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  • New York and Company Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

New York and Company Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact New York and Company Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

New York & Company, Inc.(NY&C)

5th Floor, 450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001 USA
Email: service@nyandcompany.com
Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-884-2000
Special Orders: 1-800-324-1952
NY&C Outlet Stores: 1-800-723-5333 option #2
NY&C Rewards Card: 1-800-889-0494
Fax Number: 1-302-636-5454
Customer Service Number: 1-800-961-9906

  • It’s been impossible to get in touch with anyone in the entire company.
    I’ve tried customer service via e-mails ( 2 so far) any about 3 hours by phone. I have even called the corporate office…..no luck.
    What is going on.

  • Today, my 16 yrs Daughter and I went to the store in Chesapeake, VA store #952 location to use my city cash. While I was shopping a young lady quietly stood behind and yelled " HI, CAN I HELP YOU FIND ANYTHING TODAY"! I nearly slipped and twisted my ankle trying to answer this young lady. I politely said no and Thank you and attempted to shop again and she yelled again " Nice Hat"!I attempted to see if she was a customer because she had NO IDENTIFICATION in her empty clear lanyard. So I turned back around and responded "It's a New York and company hat.I am a 46 year old mother of three with a couple of couple of college degrees but not once did she ask my daughter if she needed help while she was shopping. I found that interesting.She kept following me around the store and being very passive Aggressive while I was there. I started to feel like I was profiled. I am an RN and took the time out to spend my hard earn money for an outfit for my daughter and my self. I would have spent way more money today but the Representative that works at this store ensured through her actions that I was not welcomed. Neither did she give me my space to shop. Needless to say Today I cut up my card and will NEVER shop at NY & Co EVER! The humiliation from this experience was witness by my daughter and was horrible. You lost this faithful client NY & CO. You can Thank Skylar Garris.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters