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Vitamin Shoppe Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Just to let you know, I shop at The Vitamin Shoppe, Milford, CT Store #086
    Every time I have called, Christian goes out of His way to help & provide
    info on anything I question. Was in the store 2/11/22, Christian was
    working, had a chance to meet Him. Again, He is a Super Rep for your Company. Thank you for your time, Ann

  2. Order placed on November 30th…it's now December 13th and the order status remains 'processing'…customer service refuses to answer e*mails (I've now sent five) and Vitamin Shoppe wonders why their customer base has moved to Amazon. Once I FINALLY receive this order? I'm done with Vitamin Shoppe. Period.

  3. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting your store in White Plains and I must say I will never again go to that store.

    On the day/evening in question I was greeted by a gentleman (not sure of his name) and he looked and smelled dirty so of course I rejected is question to help me. But what made me decide to leave and never again desire to come back was the vision of his ass when he squatted down.

    This was arguably not what I expected and it was obvious that he had on no underwear.

    For a company to employ such a dirty looking employee and not be concerned with his appearance is disheartening and opens the door to other areas that customers should be concerned with regarding the company and its upper management team.

    I’m sure there are processes in place for this but what good is it to have them in place if they’re not going to be followed.

  4. I have been a happy customer for many years – until now! I received a recent mailer that had pictures of the three products I buy – so the piece was certainly generated by my buying history. Protein Powder and cod liver oil. It read, "Stock up now!" Buy 12 get one at 50% off.

    So, I decided to do just that, stock up. I went to the counter with two cod liver oils and two elite protein powders, only to be told the 50% off is only for VS products. Yes, it did say that, in small print – but the mailer I received was most certainly intended to mislead. I have told many of my experience and shown them a photo of the ad I received – everyone agrees.

    I call the corp office and filed a complaint and was told someone would get back to me – well, I never heard a word.

    Rich Smith

  5. It took 2 days and 8 emails from the VS to process an online order to be delivered to my local store. When I got to the store, I was overcharged. When I spoke to the manager, he was rude and dismissed me by referring me to Corporate. There, after speaking with 2 people, was told a District Manager would call back within 24 hours. Never heard back. Does VS think I will bother to shop there again in the future?

  6. I was charged for and order I did not place, for merchandise I did not receive, I disputed the charge with my bank who encouraged me to contact y'all myself. It took me several days, rude people and a final conversation with G. Torres to have him basically call me a liar, told me the address on file was one I had not lived at in over 3 years and then go angry at me for trying to get things cleared up on my own. He figured that y'all could pull the wool over the eyes of my bank and that the charge would stick if it was left to y'all and my bank, I find the way this company does business to have nothing to do with integrity. I can assure you that at no time in the future will I go into a Super Supplement store or order anything online from them or this corporation.

  7. I am a satisfied VS consumer, but when I recieved my order today, I was reminded again how very much I was not satisfied with their packing materials.

    Those little green styrofoam peanuts are just horrid. They get all over, they stick to skin and walls, and just a pain to deal with.

    I'm wondering and wishing they would change this product. Hint, hint:)

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