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Sonic Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Sonic Drive-In Restaurants


300 Johnny Bench Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-225-5000

 Fax Number: 1-405-280-7568

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-657-6642

  • Get your stores properly staffed, make sure the place is clean, make sure your managers are nice, in other words, get your act together. Mine was closed today because there were not enough workers. So they said. I got something to eat at a place next to the sonic and as I was eating, I saw 3 to 4 employees come back, from where ever, at the same time. I thought okay, I should be able to get a drink. I pulled up and the girl over the speaker told me they were closed because there were not enough workers. Really! There were 4 people in there. They could have at least asked what I wanted! Did they all go to lunch at the same time? I know for fact that their manager is out due to surgery, and their lead had the day off. Are you paying workers to just sit in there and get their paychecks? I know the lead would never have allowed that to happen. This location was in Hillsboro, Oregon, Near Cornelius pass road. Do you even read these comments? Do you care? SEEMS NOT

  • For several months the Sonic restaurant located in Huntsville Alabama on Sparkman Dr. Has been offering only drinks during the last hour before closing. This has been extremely frustrating for the local night shift healthcare workers in this area. Please do something about this issue. This has been an ongoing problem.

  • We live in Slaton, TX and I'm sad to report that our local Sonic is in terrible shape—both physically and service wise. The windows are always filthy and as I go to the drive-up window to receive my order, most times they are playing around and not paying any attention to their customers. I've heard then hollering at each other screaming obsenities at each other and not even attentive to their customers. I am very disappointed in the way Sonic has become. I would appreciate it very much if you would address this urgent need for this Sonic. Thank you!

  • I like working at sonic but it would be nice if you offered direct pay to an account I have bills to pay and it isn't fair to me or my family get with the program it's 2022. Thank you

  • For a while now in Shallowater TX, early in the morning the stalls are blocked forcing going customers to only go through the drive thru. At noon, it is the opposite. Drive thru closed and stalls open BUT many of those have cones to prevent using. Yesterday the end 6 stalls had cones including the handicap stall. We were told because of staffing shortages it was necessary however, there were 6 cars in the employee parking. We are curious why at peak hours with people circling and leaving because they can't even pick up the pre-paid App Ahead order or just a drink, why is management blocking accessibility by placing cones at drive thru and stalls keeping away business. Many people I have talked to in our little town have just stopped going or using App Ahead. Getting a morning drink or meal is near impossible before going to work as the wait is so long in the drive thru with stalls blocked even though order was placed and paid on app just waiting to just pick up. Lunch is near impossible with only part of the stalls open and drive thru closed. We want our Shallowater Sonic to succeed and remain because it is our only take out option. This is causing many of us going into Lubbock after work to get afternoon drinks in Lubbock at other businesses as it is quicker even though having a drink or snack on the drive into Lubbock would be more enjoyable. If this is a new company policy for Sonic Corp, then I understand no changes will be addressed. However, if it is not a corporate policy, possibly someone could help the local management. Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.

  • Well where to start,… Sonic located at 2910 Lurleen
    Wallace Blvd., Northport, Al 35476. 1st) Do not stop
    by here if you only have 1 hour for lunch because you
    will still be waiting when your lunch break is over.
    The service is really very slow and It shouldn't take
    45 minutes to an hour for a hot coffee, medium diet
    dr. pepper, bacon breakfast burrito and large chili
    cheese tots. I mean we sat and waited 48 minutes and
    when we got to Sonic we were the only ones there.
    2nd) the coffee was so watered down it tasted awful,
    nothing like coffee should be. I mean you order coffee
    you expect it to taste like coffee. 3rd) Didn't get
    an Plastic wear to eat chili cheese tots with, I guess
    they expect you to eat them with your fingers (gross).
    If they had been regular tots no problem but they were
    chili cheese tots. Didn't have time to eat there because
    of waiting so long so once we got our food we had to rush
    back to work. I guess we should have checked the bag for
    plastic wear but when you order food you kind expect the
    plastic wear to be in the bag. I mean that is part of their
    job, right. I don't think I will be going back to this Sonic
    ever again and that is a shame because me and my family have
    been eating at this Sonic for 30+ years. This isn't the first
    time we've had bad service here. It literally has been the
    last four times we've been there so today wasn't just a one
    time thing it was the fourth and the last time. I have spoken
    to other people about eating at this Sonic and they have the
    same complaints slow service, food not cooked properly like
    meat no be done all the way and other things. It's just bad
    service and bad business.

  • My wife and I are sitting at our local Sonic in Georgetown Texas and watching the kids zip in and out carrying orders. My question, could you in some manner provide the ability to add a tip to these industrious little beavers that work so hard at a time when few are answering the call. It would be such an easy way for a customer to say thanks for the hard work they do. Thanks

  • Perry Oklahoma Sonic has shown "temporarily unavailable" for app orders for the past few weeks. It would be nice if they'd fix this, or you'd permanently remove them from the app.

  • Why do I find myself fighting these fraudulent charges made at your stores in Texas? Do you not verify ownership of cards from customers? I think it is an inside job from your employees that conveniently take my card out of site to scan it for later use.

    DisputeAdj-Batch ispute 1.40 ProvCr SONIC DRI Eff Date 10/06/21

  • I just want to say that your commercials are not funny! I wish you would bring back the 2 guys. These familys are awful, and the 2 ladies are terrible.

  • This isn't about an order. This is about the ad you are running with the two women talking in the car about what they don't wear while there.

