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McDonalds Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ


One McDonald’s Plaza

Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-623-3000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-630-623-5700

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Corporate Stock Symbol: MCD


Mcdonald’s is a famous for its fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers. Mcdonald’s was the pioneer in American Fast Food. Mcdonald’s is the of the premier fast-food restaurant in the US.

Mcdonald’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-244-6227. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

McDonalds Corporate Office

  • the mcdonalds in yuba city ca on stabler lane is the worst. waited 20 min in the drive thru with only 5 cars in front of me and the doors were locked so no one could go inside for some reason. my point is not a lot of people to wait on so why so long of a wait in the drive thru. that's not the worst part the food was horrible. over fried chicken sandwiches with literally nothing on them with bread from the cheap cheeseburgers and i paid for the expensive sandwiches. the fries tasted and felt like they sat in the fryer all day, yuck. what's up with not getting ice too? this is not the first time the service has been so bad. i don't know if someone else bought it and is just cheap because this used to be the best one in town. frustrated to throw away my money on food i ended up throwing away.

  • Folks at McDonalds on Hwy 29 in Cantonment, FL all need to be fired, for starters took 7 times to get order and order still wrong. Got 2 of the orders had to reorder the 3rd because the cashier at drive through could not do her job and confirm order for accuracy, 1st window when receipt handed to me told her 5 times my order, get to 2nd window still don't have order right reordered again for 3rd order (all together) get sent to 3rd window to wait more while 3 cars from 2nd window go around me by then the soggy fries are cold Quarter pounder was cold, Previous recent experience slinging raw food out the window included wet soggy fries, burgers half cooked then slapped together and thrown and I use the term thrown- food not on bun any sauce all over the carton it came up. Lazy staff more important to play and carry on then get a attitude quick when they are interrupted to take your order, I am paying them not the other way around, food is nasty, floors so greasy looking for a accident to happen. Tried to make complaint with corporate headquarters manager Destiny did not want to provide me a corporate number or name she wanted to look into it and make it right, yea right, she was there too. why I am here, appears they don't care either, they have lost my business too many others to chose from. Store # 27599, not my first, 2nd or 3rd time of bad food and service, so I am going strong, they can count on this going to the Health dept.

  • The location in Knoxville, MD has a one terrible manager. This lady is so bossy, rude, bully and retaliate if she does not get what she wants from her staff. According to my daughter she does not drive and constantly ask people at McDonald at this location to either pick her up or to drop her off at her house. It does concern me that this woman is absolutely taking advantage her position to get her way. I will be contacting your office for further information about this manager for bullying! I am not a happy mom!

  • I go to the mcdonalds in Pennsylvania. They serve cold food and the nuggets taste like they never change the oil in the deep fryer. Called the owner he doesnt do anything about it. He owns 3 or 4 Mcdonalds stores. They all are the same he doesnt care what goes on in these stores. Even got a piece of bone in the nuggets. He shouldnt be the owner of these stores. Corporate needs to investigate these stores.

  • While getting breakfast at the McDonald's in Rockvilly,MD #21089, how can I say this the experience was Awful. time 06:24AM, one cashier, gentleman asked for ketchup for hash brown and the store did not have any, McDonald's out of ketchup, really. A lady came and complained about a man in the ladies restroom and you would think they (3 white shirt managers) did not hear her, no one moved. I ordered a breakfast meal did not get a hash brown and the manager looked at me like I had to pay for it separately, its a meal it come with it right. I was upset because they did not have a drive thru but after further consideration I really don't care because I will never go back. McDonald's used to be my favorite place…getting really slim…

  • Shame on McDonald's in myrtle beach for having homeless man and the kind person who bought him food removed by a police officer. This manager should be fired. The officer should be fired also. I hope people boycott mcdonalds .

  • I was at Santa Clara Stores , they had a fight with me over a martial art obi , the cops told me too not award your stores ……..* My advice is hireing and fireing of people till you like the crew you got -We were also at San Jose's they need English speaking people there /get the orders rite

  • McDonald's needs to get rid of the plastic cups and bring back the Styrofoam cups. The plastic cups are terrible. Your ice melts within the hour, then you have a water down drink. The lids fall off the plastic cup. Your customers want the Styrofoam cups.


  • Every day I stop of at store # 4503 in Langley BC and order 3 Burritos and a coke or coffee. Iatey the burritos are dried out on the ends, become smaller and just do not taste very good at all. And to top it off this store has increased the price and made the burritos smaller and no longer look anything like the photo on their signs boards. I have complained to the workers and nothing has changed and continual to be dried out because they have been sitting under the heat lamps for a long time.
    I really believe everyone that works at this store does not care what kind off food they are serving to there customers. And head office either does not care or are behind the smaller burritos, dried out burritos and just don't taste like they use to a month ago. Shame on you head office and the manager and workers at this store. You all have lost touch with the food you serve. Please someone from head office respond to this..???

  • Well, now you've done it I have been a fairly regular supporter of your company for as long as I can remember. This will end very soon if you keep airing the commercial promoting same sex relationships. You are in a position of influence, that I just can't encourage. Sorry, your loss.

  • McDonald's on Declaration Dr. Independence, Ky 41051 Every other week on the same day and or same time, the ice cream machine is down. Same goes for the Mocha machine. What gives, they just decide they don't want to make these items on any given day….I actually called the manager from the drive through while sitting at the window and was told "I was wondering what he was doing". I asked her why she was wondering, couldn't you just walk over and find out?? We were waiting on a mocha!! Be careful what you ask for..Thank you

  • I was traveling with my dog from providence, RI. To Bangor, ME. (4 hour drive) I had to make a stop at LL Bean in “Freeport, ME” well I spent way too much time at LL Bean (3 hours) on the way out of town I notated that “Jasper the dog” was dying of thirst! (He hadn’t had anything to drink since we left RI). I stopped at the local Mc Donald’s waited in line and asked the girl for a bowl of water for my dog “he is dying of thirst”! Her reply was “I’ll do anything to help a dog”! There was nobody behind me and she just about shut down the restaurant to get a lid from a salad bowl and the biggest cup in the place so she could help me out in a desperate situation. That dog drank 30 oz of water in 30 seconds! I can’t thank the Freeport Mc Donald’s for their compassion and commitment to serve not only the customer but the K9 as well. John Spalding

  • Boycott McDONALDS for Idea Theft

    McDONALDS stole my idea for the Big Mac Jr. About one year ago I suggested to McDONALDS that they come out with a smaller version of the BIG MAC because it is a very expensive sandwich. I suggested this to them in a public forum thinking that this would stop them from stealing the idea. I told them they could have the idea for 1 million dollars. Instead of being an honest good company, they decided ripping me off was the way to go.


    And because im a nice person, im gonna make you a deal, you pay me my 1 Million Dollars, and I will give you the biggest money making idea that Mcdonalds has ever seen FREE, just cause you did the right thing and paid me for my idea. I dont want recognition, interviews or a hand out, I just want the money you owe me for unlawfully using my idea.

