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Taco Del Mar, with its unique beach-inspired theme, has carved a niche in the fast-casual Mexican cuisine industry since its inception in 1992. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Taco Del Mar offers a laid-back dining experience, reminiscent of the Baja California Coast. Below are comprehensive details about Taco Del Mar’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and an overview that captures the essence of their brand and market position.

Contact Information for Taco Del Mar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Taco Del Mar Corporate Office Overview

  • Taco Del Mar Main Office Address – 4700 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237
  • Taco Del Mar Headquarters Phone Number – Not Listed
  • Taco Del Mar Customer Service – Use Online Contact Form – Then Choose Your Location
  • Email Contact – info@regorestaurants.com
  • Official Website: www.tacodelmar.com

Taco Del Mar Corporate Office

Map and Directions to Taco Del Mar Headquarters

About Taco Del Mar

Founded in 1992 in Seattle, Washington, Taco Del Mar is a fast-casual restaurant chain inspired by the breezy beach culture. Renowned for its large, hand-rolled burritos and fish tacos, Taco Del Mar’s menu features a variety of Mexican-inspired foods that are both delicious and affordable. Over the years, it has expanded its presence, offering a laid-back dining experience reminiscent of coastal Baja California.

Taco Del Mar’s Competitive Landscape

Taco Del Mar operates in a competitive market, facing challenges from major fast-casual Mexican chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Qdoba Mexican Eats, and Moe’s Southwest Grill. It also contends with other regional favorites including Baja Fresh, Del Taco, and El Pollo Loco. Taco Del Mar differentiates itself with a distinctive beach-themed atmosphere and a focus on burritos and tacos that offer a taste of the Baja coast.

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Share Your Taco Del Mar Experience

Have you had a recent interaction with Taco Del Mar’s corporate office or one of their locations? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Your insights help others make informed decisions and bring attention to areas where Taco Del Mar excels or needs improvement.

Taco Del Mar Headquarters - I was robbed

October 3, 2023

Saturday, Sept 29th I placed an online order for pick up at 745 p.m. at Taco Del Mar in Bend, Oregon. When I went to pick it up the store was closed with a handwritten sign on the door stating that they chose to close early for a “family party.” I checked my bank account and I was charged for the meal. I called that evening and left a message explaining the situation and needing a refund. No callback. I called later the next day only to be told that the manager would have to handle it but that he wouldn’t be there until Monday and that he would call me first thing in the morning. I did not receive a call the entire day so I again reached out. I was told that he was not in and that he would call me on Tuesday. I’m not sure where to take the grievance other than up the food chain. I’m frustrated and feel as if I’m being robbed.

Michael Yunker

Taco Del Mar Headquarters - Not sure if I was jipped!

September 3, 2023

I asked for a large meal and paid. I received a small drink.

Kilda Chiloquin

Taco Del Mar Rude Manager Seattle

December 13, 2022

Your Seattle Taco Del Mar on Northgate and the 11th Ave NE is out of control. The male mgr. there is rude, yells swears and telling us seniors to get out because we wanted to use the bathroom. I can understand the homeless but not us. we are going to protest this store and see if you can relocate Mgr. we won’t have it on the news

Bill Baker

Taco Del Mar Order

December 13, 2022

So you ordered food online and showed up after closing and got mad that they didn’t serve you? You can forget it, you dummy!

Scrimbo McHungus

Taco Del Mar Customer Service

December 13, 2022

I had a frustrating experience with Taco del Mar’s app. My order was not ready when I arrived, and when I finally received it, it was incorrect. The employee I spoke with was unhelpful and dismissive when I attempted to correct the mistake. I hope they improve their customer service in the future.

Holly Connell
Corporate Office Headquarters