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Pet Supermarket Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. The clemmons, nc store no longer has a happy or warm environment. I think this new manager is the reason why. Sarah is awesome and has always been real nice to me along with her team but this new manager has always seemed unhappy to help me and offers way too much information that I didn’t ask for. I’ve witnessed this same manager treat some workers in a friendly manner and others with an attitude. I’ve loved coming to this store but I’m on the verge of going somewhere else.

  2. I was almost hit by one of their delivery truck drivers today! I called to report the insident, they called and said they would speak to the driver about it! What a shame! I will never make a purchase with them ever again! My life is apparently not worth even an apology!

  3. The coral springs store has gone down hill since robert and nancy had left! Your managers Jenn and Sloan are picking on one employee and even accused her for illegally giving me a coupon when i handed her one. They need to leave her alone! Everytime i come in they seem to be picking on her and bringing her in the back. They NEED to be retrained as management since they do not know how to be managers! Plus aisles are always blocked and they will not let their employees help us customers when we need help. Instead they threaten to write them up for not put what looks like stock away or not asking for people to buy items at the register. This store is a joke now with these managers! 😡

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