    So, 2 great ideas for 1 million, or I will cost you money through lawsuits from me and your Franchise owners as they start to lose profits from my worldwide ads that I will post FOREVER,


    McDONALDS stole my idea for the Big Mac Jr. About one year ago I suggested to McDONALDS that they come out with a smaller version of the BIG MAC because it is a very expensive sandwich. I suggested this to them in a public forum thinking that this would stop them from stealing the idea. I told them they could have the idea for 1 million dollars. Instead of being an honest good company, they decided ripping me off was the way to go.


    And because im a nice person, im gonna make you a deal, you pay me my 1 Million Dollars, and I will give you the biggest money making idea that Mcdonalds has ever seen FREE, just cause you did the right thing and paid me for my idea. I dont want recognition, interviews or a hand out, I just want the money you owe me for unlawfully using my idea.

    So, 2 great ideas for 1 million, or I will cost you money through lawsuits from me and your Franchise owners as they start to lose profits from my worldwide ads that I will post FOREVER,


  • On January 21, 2017 my husband and I visited the McDonalds at 1610 US HWY 50, O'Fallon, IL. We were there at approx. 3:30 pm. The following is the list of items seen and experienced:

    Dead bug on women's bathroom floor

    Many multiple tables dirty

    The ketchup dispenser was out and had dried ketsup scab at least 3/4 inch hanging from spout.

    Windows full of fingerprints & smears.

    Booth seats that have vinyl covering is full of stains. I would think able to be wiped off.

    The floors were filthy. Like old greasy filth.

    One of the female workers was standing near fry machine & front counter petting her long ponytail.

    The tray with our food that was brought to us was geasy & finger marked and where the paper mat wasn't you could see old food crumbs. Only ate the fries that didn't touch past paper mat.

    I have never been in such a filthy restaurant like this. And this was not just from opening time to 3:30 pm. You could see that this was old filth. We will not return at this location inside or the drive thru. If this is what I saw at a glance just sitting. I didn't even want to think what it's like behind the counters.

    Every other McDonalds from Belleville to Freeburg that I have visited has been meticulous. My husband and I are 55 & 56 we have been in McDonalds pretty much our whole lives. We know what should be.

  • Hello, I entered the McDonald located 7135 Roosevelt Road Berwyn, IL 60402 on 11-18-16 at 7:20pm. I told the cashier I want to purchase 15 gift cards with a $5 denomination. The male cashier said ok let me go to the back to get them. As he headed towards the back he told the manager and she then said something to him and he asked me how will you pay? I replied with a credit card. The manager said we can no longer accept credit cards for gift cards purchases only cash is accepted. I said "ok" and headed for the McDonald located 111 W. Madison Street Oak Park, IL 60302. I was able to make the purchase of 15 gift cards with a credit card with no problems and was thanked for my patience while they activated each card. My reply was thank you for your patience because I know this is time consuming. The male cashier and manager said "Oh no problem at all" I then passed the time with holiday plans conversation and I did share that these are gifts for my daughter birthday party. So I did purchase a coffee drink and apple pie because of their excellent customer service. So of course I am upset about being lied to and I will not patronize the Berwyn location ever again!!!!

  • I just visited the Mill Valley McDonalds in Marysville ,Ohio. I am in a power wheel chair and often travel the community via chair. As I have in the past, I went through the McDonalds drive through were there was no other vehicle and an attendant out to take orders. She refused me service because I was in a power wheel chair. I informed her that the doors of the store would not accommodate my chair without damage as I had tried in the past. She said she could not serve me because I was a safety hazard. While I was being turned down a car did pull up, but there was no other traffic at the time. This occurred around 11-11:30 AM, 10-10-16. Does McDonalds now deem Handicap customers as undesirables????? I'm pissed !!!

  • Just read you hired H1B visa types for accounting… sorry I will no longer buy anything FROM YOU… GOODBY… too bad… I liked your coffee.

  • No service to law enforcement ? No purchases from me.
    Either control your employees or close shop.

  • East Towne McDonalds Night crew leaves the morning crew with a mess. This morning no one there to open up early. Walkers no coffee no food. You do need to get people who are responsible. I know they are trying to close McDonalds East Towne. Big mistake. Get responsible people, clean the place up. Assign jobs and make people responsible. Management is not good under the present franchise.

  • Maybe it’s so simple that I missed the message as a disabled veteran in a senior citizen with ninth teen (19) years of schooling (four years undergraduate, two years graduate and an American Bar Associate (ABA) Paralegal Certificate). Plus an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer with honorable discharges that has serviced this county during the Vietnam Era and Desert Storm.
    There is a moral order in our society that has been established by business owners and that is to take care of their customers. When there is a failure it moves a customer to think differently. This issue raises an extraordinary interest that compels me to direct your attention to.

    The absence of any articulated response suggests a holding principle not to remedy the issue. Any silence only rubber-stamps the issue and deeply supports the principle of your established business.

    As with any public servant quality services from professional employees are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. However, in some instances an employee can abuse their position of employment or authority.

    There is an acknowledged constitutional right to be recognized and make an argument. The right to be recognized is part of the fundamental principles of the constitution. On the other hand there is a general right that will clearly show an individual’s request as a law-abiding citizen.

    The mere recognition of a written complaint does not mean that the statement governs interest. This issue is important not because of the complaint but because of the denial in listening to the complaint. I realize that no organization is error-free however, it is expected that employees render a level of professionalism that reflects the organization or business goal.

    The troubling aspect about issue occurred on January 27, 2015 at 13:19 p.m. when I visited your store located at 12900 East Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012 (Store No. 13847).

    As a customer I have many choices as to where I can shop and expect a level of professional service that I deserve which reflects the business or company goal. Accordingly, this level of customer service does not reflect McDonalds’s exportation.

    It seemed that the Hispanic female cashier used bias practices. As with any service, quality professionalism is expected and vital for survival. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. In some instances an individual can abuse their position of authority.
    The Hispanic female was directly asked if the store had any discounts for military retirees, senior citizens or government employees. She immediately replied "no." To insure I had established communication I asked her if she understood English and she said yes. To my amazement she could not understand anything I asked her about.

    I immediately asked for the on duty manager. I explained to her that I had asked her cashier if the store had any discounts and the cashier did not understand what I had asked her. The manager defended the cashier actions and stated that she understood what I had asked her.

    As a former service member I have serviced my country with duty, honor and pride. My tours of duties required that I serve eight and haft years in Europe station in Germany. I had no other obligation but to learn the Germany language. I find it totally unprofessional that you would employee an individual that likes the necessary skills to service the public.

    I do not take lightly the practices being conducted by your employees. The troubling aspect of this entire matter is it that you employed her.

    I realize that no organization is error-free however, I am not satisfied with the conduct of the employee.

