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O’Charley’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact O’Charley’s Corporate Office Headquarters

O’Charley’s LLC
3038 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-256-8500
Fax: 1-615-7825044
Website: O’Charley’s Restaurant

  • You lost a sale because of your blatant policy has lost you a customer. I had forgotten my password and you sent a reset to my email which is setup in my Firefox Browser which is up to date and this is the message that I cannot update my password because it is not up to date.So it shut me down. I have ordered from you online before but there will be no business wit you in the future.

  • My wife and I are at ocharleys in ashland kentucky on veterans day and we had the best server ever had had 6 tables and a party table and was still able to chat with us and ensure we had the best experience guys this server "Sean" was the best and as far as we are concerned keep him on your team we have never saw anyone that good before our food came out hot and never ran low on drinks he honestly was the best we ever had ever!!! We will definitely start coming to ocharleys more and will definitely be requesting Sean in the future so your server definitely won us over and we will be back for that reason!!!!!

  • I want to echo the last comment. Either no one cares how O'Charlies is managed anymore, or your management are at least smart enough to put on a show for you guys when you visit because I am quite sure if you were to go in as an unannounced observer or a secret employee yourselves you would be shocked at their attitudes and behaviour.
    When you put stupid ignorant people in positions of authority you get stupid ignorant decisions made to serve personal agendas over and above good business. You get favoritism, jealousy, victimization.
    You get managers who throw childish tantrums and give attitude and abusive ignorant responses when employees have to ask them questions, or ask them to do things that as manager, is part of their job.
    You get them hiring new employees for personal reasons rather than skills, abilities or experience and then they help them cheat the training tests.
    So they have no clue what they're doing. Customers complaining all the time, their food is late, it's cooked wrong, they cook the wrong thing so when we have to ask them to fix anything, re-cook something the customer complained about they behave like they do if they are crossing the road in front of your car.
    You've all seen it, they saunter slowly across the road giving you that look of attitude that says, don't think I'm going to hurry up for you, whitey, I'm taking my time.
    That's exactly what they do at work. While our customers are waiting.
    …and the managers response?
    You think they would be getting on to them right? Nope. They threaten to fire us, the servers if we get onto them or say anything about their attitude.
    In fact, the threat of firing is pretty much the standard response from management to anyone who comments or complains about any of the above.

    I have worked at O'Charlies for 3 years. Today I got offered a job at a gas station. I could almost cry. I put my heart and soul into that serving job, I am a excellent server, I get customer compliments all the time my stats are always in the green and I never thought I would take a job standing behind a counter in a gas station but I am, because of all of the above and a lot more.
    Not least of which is your incessant profit greed. Piling more and more work onto the servers. You take our tips to subsidize other underpaid staff. It is a disgrace to America, it is Communism.

    I have seen so many good motivated servers go the same way, they quit the industry and the quality of service goes with them because no one is going into it anymore except drug addicts and felons who cant get a job anywhere else.
    My mother told me when she was young waitressing was seen as a pretty decent job. Not any more.

  • My family and I went to o'charley's for lunch today and my aunt and I were standing outside waiting to be seated when we heard someone crying out back by the dumpster. We went to go check and see if the person was ok, when we walked over the manager walked out tried to pick the girl up who was one of his employees when she passed out and was having seizures. So we immediately dropped everything and went to help seeing how the manager stated "I don't know what to do." My aunt and I are both certified medical assistants we helped her and also her manager, got the ambulance on the way all while the girl was coming around. The ambulance pulled up and started doing their thing, so we told the manager we were going inside to be seated and he said "thank you very much, your lunch is on me today, and I will see you guys inside." My aunt said "no sir thank you and we will see you inside and thank god we just so happened to be here at the right time." So we proceeded inside sat down and ate our meal and got ready to get the kids so we could leave all the while waiting on the manager to come to the table. Well needless to say we didn't see the manager again and also paid the $90 lunch bill. We did not help that girl to get a free meal we done it because she needed our help at that time but the fact that the manager said "your meal will be on me" and then turned into a complete liar and turned back on his word just upsets me when that could've been him or one of his family members laying on that hard concrete ground with their head and neck in a position closing their airway in the hot sun. Guys I am very sorry for such a bad review but I am just very upset the way we were treated after the fact.