    I've gone to Sonic all my life and 2 of my kids worked for you. My sisters and I go there for birthdays. I will not be returning and will be sharing this concern about the child unfriendly ad.
    Please consider removing it.

  • I think you need to know some things that are going on at your DeWitt, Arkansas, Sonic.. The employees and some management had a big party at the Sonic restaurant had a big party after closing last night, Saturday night. They were smoking weed and got intoxicated. Some were to sick to come in to work today, Sunday.This is a place of business and I hope you do not condone this kind of action to go on at your restaurant. They also go outside on their breaks while they are working and smoke weed on the job. Who wants a high kid making their food??? Please follow up and this and put a stop to it or I will contact the local Police department.

  • My husband & I stopped going to Sonic years ago because of the slow and rude service. We decided to try them again tonight. BAD DECISION!!!! We went to Sonic restaurant #4923. Parked in a stall and placed our order. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers WITH bacon & 2 Sonic Blasts. A bit later the server (Jayson) brought our food out and we paid for it with cash. The server said he needed to go back inside and get our spoons for the blasts. While he was inside, we checked our food, as I always do with fast food, and our burgers didn't have the bacon like we asked for. I walked up to the drive up window and told them we were missing our bacon on the burgers. They said they'd fix it. I went back to my car to wait. The server brought our change to us and STILL didn't bring out our spoons. When the other worker brought our burgers out to us, I asked if she brought our spoons and she said no. She said she would go get them. My husband & I decided to meet her at the drive up window to get the spoons. As we met her there, she handed us the spoons and I checked our burgers before we drove off. They were STILL WRONG!!!! We ended up with plain burgers with ONLY cheese and bacon. That's not what we asked for. And when we got home our blasts ONLY had good stuff on the top, NOTHING throughout the blast!!! Totally NOT what the picture shows in the advertisement! And we asked for a cup and water, just plain ole water, and they wanted to charge us for that. RIDICULOUS! I called the manager (Tatyana) and she was no help to me at all. In fact, while I was trying to speak to her, she didn't step into another room where it was a bit more quiet. I had to scream to her over all the noise. She didn't even try to make the mistake right or offer us anything for our troubles. My husband and I will NOT go back to Sonic! And we intend to post on Facebook and other social media about our horrible visit!

  • I was going to leave a message but after seeing all of these complaints, I'm not going to waste my time. After being a Sonic customer for over 30 years, I'm out.

  • WHATEVER YOU DO … DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SONICS IN CHESAPEAKE VA ON BATTLEFIELD BLVD IN VIRGINIA!!! HECK… DO NOT BUY ANTHING FROM ANY SONICS ANY WHERE!!!They advertised a garlic butter bacon burger (gbbb) that I thought I'd try. So I drove over on 11/3/20 around 7:30 – 8p.m….drive through, of course. As I pulled up there was a sign congratulating the employees there for giving the best customer service!!! I ordered two gbbb's. I started eating the large gbbb when I got home. As I took the second bite of this sandwich I noticed there was NO TASTE OF GARLIC BUTTER, ONIONS OR BACON…INSTEAD IT WAS A NASTY CHEESEBURGER WITH MAYO, WILTED SLITHERS OF LETTUCE AND a LIMP, THINLY SLICE OF TOMATO!!! I called Sonics and spoke with the manager named Joe who continuously repeated how totally unacceptable this was and said he would REFUND my $12.58 and I should receive my refund within 1-2 business days. I gave him the ticket number 485805 and ended the call. TWO weeks go by and the refund STILL ISN'T CREDITED BACK TO MY ACCOUNT!!! I called back ON 11/11 and spoke with Amber, who happened to be, Joe's wife. She said she was a manager so I explained this situation to her. She asked that I hold on so she could call Joe to find out what happened. She came back on the phone a few seconds later telling me it's been two weeks now and FOR ME TO CHECK WITH MY BANK. Now, I'm feeling like I'm being volley balled between Joe and Amber. I, firmly, yet respectfully told her how I should NOT have to call my bank being that it have been two whole weeks already. Joe dropped the ball and Amber, apparently, gets upset and tells me to make sure I tell Mary Lou Barnes how I yelled at her. I responded…Oh, you have not heard me yelling yet!!! I also told her when lies and excuses are told/made to customers the customer is not going to call back and serenade you as the custumer have EVERY RIGHT TO BE UPSET when their complaint is, totally, valid!!! On this same day, 11/11, I spoke with Mary Lou Barnes which is now the 3rd person I've had to talk to. I thanked her for returning my call and proceeded to explain THIS DEBOCKLE. I told her about the conversations I had with her managers and she assured me she would talk to Joe and Amber and get back with me the next day 11/12 . I gave her the same ticket number that was given to Joe on the 3rd. Today is 11/14 and Mary Lou Barnes have not called me back…yet!!! I WILL NEVER GO TO SONICS…I DON'T CARE WHAT CITY OR STATE. THERE HAVE BEEN MANY BUSINESSES THAT HAVE GONE OUT OF BUSINESS DUE TO ALL OF THE PROBLEMS AND TERMOIL RAVISHING THROUGH AMERICA TODAY. MANY OF THE COMPANIES WHO APPRECIATED THEIR CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THEY REALIZE THAT WITHOUT CUSTOMERS…THERE IS NO BUSINESS. SONICS HAVE PROVEN THAT THEY DO NOT CARE and THEIR WORDS MEAN NOTHING!!! THEIR SERVICE AND FOOD IS LOUSY AND UNHEALTHY JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE!!!

