the Men/Women restaurants were not useable by customers. We have witnessed customers go into the restrooms and turn immediately around to complain to the management on how dirty and disgusting the restrooms were. A proper dose of good leadership is needed in the store. This will go a long way towards good business with the community and tourist. If you need to contact us please email us at Thank you!

  • Krystal in Plany City Florida is horrible. Ordered the 12 krystal meal and all of my crystals were COLD and we found green mold on our bread! Disgusted!

  • Are you kidding me!!! Krystal has a drive through sign advertising their new 3 egg breakfast where the eggs are cooked to order. So I order mine over easy, some dude says they can only do that in restaurant! So, I say OK scramble them, when I got to the window some ugly ole dude leans almost into my car and says next time call ahead! Come to find out he is Bob Trotto the GM! That is false advertiseing to me!

  • Good morning, I enjoy Krystal (TMP005 – manager Ashley Reed) a minimum of 3 times a week. The only reason I do not come in more often is because Veronica the cook is off and when she isn't working the food quality is unacceptable. I experienced the worst customer service I have ever received at a fast food restaurant this morning. The problem started when one person (Dillion) took my order in the drive thru, relayed it to the cook (Veronica – she has always prepared my order correctly) and then I had to repeat my order three times to the cashier (Sharon). Sharon did get my order correct on the receipt. I checked my order and found it was incorrect. I came in to the store and expressed to Sharon my order was incorrect. Sharon responded, no it isn't that is the way you ordered it. I explained I was short one piece of sausage, she argued that it was placed in the cup with my scrambler. I responded please do not argue with my order is incorrect. She continued to argue. Shorty, another staff member showed remarkable customer service by stepping in and asking what was wrong, apologized and quickly fixed the problem. Veronica (the cook) also came out to see what was wrong. I expressed to Shorty and Veronica that they had done nothing wrong. Sharon continued to voice negative comments as I was speaking to Shorty and Veronica and continued even after I turned around to walk out the door. I came back in the door and requested her name and the manager's name so I could file a complaint. I also voiced my concerns on the customer survey provided on my receipt. I work in customer service everyday. I admit there are days when it is hard to smile and offer good customer service but I am never rude or argumentative with a customer. The customer is the priority and if it wasn't for the customer my job would not exist. I would receive a verbal and written reprimand if I would have treated a customer the way Sharon did today. If you have any rewards for remarkable customer service, Shorty and Veronica deserve to be recognized for going above and beyond today. These two ladies (Shorty and Veronica) are always friendly and have a great attitude. Sharon could learn from their example. Hopefully, Sharon's attitude will be addressed by management, Stephanie

  • I'm 72 and I've eaten at Krystal for many decades. I'll never eat there again as the bean-counters feel the stockholders are worth more than the customers. The biggest appeal to me about Krystal has always been the incredible flavor of a soft, juicy, steamed-on-the-grill bun. Now it seems that the buns are dry and right out of the bag. They are cold and flavorless. Guess for the same price Steak and Shake will be my replacement. Shame on the corporate greed that is taking over this country.

  • I went to. The krysts at atlantic blv ds. I. Jax fl.. i stood at front register for 15 min without even being greated then the lady lookied at me and td me to hold on. Aftrr standing there 20 min more i decided to leave. She
    focused only on drive thur window not front .
    Register coustomers . That is very poor costomer service , no manners. And also kept a messy work station and very nasty lobby. You shoud cosider new e
    Em,ployees who want to work also without being dicusting ,If
    corrporate or human recorces came in and seen those additudes and lack of disire to work, or health regulations you would ne fined. Comkig from manager to manager.
    Advice find new employees who smile
    thuru a headset
    And can hane multie tasks. , thanks concernned and discusted , guest….

