Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Fax Number: 1-408-349-3301


Stock Symbol: YHOO

Yahoo is famous for internet search, portal sites and internet advertising. Yahoo one of the world’s premier internet companies.

Yahoo’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-866-562-7219 . Also, they do offer technical support and help through forums, email and the internet.

Yahoo Corporate Office
Yahoo Corporate Offices

  • I would like to know why yahoo has seemingly banned any and all of my comments and I'm not referring to ones they consider "offensive to some". I'm talking about everything, including polite comments and kudos.

  • When will you open article comments again? It seems to me to be a concerted attempt to deny differing opinions an ability to respond to some of the obviously biased and untruthful articles and editorials published on Yahoo. I agree that decency prevail, but not allowing discourse is detrimental to all. Thank you.

  • My computer has been affected (by Yahoo malware?) where any google search being changed to Yahoo search and the results are in Spanish not English. How can I change it back???

  • I have issues with the stories they present for that matter any search engines homepage. I if I can not read their news stories in two pages or less its not worth reading. I GET feed up with "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT"…. either tell your story on two pages or stop writing you are wasting my time and many others as well.

  • I have to agree with Donna. I signed up back when Yahoo first came out and have never, let me say that again NEVER had any issues accessing my email from any location. Two days ago I tried to login and got “Sorry, we don’t recognize this email.” and from the Trouble signing in part it gives me this error message “Sorry, we don’t recognize that email address or phone number” I opened a ticket and 17 hours later received an email from (Mr. KrishnaHari) on my gmail account asking to provide the following information: Name at least 5 folders you have created for your Yahoo Mail account. – List 5 companies, groups, or organizations whose emails you subscribe to or that frequently send you emails. (Facebook is not accepted) – What are 2 email addresses of 2 people you emailed in the last 2 weeks? – What are the subject lines of 2 emails you sent in the last 2 weeks? which I tried to answer all but could not remember all like what companies,groups or organizations. The questions are justifiable but if I think someone (hacker) has gained access to my email what actions are taken to prevent them from spamming my email contacts? If I want to delete all my information remotely how can I do it? if my access has been blocked due to someone (hacker) trying to access my account multiple times, Denial of Service, how would I know? If they reset my security questions how would I know? what kind of Security Operations & Control Center (SOCC) are you running? End-to-end protection platform? I can imagine that all or some are run by credited third parties.
    I am probably going to move over to Gmail only

  • I am overwhelmed at trying to get assistance with an email problem which is causing me not to received my extremely important emails. I have contacted ATT for weeks, and they have been unable to resolve this problem except to tell me to contact Yahoo. I have spent numerous hours trying to contact Yahoo, this is a big problem for me and I need a resolution short of contacting the CEO. My emails are being hijacked by Yahoo.

  • i think it's sad, that you treat people this way. some of us have very important content, in our emails, that we need. your company is huge and used by millions of people. why don't, or why won't you help? My password was saved to my account. the only way, it could have been disrupted, would be through your company. what a way to damage the reputation, of such a great company.

  • For some reason today seems to be spam day. They just keep coming. Time for Yahoo to fix it or for me to change services.

  • I can't access my yahoo account/mail account though the login screen. I keep getting invalid password which was saved along with my userId. The mobile phone I have listed to retrieve my password reset through text messing is no longer a valid mobile phone number which means I can't reset my password that way. I tried call the yahoo customer service number 1-866-562-7219 which connected me to a medical/service alert bracelet company. I need to talk to a human to resolve this password problem. Please send me the correct customer service phone number.

  • You recently "updated" the E-mail accounts. Since that time I've had nothing but trouble sending photos with my e-mails. Sometimes not even ONE photo can be sent. Can I get my old version of Yahoo e-mail back? Or Fix this one? It's defective and not up to standard.

  • THIS COMPANY HAS NO BUSINESS HOLDING OUR ACCOUNTS CAPTIVE. Like most of the complaints below, I too am locked out of my email account. Someone else used my phone number and the old aol account is no longer valid. So, I have no way to pass the gates. They won't accept my password and keep me going around in circles until I want to scream. YAHOO IS WRECKING HAVOC ON ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. I can't just change my email without going into yahoo. A BUNCH OF YAHOOS…name well chosen. IF I KNEW ASKING FOR HELP, I'D DO IT. Here goes: HELP

  • Yahoo has been so unhelpfull in E-mail I have spent 3 hours of my time to recover my account. I have called their office and I was just sent to a help recording . This is sad for Yahoo

  • I cannot find any direct to Yahoo EMail Technical Support but only third party fixers that want to charge outrageous prices and they say Yahoo has no Technical Support direct, is that true?

