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  • LifeTime Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

LifeTime Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact LifeTime Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Life Time Fitness, Inc.
6442 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-947-0000
Fax Number: 1-952-947-9137
Customer Service Number: 1-952-947-0000

  • 1.Poor Customer service from headquarter lady name "BAD" not trying to listen customer or guest or member at all so please take a caution and make sure about all policy upfront because they can kick you out when ever they want to if you challenging them or asking for true moreover please make sure you have proof for all the communication via somehow because they are the "LIER" number # 1.
    2. Pathetic/Dont care at all about the guest or customer side in any conditions.
    3. Email the GM at the facility No response at all till after 7 days and not even yet as well so it prove how responsible enough they are.
    4. Discrimination the whole family including 1 year old and 4 year old kids, 2 guest and my wife also.
    5. Life time headquarter and locations needed a customer services training and way of professionalism very badly for sure.

  • Hand delivered my cancel notice. Immediate cancellation. Immediate to this place is sitting on it until they want to process, and then they ADD two months of dues to your account. Total RIP OFF! I won't pay so you can keep sending me email after email after email…they are being sent to SPAM box anyway. The good news is…this happened just as my bank was reissuing cards with chips in them…so you can't wipe out my account like you have some other unfortunate members. If I did my job the way this place does – I wouldn't have a job. Time to close this joke of a place down! No way will I ever go back. There are so many other choices with BETTER customer service. Karma will come back on this business. May it come quickly!

  • Why does LTF Tempe allow a member with an unrestrained & untrained dog in the facility repeatedly. Staff respond to concerns by stating it is a service dog. This is questionable based on: the dog doesn't remain next to owner at all times; it wanders, approaches & sniffs strangers; the owner allows people to pet the dog. A trained service dog & responsible owner would never engage in these behaviors. Sept 22, the dog wandered in the weight area. The owner allowed a member to pet it at the personal trainer desk. On the stairs, the dog came up & sniffed me on the landing. The owner called to the dog & proceeded down stairs. Suddenly, the dog bounded, ran up to a member in the hall, jumped up & pinned her against the wall. The owner scurried away calling to the dog, not checking on the person or apologizing. These are not the actions of a legitimate service dog or owner. This dog should not be allowed in LTF. It is a safety & liability issue.

  • /Two weeks ago I had just gotten out of the shower at the Troy, Mi location and had not gotten dressed yet when I heard a key in the lock and someone trying to open the shower door. I held the door shut and shouted "Is someone trying to open the door, I am not dressed." They replied "Sorry". After I got dressed, I went to the front desk to file a complaint. I spoke to Pat who said that was Jason and Patrick and called Patrick to the front desk to help me fill out the complaint form…..he said he was "sorry" and he thinks that should be enough….Obviously, he did not want me to file a complaint….Pat said she would give the complaint to Jason. I said I did not want to give it to him since he was one of the people at fault so she said that she would give it to his supervisor at the Regional office. I have never heard from anyone since. They obviously do not think this is an issue.

  • I was having surgery and spoke to a girl in member services before Feb so I would no get charged due to the family membership is 159.00 monthly.
    I faxed over the surgeons note 2 times and I was contacted excessively about the money I owed when I have not even used their gym because of my condition. I sent them again another dr note and did not even spoke with the act manager. Today I was debited 530.00 leaving me -57.00. I called, finally someone looked and found the note. It will take them 5 days to give me my money back and they cleaned me out. No phone bill money and no gas money. I will never go back there.

  • My kids ages 3 and 4 were banned from kids care for 7 days, for hitting another child. They cornered the child, which I realize is bad. This is the first time they have done anything, and while I agree what they did was bad, I disagree with the punishment (3rd offense punishment), when this was their first offense. I felt bombarded by the staff and caught off guard. They were not willing to work with me. Making me feel awful, leBasically, my kids are awful and they can't come in for 7 days. This isn't my only complaint with lifetime. As the customer, we have no say. It doesn't help to talk to a manager (Jeff May), because you are wasting your time. Whatever staff says….goes. He will not work with the customer at all. I have punished my kids, but at their ages, they don't know the difference between 2 days or 7 days. 7 days is punishing me. I thought the punishment was harsh and we were treated poorly. I have joined another gym today, and looking to discontinue lifetime.

  • Lifetime in Boca Raton, FL has HORRIBLE employees, horrible manager, and pretty much is just a horrible place. Particularly the Medi-Spa, an employee named Michelle who walks around the club like she owns it. She never greets you, never smiles, never helps, and really never even looks at anyone but her boyfriend in Membership. It is rather disturbing to see public display of affection between workers when you are paying hundreds of dollars for a membership. You would think that would not be allowed from a corporate level, but then you have rude employees kissing face all day. It is gross, it is disturbing, and completely unprofessional. I would never go back to this gym, I put in my cancellation which is an absolute pain and of course the complaints of the horrible staff does nothing but give them promotions. Very disappointing, stay far far away!!

  • Horrible customer service at Lifetime in Westminster, Colorado. All their employees are unhelpful. Mangers don't care about any problems at the gym.

  • Swim lessons membership their employees was awful refused to give me credit or place my daughter on the schedule. I pay two month of reoccurring fee the jerks to hard up to have a descent policy for members forget to called or lifestyles too busy. Lindsey at champions in Houston TX area was using profanity and yell to explain I sign a contract she should be fired. Far most the worst contact to scam customers out of their money. They owe me 100.00 it 50 a month my daughter swim lessons. I'm still getting the run around about getting credit to my account or be placed on schedule. Scum bags are greedy pigs with bad policy to run scam they never surrender services. I want my 100.00 back still today waiting on a call and getting the run around.

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