Fred Meyer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fred Meyer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc.
3800 SE 22nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-232-8844
Fax Number: 1-503-797-5609
Customer Service Number: 1-800-576-4377
Fred Meyer Rewards: 1-866-518-2686

  • Looking at this week's sale ad, see the ribeye roast I was planning on buying, is a digital sale only. If you're going to have a damn sale, don't do these stupid digital sales only. Tried to create account using my Fred's card number and wasn't successful after trying three times. Frustrated enough with groceries going up and damn crap happening in this crazy world.

  • You have one outstanding employee I would like to bring attention to you. regardless if she is cashiering or running self checkout she is so on top of everything and so helpful and so uplifting , she's a great representative of the store. Her name is SENNIE The Store is at 19th & 128th South Everett WA

  • The bottle return facility in The Dalles has not operated at full capacity for some weeks. Consequently it is very inconvenient to return cans and bottles.

  • I ordered a prescription on Dec 23.2021. I ordered another prescription on December 26, 2021. Had not received voice mail stating my prescription was ready. I went to the pharmacy on December 27,2021 Was told that my prescriptions had not been ordered. I requested that they be ordered.

    went back to the pharmacy on January 3, 2022 asking about prescriptions was told again they had not been ordered. 1/5/22 Received a voice mail from Fred Meyer Pharmacy requesting I call to verify I wanted the prescription filled. Called the pharmacy told the person who answered the reason for the call. Was told that FM would not have called and why was I calling. After 5 minutes of trying to understand why I was being treated like I was harassing the FM employee. Hung up 5 minutes later received voice mail saying my prescriptions was ready. Went into FM today 1/8/22, every person in line had issues with prescription. I had one prescription ready, the other needed to be ordered for the 3rd time. I original ordered the 1st prescription before the end of the year to save money. This prescription should have cost $226 -it cost me $522 because it is a new year. Roseburg OR store.

  • Robert Edward – We've been a consistent customer of FM for the past 20 years. Not that corporate will care, but my family (and a several others we know) are joining a nationwide movement to transfer our business to other grocery stores. Reason: because of FM's corporate politics — financially and politically supporting movements that are far outside the traditional norms of our nation for the past 200+ years.

  • Hello Fred Meyer,

    I wanted to start off by telling you all that I am a loyal customer and prefer to shop at Fred Meyer. One reason is because it is a one stop shop for most people in the neighborhood. You all are very friendly and treat everyone with care. Even if your some customers aren’t the most pleasant at times, I am happy you all have perfected the concept of customer service.

    Anytime I go into Fred Meyer at either 164th St. Alderwood, Washington; or your store on 196TH, I find the stores to be organized neatly; rotten produce removed, and your employees more punctual than most employers could ever ask for.

    As this is my primary store, I want you all to know that I am proud to be a customer of yours. I actually used to get out of my house just to shop and say hello, and also because cooking became a hobby of mine.

    I am not only writing to tell you all how appreciative I am of you, but to give you a prospect. I noticed the new policy consisting of the need for customers to purchase their own plastic bags. I wanted to let you all know that I wholeheartedly agree with this change. Not only does it help stop pollution, but also makes customers think while navigating a grocery store. It makes your customers more efficient in their everyday lives. It also helps to save your company money, leaving cents and dollars to be acquired by employees and their families through wage increases instead.

    The prospect of mine came about several months ago, but I didn’t get around to it because quite a few things were going on. Several months ago or so, I had a lot of styrofoam to get rid of and couldn’t find anywhere to recycle, or dispose of it. I understand that throwing it in the trash would be the easiest thing to do, however; styrofoam doesn’t decompose as quickly and can still pollute landfills.

    I thought that it may be a good idea for you all to create a styrofoam disposal area outside of select stores, contract with a recycling company, and be the leader in the proper disposal of pollutants. This would help the environment while creating new jobs through Fred Meyer. Not only that, but the majority of delivered packages contain styrofoam. If projected on a large scale, a lot of money could be made from just a few of these potential styrofoam recycle outposts being made. This would also attract more customers while bringing them back to the store for forgotten items.

    I only wanted to bring this prospect to your attention because of the confusion it causes when people are trying to dispose of pollutants. I also wanted to tell you all this because I see a big way you could all make more money. I didn’t write this to pick at you all, I just wanted to tell you.

    Best regards,

    Brian McNelly II

  • long-time user of FM's, and truly enjoy the convenience of on-line ordering and the "Pick-up" and "Delivery". I utilize the River Road Store, in Puyallup WA. I was looking at things today, and found something. This item is listed as Goya Low Sodium Chicken Peas
    15.5 ozUPC: 0004133112333. Actually, that should be "Chick Peas". It gave me a smile!

