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Reach Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office 

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The Mellow Mushroom corporate office is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Below are comprehensive details about Mellow Mushroom headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the casual dining and pizza restaurant industry.

How To Contact Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters – Overview

  • Mellow Mushroom Main Office Address – 5375 Drake Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30336, USA
  • Parent Company Home Grown Industries, Inc. Address – 5375 Drake Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30336, USA
  • Mellow Mushroom HQ Phone Number – 1-404-505-2801
  • Mellow Mushroom Home Office Complaints Department – 1-404-505-2801
  • Mellow Mushroom Human Resources HR – 1-404-505-2801
  • Mellow Mushroom Customer Service Number – 1-404-505-2801
  • Mellow Mushroom Website: mellowmushroom.com
Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office
Mellow Mushroom Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Map and Directions To Mellow Mushroom Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of Mellow Mushroom’s History

Founded in 1974, Mellow Mushroom has established itself as a unique and eclectic pizza restaurant chain, known for its creative and artistic approach to casual dining. The brand offers a variety of handcrafted pizzas, hoagies, salads, calzones, and an extensive beer selection, all served in a relaxed and quirky atmosphere inspired by the 1970s. Mellow Mushroom’s parent company is Home Grown Industries, Inc..

The Casual Dining and Pizza Restaurant Industry and Mellow Mushroom’s Position

In the competitive pizza market, Mellow Mushroom competes with chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s, as well as local pizzerias. Mellow Mushroom stands out with its commitment to high-quality ingredients, unique and creative pizza offerings, and a distinctively artistic and mellow dining experience. Other competitors to Mellow Mushroom include Mountain Mike’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Giordano’s, and Vocelli Pizza.

Mellow Mushroom’s Artistic and Quality-Centric Approach

Mellow Mushroom is dedicated to offering a memorable dining experience. The chain focuses on serving freshly made, inventive pizzas in a fun, art-filled environment, ensuring a unique and enjoyable visit for guests of all ages.

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Mellow Mushroom Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Mellow Mushroom’s food and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s dedication to providing a unique, high-quality, and mellow pizza dining experience.

Mellow Mushroom Poor Customer Service

January 30, 2024

The General Manager called my wife a liar. Never has called me back! I was going out to do some errands and my son called a stated he wanted Mellow Mushroom pizza for his 21st birthday. I changed my plans and went to Mellow Mushroom for my wife and myself to eat lunch and to get a pizza to go. Then we would do our running around after we drop off the food. Got inside of the door and was told it would be 15 to 20 minutes. I had blood clots in my legs, so I stood there for a few minutes. Then I decided that I would sit down. Went over to my right and seat down at a bar table. My wife stood there by me for a few and decided to sit down. So, she grabs a chair and sits down. After 10 minutes or so I asked my wife, do you want a beer? She said we call until our table is called. Went to the bar and ordered a beer for her. We saw people that came in after us get taken to the table. Not once did my name get called to go to the table. Now we were getting a little upset. Now after about 30 minutes total we were offered a menu. I order a water, beer for my wife again, and pretzel bits. My Wife’s beer came over to her within a couple of minutes. I seat there for 15 minutes waiting on my water. Here it finally came. My wife and I just kept looking at the people who came in after us, and were already eating their food. We were told the pretzel bits would be coming out shortly. We order Pizza for us to eat and take home for dinner later and a pizza to go for my son. We also ordered a steak sandwich for my wife. I am leaving out things that happened so this review will not be a page long. We got our pizza and sandwich. We have no teeth. (The pizza comes right out oven to your table, it should burn your toothless mouth) I picked up a slice of pizza and it was not hot. I took a bit, and it was cold. I had my wife take a bite and she said it was cold. She said look at my sandwich and feel it. The darn sandwich was cold. I put my finger in the middle of the sandwich, and I did not even try to pull my finger back. The sandwich looked like a whole bunch of steakems on a bun stuck together. The meat was not even separated to put on the sandwich. I was so upset; I gave my card to my wife as she is requesting a manager. The reason I was so upset was, we got a Mellow Mushroom at 2:15 pm. Our check was cashiered out at 4:00 pm. My wife came to the car and said let’s just go. The B just called me a liar! I asked her if she paid the bill. She told me no. I told her to go back in to settle the tab. She paid the bill and we left. I called on Monday and asked for the store Manager. I was told she was not there, and that he would leave her a message to call me back. I was also advised by the kitchen Manager, that the General Manager was the one that helped my wife out on the problem on Saturday. How did she help? She called my wife a liar and said she took the food out of the oven herself. I called a couple of days later and asked to speak with the General Manager, and she was gone for the day. The same Kitchen Manager was the Manager that I talked to the first time. He advised me that he left her a message to call me and that he would leave it again. I also advised him that If I didn’t hear from her, I would call the corporate store and file a complaint. I also told him I would leave a very bad review if I did not hear from her. No contact to this day. So here is the review. One hour and forty-five minutes later left hungry and very upset. Had to change plans for my sons 21st birthday, because of being at Mellow Mushroom for close to 2 hours. We were given cold food and called a liar. My question to anybody that reads this is, what would you do? All almost a hundred in food ordered and left hungry and with a cold pizza. I have taken many people to Mellow Mushroom for lunch over the years. Really don’t know if we will ever return to a Mellow Mushroom.

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