    Reg. Costomers

  • SERIOUSLY??? I went over to Krystal as I do almost every morning. Everything in the place was broke as I heard all the employees talking. I stand there and watch them cook my breakfast. Griddle wasn't working obviously as they MICROWAVED my eggs. I didn't realize until I got to work that they had done that, otherwise I would have made a different choice if I had been advised of that! I feel sorry for the employees as they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Air Conditioner constantly breaking down as I see the repairmen over there all of the time. ONE MORE THING, your milk is totally NASTY. Has anyone @ Corporate tried any??? I and several other people where I work have the same opinion. Hoover, AL. 35216

  • I started working for Krystal in New Orleans La.(NOLA 009) May of this year. I was happy to be at work because I had been down on a fractured ankle for a year and a few months. I busted my behind, doing what I needed to do to keep my job. I sacrificed my integrity, my children, and my morals for the first few days of my employment. In return I get slap in my face for going to my six year daughter's graduation Tuesday May 19th. I thought I would have time for both but her graduation didn't start on time. So I left the graduation to inform GM Dante that I may need to call off. He looked at his watch and rudely told me that "It's thirty minutes before you need to clock in and that I'll write you up if you call off". I thought to myself that I didn't need the write up, so I responded with I'll be late if that's ok with you and he said fine. I left and went back to my daughter's graduation. The graduation ended at 12:30 instead of 11:30 because of the almost hour delay. I left my daughter's graduation with her in tote and headed home to get dressed for Krystal. When I got there the General managers that where to help out wouldn't let me in the door. Dante utter these words, "She has an attitude, She can turn in her shirt, hat, and name tag". Now the other employees that were there witness the whole situation take place, became angry once they found out that Dante lied on me and pulled rank because he didn't want to be BOTHER with my situation. The employees that witness the situation all said that I walked up to him professionally without an attitude. But, Dante spoke to the other gms as if I did have an attitude. I felt like I the leftover breakfast that they must throw away to prepare for lunch. No one not even the gms wanted to talk to me to solve the problem. They just threw me away like garbage.

    Grant, when I first started working there I was able to clock in and out. But, this one particular morning the gms that came down to help open Krystal (NOLA 009) came to work smelling like Bourbon Street. Everyone could smell the alcohol releasing from their pores and mouth every time they spoke a word. GM Rhonda was so badly hung over that she had to stop. Because Rhonda was messing up the employees information she was keying into the computer and that's when my information got mixed up with another employee's information. She went out to her car and took a nap to sleep the hangover off. And from that day I couldn't clock in anymore. I worked three days straight off the clock because I couldn't clock in. And when I was able to clock in again, I'm clocking in under some else. I've been at home just sitting since the 19th and I know I deserve answers. I would like to get back to work as soon as possible. And the right people should be held accountable for their actions and not me.

  • you got a krystals here in augusta ga , deansbridge with really rude employees they got my order wrong and i live atleast 30 mins away from there i called when i got home and talked to the manager on duty and she was rude when i told her that i couldnt turn around and let them fix it right . when you order something plain with cheese and only ketchup you think they could get that right its simple no it had mustard and onions and no cheese glad wasnt allergic to onions .When i was finally able to get back that direction the girl working the drive thru that night was rude too and made me pay for my coke and fries after i told her the manager said she would make it good. To me their are so many people that will work and want to work and treat customers good get rid of the lazy , rude ones that act like its a real problem to be there.

  • Krystal is airing a commercial on T.V. where a boy goes up to a stranger and say's "I want one"
    The stranger pulls out a Krystal Burger and hands it to the boy.
    This goes against everything a child is taught from being a toddler.
    DO NOT Speak to strangers. DO NOT Take anything from a stranger.
    Krystal should set a good example. Remove this commercial and come up with one more appropriate.

    • I am so disappointed in your commercial, I as a mother have always taught my children that the word "stupid" is not a nice word to use ANYTIME, you are advocating it as an okay word to use, there are so many pleasant words to use instead, why not lead as an example, please.

  • Your new commercial where the boy goes up to a man and says ", He wants one".The guy brings out a krystal burger from his rolled up tee -shirt sleeve. It goes against everything children are taught from being a toddler
    DO NOT talk to strangers. DO NOT take anything from a stranger.
    This commercial does not send out a good example for children who are watching.
    Krystal needs to remove this commercial and come up with something more appropriate.