    Thank you,

  • Stopped @ The McDonalds in Darlington, WI., this is the 2nd time we have been there in a year.Both times this McDonalds has been very dirty, and the flies are rediculous. No excuse for this, and also food was cold.French fries and fish sandwiches should be hot and always fresh! I suggest a surprise visit from corporate a good idea! We rate this store as very poor. Sales associate forgot part of our order also. Nothing good about this store!!!

  • Do Not visit the McDonald's in Willemstad, Curacao. I visited there during an excursion and the Manager, the Cashier/Clerk we truly unforgivably rude. They insisted on giving us food we did not order and refuse to change the order to accomodate my party of friends/family and others from our cruise ship. They told me the manager's name was Glady's then told me it was Gloria. I do plan to contact the Corporate Office.

  • My daughter has worked at McDonald's for 15 years and never wrote up or given a warning about anything. On her Birthday she was made to work and ate a chicken nugget. Yes, she was wrong and offered to pay for it but was fired anyway. I feel that after that many years of service she should have been wrote up of suspended for a length of time but this was too harsh. It was her only income and she admitted they do it all the time as a food quality check and would never do it again. She was told it was ok by other managers but got fired anyway. This was in Newport News, VA on Jefferson Ave.

  • Please bring back the McRib!! We here in the Philadelphia area have not tasted the McRib in three years. That's too long. I love the McRib so much. Please bring it back!!!!!!

  • For 50 years I have been a McDonald's customer around the world, in uniform and as a civillian. Mcs. at 133 rd in St. Joseph Minnesoda, was down right rude and obnoxious. The last time this guy ( senior ) goes in there. Especially a manager called Laura. Bloody lousy. And food was lousy too. I will do the few miles down to St. Cloud and go to that Mcs. A person there each time is treated as a valuable customer.

  • We are employees of McDonalds in Nashville Tennessee, at the location on West End near the park. We have put up with our managers for a long time being rude and down right disrespectful to us. They make us feel that we are slaves and they can say or do whatever they want. This does not apply to all of the manager, their or some excellent one's and then there are those who have been there so long, that they think they can't be replaced. the took our cable box and cable plug from the break room and hid it in the office so we couldn't watch television on break, now who does that? When they find out that a member of high management will be coming in they put on the ritz and were all treated good, but wait until they leave it's back to slavery!! The Mexican managers are the worst, want call any names but sure you know who it is. They are poor excuses for managers, us as employees could do better than them, they are just playing the role and not doing the job. We love our job, and we take pride in serving the customers, but what we don't appreciate is the treatment. When you go to some of the managers to try to get them to help you with a problem there, it's like talking to the McDonalds sign outside, it's just standing and not responding. We need help in our store ASAP, we don't want to leave but it's getting close to it because they make it hard for us. Please send someone there to have a meeting with the employees, all of the meetings are for management, and the employees, oh well nothing. If you care about your employees and want us to continue being a part of the McDonalds team then please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS

  • Our fast food industry are increasingly using old MBA tactic to increase the bottom line. The disconnect between store operations and corporate decisions will increase until someone realizes that less customers is a sign that the problem is not just with the product, but its affordability. I worked in high school at McDonalds and later a Lipton Tea company which uses a very interesting model which could also be used in the fast food industry. It does the exact opposite of what is being taught in our MBA programs. Affordability and price are key, but volume and quality can drive price down to increase traffic and thus profitability. The food industry are digging themselves into a crisis unless they change operations. For example : At Lipton Tea as a temp. I noticed that they had a standard based on availability/ price of tea around the world. The customer would not notice the % of change because of price increases and or shortages for various reasons, but profit remained constant and increased. The standard model was always at work through labor increases, and inflation, cost in transportation ect.

  • McDonald's seems to be having some problems with growth. The food is good but the reason many people do not eat there is simply the MENU. I challenge a McDonald's executive to go to a west coast "In and Out Burger" restaurant and take a photo of their menu and then a photo of the McDonald's menu.

    On the "In and Out Burger" menu you can easily see what to order. On the McDonald's menu, it is so complicated, one cannot figure out what to order. Also, check out the number of people at each site. Burger King has the same menu problems……….

  • I have a concern about the place I work , I have been a hard worker at this McDonald's for 7 yrs , I know the rules against wearing fake nails , but everyone I know does it there , and ask me to do the harder stuff , since they don't want to ruin their nails , and also I has been a year and a half since my last review , and last pay raise , and they continue to ignore me about it. even when the min pay went up , and it says it is standard every 6 months . And they do alot of stealing . One more thing , they hire relatives , girlfriends , boyfriends,and party friends , and make them managers , when hard workers like my self are being put behind. Our store number is 6633 , thank you very much.

  • I visit many Mc Donalds
    I find many have no wallplugs fir purchases that customers pay the bills and the conveinance of every McDonald's supplying customers with a few wallplug outlet isent asking too much…
    Bathrooms many McDonald's bathrooms lack a few things, their large

    enough to accomadate two toilets an
    d two urinals a must…
    Not all McDonald's use liquid pump form in your. Hand anti backterial hand soap a must…
    TV in several mc donalds are out if service and haven't been repaired…

    Hand dryers exvector drys in second, world cheaper dryers are a joke they take too long to dry hands…

    • In mcdonald's restroom next to coat hook they forgot a. Small shelf to place your book, magazine or cup of coffee as you used the restroom.

  • I am 48 years old.I work hard in my life. I don't understand how someone could put a Chicken sandwich in a box with no bottom bun. at this time you are most likely smiling. well Just a month ago I have went and ordered two fish sandwiches. When I got home I couldn't eat them. Why I tell you why, they was so cold and taste bad. really bad. I live about 40 minuets from this store. So it wouldn't pay me to take my food back. I don't think they are going by there times for holding foods. I don't think they care about there food. I don't think they want to work. store # 7742 my name is Terry Coursey. My address is 2040 Pea Ridge Sharon Grove RD Elkton, KY 42220. My phone is 270-604-1261. I think it would be nice if someone would care.

  • Drive at night, keep seeing many of their signs says drive thru open 24 hours, sign lit up. but then no one will come to the window many times and others say no they are not opened.
    What the Hell!
    I do not bother any more I seek out other establishment many times. In the south-east just stop and go into a waffle house they never close!

  • Monday June 23,2014 (12:16) my co-worker and i went for lunch and I must say it was the WORSE visit ever. once we received our food it was cold, soda machine wasn't working. my meal was made wrong, i understand there's a lunch rush since i use to be a manager of a restaurant. The manager on duty didn't seem to care.
    location i went to:
    1839 w Chapman ave
    orange, ca 92868 store#777

    if someone could respond to my comment, $10.00 wasted

    thank you for your time!

