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Subaru USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How To Contact Subaru USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Subaru Plaza, 2235 Route 70 West Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-488-8500 (Phone)
Fax Number: 1-856-488-3196
Subaru Finance: 1-800-662-3325
Subaru Lease: 1-800-644-1941
Customer Service Number: 1-800-782-2783

Subaru USA Corporate Office

Corporate office Subaru -Battery Problems

Rated 1 out of 5
August 27, 2023

I just bought my 4th Battery last Oct 22, from Reno Subaru for $245.00, and it’s dead again I sent in my settlement claim last year, and it was declined. All I was asking for was around $600 for 3 dead batteries since 2016, plus having to buy a $80 charge unit to keep in the car in case I got stranded. Thank God I only needed it once !! Is it because when you pay off your Subaru and don’t upgrade immediately, they drop you like a bad habit ??? I happen to be very involved in the Reno Somersett Golf & Country Club, where there are a lot of influential golfers. I could very quickly email all the 450 members, and explain my dilemma. I’m going to call Reno Subaru again on Monday am. and speak with Karin Mitcharoenchai Service Advisor who sent out the original Subaru Battery Settlement Document, to see what she says about my constant dead battery. They told me when I had the last new one replaced on Oct. 22 that “All is Well”, and no more battery problems; which was a crock of shit !!! They acted like they had never seen the Battery Settlement Memo !! If this problem does not get fixed, I’ll be trading in my Subaru in on a Toyota, and advise all my friends to do the same. I’m sure if you lose a couple dozen buyers, it won’t affect your bottom line 🙁

Norton Leger

Attn. Subaru HQ - How Modesto Subaru does business

Rated 1 out of 5
May 19, 2023

I wanted to let you know how one of your dealerships does business with their customers: My husband & I are repeat customers of Subaru, we love our cars and returned to purchase another Outback from the Modesto Dealership in Modesto CA, on April 28th, 2023. When we settled on which car we wanted, we went inside to negotiate the price. A different man came out who did the negotiating. We asked specifically if we could negotiate a maintenance contract as well, and he said “No, you will do that when you sign papers at the end,” so we continued to negotiate and he would bring a paper out with different payments on it, we agreed on one and moved onto the signing. Got up from that desk and moved into a different room and met another man named Jesus who went over the signing process & paperwork (although it’s all on a screen on the desk which isn’t very easy to see). We proceeded to sign, and we got the maintenance/ service contract part, We asked about it he gave us a price for the maintenance, We asked about the service contract and he waved his hand towards where we were previously and said You are already covered for 80,000 miles! My husband & I looked at each other and then at him and said in shock, “We are?” He said yes! We said “ “ok”, then we will just get the maintenance contract. We finished signing. Went home. The next day we decided to look over our paperwork and we saw we were CHARGED for the service contract! We had specifically asked to negotiate it! We were told we had to discuss it when we signed our papers, and when we signed our papers Jesus said pointing to the man who we negotiated the car with, we were already “covered”! This was UNDERHANDED, SHADY, AND ILLEGAL!!! Plus we never got our itemized sales contract!! We have bought many cars and have never left without the final sales contract! Talk about shady and illegal! What type of business are they running here?

I called them immediately and spoke with someone and told them what happened they said I would get a call back…..never did. A day later I called again, and the same thing happened! The third time I called I sounded more forceful and finally received a call back from the manager. He scheduled a time for us to come in. He offered us $1000 towards the $2800 maintenance contract, but I said no…..if this was a misunderstanding on both of our sides I wouldn’t meet you in the middle but this is totally on your side! After a bit of going back & forth, he did agree to reimburse us for the maintenance contract and it was early enough to redo our loan. We were happy with that but I am still very disappointed to say the very least in this dealership and I’m very hesitant to take my car in for maintenance & service, how can I trust them!? I hope to hear from Subaru …..

Dina Thompson

Subaru Corporate Headquarters - My Outback's navigation has been broken for months

Rated 1 out of 5
May 10, 2023

I own two Subarus and my family has 5 altogether. My 2019 (16,000 miles) Outback’s radio/navigation system has been broken for months. I went into my local (Subaru of Orange County / California) service department on February 19th and was told that it would be a 3 month wait to get it replaced. While this is unacceptable to me, I have waited the prescribed amount of time. I called two weeks ago to find out where I was in the queue and was told that because of the backlog I need to wait another 3 – 6 months for the part to come in. Our son came home on military leave and we loaned him the use of our car. I was annoyed that he could not use the navigation system to drive to Vandenberg Air Force Base. My biggest problem (other than the inordinate amount of wait time) is the laissez-faire attitude of your company. No one I have spoken with seems a bit apologetic or concerned that the consumer is dealing with this issue. I have found a prevailing attitude of “so what” as if this was not a concern to any staff member I have spoken with. One employee dared to tell me how great the Outback is and what a wonderful product Subaru has manufactured. I mentioned to him that even with only 16,000 miles on our vehicle we have had to replace 2 batteries. Seriously, if this is what the company’s attitude continues to be I will be selling both vehicles and buying a Toyota. We are senior citizens on a limited budget, but this is how strongly I feel about the situation. I welcome your reply.

Joyce Jones

Subaru USA Headquarters - 2016 Legacy and the key doesn't want to come out of the ignition

Rated 3 out of 5
April 23, 2023

My name is Linda Morris-Johnson. I bought a 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6 from a local car dealership here in Marion Indiana in Nov. 2022. I have been having problems for a month getting the key out of the ignition. have taken it back 8 times to the dealership my salesperson comes out wiggles the key turns the steering and gets the key out. I looked my Subaru up and 2016 has 3 yes 3 recalls on it. One is the steering Column. I called Tom Woods Subaru dealer in Indianapolis Indiana Sat. 4 22 2023 left a message but I did not expect a call back on Saturday so will call again Monday. I had Fender Bender in March My car is driveable and I need to get in immediately to take care of recalls. I am 73 and have to go out of town to take my friend to Ft Wayne on Tuesday to get a heart monitor off. I know on recalls Subaru will take care of this but I need a loaner since I have no car and my children live far away. Thank you I need to get it fixed since this is a safety issue. I love my Subura and want it to be my last car. Please reply and help me. My car had just 29 100 miles on it when I got it or about that mileage. Thank you so very much.

Linda MorrisJohnson

Subaru HQ - I want to thank Subaru for resolving my issue

Rated 5 out of 5
April 12, 2023

I want to thank Subaru for working with to resolve an issue.Although the problem is not a safety issue I still love my Crosstrek and I’m looking forward to many years with it!!

Donald Sugarman
Corporate Office Headquarters