  • will someone please help me i need to get ahold of corporate .i have tried to get hold of someone and i cant.and krystal in lafayette tn. the geanal manger is taking money and blaming on the employees .it took awhile to catch him and i did ,then i got fired. he gave the job to someone else.and i have tried to get ahold of the guythat ownes it ,but he wont return my calls . so are they in it together or beating corporate or what.there was three other mangers that got fired told me the same thing they couldnt get anything done either.when they called the owner they couldnt get anybody.they would leave a message but he would call the geanal manager and tell him about it and nothing would be done.i think its time something should be done about it.there should be someoneelse beside tom over it because he is not helping it he is just running it down to the ground.there is not a place in lafayette tn. goes thru employees like he has because he says they get the money when it is him .he makes them put the money back in that he says they got ,but it is HIM that gets the money.the only other guy i told about this is now gm it is funny i got fired and he is gm. i gave them 4 years of my life for this.another problem that needs to be took care of is to do drug is a shame that you can tell tom that there needs be drug test needs to be giving and he will not do it.

  • My son and I were in store number 194 in Jackson Tennessee eating inside when all of a sudden the store manager started reprimanding some of the employees loud enough where your customers could hear him and it was a very uncomfortable situation . Hearing the manager telling the employees that they needed to step up and do their jobs as he wasn't going to lose his job because of their lack of work performance . If this manager knew anything about managing any store he should know to talk to his employees while no one was in the store to hear him chastising HIS employees . It seems to myself if his employees aren't doing their jobs in the proper way dismiss that person , but if this manager doesn't know how to do his job correctly He is the one that needs to be chastied and let go . Myself and my son were very upset while trying to enjoy our meal out together without listening to this manager . Before leaving I even took the time to ask an employee who the man was and his name which now I have forgotten . But our order number was 3700030 and I am taking the time to address this situation to you . As the old saying goes " the ball is in your court now " . Thank you

  • Hey, I made the team. This was back n October and I still haven't been to work yet. I know that I made an agreement and I am still with the Krystal burger company. I would really like to know what is next as far as my career. This process is tender. I made this agreement based on the good foundation of the Krystal burger company. Now, what I need to do is start work. I want to manager in place where I can wok everyday and still receive my annually salary. My house is on Grant street in Sandfly Savannah Georgia. I made applications at the 2804 Bee Rd, Savannah, GA 31404 location. I already realize the restaurant has over 20 employees. I am manager and I plan to my job well. at this level of employment I have much responsibility and the staff are people I depend on when I am busy at work. I trust the employees like I trust the company. They make the everyday functions run smoothly that is why the restaurant production level is so great. As I stated above I am still waiting on the call from my restaurant location supervisor to get started on my management career. I am ready to be the Krystal burger manger that the restaurant needs.

  • I have talked to someone before, and the corporate employee in charge of the Krystals in Titusville, Fl. ACTUALLY contacted me. He came over from Orlando, Fl. and apologized and said they would be cleaning up the restaurant and area around it. The complaint was about all the rats coming from their restaurant to all the residents in the surrounding area. They seem to get it all cleaned up… but again the rats are back, and worse than usual…. also the fence is rotted and leaning on one side…. the drive thru order speaker is turned UP… and there is SO MUCH NOISE cominh from there, the neighbors can hear at least 3 houses down !! Late night, into early morning… some people have to WORK in the morning… You cam hear load laughing coming from the speaker !!! Also the TRASH… EVERYDAY, I and my neighbors are plaqued with Krystal trash, ALL OVER our yards and street…. PLEASE, I WISH you would just MOVE… BUT AT LEAST…STOP THE RATS… THE RUDE PARTYING … AND THE LOUDNESS OF YOUR DRIVE THRU SPEAKERS…. GIVE US REST…. and safety for me to be able to go into my laundry room to do my laundry, WITHOUT RATS… without rat poop… and without chewed up hoses to be replaced in my washer…and missing stuff stored there, PLUS all the insulation all chewed ip in my water heater !!! PLEASE SOMEONE NEEDS TO CONTACT ME and let me know what you plan to do… Thank you
    Email Whomever works at the corporate office in Orlando, should remember this, as it was no long ago 🙁

  • This is for the krystals in Cookeville, Tn. The website where I was supposed to put my complaint isn't working. I ordered 2 pick 5 for $5 and only got half my order. The first was 2 chili chz pups and 3 chz krystals. The second was 3 chili chz pups and 2 chicks. Both were supposed to come with fries and sprites. What I got was 2 pups, 3 chz krystals and 2 chicks. I figured the box had all 4 pups but it didn't. The bag looked right but it was just full of napkins. He handed me the box and bag and said have a nice day and I told him as well. Half way home I thought I just forgot to get the drinks but that was not the case. Very disappointed. I live 20 min away so there was no way I was going back. I'd like my food tho.