  • I just want to say DO NOT EVER and I been EVER purchase a E-Card from Sonic. It never works, and when you call or email them about it, they just give you the run around and not do anything about it. They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever dealt with. They will not help me with a new number or send me a plastic gift card. All they do is say they are sending the request to a Brandon White. And he is supposed to respond to you in 24 to 48 hours. Well its been since Sept 9th and I have yet to hear from him. I am so disappointed.

  • I absolutely hate your commercials….the two men are bad but the ones with the two women are even worse…I have to mute every time the one where JK sings …I refuse to ever eat there just for this fact.

  • My brother and I love Sonic slushes and have been visiting Sonics at least twice a week for several years. However, we have recently learned that the styrofoam cups the company uses aren't biodegradable and contain carcinogenic benzene, and the plastic straws used are polluting the world's oceans at an alarming rate. As a result, we will reluctantly forego our twice-weekly "fixes" of the company's delicious slushes until it starts serving them in paper cups like 7-Eleven, and convert to paper straws as McDonald's and Starbucks are doing. We urge others who care about human health and the environment to consider a boycott as well.

  • I visited the Sonic in Fulton Ms and I went to wash my grandsons hands and their was no soap,no napkins ,no toilet paper and when we came out the carhop went to the bathroom and locked the door. Now being is that we are outside playing in the sand this was just rude. The Sonic is one of the most neglected dive ins I've ever been too in Fulton Ms. It was a awful experience.

  • I visited the Sonic in Fulton Ms and I went to wash my grandsons hands and their was no soap,no napkins ,no toilet paper and when we came out the carhop went to the bathroom and locked the door. Now being is that we are outside playing in the sand this was just rude. The Sonic is one of the most neglected dive ins I've ever been too in Fulton Ms. It was a awful experience.

  • Horrible customer service from manager at 50th L Omaha, NE location. Overcharged for order. I was told too bad and that they were too busy to ask if i wanted the food that was supposed to be a special for that day. I was told to bring back the 4 extra mozzarella sticks and she would refund me. That is ridiculous! While on the phone with the manager the other employee was laughing in the back round.I will never go back to this place again!

  • In the commercial where the two guys are talking about when they were in College and one says to the other, I was in College and you were in denial, you should have the other guy say, no, I have never been to Egypt. To which the first guy says, no, denial is not a river in Egypt. The other gys says, well then where is da Nile? Could be another classic for you all.

  • Since when do employees that work for 7 hours (2 pm to 9pm) not get time to take to eat dinner? Does Sonic expect their employees to eat nothing from that time frame? I can guarantee you that said employee will not even get off work at her scheduled time of 9 pm. She had asked several times to take a break to eat and the reply from management was 'go eat super fast like ten minutes'. The original response was that she would not get a break but she had to eat which was why she continued to ask. That was barely enough time to scarf anything down. When she came back to work the management employee is leaving the store with the other management employee on the clock so they could go to the gas station and then sit outside to chit chat afterwards. The store in question is in Enid, Oklahoma, address: 905 W. Willow. I tried finding the head guy but I only know his first name, Chuck. These people that have been put in charge of this Sonic are not doing justice to the workers or the customers. These people, especially Roshelle, are not management material. One more thing, why would anyone, in any job, REQUIRE a person that has social media to join a Sonic employee group to read about, discuss anything Sonic??? A personal social media account is exactly that and NOBODY, anywhere should require their employee to join a group, which is what she was told. She deleted herself from that group twice before the management person told her that there were only two people excluded from the group because they didn't have social media. Seriously? What ever happened to people taking the responsibility of their position to inquire situations face to face with their employees? There is also a group for the management of which is used to 'discuss' the employees. It's been shown to non management employees. It's not pretty from what I'm told. This needs to stop!!

  • It is one thing to receive food and something was left out, but it is another when you open your breakfast burrito to add your sauce to it and there is a fly in it. Not Good!!!! Decatur, Alabama 35601

  • The worst service I've ever experienced out of any restaurant in my 40 years of life at the Midland Texas, Midkiff Drive location. People kept telling me my food was coming for 40 minutes. They weren't that busy and I know Hamburger does not take that long. Left without food and they kept my money. Not sure how this place stays in business! People Please be aware of this location I would hate for anybody else to have to experience this!

  • I used to be a big big fan of Sonic until the past couple of months. The last four times I've tried to order from Sonic in Midland Texas off of Midkiff Dr. I've waited 30 minutes for my order kept pressing the red button well hearing laughter from the speaker and ended up leaving without my order and sonic keeping my money. I'm not a litigious person so I won't Sue but I will continue to tell my story until people realize what a rip-off and a horrible way to be treated and served at a restaurant that Ive given your business. I will never ever go to Sonic again and I will make sure to campaign and spread the word but this is not a place to spend your money. Nobody should be treated this way nor should have to go through something like this. I believe the lady's name was Tina at she claimed that would not bring me my food or refund my money. For those who you are looking for a place to go eat please refrain from this cuz I would hate for you to have a bad experience like this!!!!

  • Don't like the two sissy's in the car commercial. Don't like the new menus at the car hop, hard to park my truck.Now don't offer java chillers. Used to go too sonic 5 times week. This year about 6 times total. Next year If at least you don't stop the commercials Ill stop giving you my business.