  • I can tell you all one thing, Yahoo executive's are scrabbling to get as much money in their pockets due to all the complaints they're receiving. Yahoo knows it's DOOMED and will be crashing within the next few months. People are leaving Yahoo. Their not worth it.

  • Really tired of all the Liberal articles you keep posting in the news feed. Half of the are the Opinion of someone and not actual news. If this continues my family will be moving to a search provider that is not a liberal tool.

  • you have blocked my emails I have had a account for years. I tried to fill out the form for a new password I have a land line only. I used the same email address I have used for years and now it shows its not valid either. please erase your blocks and let me go back to the way it was I need to see my emails thanks

  • The 866 number at the top of this page "has been disconnected; no further information on that number is available."

    I reported a glitz in the yahoo support groups three days ago. I'll repeat it here where there might be a Yahoo techie who is alive and well and is actually sympathetic with yahoo users' problems:

    MOONGLOWPLANET yahoo group is experiencing a technical meltdown. There are now 22 pending messages that I cannot "open" as the MORE bar containing "approve," "reject," and the 3 dots for editing is missing. I cannot skip the first message to the other pending messages.

    I wonder if yahoo techs have the know-how to correct this problem?


  • Why did you discontinue the Comments feature in the News articles. This was a TOP FEATURE and you discontinued it. Makes no sense. I know you may not care what your clients think or say as evidenced by the increase advertising propaganda, d/c comments and the like but a clear cogent answer would be nice. I, like so many others, am considering leavin Yahoo. Smarten up …..

  • I have used yahoo for my email since they first started.
    Within the past 6 months or so I have noticed an increase in advertising on my home page and my email page. There have been so many that it is slowing down my system, my email and I AM GETTING COMPLETELY SICK OF IT!! I am to the point now that I am considering dumping yahoo and using another company. I really wish I could have the old yahoo back!!

  • I forgot my password and cannot access my email account. I can verify any info. would like to be able to get my email back again,


  • Looked through the cries for help – same in my case. Does anyone know the phone number they can be contacted live? Is there any way to let them know of their malfunctioning? Even if they have to fire someone, don't you think it would be fair? I am entering my CORRECT!!! PW a hundred times, tried another e-mail to use their code – even when I copy and paste – it doesn't work. What is going on? They need to get themselves fired!

  • Good Morning as I leave this message from the East Coast! My purpose in reaching you is two-fold: 1. The recovery options page for a misbehaving account lists as an option the use of a recovery e-mail address, but when I enter that address, I am not sent a verification code. Instead, I am asked to supply a phone number. Can you fix your helper page to allow the verification code to be sent to the recovery email address without the use of a cell phone number. THANK YOU!!!

    2. Please provide a course of action as immediately as possible to gain access to the original email when in fact I am entering what I have long used to be the password. I will copy and paste this message and forward it to you from the address I would appreciate your sending your reply.

  • Need to connect with someone within your Yahoo Maps department. I have a bunch of New Addresses that need to be entered into your map site so they can be searched. How can I make contact with someone from Yahoo Maps

  • As a news media outlet company aren't you supposed to be fair to ALL your readers by reporting both sides to ALL stories? That does not happen with Yahoo. It is constantly blasting and targeting the Republican Party and protects any wrong doing the Democrats do. Yahoo is a completely biased organization. Which makes is a fraud. The owners or leaders of a company should not dictate what they think should or should not be printed that does not agree with their own beliefs. Personal political opinions has no place in running a company like Yahoo. And that is what is happening. It dictates liberal beliefs which does not represent a wide variety of your readers. We want to hear about both sides equally. Shameful. Just go to the headlines this morning and see how Republicans are targeted by your company. And it's worse around election time. This shouldn't be. Again, shame on you. Unprofessional.

  • I have been told by the Cleburne, Texas P.D. that they have sent e-mails to my wife's account Those emails have NOT been found. A recent letter from Performance sgt. states Cleburne, Texas Police Chief sent important email that was never found. Lack of delivery indicates an attempt to obstruct justice.