  • I was employed at this McDonalds in Montezuma Ga and I was never paid for my orientation hours which was only four hours which would come out to be about 30dollars tops. When I asked about it the first time they told me it would be on my next check and they was trying to say that I only had two hours that i would be getting paid for when my check came but the problem was that they didn't give me my clock in number when they suppose to have given it to me so they said they would be put it on payroll. So I kept working up until my next check but I went in on a off day I had to ask about the missing hours and i was falsely fired because I supposely was on camera eating but i was the only one fired when everyone should have been fired for eating the food taking food one the breaks and not paying the discount amount and for not properly handling the when i did receive my next and last check my orientation hours still wasn't on there so i asked again and the told me they had sent in a fax to the payroll office and that they would resend the next and i could come back in two weeks to pick Ur up but when i called for the last time they told me that the orientation jours should have been on the last check I got. So I'm making complaints everywhere I can

  • They can not get a simple order right. I get a messed up order at least 60 percent of the time and need go park the car, go inside and get the correct order. Just go through the drive-thru and order a hamburger with only mustard, onion, pickles
    NO KETCHUP….. 60 percent or more of the time they will get it wrong.
    Just order something special and hope.

    Do not go there.

  • I wish to thank McDonald's for maintaining their senior discount on drinks. With a set incomes seniors need a break from increasing economy prices of today. Thanks for caring.

  • hi I'm from Australia and I love McDonalds .
    the size of the burgers have become smaller, just want to find out if it's the same around the world.
    kind regards,
    an Australian.

  • They suck they don't even give u what u order macon rd in columbus Georgia store #455 I've have went to McDonald's for almost a year so I desided to give them another try for dinner I orderd a double quarter pounder and when I got back to work it was a single and this happened at a different store a year ago ordered a double quarter pounder and got a chicken sandwich just say no to the arch

  • Don’t know if you will get this as receipt is badly printed we were at store 6395 at 20:48 on 1-3-14, this was about our 12th attempt in as many years to get food at this pathetic location we will not try again as we have NEVER got the food we ordered.
    Tonight a scratchy voice came over the order kiosk: but we knew what we wanted. After a rapid fire hello what do you want I gave my order which included a medium coke: order person repeated the order over a bad connection.

    First they took our money without any verification of our order, then we went to P.U. window they asked 2 cheese burgers? I replied yes they handed me an order it was short the Coke ( drinks your biggest money maker) no napkins at all and the shake was warm.

    In 1961 I worked for one of the 1st MacDonald's in Denver at Colfax and Perry St. at that time a quality product was sold to Customers, a burger was 15 Cents fries 10 Cents they were fresh cooked on the spot, we did a great business for MacDonald's. Just wanted to let you know what a typical night is like there. We won’t ever be back as a Good Times restaurant is only 200 feet away

    Chuck and Char

  • On Monday November 18, 2013, I went to the McDonalds' located at 2994 Poplar Ave in Memphis Tenness 38111-3527 and place my order. Over the PA system rapped music began to play. You know the kind where the artist uses curse language. Of course this came as a complete surprise to me, because, I thought McDonald were a family resturant. But I guess they have change. I will not be going to that resturant ever again.

  • Drop by McDonald's #26284 @ Hwy 6/Stanbridge in Houston, TX this morning and I think this was the dirtiest one I've ever been in. Coke/Coffee spilled all over the refreshment area which made it sticky and it looked like it had been there awhile. Tried to get Dt Dr. Pepper and it came out clear. I then went for the Dt Coke and I couldn't drink it as it tasted nasty. While there 2 other customers brought up their food as it wasn't right (didn't hear the conversation so can't tell you specifically.) We made the decision then we wouldn't never stop by this store again. Thanks for listening to my complaint.

  • HOW ABOUT…never buy or eat their McCrap ever again?? You'll come on here and post ANONYMOUSLY about horrible treatment from your McBoss and horrible customer service, AND you keep going back for more. McDonalds is not your problem…YOUR CHOICES ARE.

  • Mcdonald's is disgusting. The food is delicious, but what is in it. After researching several websites and news shows. Mcdonald's and fast food restaurants like it are the ones plunging this world into obesity. The Pink Slime method is used in Mcdonald's where they take parts of chickens and cow that isn't meant to be eaten into their food. By grinding eyes, beaks, feet, and other inedible parts into a machine that turns it in a pink, gooey substance. To make it that pink that there is a lot of blood mixed in to that. The Pink Slime is then mixed with several different chemical and methods to turn it edible, tasty, and brown or white depending if it is supposed to be a burger or chicken nugget. This is Mcdonald's way of use all parts of the chicken and/or cow to its max.

  • The service at the Mcdonalds Jakarta is not very
    satisfied, the workers are not good discipline, and drive in order sometimes it takes' 15 mint,

  • I work at the oak harbor,ohio mcdonalds the managers there are lazy and don't reinforce rule or proper procedures. My child woke up getting sick at 6am I called into work at that time to be informed I was receiving a write up for calling off two hours before my shift(which the employee handbook states is the appropriate amount of time for an unplanned illness) when I refused to sign my write up I was suspended for five days for the refusal. The managers generally hate there job and take there disliking th job out on fellow crew members. This store is disgusting, and no body but myself will pick up a service towel to clean anything or wipe off grill utensils. This store has failed there F.O.R. once already. I was not trained to neglect such things. I was trained at port clinton mcdonalds by the book and using proper procedure. If something is not done about these things I will no longer be able to work under such conditions. I refuse to eat in the very restaurant I serve food in due to these below poor standards. I honestly hope corporate reads these reviews and comments for everyone who eats here's sake.

  • Restaurant in Coloma, MI. exit 39 on 94 is filthy. Flies all over restrooms and ordering station. Tables not cleaned and floors not swept. Looks like floor wasn't washed in a while. Garbage was overflowing. Couln't get rid of anything because garbage was over the top. Bug zapper hung above customer booths.

  • Hang in there and don't get Obamaed by the Unions. You have the right to pay your employees what ever the law allows.

  • I worked at the here in Birmingham Alabama. I been working there two year and the general Manager is rude and I asked for my raised she told me u want me to do it in the mood I am in. And I was still making 7.50. Then she got her brother working there to. I am calling corporate on her.

  • McDonald's is equal to bad food and bad service. I will NEVER eat there. They are ruining people's health. The meat is of the slime variety and is soaked with amonia.

  • I am extremely concerned about the recent news reports concerning a former McDonald's employee who is suing the firm over unfair payment practices. The employee claims that she was forced to accept her wages in the form of a debit card which charged her fees for ATM withdrawals and other transaction types. The last I heard was that McDonald's was "looking into" the allegations. My question is – how long does it take to "look into" the matter since the employee and location was provided by news sources. Is this an isolated case? Why was management given the option of direct deposit, but the hourly wage workers were not. I have been a loyal McDonald's customer for over 40 years and I love the low prices and taste of your food, but I may never patronize another McDonald's again if this is not dealt with appropriately. The culpable employees have to pay the price for this outrageous act and this former employee must be compensated for the injustice done to her – if it is true. You cannot as a corporation allow these kinds of practices to be tolerated.


  • I don't think that McDonald's management is reading these comments about how bad things are within the company. I think if they would just look at the last month's comments you would get a very good knowledge of what is happening.

