Casey’s General Store Corporate Office Headquarters

Casey’s General Store Corporate Office Headquarters
Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
Address: One Convenience Blvd.
ANKENY, IA 50021
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-965-6100
Fax Number: 1-515-965-6160
Customer Service Number: 1-515-965-6100

  • I went to two different Caseys in Marshalltown today(Friday) at noon, and neither one had anything in their warmers. This is not the first time this has happened. But Kwik Star always has their warmers full so it's not an issue of not having employees. What happened to the great Caseys service you used to have? So disappointed.

  • I love your pizza but the staff at Casey's on B ave in Nevada Iowa, are rude and totally unreal. I called the store to order a pizza they put me on hold and so far I've been holding for 14 minutes, no-one has came on the phone to say sorry or any thing. I'm leaving my minute counter on just to see how long it will take them. I think you might want to check into this situation. and find out why..

  • Went to the Casey's in Vandalia, IL. We usually try to stop at Casey's when possible. Mainly because of their cleanliness. After they have stopped using men/women signs on the bathroom doors, the bathrooms are filthy. Other convenience stores still have men/women sign on their doors. What is the deal with this? We will start stopping elsewhere where the bathrooms are clean!

  • I live in Osage Beach, MO and am at both of your stores here regularly. It seems that the employees on the west end of Osage Beach by the hospital, really don't care about meeting customer's needs. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into the store around noon only to find NO pizza slices available or maybe only 2-3 slices of a kind I don't want. I have mentioned it to employees numerous times. I was in the store today and there were 3 slices of pizza available, but no sausage pizza. They had 1 pizza in the oven (not sausage) and they said I could wait about 20 minutes for one. I mentioned to an employee that noon might be a good time to have a good assortment of pizza available and when one is gone, for heavens sake, make another. This is at noon, not 3:00pm.

  • Any way to get the gas pumps in Carbondale Kansas to put out a receipt? About half of them do not spit out a receipt. Also canopy leaks and water pours on north east pump during rains

  • Sick and tired: Now caseys will not take my personal check?? Its like everything revolves around caseys. I am done shopping there, period. First it was I have to pay for my gas first then I have to pay for my pop separate. Now there is no food ready and was told to order a head of time. What the hell is going on??? No customer service at all. This is Tyndall SD and Springfield SD. I have even called the cooperate office, nothing was done. I am going to social media and asking everyone to stop going to Casey,s until it cleans up its act. The store in Tyndall even sits own hours for opening and even then they can't get things ready. Poor business.

  • My names is james I previously applied for the Casey's in Carrington ND. I have put In 16 applications and for some reason they keep looking over mine and not calling me back I work there in the past about a year ago the general manager at the time we didn't get along she was not a very good manager at all she has previously got fired for something is not needed to be said but there are other people that work there and with me at the time that got their jobs back and for some reason they won't give me a call back I have I've done nothing wrong I have no charges I have experience are there any way you could contact me at and tell me why I'm not being contacted up at a job would be highly appreciated thank you

  • The Casey's Customer Service through your Casey's Corporate Fleet credit card department is AWFUL. I have had phone conversation after phone conversation with your accounting department to no avail, a long time Casey's credit card customer, to finally get to the point of closing our account with you, am not interested in using your card any longer. The change you made from the Casey's Credit Card to the Casey's Corporate Fleet Card was a HUGE mistake. Very dissatisfied customer!

  • I would like to be contacted at loriking88@gmail. Would prefer not to post so everyone can see. I was a former employee and been trying to reach you. Thank you

  • I purchased fuel at Casey's store # 2988 in Tonkawa, OK. Our Barclay credit card company declined the card as I was out of state and hadn't notified the card company. I changed to my Chase card which accepted the charge. However each card was charged $1 which was accepted however I received text messages from both card companies advising of a fraud alert. Are your employees skimming from your customers or has a skimmer been set on your cash register???