  • I am one of many who had their email account recently blocked. the problem is that there is no way of emailing yahoo help/support nor any way getting in touch with them via phone. they have blocked any means of getting in contact with them. I have tried their online support sites: which stop you from entering a new id number and all the phone number are now invalid.


  • I wrote a Comment on an Article and Yahoo seems to be Erasing it, WHY?Here is the Comment
    Well, I wonder what the Government is waiting for, A Boeing or Airbus Aircraft to crash into a Metropolitan Area before they do something about it. It always has to be AFTER The FACT. Until they catch these People and send them to Jail for several years to send a Strong Message that if you are That IGNORANT to not care about Human Life, then you will pay a Severe Punishment to Deter others from also being STUPID.

  • Dear Yahoo please stop marking the damn Kardashin family, I really don't give a crap what they do in their stupid shallow lives. Stop posting the banners on my home page. They are losers that do not contribute positivity to society not even dick head Kanya..dumb ass rap nothing..

  • I just got hacked! Great Thank you for providing me a number to call letting me know that to get assistance through your YAHOO customer care service. I called the number no longer works, interesting so I search for the customer care number using YAHOO search. I was directed to a number of 1(800) 675-8136 was on the phone for 1 hour. The company said they represent Yahoo Customer Care and asked for $120 to fix my problem. After stating to the rep that I am suspicious of your service would you please send me an email. Stating what exacting IM getting charged for and what services they would be providing. They took their time for 1 hour just to explain how good they are and what there services they provide. They told me I have to pay for a service in which they can't send an Email describing what services the technician will be providing. Would anyone pay for a service before they know what they are getting ? Im am suspicious because I was just hacked, a lot of us are. Is this company that you(YAHOO) are using understand we are scared because we don't know whether this company isn't going to just steal your money ? My Email is if you can answer me use the Alt email on File.

  • My concern is why does Yahoo sell advertising to a company when they know the advertising is poison to all computers that fall in the trap and click on the download. The ad they are allowing to appear on our screen offers us a clearer picture or better pictures or something any user would want. Then when you click on to the "trap" the virus goes through your computer and causes you to lose control of your computer. You cannot cancel the image -it just stays there. When you try to zap away the problem, you can't. Then they have you. The next thing that comes up is a notice from computer headquarters telling you that your computer is badly infected and the only thing you can do to correct it is to call this number and when you do you are trapped. You then pay 112.50 to get it fixed or your computer is doomed. The only way to tell the virus ad that Yahoo has sold knowing it is poison is to look at the bottom of the ad for the wording (ad by dnsu Locker) If you are encouraged to download something that looks too good to be true—don't do it until you look at the end or bottom of the offer for the virus spreader–AD BY DNSU LOCKER– cancel the page you are on and thank the Lord you didn't bite. I started this WARNING with the statement that (I wonder why yahoo would sell an ad to these people knowing that it would send the virus into the computer and the poor unsuspecting user would either lose his computer or be subjected to the trap by paying money to a RACKET to get rid of the virus they put into your computer in the first place.,,Why?( GREED for the revenue from the ad sold). . Good Luck looking for the ADBYDNSULOCKER.

  • What gives with Spanish ADs , This still is the U.S is it not ? I would expect it in another country like Mexico or Spain Etc…. But here !!! Then it switched back to English for the video . English is not only spoken in the United States but is the international Business Language. Why would yahoo but ADs in Spanish for Mr. Clean ?? You wonder why some people are getting a little upset with the influx of people from Central America . I think by yahoo doing this , it give some people reason to have resentment towards Spanish speaking people .

  • Enough already with the Kardash family, the Jenner family, and the Kanye family. I am tired of having to look at their faces everyday on my Yahoo page. If they are not toned down I will be leaving you and your mail, to another sight. I don't give a rat's ass about them and neither do 3/4's of this country.

  • My 83-year old father has just relocated after my mother's death. He has been using Yahoo mail ever since he entered the virtual world about 15 years ago. Now Yahoo won't let him access his email because it is from an unrecognised location. It asks him to respond to a secret question. He has never set up a secret question. After three times guessing what Yahoo thinks the correct answer would be to "where did you meet your spouse" he is "temporarily" locked out. How should he answer a question to whichYahoo has no answer? Therefore, all answers are wrong. Ha! Gotcha!

    Kafka would have been proud to think this up.

    He would ditch Yahoo in a second but his emails have photographs of his grandchildren which he would very much like to see from time to time.