  • My 16 year old daughter works for a McDonalds in Kannapolis,NC.She had problems being sick because of kidney stones.Her manager got mad because she got sick on his clock twice and has termanated her.I really dont think this is right.And really dont know who she needs to contact.

  • I worked for a McDonalds in Montague and they brought over a MGR from another Mcd's to try him out. But what they did not see was the crew was dropping like fly's even me. I walked off my shift do to this mgr who was always harassing me and other.This Mgr called me a weak person and and should not be passing out food and that i was better off cleaning the lobby in front of crew and guest. I had just enough of his mouth so I called the District Supervisor for a meeting and I had others come that where also having the same issue. we told them everything even a supervisor said he was caught going through and opening people pay checks to see how much they where making, I was told that there would be no issues and ever ones job would be safe. I was not able to get my job back. Now I here that half the people that went to this meeting have been slowing getting let go. and He is still working at that store. McDonalds has really gone down hill with there MGRs

  • how is it that employees tell managers that a certain some one quit but they were on maternity leave so basicly she got screwed out of her job then top it off fight to. Get a tarnsfer since she didn't quit in he first place top it off won't get her info on what position she had so now she droped down to regular pay and regular position she was working their for 5 years and got denied a management position cus they hire people with out experience yes this mcdonalds in DELAVAN WISCONSIN BASICLY SCREWED HER OVER NOW SHE HAS BEEN 3 WEEKS WITH OUT PAY YOU SHOULD HELP HER OUT CUS ITS CRAP HOW PEOPLE. Say stuff and the managers believee an employee that don't knwo what she is talking about

  • i work at a mcds in palmdale ca. i thought i was the only one who got treated so low and discusting! what is wrong with some of these people in the U.S!who do they think they are! ihave only begun to get something going on getting some answers to the bs i am going through! i will return maybe with answers maybe no answers

  • Why don't McDonald deliver? McDonalds would make more money that way and it would help society with the job rates. I think with the world evolving each year, McDonalds should step up a few levels and start delivering.

    • Mcdonalds? Deliver? that is a terrible idea Mcdonalds is already one of the main sources of obesity in most countries making the meals delivered would encourage more people to eat it and they don't even have to get off their couch.

  • Why do your Manager's working either from home or at the office get a company car and also a yearly bonus of 20 to 30k. Especially the people that live in the Colorado Springs and Arizona areas. Don't tell me that they do extra work because that's a pile of you know what. These people should not receive both because the company could give move to the people of lesser pay or back to the McDonalds restaurants. They are the people the customers see every day and show a attitude about the company

  • Why do your Manager's working either from home or at the office get a company car and also a yearly bonus of 20 to 30k. Don't tell me that they do extra work because that's a pile of you know what. These people should not receive both because the compay could give move to the people of lesser pay or back to the McDonalds restaurants. They are the people the customers see every day and show a attitude about the company.

  • hi i am am emplyee of mcdoanld in hawaii, let me tel u about the mangement at the waiane mcdonalds, they are mean , rude, and only care about thereselves, and the money. my rude manager named jencye gor away wirh murder, while i got transfreed to anthor mcdonalds, the mangers will always win and no matter what a red shrit does the boss does not take the red shrit serosily. and that makes me mad

  • My wife Joey was attacked Tuesday, November 27, 2012. She went to McDonalds on the East hill of Kent WA and had pulled around to a parking space. She was programming the GPS to find Fry's. Some guy opened her car door and just started punching her. She tried to get away by trying to move to the passenger seat while all the time yelling. Then the guy just ran off. Some people came out of McDonalds to help. They called 911 and when I got there the police were trying to get the security footage.

    The officer from Kent who is investigating the assault told us that McDonalds Corporate has to give the local McDonalds permission to release the surveillance footage.

    I contacted the McDonalds where the incident took place. There address and phone number are 10125 Southeast 256th Street, Kent, WA 98030. (253) 852-5810.

    I called McDonalds Corporate Office at 630-623-3000 and after navigating their telephone tree, I talk to the switchboard operator and she directed to the HR. The lady I talked said the video is proprietary and that they need a subpoena to release the video and that I should let the police take care of it.

    The incident took place in the parking lot, not inside the restaurant. What possible proprietary information can be disclosed from a video of the parking lot? Why would they make it so difficult to get the footage so this person can be identified?

    All I am trying to do help get a violent person off the street before he hurts some else.

  • Hi mc'd seniors i had worked in this respected company as a operation department. and my employee id is 91090. actually i had given resine due to my critical problem on 14 sep 2012. but till now my account did not sattlement yet.
    so i request to the seniors as soon as possible you got it resolved my rest salary.
    i will be extremly thanks full to the mc'd seniors.

  • I was on an ocean cruise (Nov 2012) which dropped in to Suva ,Fiji. I went in to the McDonalds near the terminal and bought a Big Mac and a large coke. Imagine my surprise to be charged 23 Australian dollars! Thats about 3 times the normal Australian price, man they fleece the tourists there.

  • the mkcdonalds stanton ky is one of the worst i have ever been in the service is real bad food is cold most of the time the manger the way he talks and cures them is terrible i dont see how he gets by with it i would for for him at 7.50 and hour

  • I wanted to leave a complaint about the picture that I saw that show the idiots at a franchise flying a flag at half mast and/or upside down. This is a VERY direspectible thing to do, especially in this country. I do NOT want to hear this happened because this is a franchise.You screen, or supposedly screen these people before they are granted a franchise, or is just BECAUSE they have the MONEY to invest in a franchise? This picture has been on my facebook, and believe me, it is now making its rounds. Expect to see a decrease in customers. We will continue to pass this on. Boycott McDonalds. Physically and mentally you're a mess.

  • The McDonalds on Goodman Road in Olive Branch, MS is in serious need of cleaning. I took my children there because they have a Play Place. I could not believe how disgusting and down right filthy the place was. The floors looked like they hadn't been swept in quite a while, the tables were not wiped down, and there was ice cream or at least I think it was ice cream smeared on the wall and a moldy smell as well. NOT appetizing!!! Next time I'll take my kids to Chick-Fil-A.

  • my name is robert henson I contacted you guys about a problem I had .
    and I got a call from the store and they said they could not do anything about the problem .
    so I am giving you a chance to fix this problem before I contact the bbb about you guys .

    • i am still waiting to see what mcdonalds is going to do about mopping there floors in the middle of lunch hour and still expect not to pay someones er visit bills

  • Anonymous october 23, 2012
    My McDonalds in Wellington, KS. is always full of flies. You express your disgust to the managment and they just laugh it off. The owner blames corporate, saying that they don't allow any strips or anything to be done about the flies. Customers have to bring there own fliswaters and dead ones are all over the place. It's disgusting!!! No other place in town has any flies.

  • thats fine and dandy for the people that are complaining about that i would agree no phones at work. but when you are following the rules and the only reason why you are not going any were is your skin color what then when you exhaust all efforts from sitting down with the higher ups to talking to every one face to face its all about what your ethnic background is and because im not mexican and speak proper english and know how to do things the right way not half assed like the rest i still get screwed over what then?

