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Bobs Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Bobs Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

428 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT  06040
Corporate Phone Number: 1-860-645-3208

  • My couch I purchased 6 months ago is literally falling apart. The arm is broken, cushions look 10 years old. I half sat on the back of the couch while talking to someone and it literally cracked in half. Bought the warranty and they told me it wasn't covered. They messed with the wrong person this time! I'm going to go to a store once a week and show new customers pictures and tell them not to buy. I will make sure they lose thousands of customers.

  • Very dissatisfied with Bob's! Their furniture is terrible and they are not helpful. Twice I received furniture that was damage! and they told oh well there was nothing they could do about it!

  • Very dissatisfied with the service , spent 1900. On couch and love seat ,love seat didn't work and had a gap! Called and they sent one piece instead of the whole piece ,so called again and the customer care person apologized and said when I received the last piece to call and they would give me a credit,not realizing it would be a store credit!! I don't want a store credit!very dissatisfied!

  • My husband and I have brought furniture from another store 3 times and never ever had a problem. We decided to get a bedroom set from your store and it has been a nightmare. The set was delivered June 7th 2016 with a defect in the foot board. The workers called it in at our home and we were told it would be replaced. Today which is June 15th I called customer service at 11:57 AM and was told the new piece was out for delivery and the workers should be at our home within the half hour. Two hours passed and I had to call again. Now I'm told that we are the last delivery of the day. It is now 7:05 PM no replacement no call. Someone could have had the decent courtesy to call us mind you there are two telephone numbers listed and just say when they would be out or if they will have to come the next day. This is no way to treat consumers. Since I work in City Government I am going to contact my consumer fraud director and let him know about this if this is not rectified. This is a disgrace and this company needs to be exposed. I have also seen many many reviews and they are all negative. Someone needs to contact us ASAP @ 215-327-7838 or rdrivers@yahoo.com. Thank you for nothing! Mrs. Rivers

  • I feel for you. My husband and I are 70, he had open heart surgery less than 6 months ago and I have had 4 spine surgeries, lung cancer 1/2 years ago, broke both my arms on vacation in November requiring 10 hours of surgery. We decided to buy a new electric king size bed from Bobs for Christmas – ho, ho, ho. OH MY GOD! We have had nothing but trouble and now I'm told that DESPITE the "Electric Bed Warrany" I was told by Cluritza that once they deliver the base of the beds, they don't ever take them back unless there's a defect. Can we spell 'F R A U D'. There IS A DEFECT, but THEY think it's fine that I am back to chronic back pain, the beds cannot be pushed together to fit in the frame that we purchased the same night. A technician (sent by Bobs) came and verified the problem and they still will not take it back. After 48 years of marriage, I am going to have to sleep in another room because of this disgusting company. I will never set foot in that store again. I am probably going to contact the news media to get word out there to other 'SUCKERS' before I go to litigation. We could probably get a class action going from what I have seen and heard. Don't let it go! This kind of stuff will keep going and going until the customers take it all the way.

  • I'm very disappointed with the customer service that I received on 10/3/2015, after buying a new bedroom set for my daughters 14th birthday in July and the bedroom set has a couple issues. after calling and waiting 3 weeks for someone to come out a very rude, non friendly man came to my house and tried to tell me that someone burnt the headboard, my daughter is 14 there is no way it's burnt, then he tried to tell me the dog chewed the baseboard there are not chew marks. I will never buy anything again and will tell everyone I know not to buy from Bobs. I have gone to the store to complain and haven't gotten anywhere yet. I would like a email from someone to help with this concern. its at the Randolph Ma location. my email is doranjoslyn@aol.com

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