  • I have been shopping exculsively at Fred Meyers since January 2020 when I moved to Longview WA. Today is the last day that I shop there. I ordered online and was going to have someone else pick up the order for me. I called the store to inquire how I was to do that, have the person give my name?? They transferred me 3 times and nobody seemed to know the answer. I asked the young male that answered why he didn't know and he said, quote "you could pick up your own order". At that point I asked his name – which he refused to give and asked for a manager. He hung up on me. I called back and a young girl answered – she refused to give me her name or his name. I finally spoke with a store manager who was just as rude. I will be shopping elsewhere from now on, including buying gas.

  • Good After Noon. My name is Tom and I shop at your Tumwater Fred Meyers store. I have been a customer for many years and have several friends that worked for this store. Over the years, I listen to them explain that this store had really bad management and that this management treated them terrible and never had enough employees to complete the task for the day at hand. Whether this was back stock or several truck loads, they were always short handed. This store is a multimillion dollar store. There is no reason for this nonsense. Treat your employees fair and they will perform for you. Treat them bad and they will leave your company or transfer out to other better run store. I went into the Tumwater store today and I was shocked. Many of the shelves were empty or very thin on merchandise. Shelves that were supposed to have double stacks of merchandise had one layer high that was still in the paper case and just the top had been cut off. This is quick and dirty work by a store that doesn't have enough help. I could not find items today, so I asked someone, only to find out that they were simply OUT OF STOCK. Not just a few items but most of the isle. I understand you now have a problem with this POOR store director and your lower managers have left now too. This is crap and the store LOOKS LIKE CRAP TOO. This isn't just a break down in local store management but rather corporate too. You clearly dropped the ball. This has been a long time coming and you guys have received complaints as to the A**hole that was running this store before. This blame falls squarely on YOUR corporate heads. You need to step up and get this store back in shape. I have been involved in management of stores too. I would be embarrassed to have this store called my home store. Wake up, before you lose this store business to the better run wal-mart down the street.

  • The Warrington Fred Meyer had a female employee not wearing a mask. This was just about 4-5 days ago. Today is February 3rd. I know you know well this is a very dangerous situation. It was brought to her attention and her reply was, It's o.k.. Well no, it is not. Need a picture of her? It is traveling on FB as I write this.

  • Fred Meyer , on Johnson creek and 82nd ave has a lying manager. her name is Avalon and she told me that the District manager's name was Tim Baca. In fact she lied about this! He is the store manager, not the District Manager. She would not give me any information and tried to get me kicked out of the store. The "customer non-service" person was a very disagreeable sort that kept flapping her gums because the night manager had no clue what she was doing! Neither of these people were wearing masks as is Fred Meyer POLICY! When I called to talk to the day manager, they hung up on me. Never would have had the problem I had with Target or Walmart.

  • I was in your Everett Wa, Casino Rd Store at 9:30 am in the Fruits/Vegetable Dept. I watched 4/5 Teens/Tweens walk in-straight to the Donut Cabinet. Take a bunch out & Proceed to Eat all of them and walk out the Front door while being observed by More than 1 Store Employee. The Really Sad part is when asking the Employee what they though about this, they shrugged their shoulders, said "they do it all the time". THEY DID NOT CARE. When talking to the store Manager, She expressed dismay that the employees did not even report this. She said (Understandably So) they were instructed not to confront anyone. (The excuse everywhere). She told me they had security (Obviously Incompetent & sitting on their Asses). At the local Alberston's they will Pursue & Confront the Criminal. I have seen this several times. The fact your employees do NOT even report this reflects a general Lack of Integrity & Caring about anything. Certainly no thought for your store or its representing any values to the community. I really don't wish to go back.

  • My Name is Robert A. Nordstrom and I have been a Excellent Customer of Fred Meyer up here in the Puyallup, Wa. Store. (South Hill) location. I don't know where to start but I will try to be as brief as possible. I bought a Diamond and White Gold Bracelet OMarch 31st. 2009 and it had a 3 year warranty on it. The Clasp broke on the 24th of March 2012 which is a week before the warranty was up. There was no charge to fix it and about month later it broke in the same place so I took it back and this time they charged me $52.51 and I was abit upset with that seeing how it broke where they fixed it but I didn't say anything. Buy the way, this Bracelet is valued at $800.00 reduced down to $399.00. Three days later it broke again and now they tell me it broke on the other side, and I need to pay $66.00 to have it repaired. To Make this Short, I spend around $700.00- to $1000.00 a month at Freddy's and you can check that out if you wish I know you have the ability to do that and here is my Fred Meyer Number #444810942523 The Jewerly section said that when you move your wrist it weakens the Links, That is Crap. I guess you aren't suppose to move your Arm when you have it on. Anyhow, I am a Single Man and spend that much money at your store on any given month so Now, I am going to Take My Business to either Safeway or Walmart. By the way, I have been shopping at Your Store (Its My store) slogan. I have been shopping at this store for over 12 years now and All the employees know me by my first name, Which is Bob. I refuse to pay another Dime on something that costly, If your going to sell Jewelry Then Your Name should stand Behind your Product. You make the choice for me, Fred Meyer or Safeway or Walmart. Thank you for listening to Me. R/S Bob Nordstrom

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