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  1. Just found out that you charge for the bags. My husband loved eating there and will not patronize any of your facilities as any one of our family. Charging for bags at grocery stores is definitely reasonable and logical but the bag with prepared food it’s even more logical. No more Carls J

  2. To whom it may concern/I am very glad that Carl's Jr got its start from a small hot dog cart in 1941.Since then Carl jr has had a lot of food items taken off and other items added on to the menu. Carl's Jr. is responsible for many fast food first like turkey burgers in 2011 and in 2015 all-natural, antibiotic-free turkey burgers,charbroiled in the signature Carl's Jr Way.Carl's Jr needs to bring back some delight and enthusiasm into the lives of my fellow americans.Bring back your hot dog this variety meat of yours is packed with one of a kind juicy goodness.i glanced at the 50 best hot dogs in america list and carl's jr was not on the list.people say what makes a amazing hot dog is the toppings you put on it.lets put carl's jr at the top of this list by selling chili dogs as carl did in the year 1941.If the hot dog can not be put back on the menu. then package and sale your food product to grocery stores.I as many other americans would like to see the star next to oscar meyer, nathans and other brands.There would be nothing better than having a carl's jr hot dog on you grill in the backyard on the fourth of july or other special events.

  3. The Carls jr in Enid, Oklahoma has some of the rudest people at the window and then when asking for the manager he was as rude as the woman was that couldn't get our order straight even after repeating it 3 times. I told her I would talk to the manager and she said she didn't give a damn. So I said I can contact corporate she said I don't care what you do. Then the manager came to the window and I tried telling the very young manager what went down and he said well its your fault you couldn't get the order right. Gave it to him, and even after repeating it twice to him we got home and both orders were wrong…Corporate needs to train their personal a lot better and teach them not to argue with the customers and yelling at us because they can't do their job correctly and blaming it on the customer.

  4. I was just about to eat at Carl’s Jr. in Chula Vista,
    1100 Broadway 91911. I needed to use the restroom first, date 3/30/19,time 12:45pm or so. I went to the restroom and noticed a male employee
    Use the restroom play on his phone and exit the restroom without washing his hands!! I actually said to him you’re not even going to wash your hands he grinned happily and said we have sinks in the back! Obviously I did not eat there! I called to let the manager know, however only a shift leader was working at the time, she was female. Sadly I didn’t get her name. She said she knew who he was(working the drive thru)defended him and said he washed his hands in the back. As a customer I don’t know that nor do I believe that she defended him! I’m sure the policy is to wash you hands before returning to work! I no longer trust no will I ever eat that location again! That is disgusting! I hope this comment reaches someone that will at the very least reprimanded them both for their lackadaisical attitude and disgusting behavior!
    No longer a patron!

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