  • went to krystal in savannah Georgia on bee road and waited an hour just to receive nothing and still didn't get my order had to leave because I was late for my aunt funeral ask for the manager and they were no where to be found the crew members did the refund someone need to do something about this

  • krystals on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia has terrible customer Service.Rude, abnoxious and sarcastic..There food is not the greatest. but not bad, but compared to the competetive resteraunts out here…the food dont compare…I know alot of people who dont or wont eat there for one reason or the other…and now i am one of the many that will never give this corporation another dime of my earned money….

  • 3/31/14 just had breakfast in your restaurant 6am ordered the express breakfast asked to have my eggs over easy the nice lady on the other side of the counter said that will be an extra $1.00 I thought WOW only one other guy in the place and they want to charge extra for doing there job just not cool at all 🙁

  • This is the third time I have tried contacting you to get a separation notice. The store will not give it to me because I never worked, I got just hired so they tell me I need it from corporate. Would you please resolve this issue. I need this separation notice ASAP so I can get my benefits for myself and my child. my email is

  • I am complaining as a recently employed crew member. The Krystals here in Montgomery on Norman Bridge Road is very unprofessional when training new crew members. The schedule is never up on time, they never answer their phone and the manager will tell you one thing and she either does not follow through or she does not do what she says. The training which should initially be done by the manager is given to another associate who is not qualified to train. I was hied as a Production Associate but since February 4th, I've only had one day of on the job training!

  • I am needing a corporate contact number for the store in lafayette tn i called to talk to the gm n the lady was extremly rude n stating she was not there n if it was the same ppl there from last night it would do me no good to complain

  • I am trying to contact you about my dates of hire and my discharge date back in probably 1988 was begin date and 1991 was the end date but the phone does not ring and when you call the store you worked at they give this number to call. Please respond Quickly. My email is

  • Krystals in Lawrenceburg tn ..hire there.own daughters..who only have to.stand around an do nothing..and when.ask to help out she runs to her.mother an complains an then mom or corse gets mad at the crew an makes our job miserable……the mananging staff are aware.of this.mother daughter employment but are too afraid to.confront it..I'm sick.of goin into.this the crew working hard an mom n daughter testing..talking on the phone having numeriius.ciggerette breaks..all the.comfortable.of no work The last name may not be the same But it is Still Mother Daughter……I THINK BOTH OF THEM.AHOULD BE FIRED

  • I am trying to contact someone and let them know that the assistant manager at the blanding store in Jacksonville Florida is very rude and not manager material at all. We were there last night and ordered the 24 Krystal burgers and the computer sign said they were $13.99. When we went to the window they charged us $14.99. When we said the computer said it was $13.99 and he said the computer had not been updated. And we had to pay the $14.99 or we couldn't have them. He was rude and very nasty. I will never go to that place again in my life. You need to check out this place. That is false advertisement.

    • You do realize that no one under corporate can mess with the computer, right? You were probably nasty to him, first, over something he couldn't control.

  • We need a krystal restaurant in coral springs,fl I know a location . it has a thru. 1755 north university Dr coral springs,fl 33065 We need 1 more good restaurant. thanks Cliff

  • I am a ex employee of yours I've been waiting for my pay check for a month they keep telling me its tooling care of I would like this issue fixed asap or lm going to take leagle action my email is @ my name is patrica king I need my money please

    • Maybe, if you had taken an English or a Math class, you'd see that they are not going to give you a pay check. Possibly cause you did not work those hours you claim.

  • Krystals on Veterans Parkway in Columbus, Ga served old patties that had expired , the meat was brown and looked freezer burned. I don't know how many cases they used but the meat was definitely old.

  • Krystals in palatka Fla SUXS….no coffee for 3 wks no tea for 1wk scrambbler comes with 2 sprinkles of egg….got a burger from there also that was bitten out of…..KRYSTALS SUX…

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