  • I work for sonic in brazoria Texas for a little over 4 months I liked my job as a cook they fired me and did not give me my last pay check and I have 3 kids to take care of that is sad when you can't even get the money that you worked your butt off for and taking food out of my kids mouths and all that I will be calling the main office on them plus I have a couple of thing I want to talk about that goes on in this sonic

  • sonic Lewisville texas never have I been so disappointed in the food . orders I place are always wrong pay for extra chili get less. today was the last of sonic in my life,i grew up we were the first in calif. to get one back in the 60s. today we were double charged after telling the car hop girl we already paid she rolled her eyes in disbelief and said it didn't go through we came home checked my bank on line and we were charged twice. on top of that my toaster was full of grease. very greasey. on top of that 95% of the sonics are Spanish speaking people who refuse to learn the American language, so now you have a communication problem. sonic has gone down hill am taking my appetite,and money elsewhere. sincerely ex-sonic customer irene

  • Went to the sonic at I10 and hwy 146 yesterday evening. around 4. All food was cold, and fries and tots were mushy dead. A drink was not delivered and when he said he'd go get it he never did. No napkins or condiments offered, or in bag. Highly agitated.

  • I've been trying to contact the corporate office about my work history and nobody seems to want to answer my calls… I need my work information and i keep getting the run around. How is this professional at all. I will make a formal complaint.

  • Sonic corporate decides how many people should be working at a Sonic, from reviewing sales. I wish they would consider everytime they have a special, they wouldn't all fall on the SAME DAMN DAY. Yes, you can bring in extra staff, but what is the saying, too many cooks spoil the stew? There is only so much room, and your 4 minute limit? Please, if you wanna do this, take the damn chicken completely off the menu….and corndogs at that.

  • the better sonic is the one in blue springs on Coronado dr in the mornings during the week when a young lady name lacey is working always smiling great service she seems to have it all under control to bad some times she is there by herself if she had a good team working with her that store would be awesome one I hope there paying this young lady fairly because she sure does deserve it hard worker good skills and most of all thinks of her customers.

  • Obviously this company needs a major overhaul. The location we visited was FILTHY and the server was seen LICKING his fingers and then putting lids on drinks/sundaes. It was in Elkin, NC a very small town of 4,500 people without a lot of eating options. What a shame that a company that I once enjoyed visiting is now on the DO NOT go to list.

  • I would like for you to bring back either the steak fingers
    or the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich.
    Please see what you can do about this matter.
    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation
    in this matter.

  • The 'district manager' of 'SONIC' — whom I told my negative comments to. (as a customer who never been to a 'SONIC' before. Now visiting to a grand-opening location) told me that he "didn't even know" of the 'regional manager' to be of such a person for 'SONIC.'
    After the above, I noted that there be no further access to finding contact information, via i'net, of the 'regional manager.' Obviously >removed by 'SONIC.' As 'SONIC' be a very concealed business.
    This be one of my judgments as a first-time/final SONIC customer.
    As the location has yet not put their location on Google. But it is on Yelp.

  • My sister and I waited at are table for 15 minutes, and decided to leave, no one ever came to are table or acknowledged that we where sitting there, it's not the first time that we have horrible service at this Applebee restaurant! It will be the last time we ever go back, there are way better place to eat at in Portland, Oregon!!!!

  • The female manager at the new Lauderhill, FL Sonic is hard to deal with. She does not treat her employees well. She is always moody and I would love if someone from corporate can do a secret evaluation of the female manager at the Lauderhill, Florida location to give those employees a relief.

  • Its sad that when someone has an exceptional service with a company they praise nothing on that companies behalf. When the service was less than satisfactory they pull out all the stops to make sure everyone they are acquainted with knows about it. I see very little positive comments here making this company look uncaring and horrible. Truth is, all these negative comments are only a certain percent of customers experiences with Sonic. The majority of Sonic customers experiences are positive, just not heard about.

    That being said, on to my POSITIVE experience with Sonic.

    My husband occasionally has a very bad stomach. Pain and vomiting that practically disables him from time to time. When he does he always asks for either Sonic Sprites or just the ice from Sonic to pour Ginger Ale into. The ice from Sonic is basically what hes after when he gets this way. Im not saying it makes his stomach feel any better. Its just something that eases his mind a little and its such a little thing I can do for him. We cant get that kind of ice anywhere else that Ive found and there's a Sonic only a few blocks from the house which is very convenient for me.

    So, on behalf of all the customers who have had POSITIVE experiences with Sonic Drive-ins but neglected to come here and post them I want to say:


    P.S. Love your footlong Chili-Cheese dogs!

  • Do not go to the Sonic in Gunnison, Colorado if you are looking for fast food. Was there yesterday and waited for 40 minute to get our food. Needless to say we were just about to leave and they called out our order. We ordered ice cream and they never did bring it. Waited another 15 minutes while we ate our lunch and never did get it so we left. Will not be going back to this location any time soon if ever again.

  • I used to go to your store here in Albemarle North Carolina on a regular basis UNTIL you installed a "Curb" for a speed bump. That thing is 4 to 5 inches high and will sure knock your front end out of alignment. So needless to say me and all my friends will no longer be doing business with your store. That thing is dangerous. You can have a real speed bump but that thing is NOT a speed bump. It is a curb and way to high and to sharp of an incline for my car and especially anyone with a lowered car CANNOT get across it at all!! I am sure your business will suffer because of it! Like I said I will no longer do business there and you can bank on that!!!

  • I have attempted to try the new Pretzel dog thats advertized for some time now but apparently the Sonic on Hwy 105 West dont order the buns or they dont support them for what ever reason. We have made several attempt to order huge amounts of this product and the girls always say we are out of them???? some times its before the lunch crowd and always at dinner its the same answer we are out! Really Sonic…. order more buns to keep your business we are walking away without ordering anything. Lots of choices around that area so its lost business!!!!

