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  • USAA Corporate Office Headquarters

USAA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact USAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

USAA Corporate Office Address:
9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78288 USA

USAA Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-456-1800
Customer Service Number: 1-800-531-8722
USAA Investment Management: 1-800-531-8448

USAA Corporate Office

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  1. I have been with USAA for over 50 years. In the past few years I have found that any communication with them to be extremely difficult. For example: their phone and email systems. I just spent 40 minutes on the phone only to be told "I can't answer that question and will transfer you". Then their emails. I received a "bill" that I didn't understand, which is why I made the previously mentioned phone call. The final answer that I received is that it really wasn't a bill and I should ignore it. Why didn't their email better explain what it was? I would change companies except that I am concerned that these kinds of problems are common place in today's business.

  2. I received a letter n the mail saying I was rejected for USAA credit card which was good because I never applied for the card, s a few days later I received a credit card with a limit of 10,000 dollars, so I called them back, talked to about 5 or 6 customer service associates including the fraud department, NO ONE could or would help me because the info on file such as my phone number and Email address did not match what was on file OF COURSE NOT I DID NOT APPLY FOR ANYTHING they also verified that I was not a member the last person I talked to after I received yet another letter saying to call them so I did and once again the info did not match so the associate put me on hold to get a manager to help the manager could NOT help either they were trying to get the documents of my issue and send them to me after being on hold again for about 10 minutes I hung up I also called the credit card company whose LOGO was on the card and they could not even find the card number all I wanted to was to make sure this card was inactive but once again NO HELP because info did not match one of the reasons for NO help is that they have so secure system and since I cannot prove my identity because info doesn't match, just one more thing they wanted me to send them a copy of my drivers license. We all by now this wasn't going to happen-SECURITY-NON EXSISTANT ONLY FOR THE PERSON COMMITING THE FRAUD I REPORTED ALL OF THIS ACTIVITY TO THE FTC AND I SUGGEST THAT IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH USAA TO CONTACT THEM

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Corporate Office Headquarters