    Thank for making an old man's life "bliss", Yahoo.

    By the way, why don't you stop the pretence of having a customer service function and save yourself an embarrassment? No charge; this is free advice.

  • what do I have to do to not have yahoo news page mostly Huffington Post & other far left sites ?
    I'm enjoy scanning news but guess I will have to set up my own reads on "My Yahoo"

  • Spent all day yesterday on the phone talking with supposedly Yahoo representatives in foreign lands to help retrieve a password I cannot on line due the old phone number used is no longer valid and there's no other way than to contact customer service. I call Yahoo 866 & 800 numbers and all they wanted was to get into my system which dummy me I allowed the very first time, the technician of Yahoo support tried showing me errors etc., but I just had my whole system debugged and internals replaced as upgrading like new which I paid over hundreds of dollars to due, long story short, my system after that idiot representative from Yahoo was inside my system! I tried calling the corporate office and was hung up on or re-routed back to the 866 & 800 numbers, the hamster wheel. I began to get calls back from 661-748-0612 vis Skype but when I answered it disconnected so I tried calling back but got a recording "no routes found" then I get a call again from the same number and a heavily accented Indian voice begins to rant "You don't deserve help" You F&^%$ing lady" and more' so much so and unbelievable I grabbed my recorder and began to record him but its as if he knew and ended the conversation by disconnecting, I'm shocked and flabbergasted! Is this how Yahoo does business? Is this America??? I'm never using Yahoo as my home page ever again…

  • beware any attempt to use Yahoo for your email provider.

    I cleaned up my pc; now it tells me the pc is an unrecognized device; then it tells me I can't reset my password online, I must contact Customer Care; you can't contact customer care because they are improving the site and it could be a while – like forever, they never answer; they don't send codes to phones; it is not possible to contact anyone about anything; at best all you get is an automated reply stating do not reply this this message.


    I subscribed to Yahoo in 2004 because I needed an e-mail address. ALL I WANT TO DO IS READ MY E-MAILS. I don't want to be bombarded with ads for products/svcs I have no interest in when I open my e-mail page–I WANT TO READ MY E-MAILS. I DON'T want to read "news" (translated: tabloid garbage) when I open my e-mail page–I WANT TO READ MY E-MAILS. I definitely don't want to be driven raving distracted by a bouncing red ball directing me to read the “news feeds” when I open my e-mail page–I WANT TO READ MY E-MAILS. And now, worst of all, because my Yahoo e-mail is linked to my cellphone, I am "pinged" to death, ALL DAY LONG by the most annoying, idiotic, migraine-inducing nuisance "news feeds" WHEN I AM EXPECTING THE ALERTS TO BE EEE-MMMAAAIIILLLSSS. TO ME. ABOUT MY STUFF. DO YOU PEOPLE NOT GET THE POINT??????? Please stop sending the damn “news feed” to my cellphone. I .WANT .TO .READ .MY .E-MAILS. THAT .IS .ALL .I .WANT .TO .DO . — GET IT??????? EEE-MMMAAAIIILLL. I've had this e-mail address for over a decade. At this point, it runs pretty much parallel to the name on my Birth Certificate, Drivers’ License, etc. It's part of my identity. Don't force me to close it. NOW KNOCK OFF THE F-F-F-ING CELLPHONE "NEWS FEED", 'KAY???

    This is my reply to a fellow commenter:
    Fellow Commenter:
    We need a yahoo mail widget for Android!!
    One that at least tells when there is mail!

    My Reply:
    Naaah. Why sign on for more Yahoo-induced misery?? You could probably just set some kind of ringtone or other notification tone within your actual phone's alert settings. My headache is that I used to have no problem whatsoever receiving a "ping" that I had set internally for my Yahoo e-mails. Get an e-mail, get a ping. Was happy about that. Was working just fine for me until the great "bouncing red ball" fiasco that Yahoo perpetrated upon us back in December 2014 (which I had to endure on my laptop). And now, all of a sudden, I'm also CONSTANTLY bombarded, 24/7 with the damned inane "news feeds" on my Android phone, and I can't figure out how to make them stop. I'll hear the "ping", and think I'm getting a legitimate e-mail about pertinent information regarding my business (during the day), and I open my phone to find some blathering crap about Tom Cruise or Lady Gaga blazoned across my screen. INFURIATING!!!!!!! And the damnable "news feeds" have got my phone pinging and chirping all thru the night, as well. It's really disgusting that a once-respected and reliable organization has degenerated and deteriorated to such an appalling level of service — and what's worse is that the corporate echelon can somehow still be possessed of the notion that it's all okay with their customers.

