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  • Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters

Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters

Home-Grown Industries of GA
5375 Drake Drive
Atlanta, GA  30336
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-505-2801


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  1. Just had an awful experience at your Acworth Georgia location. Upon entering the premises to pick up an online order there was a line out to a main road, instead of pulling in and circling the building to form a line congruent with the building/parking lot- the employees allowed a line to form that blocked an intersection and access to the main lot. An accident occurred between myself and another driver. I parked and the other driver called his father to come assess the situation. While inside waiting I was approached by a man and the boy + another young man and we began discussing the situation. We were approached by an employee and I was told that they would not give me my order until I gave the man my info (which, had he been part of the conversation- would have known). Outside we settled the situation in the way a small town resident does. I then returned to get my order and was not welcomed by the front desk. Instead, I had to ask a separate worker if the order was ready and was met with rudeness and unprofessional characteristics by all present employees. Later that night I returned to pick up another online order that was due for pickup in 3 minutes and was told it would not be ready for 10 minutes. I returned to my car to wait for another 7 minutes at which point the order was 5 minutes late and was told it wasn't ready and to go wait in the line at the curb. 3 minutes later a flamboyant boy approached me with my order saying I was banned. I then calmly filled him in on the occurance, explained that everything was worked out, and also that seeing as how I was approached by three men while waiting that I caused no disruption , but these 3 men did and that his argument was baseless considering he was not present. I'll be filling a formal complaint against him tomorrow.

  2. Bring Back the old baked potato pizza with the potato slices instead of potato chunks. We have chosen not to eat your pizza until you change.

  3. Me and my friends went to the location in Atlanta ga.. Our food and drinks took over an hour. Our waitress was very rude..

  4. My son and I are at the Mellow Mushroom location at The Island in Pigeon Forge, TN. This place is disgusting! At least 10 tables are not cleared off, the silverware is dirty and customers are having to clean tables off for themselves. Really?!?

  5. Your location in Pigeon Forge TN rocks!! I would like to let you know about the most pleasant experience we have ever had at a Mellow Mushroom. We visited your location at 2485 Parkway in Pigeon Forge TN., We came in and sat down almost immediately. Your manager at that location saw us sitting there. He thought I guess that we maybe had complained and we explained that he must have us confused we just sat down. He said he did not like to see customers sitting there and offered us an appetizer. He then personally took our order and made sure it got out quickly.
    Both your manager and the waiter made us feel like VIPS. It was such a pleasurable experience that I wanted to share it with you. It is not often a
    manager cares enough to give such personal attention.

    What this manager did not know is that I have visited many other Mellow Mushrooms that I have waited 30 minutes just to be seated, then given lukewarm pizza at best.
    never has a manager come out to see how our experience was.

    I watched this manager in your Pigeon Forge location visit other tables as well.
    Please share this with everyone what a wonderful job this manager is doing.

    Sincerely Appreciative Customer
    Tammy Miller

  6. Just left the new St. Louis location, worst experience ever. I have been to the Hilton Head location several times and loved it. We waited for over 1 1/2 hours all while there were at least 12 empty tables, which they said that they could not seat anybody at because the kitchen might get backed up. Even though there was another 45 minute waited once you ordered. At least 20 people walked out including me. Won't last 6 months. Wait staff standing around talking to each other. We sat at the bar, maybe 15 people, 3 bartender s and it still took 15 minutes to get a drink. Terrible

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