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  • Einstein Bagels Corporate Office Headquarters

Einstein Bagels Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Einstein Bagels Corporate Office Headquarters

555 Zang Street
Suite 300
Lakewood, CO  80228
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-568-8000

  • I went to the Einstein's at 7350 E Hampden in Tamarac on Friday morning. There were a bunch of new employees that I had never seen before. The cashier Marleigh was there and I have seen her before and she is really nice. I ordered my usual Apple Cinnamon bagel with Honey Almond Shmear. NOT toasted. As usual, I also had to ask for a knife as they are never stocked out on the floor. The kid gave me one knife but still didn't go and restock the knives. The place was filthy and I don't know why when business is slow, that someone doesn't go out and clean up the place a bit. I got the impression that these young guys were just there to screw around and screw up the orders without a care in the world. When I got my bagel it was toasted and I told the kid that is not what I ordered. He seemed a little irritated but had them remake it. The second one had butter on it so I had to send it back again. Then, they said that they were now out of the Apple Cinnamon bagels. So they basically wasted 2 perfectly good bagels just by not paying attention to the order. I don't really think its that tough to read a simple order off of a screen. All they had to do was take a bagel, cut it in half and put some shmear on it. It's not rocket science! Marleigh just apologized profusely and said that she would make it right. She offered to give me 1/2 dozen bagels to take home for free. I turned her down but now I wish that I would have taken her offer. I probably will not go back to that location any time soon. I don't know if there was a supervisor there but these guys really needed some supervision. From what I have seen, I doubt that Einstein's will last much longer. For some reason, they just can't seem to hire many capable people. It is sad because I really like Einstein's, but unless they make some drastic changes in their operations, they will fail.

  • Went into Einstein's today and was pleasantly surprised (after all this time) that SOMEONE finally decided to increase the menu offerings and offer CROISSANTS and other new pastries. After years and years of requesting them, they are finally here! They are EXCELLENT and most delicious, and they make excellent sandwiches. Thanks for refreshing a menu that was getting stale. The bagels are great, but after 14 years this is a great change.

  • Alright Einstein Bagel Corporation I'm very pissed off right now because the one in Mansfield off the highway of 287 has horrible parking conditions I could not get my bagel because you didn't have any parking because for whatever reason they didn't make the parking lot big enough and it's not just you it's the Starbucks across the street I'm going to complain to them too

  • Tell me something I'm Stein Bagels do you care about your customers because the location on 287 has horrible traffic conditions that's kind of sad I cannot get a parking spot to go to your place the drive-thru is too backed up I can't even get a bagel a simple bagel you must not care about my business and you're not the only one it's Starbucks I will be complaining to them next

  • Alright Einstein Bagels I'm very pissed off right now because the location and Mansfield off of Highway 287 has the worst traffic condition as far as parking goes I could not get my bagel do not care about your customers I guess you don't want my business it's not just you it's the Starbucks to I'm complaining about both of y'all I'm going to their corporate next if you really cared about your customers and want their money you can make it where they're able to go that is just pathetic

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