  • yahoo sucks. its a damn shame i cant talk to a real life person for help. they want you to go on a website but they dont even have the right infomoation on the site.

  • My Yahoo account was hacked over a week ago and I have not been able to get any resolution to having my email account restored. I have sent in numerous feedback inquiries and have yet to received a response. I have changed my password and can get into my account but my emails have not been restored from the date the account was hacked. I am very frustrated because I have bill pay alerts and other important emails that I receive on a daily basis and cannot see anything that has come through in the last week. I will be calling the corporate office since the customer service number only directs you back to the website, which at this point has been a joke!! Wish I could get a resolution sometime soon.

  • Are there any class action suit attorneys out there that will sue both verizon and Yahoo for keeping emails after a customer pays a service. Both have left the customers in a position that is imposible to retrieve emails and while stopping the e mail service without notice although the customers were paying the fee. Did Yahoo or Verizon file for bankruptcy? In any event, a class action suite would make the customers whole and fill the lawyers bank accounts

  • I really like how great the customer service at yahoo is….NOT. I love how you call one number to be directed to another number, which directs you to online help. Thank you yahoo for terrible service. Apparently you don't want to pay live people to take care of your problems. I hope I can get back into my account soon. I definitely won't encourage others to go with your services because you are incompetent.

  • I have been locked out of my account for a week and can't get any help. The last phone call they said they will get back to me by the end of the day, well that never happened. who do you contact to get this resolved?

    • From what one has read the My company will not do business with yahoo.
      When it comes to customer service this is the main selling point of a business. Customer service is an essential part of my company and doing business with yahoo will likely make ones company fail if one is depending on yahoo for help with a yahoo related problem. I CAN'T TAKE THAT CHANCE!!

  • I have been locked out of my email for over a week. I have bills past due that I cannot access. I have lost sales and investments because of this. I have called EVERY DAY to get it fixed. Today they said it was a 27 MINUTE wait. I have been waiting for OVER @ HOURS! I have called corporate and they tell me to call this online bs number. I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • I agree Melody. Service after the sale is what I was always told about anything you buy. So I guess YAHOO is right with the fly by night cheap companies. I didn't get an answer either & my question would of took them 1 min. to answer.

  • Thanks for saying what you did Ms. Mayer. Now I know what to expect from YAHOO, nothing! I wrote YAHOO 2 different problems that I'm having. Now I'll find out if they know what they're doing or even know the answer. So, I guess if we don't get an answer, why does YAHOO even have this website.

  • Is there any simple way to get rid of unwanted SPAM. If I change my email address that means I'll have to contact my bank, Ins. Companies & any other business I'm with, correct?

  • where do you come up with some of you News Headlines , they make no sense many times and are just silly come on you can do better

  • Dear Yahoo:
    Please cure yourself of dumb-ass-ness by stopping the never ending daily global warming article campaign…thanks a bunch.
    Definitions: "dumb-ass-ness" :verb; the act of supporting liberalism.

  • I recently changed my password.Now Im having the same problem as everyone else "incorrect password" " Also get invalid answer when answering my secret question.Tried to change it keep getting {{oops……….}must contain 4 to 32 characters and of the questions is "in what city did you study abroad" Dnt know of any city that has a number in their name.Someone {high profile} needs to seriously takedown Yahoo just like what happened to ENRON..Yahoo is violating many of our civil rights.Freedom of Speech-Right To Privacy etc etc etc Maybe commiting criminal acts as well.Dnt call or email it will not do any good.Bombard them with millions of letters.What do you think would happen if we all got together and picketed their headquaters in California…Interesting idea ??/

  • Yahoo CEO's
    They have blocked mail that I forwarded to my other email account. This was email sent to my Yahoo account and it was not offensive in any way. One was the history of the signers of the Dec.of Indep., one a funny email about getting old, another was from a woman who called herself Church Lady about the children being sent over here from Central America. I have a paid account. I am seriously considering cancelling it and stopping any charges on my credit card to pay for this service. What is wrong with you people? Has the FCC decided they want you to be dictators who decide if we aren't liberal enough you will block our mail?