  • I am very concerned about the Sonic at Hwy 291 and 1604 in San Antonio. I am a regular customer on a daily basis. I primarily order drinks and sometimes visit as often as 2 or 3 times per day. I understand that Brian is the owner and I am acquainted with 2 or 3 of the managers. We moved to San Antonio and this is the location closest to our home. This Sonic has declined in service over the past 4 months. The speaker equipment is always broken. The employees are extremely slow and the entire building needs a makeover. The credit card machines at the stalls and drive thru are continually broken and the drive-thru lane is extremely slow. The management continually puts a sign on the drive-thru speaker that states, "Please say Knock-Knock or Hello when you are ready." Apparently, the system doesn't signal that a car has pulled up to the drive. There can be very little traffic in the stalls and no additional cars in the drive-thru and you may still have to wait for a long period of time. I am often puzzled when they do provide a welcome in the drive-thru, but ask you to wait one moment. No other cars may be on the premises. I'm not sure what is going on, but this business has greatly declined over the past few months.

  • I hate the commercials with that dumb guy in them. Really will not go back to Sonic until that actor is gone unless he is an owner , but then he should go anyway. There has to be a better advertizing company then the one you are using.

  • This is the worst placer ever!! they always try to steal change or trick u out for a tip!! service sucks when u have low life's working there!! this place is a JOKE!! and sonic approves of this location!!
    19764 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77373‎
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    (281) 355-5405 sonic allows this kind of place as they are all ex burger king fired employees!! just about money screw the way we are run!! BAN BAN BAN!!!!

  • Sonic sucks!! the location at 45/Cypresswood dr Spring,TX 19764 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77373‎
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    (281) 355-5405
    Omg sonic read the reviews are you blind are you all run by ex fired burger king employees ??

    This is the worst placer ever!! they always try to steal change or trick u out for a tip!! service sucks when u have low life's working there!! this place is a JOKE!! and sonic approves of this location!!
    19764 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77373‎

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  • Stopped in to the Sonic by my home on my way to work this morning,place wasnt busy so I felt I had plenty of time, after waiting and watching numerous cars come and go finally 25 minutes later my order came, with many apologies and a $2 off coupon on my next visit,I decided not to make a big deal of it (it wasn't the car hops fault anyway)so when I went to eat my sandwich at lunch, half way thru it I took a bite and pulled out a big piece of plastic wrap, of course I called and spoke to the manager, who was very polite and nice and yes, apologetic about the issue. Offered my money back or a free meal. Sonic has always been one of my favorite places to go to and I know that no on is perfect I do not hold it aganist the place and will continue to go to Sonic.


  • Has anyone noticed how Sonic now prices every thing with cheese??? This made all the menu increase in price, of course —– that was the plan all along I'm sure…. Anyway, if you want an extra slice of cheese they charge you 50 cents extra, BUT what about those of us who cannot eat cheese?? If we ask them to leave the cheese off they certainly DO NOT deduct 50 cents from the price. So — whether you want cheese or not you are paying for it….. This is deceptive pricing and I will not allow anyone to do that to me — NO MORE SONIC FOR ME — at lease at McDonald's you get your money's worth. Very disgusted PAST customer..

  • I wish it did any good to post Sonic complaints but obviously it does not. The Sonic in Tishomingo Oklahoma is the worst Sonic I have ever been too. The food is old and cold. I have submitted many compaints about it and so have others in my town. I guess you probably wonder why we even eat there and we only have three drive ins and I guess I always expect things to change, but they never do. If a company really cares about what their customers think they would at least check things out all they have to do is be there about 11:20 and order anything. It will be out before you roll up your window.While I do love fast service Iwould like it to be fresh. The fries are so nasty. Dear God man go to the Sonic and see for your self. Corporate don't even read complaints Keith Pitts is the manager and all he cares about is asking you if you want ten other things your didn't order. He is probably a nice guy but a terrible manager

  • I went to a Sonic in Albuquerque located on Central ave. A 12 year girl was working. She said her mom worked there and she was helping. Don't the manager have a policy that you have to be at least 16. She said she had already got over $20.00 in tips… I don't think SONIC cares about the safety of your children….We know her mom doesen't

  • I was at the Sonic in Doniphan, MO on 10-31-2012 & the food was horrible. The orders we're not taken properly. (this was around 7:30-7:40 on Halloween.) They may have been short staffed who knows. I also saw only 1 server to a whole store, every window filled with cars.
    I ordered 3 children's meals with the apple dippers in place of the fries, & 3 fruit punches, & 2 Texas toast bacon cheeseburger with fries & 2 cherry Dr Peppers.
    When the order came out, I received 3 drinks, 1 fruit punch, 2 Dr Peppers (not cherry). 3 children's burgers all with pickles ( I asked for 1 without), 1 pkg apple slices (not 3 which i ordered)no dipping sauce came with the bacon burgers were cold, & the fries were nasty they tasted like they were burnt. I WILL NOT EAT HERE AGAIN. When I asked the server he shrugs his shoulders and smiles :/…..
    Yes I am a regular customer & did go to sonic often, but will not from this point on.

  • My family & I went to Sonic 10-31-12 around 7:30 p.m. Yes it was busy & I have no idea how many people were on staff (& only 1 server that I saw) at the Sonic in Doniphan, MO. I ordered 3 children's meals (hamburgers)1 of those w/o pickles, 3 apple slices (no carmel sauce came with it) & only recieved 1 when I got the order. I ordered 2 bacon, cheddar melts 2 cherry dr peppers, & 2 fries….the burgers were cold…the fries tasted like they were burnt & cold….I will NEVER go back there again…..

