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  1. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service. I purchased a sofa bed called Regata Klic Klak in 2014. I want to remove it from the room it is in but I can't figure out how to take it apart so I can fit it down my stairway. I called R&F to see if they could send me instructions and all I got over and over again is "we don't carry that anymore", "we don't work with the company that makes it anymore", "try looking on youtube" which I already did and couldn't find my sofa bed. Then I contacted a distributor of the sofa bed and was told they will only talk to retailers. I called R&F back and asked them to call the phone number I had and try to get disassembly instruction". If I had bought that sofa bed just months ago and R&F stopped selling it and dealing with the company, would they refuse to help me then? I found this unreasonable that the customer srvc rep wouldn't make a quick phone call. I had 3 of them tell me to try youtube. Is that what customer service is now. I will be furnishing a Living Rm/TV Rm and Bed Rm soon. R&F was going to be my first stop. Not so sure now.

  2. I bought a sleeper chair from the white plains store over the phone. I am very happy with the chair,but, I wanted the labor day sale price of 944.00 and am paying the non-sale price of 1050.00 and also an additional 140.00 for an extended warranty i did not ask for plus 140 in delivery charges when the promotion offered free shipping. This upsell of roughly 350.00 may have provided bonuses for the sales staff, but by my calculation, they are paid for by the owners of Raymour and Flanigan in that I and other family members are moving into this area, acquiring homes that need furniture. I have already spent several thousand in just the last month to establish my residence, none of it from your store, and i think my family will not be using your products in the future, even though my contact came as a referral from my daughter. I hope the 24.00 a month pencils for you.
    i never did business like that.

  3. I am on my 3rd mattress each time I exchanged I've gone up in price because I thought I was getting good quality. I am on a $3000 mattress that is way too soft, the salesmen are clearly not experts in mattresses. And I would like to exchange it and the manager is giving me the runaround. I have the $3000 mattress sitting in my living room as it is to painful for me to sleep in it, I've had it a few months now. I have a whole house to refurnish,I will NOT be coming back unless this gets resolved. I do like Raymour furniture as I have purchased with them before. But this has me very disappointed.

  4. I really wish I had read all of the horrible reviews before buying. BUYER BEWARE there is NO ACCOUNABILITY or quality. What you see and what you think about Raymour and Flannigan is false. They are not an upscale furniture store they are NY based faux upscale furniture frauds. You can go around in circles with customer service and be connected to people in different stores and be transferred 10 times to the SAME automated system that got you to all the people that didnt do anything for you the first time, or their online department and nothing gets done. You wait for your imported knock off furniture that differs from pictures and floor models and they do not do returns or exchanges. They are all flashy stores and showrooms and no substance. Plan on waiting 1-2 months for "special orders" that you dont know are special orders then plan on showing up to pick up your furniture when they inform you it is ready, only to find it isnt really teady its still in Syracuse! But dont try to call anyone to arrange to have it delivered, you'll just end up in an endless loop of customer service and transfers to automated systems. Ridiculous. Word of mouth and social sites need to warn people before they are victums of this fraud.

  5. I had a problem with couch and chair set and it was addressed by the CEO and the Henrietta Store Customer Service Rep. I can't complain at all. My problem was addressed. Valary Sahrle Perry, NY

  6. Greetings! I recently purchased a love seat from Raymour Flanigan, Rochchester NY. I spent time at the showroom looking for something specific. I thought I had found it. It was on backorder so I had to wait for it to come in. They called when it did come in and scheduled a delivery. I was apparently the next to last, if not the last, delivery of the day. It was dark and the delivery took all of 5 minutes or less. The pillows for the loveseat were brought in first and thrown on the floor. I wasn't given time to inspect the loveseat and they were out of my home. In the morning I was able to inspect the piece and found several areas that were subpar and in my estimation, the workmanship was NOT as the one I saw in the store. I phoned the store and was told to take pics and sent them, which I did. Several days later I received a phone call from a rep stating that she needed to come and see the piece herself to make a decision on the loveseat. I did not feel that the areas in question were not minor or could be repaired, I wanted it returned with a refund of my money, but I did agree to have her come to my home. I also indicated that if a return of my money was not possible, that I be allowed to choose something else, to at least have something useable for my money. I was given a few dates and I responded indicating what would be convenient for me. Since that time I have heard nothing about coming to my home. I will never buy a piece of furniture from the manufacturer of Fusion items. Further, I will never go into RF to make another purchase. I am so disappointed in their policies regarding returns on furniture. What I don't understand is people can buy mattresses and return them several times, without any issues, but a piece of living room furniture, just hours old is a no no. Please do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere. I am a senior citizen and saved a long time to make this purchase. I am not happy with it or the services I received. Shame on Raymour Flanigan.

  7. Raymour and Flanigan are horrible! We spent $12,000 in furniture and half of it is damaged. I had to call the protection plan several times already. The couch that I bought came totally damaged and the other one didnt even arrive, it was set for a few days before Thanksgiving. It did not arrive and I had company on folding chairs. Then they said Christmas, still nothing and its 1/2/20 and still nothing, they said maybe another 6 weeks!!!
    They are crazy, I took 4 days off from work for delivary of used furniture and repair man coming over.
    I should take them to small claims court and bill them for my days off.
    They dont care about the customers at all.
    This all started with they sold our set to someone else, right under our nose.
    Im very upset with this company. WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM RAYMOUR AND FLANIGAN!!

  8. R&F in East Brunswick, NJ- ordered a mattress and adjustable base; delivery arrived on time the next day. Wring adjustable base. Called back to reschedule an exchange, had to wait 3-more days. Delivery arrived and sales person continued to input the wrong code thereby delivering yet again the wrong adjustable base. Back in the loop with this process and its' time R&F layoff these people who are incompetent at transcribing a short string of characters that make up the right model for something ordered. I will be contacting an executive as soon as possible so that they can explain why their directors and below are incompetent at maintaining standards across their respective territories. It's also time to RIF the directors and above who are ineffective when it come to quality control.

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