  • ok i work at hispanic mcdonalds all of the managers exept 2 ar spics all of them are not of this contry they dont have green cards i have watch a manager change their name and ssi number i was offered a promotion by our store manager and when this mexican manager who is acctually somewhat legal found out she threw a hissy fit and now my hours went from 35 to 40 a week to just changed to 15 with a rewriten scedual i do think this is bs and i do think it is a crime some how if i must i will have a lawyer sit in on it but i should not have had this done and i really dont think anyone from corp. care about any of us just about the money and stocks.

  • Hey this is a message to anyone who lives in Ashland Va and thoes who may stop by the Ashlan McDonald's right off the highway. I was in there two days ago and I asked for some hot fries because the fries that they had given be were cold and nasty so I was like wow can I get some hot fries? The manager was like sure so as I'm standing there waiting for my fries I could see the timer on them and it was 56 seconds left. She pulled them up and dumped them in to the contanier that holds the fries she put salt on them and put them in a bag and gave me half cooked fries. I asked her what her name was and she told me her name was Ronsheka I dont know if I have it spelled right but any way so I perceded to aske her do you normally sell half cook food to you guest and she said they are not half cooked sir so just as she said that timer goes of and I said had they not been half cooked you would be just pulling them up right now because your timer is going off. She just stood there and look at me no i'm sorry would you like me to fully cook you some fries or do you want your money back nothing and she just looked at me for about 10 seconds and walked away. I will never eat there again!!!

  • please stop doing construction on you building 6034 w 95th street in oak lawn il 60453 in the early morning hours. since thursday oct 11 2012 between the hours of midnight and 5 am you are doing construction on your restaurant and disturbing the nieghborhood i like to sleep at night and not have to hear the sound of electric saws and pounding of hammers i have contacted the oak lawn police and i will continue to contact them every night that you start construction after 11pm

  • I was wondering, since you claim to be a family friendly restaurant… Why aren't your bathrooms kid friendly? I would you think you would have mini toilets and sinks at a lower level. When you're 2 and potty training, an adult sized toilet that is almost eye level is pretty daunting. Then when sat on, it tries to swallow the child whole. That would be terrifying to me as a small child. Then the sink issue. It's a huge pain to hold a child up, work the faucet, help rub their hands together, and wash them off. Anyhow, just a thought for a "family" friendly restaurant.

  • Wow. About 2% of you made it through your post without mis-spelling anything or leaving out words. The rest of you- keep your worthless comments to yourself. No one cares, and all you're doing is showcasing how irresponsible and pathetic you are. I'm no teacher, just an average person, but it's frustrating to see how dumb people are becoming. "I'm told don't do this…don't do that…why can't I play on my phone at work…" there's a reason why you're not getting anywhere. If managers let you do whatever you wanted nothing would ever get done. Do the world a favor and quit your whining.

  • I am very disappointed after speaking with the Area Mgr of the South Holland, Il location because I was told that they are not able to accomindate me as a customer when I order a breakfast burrito without cheese bc they come frozen and they do not thaw them out to make fresh for the customers bc they are too busy. But the Matteson, Il location (just 20 mins further south) makes it without cheese when I order it everytime. So to me that means that the Matteson location cares about accomindating their customers and takes time to do so whereas the South Holland location doesnt care about providing customer service bc they are too busy to do so.

  • I am totally upset. I purchased two small fries at McDonalds on 7 mile in Detroit store# 7025. The fries were like rubber, but I was like 5 miles away before I started eating them. Frustrated because they were supposed to be for me and my 4 yr old grandson's lunch. I couldn't eat them, they were that bad. I stopped at another McDonald's on Greenfield and 8Mile in Southfield because it was en route home. I asked them if I could exchange them for some fresh fries. The cashier went to another person, I presumed, management, that person mouthed who, she pointed to me and shook her head no. How could they deny me if I had my receipt. I believe if I was of a different color or dressed in the manner of a business person, they would have done it. I asked them if they were going to make me go all the way back where I got them from and their answer was yes we can't do it. They didn't know who I was, if I was a shopper or what. I am really upset! Sooo, I did go back to the store and without question, they gave me 2 more and upped the size. That was nice, but got home and the fries still tasted the same, rubbery and old. I can't burn another ounce of gas on McDonald's. I want my money back or a coupon equivalent to what I spent on your food and gas. I feel so belittled by the Greenfield-8Mile store, so insignificant. So, my grandson ate something else.

  • As an employee at McDonalds I've seen a lot of wrong choices be made; from expired buns to serving food past the expiration date and much more, but the worst is to be a manager and not get a raise! As if they don't have the money to give raises. They have over a hundred employees at most of the McDonalds around the world so we know they're making money. The drive thrus are always packed and slow moving. The worst thing ever is having half cooked food and serving it! Yuck!!! Yep I still work there and complain!

  • Dear Sirs,
    Good night!
    I am a costumer from Brazil. What´s happening about the sandwich "mac fish" the franchising restaurants are serving in Brazil?
    I have eaten this sandwich in Mac Donalds for ten years.
    Although Brazilians sandwiches are one of the five most expensive in the world, during this time they have cut the chease in a half, the maionese with peacles( nowadays you can´t taste it, because they don´t cut them anymore, just grate, once there was just a little maionese in one I ate). The piece of fish is so smaller than used to be.
    The advertisement and all boxes of that sandwich lie to the costumer. It´s a crime in Brazil according to the costumer code.
    The quality and quantity of this sandwich is a joke in Brazil.
    My friends and I stopped to eat in Mac Donald´s. Your company is losing their costumers to other foreign fast food franchishing for these resons: expensive sandwich without quality and quantity.
    It is well known here. We fell really disrespectfull.

    Question: What´s the company going to do to fix this problem about quantity and quality with "Mac Fish" in Brazil?

  • At the McDonald's I work at, I am constantly made fun of, talked about, and talked down to by nearly all the management staff. The harassment was all fun and games- that is until it became an everyday thing. I try to be happy, I try to smile, now every time I go in to work I absolutely dread it. They always ask me about my "bad attitude"… well? WHAT DO I SAY?? I put in my two weeks notice because I am moving out of state; however, it seems that things have only taken a turn for the worst. Aside from the very few nice co-workers on my usual shift, there are several managers in mind who really like to dig down deep. I'm pretty sure it's against company policy for management to talk about employees.. to other employees.. I know that they think I can't hear it- well they are wrong. I don't say anything because I try not to care, but I do. It is downright disrespectful and unprofessional. I complain a lot on the job now- because there are definitely things to complain about! The racks for grill are so disgusting words cannot even describe, I'm always in dirty surroundings- when a mess is made it's not immediately cleaned, it is left there for quite a long time- sometimes hours. If pictures of even half of the things we use to cook with were released, I'm sure there would be a drop in customers. I'm just over-the-top 100% DONE with the treatment I've received working here, I've always told myself I would never work at a McDonald's, and here I am today complaining about the exact things I knew were going to happen. This is my first job, I'm 18, but that sure as hell does not give one single person to treat me as badly as I am at the Tecumseh, OK McDonald's.