  • I was at sonic in Baldwin city, ks. Ordered a cheeseburger the tomatoes slices were a thin sliver of the tomatoes butt the burger was a burnt death disc and my cherry limade was half empty. Of course I wasn't going to return it afraid I would get spit on or in. Bottom line this sonic stinks!!!

  • My daughter and her fiance went to Sonic on Blue Pw and Elmwood in Kansas City, Mo…He almost ate a blunt that was mixed in with his fries. My only suggestion to Sonic is you need to start doing random drug testing and I am a little disappointed that no one from Corporate has gotten back to me.

  • I have worked for Sonic off and on for the better part of four years, working at each of the four stores Located in Enid Ok. I recently left what I would refeer to as one of the better of Sonic locations (16th and Owen K) and started to work fo the location on the north side of the town (Willow rd) Upon starting my work I started to make menu items as I had done at the store on 16th, as per recipe instruction and was corrected by the managment and told that is not the it was done at their location (Willow). I understand that each stores policies may differe from the others concerning employement such as, Calling in and requesting days off but I never encountered a difference in relation to menu items. Such an enxample would be the new flat melt sandwhiches which is the item in question in this case. As per the stardard set forth a whole chicken breast (halved) was to be used and to my shock the store has been implamenting in a sense cheating the customers of half their entitled portions instead of using a whole breast cut in half only half of the breast was being used. I inquired about the stake melts and found that appx fourth to half of the amount of stake was being used on the stake flat melts. Still I looked further in the matter and discovered that other menu were being shorted.
    Not being one to cheat someone out of was justly due to them as per the standards set forth by the copprate offices I became a little annoyed, this was only furthered by the "gross" conditions of the store in general, everywhere I looked a roach was visible it was rather frustrating to try and cook in a kitchen that I felt the health department should be notified of. Instects and other various pest would offten end up in the food while it was waitting to be dilivered to the customers and need to be remade. The sanatation of the store is extreamly poor if even exsistant and causes me to not even consume nor allow my family and friends to go there for fear the may fall ill to some food born illness and the knowledge that they are being grossly ripped off. I enjoy the food at sonic and find this location to be doing the corporation a disservice and blemishing the name of Sonic as a whole. I will be notifing the deparment of health about these issues and I will have photos needed to ensure my clames are not faulty.

    I have worked at each loction in this town (Enid Ok) and know the topics addressed above to not be true of the other locations here in town.

    Please don't mistake this as an attack upon a location coming from a disgruntle employee but as a reccommondation for an audit or at least an inspection of some sort before a law suite ensues from a dissatisfied consumer. I do enjoy sonic and perfer it as a fast food establishment over the other local competition and would hate to see the Sonic name tarnished by incompatent owners/management.

  • My name is Greg from Lubbock, Texas & just ordered some drinks & when i got them home they were all wrong. I called to the location on 64th & Frankford in Lubbock. When they answered they were very unpleasent & very rude. We order a least 15 drinks everyday & numerous of times it has been messed up. I have let all the issues go in the past but this one i cant. I am a GM for a very large company here in Lubbock & would never allow this kind of treat meant to a customer. When i called to the store & they answered rudely, I then asked for a manager which he said he was. MARQUIS the manger was then very rude about the situation. I am very dissatisfied. I will post this on Face Book & will never go to any sonic owned by this franchise.

  • Just came from the South Broadway location in Denver, CO – god-awful service (13 minute wait time), snotty employee and my order after 13 minutes was still wrong although I was charged for extra cheese. I don't think their flatmelt steak sandwich is supposed to be a slab of burned "steak". And no receipt so I can call the store. Lame and a totally worthless experience. Bravo, Sonic, Bravo.

  • Wow, what are you guys thinking???
    Last year you had the BEST commercials on TV.
    Two guys in a car, funny, corny, stupid comments and jokes,
    and a NEW commercial every few weeks. They were absolutely great and I looked forward to seeing the next new ad.
    NOW…. the same commercial has been showing for 3-4 months….pretty sad, now your just like everybody else.
    Fire the new advertisment Manager, its not working anymore.

    • those guys in the commercials are just plain stupid,,i am sorry no one can me that ignorant…i hate their commercials

  • I'm curious if there is a Sonic opening in Clairemont San Diego. A carhop mentioned there would be about 4-5 months ago. Haven't heard any more. Any news on that?

  • Today (Sept. 3, 2012) I took my grand daughters to Sonic Burgers in American Canyon, CA. I ordered 3 Sonic Cheese Burgers, 2 small Oreo Cookie Shakes and 1 small Strawberry Shake. When our order came, I told the server the shakes I ordered was not the shakes she brought to my car (3 medium shakes). While she was correcting our shakes, my grand daughter proceeded to open up her cheese burger and notice it was not a cheese burger, but a regular burger. I proceeded to open up the other burger, it was also a regular burger and when I went to look for the third cheese burger it was not there. I was brought only 2 burgers! So I got out of my car, asked for the manager. He met me at my car and I told him about the BIG mistake in my order. He took the burgers with him after me telling him what I first ordered. We waited 1/2 hour before our cheese burgers came with stale fries. We waited and waited for our shakes and after sitting half hour in the hot car and after eating our cheese burgers our shakes finally came. This time the server brought the 2 small Oreo Cookie Shakes! I asked her what happened to the Strawberry Shake and she looked at me with an attitude look on her face. She went back and brought me a medium size shake and I told her once again, I ordered a small shake! She wanted to take it back but after waiting and fussing to get my order corrected, I told her to forget it. While backing out of the parking stall, my grand daughter told me it was a Chocolate shake! I was not going to go back and deal with those clowns nor their manager! I wish I could have been a Mystery Shopper today for Sonic!

