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  1. My husband purchased what should have been one Italian roast beef hoagie on Christmas Eve. They were out of non-seeded bread for one for two when we started cutting up the hoagies 5 mins I guess before the store closed he noticed both were roast beef and we were having guests over so I called and said I live a street away can you make me an Italian fast and I’ll be right there. The girl said no u either take the refund or get a new hoagie after Christmas Day by the way she never apologized for any of it very rude! I asked for the manager he wouldn’t be in till after Christmas left my number because he’s as running errands and never heard back. I also submitted a complaint online but never heard back. Very sad that a big franchise like primo would teach employees and owners this type of behavior is acceptable toward customers. All I wanted was to get my Italian hoagie that night I did ask her if I walked in the place right now could I get a hoagie she said yes! But because they made a mistake and I caught it and called she wasn’t making me a hoagie to pick up 4 mins before closing. Highly unlikely to ever recommend this place and I will tell everyone I know I have lived in my area for 42 years!!
    Primo Hoagie – Hamilton, NJ don’t expect owner John or his employees to be respectful!

  2. I work at primos in southeastern PA. Supposedly, I'm a delivery driver but I make MINIMUM WAGE and you guys CHARE a delivery fee of 2 to 5 dollars and don't give it to the driver. Its supposed to be used for "in case we get into an accident" THATS WHY I PAY INSURANCE!!!and u never have told ANY customer that that "fee" doesn't go to the driver!!!! Therefore I'm happy if I get a 2 or 3 dollar tip. Many don't tip AT all!

    Plus, I'm hired as a driver but I have to do EVERYTHING in the store.

    I'm sure this isn't the first compliant you have gotten since I know others who have complained about the same thing and your EXCUSE is " each store can run it how they want, there is nothing we can do! I also hear that the main store does the same thing
    Everyone else gets 10 an hr because everyone is a "manager" all they do is make the sandwiches.

    Plus ur cash register is terrible and very complicated yo learn. Could be made do much easier!

    You guys have such a problem keeping delivery drivers….I wonder why…

    I'm quitting at the end of this week

  3. I went to the Sicklerville NJ store last night. I ordered a tuna homage. There were about 10 little pieces of lettuce and a half can of tuna on entire sandwich. There were some areas of the sandwich that had no tuna on it at all. I brought it back to the store and asked for a refund. The manager was rude and did not know how to handle the situation. He actually was told from other customers in the store that he had work to do to learn how to be a good manager. While I was there another phone call came in with someone complaining that when they got there sandwich home they noticed that it had no sauce on it and it was not good. I heard the manager say well the person who made it said they put sauce on it. Again arguing with the customer. I will never go there again. I took a picture of the sandwich but it won't let me post it to this comment. It was awful!!

  4. The owner of Primos at 542 Andrews Road in Trevose PA doesn't pay her employees over-time and treats them like slaves. Extremely unprofessional and REALLY gives Primo Hoagies a bad name.

  5. THE MANAGER AT THE LOCATION 2410 Catasauqua Road BETHLEHEM PA, treats her employees like trash. She is clearly incapable of doing her job properly and being in the position she is. very Unprofessional. The employees deserve better

  6. My husband was working for one of your stores and for some reason they have been giving him the run around about paying him. It has been a month i have never heard of a company having problems paying their employees. The manager of this store says it happens all the time. How do you as a corporation expect people to live let alone keep anyone working for you? Then we come to find out that he was supposed to get all the delievery charges which he never got. There is more to tell but i will not leave it in the comment area. I have tried to call and got no answer i will be callng back.

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