  • And to the guy above who says just to call the 1800 number….it does absolutely NO good at all…trust me. Its a big corporation, that is doing great in a poor economy just like it always does and doesn't give a rats ass about its customers…..because we all just keep coming back again and again and again….it's so sad 🙁

  • HELP:

    So I was working here from November 2011 – June 2012 and I was being paid 7.25 when I was supposed to be getting paid 7.50. I talked to the store manager and the people over at the corporate office in my city! They claimed the problem would be fixed but never was. The store manager told me he had went to corporate and they said it would be fixed so I waited no change so I called corporate they told me they didn't know anything about it so I went back to the store manager and he claimed to go back but it was just a repetitive situation! What do I do I really don't want to take it to court because it's not like it's a million dollars but I still need what's owed to me ! Someone suggested I call the overal corporate but I'm unsure


  • Dear sirs,
    I'm contacting you after sending an e-mail to your head office in Brazil as you can see below.
    Inview words I was complaining about the price increase of nearly 25% the last 3/4 months and about the food manipulation. Nobody uses gloves and the same person who is taken the money is after 10 minutes the food without any protection. I received a quick standard e-mail as you can see below as answer. Meanwhile the only thing that changed was the price. Now not nearly 25% anymore but more then 25% since I'm counting.I wouldlike to take the opportunity to tell you something for my understanding meaningless:
    this week you have the Mc Happy Day. Everything very pretty but most families herein Foz do Iguaçu are very simple. If they have 2,3 childrens they can'tpay to take all of them to Mac Donalds. I understand then that the"charity" has his limits and if the simple childrens in Foz do Iguaçu
    can't go even if sometimes to the expensive Mac Donaldas is their problem.I remember 20 years ago when I lived in Rio de Janeiro and took my daughter every weekend to Mac Donald's after a movie. Today I wouldn't do it. I would rather save some Mac Donald's time/hamburgers and go to a really restaurant. The price would be fairer.
    Mac Donald's is not for everybody any more. Mac Donald's grows in price and reduce in hygiene. Is a pity.

    Kind regards,

    Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:10:52 -0300
    Subject: McDonald's tem uma mensagem para você

    Muito obrigado por entrar em contato conosco. Toda oportunidade para estreitar laços com seus clientes é para o McDonald’s uma experiência sempre muito valorizada.

    Informamos que sua mensagem já foi encaminhada aos departamentos competentes dentro da empresa para que o assunto seja devidamente apurado.

    Esteja certa de que em qualquer situação a empresa sempre atuará com a responsabilidade de jamais abrir mão do padrão de qualidade que a caracteriza mundialmente.

    Departamento de Relacionamento com o Cliente

    McDonald's Brasil

    Há 33 anos fazendo parte da vida dos brasileiros.

  • The manager wanted to not resolve the missing hash brown in my meal. I had a receipt at time of purchase, but when I mentioned it on next visit (which I did not get a receipt this time at all), he said I had to have a receipt from the last week. When you call McDonald's over a wrong order or missing item, they tell you to come back up and they will give it to you – by then your meal is cold and who pays for your gas and time to go back up to get it; of course you would just resolve it the next time you went there. The manager has a negative attitude and thinks it is no big deal and did not care about a report to the BBB or a negative review on here. McDonald's now thinks they have so many customers they don't care if they lose some over petty things – McDonald's customer service is terrible. I told him now I have to hold up the drive thru each time to make sure the order is right because he would not give me what was owed to me, which costs more in his company time and money than the 2 dollar hash brown is worth, but he does not care how much it cost his company.

  • To whom concerned . This Mcdonalds in Monteagle is Bad bad . They hardly EVER have sweeet tea in loby, 4 or 5 people standing around and doing nothing. If you ask for a Tea it s like its a burdon on them to get the tea and hand it back to me. The Bathroom/restroom well lets just say that if i was a food inspector i would SHUT the store down urine on the walls and crap also. Not to mention the RED bucket of Fries sitting just to the left of the fryer that you can see NATS flying around,and that is behind the counter where you order the food. Me and a friend go in almost ever day mostly for the sweet tea which is good if you can get any. I am thanking of going on facebook or twitter taking my cell phone in and taking pictures and posting them for everyone to see. I thank the store number is 23100 its in monteagle ,tn 37356. thanks Richard

    • Up Date They still do not hardly ever have sweet tea NO CHANGE There. However they did change the red bucket, it's now sorta off white can't tell thank it's supposed to be white. still piss running down the walls and crap everwhere. (DO NOT USE THE RESTROOM AT mcdonalds IN Monteagle,tn) Probley ketch something a jax want take off. store number 23100 pretty shure on that and watch out for the D.P.GNATS. they bight 2 !!!! the guy mopping never changes water just moves the dirt and GERMS from one spot to another spot. I DONT WANT OR NEED FREE FOOD!!! Just want these people to clean this place up. and some sweet tea would be nice 2

  • So i go to mc dees in victoria texas 77901 & order a 20 p nuggets & 2 large fries so i am waiting for my order & the rude lady said 4double cheese bugers on purposd cause she didng like me so i am waiting and people that were behind me were getting there food well turns out she called out the wrong thing on purpose so my food can get cold so i went up to the register & told them wheres my food & thats lady jumps in & says its right here i called it out she made me very mad itsre thay the mc dees connected to the store on bloomington hwy nobody does there job there Thdy just joke around and do things fo ppls food even the managers let them do what they want. Please do something & there mc dees & say they dont have cherry berrys what is that about other mc danolds has them

  • (VICTORIA TX 77901)My Mom Order 8 Of The Breakfest Platers & She Told The Lady All 8 Are In The Bag Right She Replyed Yes So Turnz Out When She Gets Home Theres Only 7 So She Calls Them To Let Them Know & They Say We Put 8 In There & They Didnt Beleive Us So My Mom Said I Am Gonna Go Down There & iWant My Other Platter Yall Shorted Me & The Manager Say Its Already 10:40 We Dont Serve Breakfest After 10:30 & My Mom Said Yall Should Be Able To Fix Yalls Mistake Yall Made. But Shd Never Did Nothing,

  • Hello if some read this letter i will like to let them know to the manager why one of the maintenance crue is acting like the king of the world telling customer how to drink coffe and no ask for cream and sugar because is an extra cost or askin for emigration status whe he is a mexican and saying he work for the bigest corporation worl wide.
    What so ever i belive he have to be glad to have a job and been using some one else identity the name of the employe is jose beltran and work at mcdonalds in 1739 divisader and abby so please do something and teach this person good manners and education

  • I live in Horry county SC and myself and my family eat at McDonalds very often and don't have any complaints worth talking about. My reason for wrighting this is to ask who do I talk to about cleaning the tile & grout floors. Out of all the McDonalds in this county i have not seen even one store that is clean as it can and should be. I am the owner of D&K Floor and Surface Solutions and I am asking for a chance to show what your stores can look like after I clean them. I gave a proposal to the Carolina Forest store some months ago and it seems that they could care less about the condition of the floors. If there is someone reading this and truely cares about the health and safety of customers and the employee's that work at these locations please give me call at 843-450-0875. I would love to have the work at these locations but above that it is crazy to over look the facts of having a clean resturant and I am here to help with the problem.