  • I have chose your restaurant to eat out at several times this year!!!! Tonight I had A very bad experience my daughter & daughter in law and two of my grandchildren chose your restaurant to eat at & our order came to A total of $47.11 & we did give A 5.00 dollar tip as well even though we were not please! I order the chop steak and one side of it came out chard on one side and I passed that off as the restaurant being very busy but it was tough and hard to even cut through . I did not complain because I did not want to ruin the meal for the rest of them. We each receive A roll each before our salads arrive & we ask if we could please have another roll & the waiter told us as soon as they come out of the oven he would bring us some & then our food came about 10 min after that ,but no rolls I then ask again for A roll and he brush us off we sat there I let my food get cold waiting for rolls that were never going to come I ask again and finally he was up front and said they had some made that was taking time to rise before they could be baked. I would think on A Saturday night they should have had enough rolls for the business that would come in it being A weekend. Needlesss to dsay we never got any more rolls and that is what you all advertise to bring people in is all the hot rolls you want and we just wanted maybe two A piece if the waiter had been honest to start out with I would have eaten my food immediately instead of being there about 1 1/2 hours waiting on one more roll. Someone needs to make sure this does not happen as more people were coming in as we were leaving this was not closing time it was between 7:30 P.M & 8:30 P.M when A lot of people want to eat . I really do not know when I will if ever I do want to eat there again any time soon A meal I look forward to was not what I receive , & I just felt you should know this I did not see A manager come around and check on people as I have other times . February 4, 2017 Regards Martha

  • What has happened to the O'Charleys in Fort Oglethorpe GA??? My family and I eat there a couple of times a month. The past couple months, the menu seems to change every two weeks, the managers change even more then that, and why were those booths taken out of the bar area? Personally I prefer a booth, I have back and leg issues, and those darn tall chairs and tables are very uncomfortable. Also with the bar, your happy hour times are absolutely ridiculous. We have been told by our server that it was only from three pm until six pm. Who in tarnation can get home from work at 5:30, clean up, and get there for that? And have to sit in those uncomfortable chairs? Thank goodness there are other places to eat in our town that have happyhour specials until seven, and then from eight or nine until closing. It's like you people are trying to run off your customers. Your damn free pie isn't enough to keep us coming back to have to eat in uncomfortable chairs and not have the time to enjoy happy hour. There are a few employees who seem to care and work hard, but the rest seem like it's more of a play time. Last time I sat in one of those darn chairs we could see right in to the kitchen, workers were on phones and goofing off and we wondered why food took forever to get to us. We asked for a manager and some guy came to the table and said he didn't know what was going on, he was just there to "help" and was from another store. We won't be back, and I know of many other people who feel the same way. You people need to cater to the customers, and you are not. Bad, bad business.

  • O'Charleys is one of my family's most favorite places to go for dinner. We live just 2 blocks from our local eatery in West Chester, OH. We go at least once a week, the staff and management team knows us all by name and always greet us.
    I am sad to report that the new menu changes are not a hit with our family. Some of our most favorite dishes were taken off of the menu. Tater tot fondue, Prime rib past and Green beans (which is our youngest daughters favorite) just to name a few. We have not yet tried any of the new items, but not sure that we will. Seems to be a lot of "chutney" involved from what we could tell on all the new items. My husband did have the new Pork Chop dinner. It was not good at all. He never leaves food, but he left this. There was so few of collard greens that there was not even enough to satisfy my 1 year old grand daughters hunger. We were very disappointed. I know change needs to come at some point, but this one was not good change. We are now doing family dinner night at a another option down the street. We will miss our staff, but My husband, My three daughters, my son in law, my grand daughter and myself will not be returning. Hopefully the next change will improve or maybe bring some of our favorite items back and we will return.

    Best Wishes,

    Mrs. Ray

  • Visiting Lebanon, TN O Charleys is located in front of the hotel. Ordered a to go meal of steak & chicken tenders with mac&cheese, collards. The collards were a small portion but that would have been fine if they were at least room temputure BUT ICE COLD is unacceptable. Called back to speak to,a manager and he had the nerve to tell me to put them in the microwave….wow!!! No, I shouldn't have to. Will be calling coperate in the morning and NEVER going to another O Charleys again

  • Visiting Lebanon, TN O Charleys is located in front of the hotel. Ordered a to go meal of steak & chicken tenders with mac&cheese, collards. The collards were a small portion but that would have been fine if they were at least room temputure BUT ICE COLD is unacceptable. Called back to speak to,a manager and he had the nerve to tell me to put them in the microwave….wow!!! No, I shouldn't have to. Will be calling coperate in the morning and NEVER going to another O Charleys again

  • Five of us went in to have a dinner. It took 45 mins. to be seated. Then we waited until the manager walk by which it was about 30 mins. Then he found a girl that would wait on us. When the meal finally came, one person order fish and chips, the sent a piece of fish cut into 4 pieces. After we ate then came a dinner with the proper fish dinner came when we was done eating. Someone told the manager from the kitchen that we wanted to see the manager. The manager didn't do anything the first or the second time, except that he had a girl off having a baby on Sunday 8/28/16 The store # 286 4850 Morse Rd Columbus, Ohio. We left the restaurant 2 hours after we ate. Here come a person to bring the fish dinner that had 4 pieces and properly cooked. I guess with the amount of places to eat in Columbus Ohio we don't need O Charles or you don't need us.

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