  • Hello I just want to touch base on a few issues at one of your new stores on 8409 S. 168th street. The tipping point for us was last night we purchased milk, I didn't check the date at the store not figuring it something I needed to do not working there and all and this morning my family goes to use it finding it expired 9-17-2019 and was not good to smell let alone use. We are not ones to complain about things very quickly as mistakes do happen but this hasn't been the only thing that has caught our attention so it may be time to for us to bring it to your attention and hopefully you can restore some of our faith in your products and services. Every time we go in the store it smells like something is rotten, we have ordered pizzas to find out that there is no longer pizza crust, I have been waiting in line listening to the employees complain about being there and how much they want to leave, inventory is out of stock, employees fumble through the registers like they are lost, there is trash scattered through the parking lot, and if you ask a question they are rude and very unprofessional to customers. I can keep going but the point is we love the location of the store we are there several times a day and hoping it can get heading in the right direction to be more consumer friendly not just for us but everyone that uses this location. I am very aware that some things you cant control with employee turn over and the struggles of having a large number of locations and if no one says anything its hard to know what people see as customers. Thank you for your time please fill free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.

  • I have always loved your stores and the food is great but you changed the hot chicken sandwich….ugh!!! Bring back the large flat chicken!!! The new style is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just came from Odessa Mo. Caseys, nine miles away. As I was waiting for my pizza, 20 minutes, i noticed bugs on the fountain drink dispencers, bugs flying in the donut case and duty fresh food end cap. Poorly stocked cigarettes. Made me wonder how many bugs were on my pizza. I paid $21.+ for my purchase and was offered a free small drink on them as I waited. But was it worth "the no thank you so for your wait?" NO you take my money you say at least ThankYou. I am a senior and deserve better as do anyone paying for service.

  • Why is it at Caseys in Lamoni iowa you went to not 24 hrs? During school year and being a college town they need to be 24hrs. You guys are losing more money by closing the store for 4hrs at a time. I know there are several employees that was really disappointed when this happened. Please consider opening it back to 24hrs before the school year starts.

  • I went to West Casey's here in emporia ksi was ignored by the kitchen employees, my order was first and I was the last to get my order, they had no name tags on, there was a male kitchen staff that had a beard that had no beard net on, the pizza they did not weigh there food, they was just very rude and took no pride in there the slice had no time stamp on it,

  • Ive been told there was talk of a store opening in lerna, Illinois…we need it badly..we have no store, no gas station and no restaurant in our little town. Lots of traffic to other towns passing through

  • July 09/2017 went to your Casey's General Store#2447 111 Gaul Drive sergeant Bluff, iowa 51054 at 9:44 I went in to get a ice cream cone you had sign said $1.29 rang up as $1.79. The cashier said that was price,I took her to were the sign was, then she said that was tax. The other employee came back to let her know it was not tax, it had wrung up wrong. The first employee said she had sold 4 others earlier and did the same thing.Her solution was to have them put the ice cream cones in the back in a bucket. The other employee said they should cover the sign and keep charging $1.79. They did not want to keep overriding the price all day even though that what it said .The employee I first talk with said she did not know how to refund .Then the other employee ask if I wanted her to override the difference, no one said they were sorry for the error, they almost acted mad that I brought it to their attention ,my daughter was waiting for me in the store. I left without refund. Please have them act like they actually want you to shop there and if it is a mistake which can happen, please have them say they are sorry and correct it without asking me if they need to.

  • i was in Volga sd and the manger there was yelling at an employee in her office with the door shut and as a customer I could her her perfect at the register getting my things rung up. I asked the girl ringing me up and asked her if her manger is like this a lot and she said no comment. I love my job just with it was better managed, this young girl lved her job and looked embarrassed standing there helping customers knowing that we all could hear what was going on. this is not right people need to be treated with respect and if there was an issue I should have been handled completely different I honestly fel bad for the employees at caseys in Volga sd they deserve better

  • i just went to caseys in Adrian mo for gas. i have spinal nerve DAMAGE(EXTREME PAIN)_and congestive heart fAILURE.. i repeatedly pushed the handicapped button to no avail. it took me 13 minutes to walk from the pump to the counter. two employees were there with no one waiting. the gave no reason for ignoring the handicap alarm. employees always emulate the attitudes of their manager. in this case it wad of discrimination!!

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