  • You guys are idiots. Complaining here is not going to change a thing. Call the 800 number located on the receipts, and McDonalds will do what it takes to make it right.

  • Grammar is not the issue here if you are so smart you should be a teacher
    We trying to get satisfaction don't need smart remarks you are probably one of the people that mistreated others go some where and say a prayer ask for guidance to stop judging people teacher .he witout sin throw the first stone grow up smh!!!!

  • Ii must just be lucky!! twice in one day at the Molalla
    McDonalds. I went in for two very simple things one at lunch was a Mc Chicken and small fry. went to pay and got a bill for $12.54. I went to pay and the guy had already swiped my card. and I asked him how much? he said $12.54. no I don't think so. he then realized he was doing the guy in the drive thru that was (behind) me. His manager then had to fix the register the young Spanish boy stated to his boss the card looked the same as the other one. Not sure how he even knew what his card looked like since he had not even got to the window to pay yet? the manager asked if I wanted the money back or credit my account. I opted to credit my account. I drove up to the window to pick up my order they tried to give the $12.54 bag of food to me . I explained to the Spanish gal that it was the next guys order. she then handed me my order. Boy got it done. Now tonight my husband and I wanted a yogurt parfait and I though a $1.00 mocha freeze sounded good. got our order and drove into the safeway parking lot. I then asked for the mocha drink. my husband stated it's not in here meaning the bag. I said are you kidding i looked at the sales slip and they charged me $3.75. I had made sure and stated during my order I want the $1.00 one that they been advertising on TV. they then said yes we have those. when I went back to get my mocha freeze the older gal (Spanish) gal talked perfect English. was going to give me a refund and I thought my drink. But in stead she said we are all out of chocolate chips???? what the hell is going on with people I told her just give me my money back. Why was that not mentioned by the man that told me yes we have those $1.00 mocha's. Our little town suffers a lot with keeping business going and striving for good customer service. I just hate to see if this happened to me twice in one day. Imagine how many customer get pissed off and turn away giving you business I would think in this struggling economy that you could at least get some what qualified people to do the job kind of??? what is going on that your corp. isn't even aware of what goes on and or do You Really Care.

  • I wonder how we are still in business? I work for a McDonald's in Colorado Springs and I have seen every kind of scam to get free food and it is just ridiculous how the public tries to scam like this. I am a believer in karma and what goes around will eventually come back at you. So for those of you who scam cut it out it is a waste of our time and money.

  • Dear Sir,

    1. I am serving army soldier and have been serving the nation for the Nobel Cause for last 28 years.

    2. I am big big fan of the Mc Donald’s, ever since its existence in INDIA. However, the EPISODE accrue on 12 July 2012, at around 1300hrs feel me very DISAPPOINTED and DISGUSTED. The incident is narrated as following paragraphs :-

    A. I was having 4 (four) FREE COUPONS of Mc Donald’s, which I produced for the redemption. I asked the lady over there to arrange to pack the delivery items so that I can fetch them to my home for consumption by me and my family. However, the lady over there informed me that I will have to make another purchases worth Rs 400/- to redeem these coupons. Simultaneously, I purchased two PIZZA WRAPPED MEALS and an ICE CREAM worth some 412/- bucks.

    B. To my UTTER SHOCKIKNGS the entire stuff was given to me in open paper envelopes. The same was not wrapped/packed properly. On asking fort the carry bags the representative expressed here inabilities to provide me the carry bags. On approaching THE MANAGER, over there he too expressed his inabilities.

    C. On several requests the Manager promised me to arrange some cartoon box. When I reached my home, I found the cartoon box provisioned by the COVETED MCDONALDS was in very SHABBY and BAD status (probably it was utilized for carriage of some GARBAGE or likewise stuff). Further, the entire food stuff including the soft drinks was SHATTERED inside that shabby box (since it was not packed properly and was poured in the open paper envelopes).

    3. It is VERY PERTINENT to mention here that I was compelled to throw the ENTIRE STUFF including that ill-fated and shabby cartoon and was DISAPPOINTED with the services extended by the McDonalds.

    4. I have also placed WRITTEN COMPLAINT to this regards with the Manager, then and there. However, I am yet to be contacted for the REDRESSAL.

    5. Forwarded for your INFORMATION and NECESSARY ACTION AS DEEMED FEASIBLE, at this stage please.

    Yours sincerely,

    Subedar Sanjay Wagh

  • McDonalds is not a place I would work at ever again. The managers are rude and messy. And they hire their family members as management as well. They hire to many ppl on one shift than blame you for it. By cutting your hours or taking you down to 1day a week. I wouldn't advise ANYONE to work here. McDonalds in Eastwood/Crestwood. Birmingham, AL.

  • I was charged $.29 + tax for a cup of water at the McDonald's in Newland, NC. Terrible. They won't be getting my business any more.

  • the mcdonalds i just went to was the worst service i have gotten, not only did they refuse to give me my order, when they gave me my money back i didnt get all of what i gave them. i have gone there for awhile now and the managers there are disgraceful and very unprofessional. i will not be returning there.

  • Just in case you are not aware, circulating on Facebook is a picture if a burger that says McDonald burgers are only 15% t and 85% filler with cancer causing chemicals. There is so much garbage out there.

  • How do I really launch a complaint? I have tried email and post from the McDonald's home site, the email on this page and the location's Facebook. No one has attempted to contact me and I had an unbelievable horrid experience. At this point I feel, and it certainly seems true, that McDonald's does not care at all about their customers or their satisfaction. Me waiting in drive for 20 min to order, 5 to get the food. Then after all that time cold fries. No manager. 5min to get fresh fries. Does McDonald's care about food quality? So I guess I should no longer go to any of these restaurants? Im not postin my personal info again. Besides I have already emailed and given that info.

  • Every Friday and I mean every Friday my family been going to the McDonald located at 1935 Tully Rd. in San Jose, Ca 95122. We been loyal customer because we like takin the kids there to play while we order their food on Fridays when we got out of church. The lady who clean there name Josephina has for about 4 time now block the entrance to the play ground and turn off the light on the kids do they could enter the play ground . We have talk to manager and they have all been understanding of letting the kids play but tonight manager came up a new rule that never been brought up. She said the play ground close by 10 not 11 pm when they close. Well there no sign saying that! We been there and have seen kids still playing there after 10 pm. They just lost costumer and we'er taking our children some were else we'er they won't be neglect .