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  • Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

8000 NE Parkway Drive
Suite 350
Vancouver, WA  98662
Corporate Phone Number: 1-360-260-7272


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  1. The online order system is not working for ANY Stockton California locations. I can only conclude that Papa Murphy's simply doesn't care about its' customers and their ability to actually BUY pizza. Trying to call their Corporate Phone Number just dumps into a presumably working voicemail box. Responses are non-existent.

  2. Saturday 5/28/22 7:36 I was disappointed at the young man that made our pizza was in a bad mood and was grabbing his face and mouth used the same gloves to make the pizza. I will not go back and I will let family and neighbors know.

  3. Last Tuesday, Feb. 5 2019, I went into the Sequim, WA Location Papa Murphys and ordered a gourmet vegetarian pizza. When it was rung up, I was surprised that it was $10.00 + TAX. I didn't expect it to be that and in my head i thought oh – $10 Tuesday. Today a week later, I went back for the same pizza. When it was rung up, it was more than last weeks. I said OH last week it was only $10+tax. I have no complaint about the price difference but my problem was with the Manager and staff working there at that time. Manager said they hadn't done $10 Tuesday in 2 years. OK,not a problem. He then proceeded to argue with me and said that I DIDN't get it for $10 last week. Everyone in there wouldn't even accept that maybe the person last week rang it up wrong! NO They kept arguing with me that I was wrong. The manager did NOTHING to try to diffuse the situation, he and his people just kept assainating my character and I did not appreciate that ONE BIT! I have worked in customer service for more years than I'd like to admit and the way he handled the situation was completely unprofessional and out of line! They were ALL out of line and it really made me MAD. Maybe it's time to change up the Manager and staff

  4. Corp. Greed. Middle Eastern Mentality. The food has declined in Quality and the Corp. Leaders are Sucking off the profits and not concerned with the product or the investors. I bought my last Pizza from Papa Murphy's. The Crust had a taste that was sour, the Vegetables and Cheese are skimpy but the Pay to the Corp. leaders is very high for a company that has declined in value for the last two years. Too bad they had a great product but under the new management in the last two years has made the product unacceptable to me.

  5. We have been a Papa Murphy's supporting family since they were Papa Aldo's here in the Northwest. Slowly but surely prices have steadily risen…just like everything else.
    Tonight while trying to place our online order I was AGAIN unable to use your discount codes to help lower the cost of our order. I contacted our local store and was told AGAIN that they've had several people go in and order and say the same thing. Unfortunately, this has been on going for MONTHS! This is NOT something recent, let alone something that has been corrected…we order Papa Murphy's a few times per month. We were originally ordering Papa Murphy's every Friday night for Pizza night along with another family, but their budget could not take the rising hit for the product they got in return.
    Well, your prices…let's talk about that here. When your "monthly special" is your Murphy's Combo for $14.00 for large and another $3.00 to family size it…I was in shock! But then to top things off, I was charged $18.50???? Since when is this a SPECIAL? By the time I add tax in, I am right up there with the cost of a COOKED PIZZA FROM A LOCAL ITALIAN RESTAURANT THAT TASTE A HECK OF A LOT BETTER!! No wonder SO MANY PEOPLE GET PIZZAS FROM COSTCO…they may not taste quite as good as Papa Murphy's but the price is SO MUCH EASIER TO SWALLOW and you can get TWO pizzas at Costco for the price of ONE AT PAPA MURPHY'S. The last time I checked and the reason why my family has always patronized Papa Murphy's was because it was very easy on the budget. Now, I get that cost overall have risen but totally feel that your pricing has gone WAY beyond where it should be for the product that you providing…that I STILL NEED TO COOK! We always use coupons when purchasing your pizzas to help offset the cost…but geez louise…even with coupons and the price is $20.00…NO, THE THRESHOLD HAS BEEN HIT and our family will be purchasing completely cooked pizzas elsewhere. Think we will stick with the local, non-chain Italian restaurant for our pizza.
    Here's to all those years of patronizing (insert photo of flushing toilet here). LOL
    Wish you luck with your business model in the future!
    Rhonda D.

  6. We are looking for a Papa Murphys in south Fort Myers, FL. There are 3 listed on a web page. We can't find or call two at 4600 Summerlin Rd (239/288-4522) & 6900 Daniels Rd (239/672-8139). Either of these are convenient to us. Another is listed in North Ft Myers 4085 Hancock Bridge Pkwy (239/599-4104) but it's too far away.

  7. I live in a small town and the only take and bake pizza delivery we have does not accept the Oregon Trail Card (food stamps) it does not seem fair. I don't get a legit reason either just that the application is denied but it could be they bake it and for $2.00 more, deliver too. And that helps me personally now as my stove blew up. But I have to travel 52 miles to get a Pap Murphys Pizza and now I have to settle for our local that does not accept my food card and I pay cash. Please there is an old McDonalds here that is closed you could put in a nice Papa's there. PLZ. In Oakridge Oregon!!!!!!

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Corporate Office Headquarters