  • So today I decided to take my daughter to lunch at the Sheepshead Bay,Brooklyn NY location.after waiting what seemed to be a very long time in a restaurant that was not packed my daughter and I were finally seated. Our server finally came to our table and apologized for taking so long to get to us, fine we placed our order(soup and salad and nachos) after about 1hr and 10 mins and seeing people that were seated after us receiving their food I decided to ask our server..I asked her and brought up the fact about these other people,her response was not pleasant and her demeanor became very nasty after she walked away my 15 yr. Old daughter and I witnessed her talking loudly complaining about the nerve of some people,at the point I became upset thinking how patient I had been and how rude she was to my daughter and I . I decided to leave because I had a pressing appointment but decided to call and speak yo a manager. When Simone (not even sure is she really is a manager because she did not handle herself as such when she tried to speak above me) finally when I got a chance to speak calmly to Simone and made her understand about what my daughter and I observed our server say and her attiude was more understanding she asked me to come back and she would treat us to something I explained I was unable but would definitely take a raincheck..gotta be honest though I think it will be a very long time before I feel like being treated like that again in "my neighborhood".

    Yg to another server about how some pele have nerve

  • OK Sonic! I am tired of seeing the two guys do your ads! They are stupid! I mute the TV when they come on. It's time to go in another direction.

  • BRISTOW, OK sonic is PATHETIC!!!
    I've complained to corporate atleast 6 times on
    The service and stale food there with no satisfaction
    Or changes, why is this Sonic so bad?
    I'm guessin management.

  • I live in Bowie Texas and the sonic here is terrible. You can't call an order in the manager won't let you and you drive 6 miles up there and the order is always wrong. Half the time the buns aren't even heated. I've spent my last money there. This Sonic is really giving the sonic name a bad wrap. The corporate person needs to come out of his air conditioned office and see what's going wrong to ruin there name.

  • I recently visited Las Vegas, Nevada with my family and bought a kids meal from Sonic for my four year old. It came with a toy which my almost three year old got a hold off. She got her finger stuck in the toy and when my husband desperately tried to remove it he ended up degloving her poor little finger. As a medical professional and mother I would like to see this toy recalled or the dynamicsl of the toy changed. I would hate to have another child go through the pain of having dressing changes done. It has been very traumatic for her and for us as parents.

    • Mine is a little simaler to yours i have currently been working for sonic for about a month now and i am thinking of quiting because there's two managere that treat me like crap I've been looking for another job

  • I worked at the sonic in Grants Pass, Oregon that place is no better than the rest. I worked there for just under a year and was promised a crew leader position for in the kitchen. Like I said just under a year…. I was told that this place has never passed an audit (is when people come in and make sure that the place is clean and is sending out FRESH FOOD not cold and could possibly shut the place down) mind u it has not passed one in 5 years prier to me starting..I took all the test for the crew leader position after being promised it and passed them with flying colors…..I really don't care if they know who I am …I started on May 20 ,2011 and since I was head of the kitchen it past 2 audits….I was dumping trash and a new girl called me a foul name and I reported it to the director of operations. I asked him what would happen if I was to call one of the females the samething.. without a hesitation he said I would be fired. The manager on shift heard it and did nothing about it either. I talked to the Director of operation again about it and he said he would talk to her about it.. I explained to him that harassment was not tolerated at work and it says in the hand book that you will be terminated. He didn't talk to her about anything. I Called corporate and explained to them and the fact that the DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS was going to have a drink (alcohol) and would be right back. I was dressing a hamburger and he was bagging an order in expo and I smelt alcohol on his breath. I'm a recovered alcohohlic and I can't stand the smell of it. I then grabbed my belongings and walked out the back door never to return. There was a guy working there that got fired for calling a girl a b@$%& and was fired the next working day, by an unauthorized manager with no rights to fire anyone but,because the general manager had the day off ..she was told that she needed to fire him. The manager that fired the guy was also told that she didn't have the right to even write anyone up , let alone fire anyone. I have also work several hours off the clock for a mandatory clean up of the kitchen.. Myself and others have worked long hours(past 8 hours ) with only a ten minute smoke break and half way through that was called back to work because it was getting busy .. I feel sorry for the employees working there that take their job serious and bust their butts while other employees text and play games on there phone. Some don't even wash their hands on 20/20 which is every 20 minutes u have to was your hands for 20 seconds. I personally would not send my worse enemy to work for a place when the other crew leaders are in the dumpster area smoking WEED and getting stoned and going back to work… I tried to tell the corporate office about ALL of this and pretty much got called a liar and hung up on…THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS MAYBE SOMETHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT…….LIKE FIRE ALL OF THEM STARTING WITH THE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS AND STARTING OVER WITH ALL NEW EMPLOYEES THANKS

  • Looks likes almost everyone has a negative experience here. So one I might as well add mine. The wyntonn rd sonic in Cols ga needs to clean house starting with their managers. They are ghetto, loud and have no respect for their employees. I have been in line several times and heard cursing and belittling from the asst managers. When reporting it to the head manager, she was no better. I know they have alot of teenagers but how do we teach them respect, discipline, and hard work when we do not set the right example. Get rid of that management and start anew.. I will never visit that one again until you do.

    • I work at sonic in Arizona they treat me like crap i am looking for another job once i do i am quiting sonic

  • So when will the Island Fire burger be placed back on the menu? It's been about 3 years since the last time I had it.

  • Ordered a hamburger with hickory sauce and onions. When the order came it was a cheese burger with lettuce and tomatoe. I sent it back and said please make it again and I only want hickory sauce and onions, no cheese. I didn't expect to be charged for cheese but they said they only had cheeseburgers, no hamburgers, and we would be charged for cheese even if we don't want it. The manager said that the corporate office said this was what they were told to do. I asked for the general managers number, they gave it to me and when he answered and I started to tell him about what had happened he hung the phone up on me. I have tried to call him back and he wouldn't answer so I left a message for him to call me but of course I am still waiting for him to call. I called the customer service number and the man I talked to said the same thing they only have cheese burgers. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I am past caring about the cheese at this point. What a poor excuse for customer service and as for the general manager that hung up on me that is really a way to represent a company like Sonic. I told customer service I would never eat at Sonic again. How many customers can you afford to loose? The whole thing about what happened to me tonight is all over 60 cents. How much is your good name worth to you corporate office of Sonic?

    • The same thing happens at the Sonic in Tishomingo, Ok they will charge you for the cheese even if you don't want it. I have sent it complaints and I think it is probably illegal. But they don't care I have sent complaints to ever website for Sonic they don't care.

  • this morning i went to sonic in zephyrhills, fl and ordered a #15 (a sausage, egg and cheese bagel) with tater tots and a cherry limeade, received my order and proceeded to work. upon arrival I noticed and huge booger complete with a nose hair on my receipt attached to my drink and a half of a cockroach in my tater tots. disgusting.

    • I work at Sonic. Common misconception.. You got a cherry limeade. Sometimes when the limes are cut the lines don't match up, and the limes are jagged. When we make a cherry limeade, we have to squeeze the limes. (Hands washed beforehand, or gloves.) Sometimes they stick to our hands, or we are in a hurry, and we grab the ticket, and put it on the tray.. It was a piece of a lime. Half a cockroach.. Really?

  • My child works for sonic drive-in and is being cheated out of pay.Sonic works their employee's over the time that they are supose to get off and then adjust the time back to their original off time.If you go to work for the sonic whatch your hours and your pay check, they wont match!

    • i agree, my daughter worked at the Sonic in Slidell and was cheated out of her first week pay and he last night tips!!!!! Don't let ur child/kids work at Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My son was promised a job by the two managers at the local SONIC. He was trained by one manager and given a start date for when his college semester ended. On the day he was to start, he was told by one of the managers who had promised him a job "to call back in a month to see if we have anything". SO my son wasted time when he could have been looking for a job because he was told by SONIC that he had a job. I am so angry that 2 managers would lie to a perpsective employee and led him on in such a manner. I spoke to the regional Supervisor and basically got the "oh well..sorry" response.

  • Ordered dbbl bacon cheese berg. Three times in past 3 days. Every time they forgot the bacon. Whats up with that? Guess i will quit doing biz with the HARRAH, OKLAHOMA sonic and see if Newalla sonic has employees that dont have sometimers disease.

  • The sonic in Hot Springs, AR on Malvern Ave is by far the worst sonic I have ever been to. The service is always horrible and extremely slow. The management is rude, very unprofessional and her attire and long nasty stringy hair hanging everywhere was disgusting. I deeply feel the need for new management and probably new car hops. Any experience I have had at that particular sonic has NEVER been pleasant. I really hope this issue is taken seriously and something is done. The lady that manages that sonic is running it in the ground. Thank you for your time.

  • In Pasco, WA. You should not ever let your kids or young adults work at this location! They mistreat their employees and some of the things they do I am sure are not quite legal, but too hard to prove and do anything about. It is terrible. Look out!

  • I have bought my last sonic "anything". Last 4 visits the food has been terrible. yesterday, purchased No. 1 combo at 6:30 pm. was surprise how fast it came out, that was because it was old, cold: couldnt find the meat, only covered half the bun, tots were cold and mushy. this has happened now 4 times and I will not go back to sonic.

    • I went yesterday and bought the #1 combo and it said it was 7.19 when i get to the window the total was 8.89. when i asked why it was so much higher i was told the upgrades.. i didnt have upgrades other than a cherry limeade, which the manager said they charge more for.. I have never had that happen to me before and there are to many hamburger joints to put up with this. Sonic in Cleburne, Tx i will never be back

  • Today I placed two orders, I came back to work to find out that I had a half eatten chicken sandwich. Called the store and wad told that my order belonged to an employee that had placed their half eatten lunch under the heat lamp, which then was placed in my bag

  • I would like to know why the stores in our area stopped honoring the $.99 window stickers. We live in Wichita Fall, Texas.

  • My daughter(Carrie Payne) and I worked for Sonic in Keokuk Iowa from 1998-1999. I was the Manager and my daughter was my Assistant Manager. We both loved our jobs and had planned on staying there for the long haul but that all changed when my son at the age of 19 had passed away. It changed me completely and had a huge impact on my daughter. Kenny Smith was the owner of the store and he went above and beyond any expectations I could of had helping us get through the worst time in our lives.

    We also would like you to keep us both in mind if there would ever be any openings again. We both work for Hardee's now, I am the manager and my daughter is a shift leader in another store and we both have agreed that we would much rather work for Sonic.


    Barb Coovert

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