Gold’s Gym Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Golds Gym Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300

Irving, Texas 75062

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-574-4653

Fax Number: 1-214-296-5000

Email Address:

Stock Symbol: Private Company

Gold’s Gym originally started in California on Muscle Beach. Now, they are Texas based chain of gyms and workout centers with locations in most US States. The Gold’s Gym name is also licensed for a line of exercise machines and equipment.

Golds Gym toll-free customer service number is 1-800-877-0343. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • This is really a disgraceful company. Corporate number?? no one answers and all you get is voicemails. Customer support number?? automated response that just refers you to the golds gym that you are having a problem with! I even called the media number…imagine my surprise when a live human answered the phone…oh yes they are an outside company contracted to handle media…no wonder they are civil and easy to contact as they are NOT golds gym! So in short there is NO ONE to contact for a grievance related to a franchise location.

    So Gold's Gym 12200 US HWY 98 W., Miramar Beach, Fl 32550. Avoid it like the plague.

  • The Golds club used to be Fitness First in MD/DC metro area. Ever since Golds bought these clubs they have gone down hill. Not only has the equipment never been replaced the staff members don't seem to care about anything except signing the new member. The clubs are dirty especially the Wintergreen club. Even after to sitting down the manager nothing has been done. The floors in the men's room haven't been cleaned in months. He claims they have, but they haven't. The same dirt and used band aids are still on the floor. There is urine on the wall by the urinals that also hasn't been cleaned in months. The air duct vents are clogged with dirt. I even heard the manger make a comment about this and again nothing has been done. STAY AWAY FORM GOLDS, PAY THE EXTRA MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE.

    I challenge someone from corporate to contact me and walk through this club unannounced?

  • Golds Guym, Simi Valley, CA
    Don't buy personal trainer sessions from Randy. He sold me 24 session, and I was to get 6 sessions free. The problem is, there is no record of the free session, and they conveniently don't remember them. Happened to me last time too…. purchased 11 sessions and was promised 3 free ones. When I had used the 11, they couldn't find a record of the free ones. It's a total scam. You can't find any contact information to corporate headquarters. Very shady company.

  • I realize you get mostly negative comments. Actually, I like my Gold's Gym in Arcadia, CA. However, lately it has fallen into disrepair. There are problems with most of the treadmills and aerobic equipment, two flexibility machines have been awaiting parts for months, the video player in the Cinema room is always sticking, and the spa is almost always not functioning. All I ask is that someone from corporate pay a visit and see what can be done to restore this gym to the excellent facility it once was.

  • Yukon Oklahoma– the Staff at this location is a joke.. I have never in my life experienced so many rude people. I have been a member since that location opened and the people you have working for you could use some training in customer service. I am seriously considering switching gyms!!!!!

  • Good luck trying to cancel your gym membership. The only way to get it cancelled is to actually get a new debit card so they can't bill you. They say they cancel and still get billed for months! Run for the hills, there are so many other good gyms out there. Take advantage of one that really knows what they are doing.

  • I went to Gold Gym in Copperas Cove, TX. On the date that I sign up… everyone was in the hurry… So the paper work was fill out but I was not given was told that the trainer would call with a date and time to start my training. Considering that I am 66 years old and being on the run majority of the time. The call was not made to me and to top it off the people forgot all about me. I was told by the MG that my account could not be cancel!!!!! That they would continue to charge my account for $380.00 for a total of three(3) months. Oh yea and I have yet to received a class from the trainer. And more likely the trainer is no longer working but I have no idea the MG escorted me to the door and I guess no GOLD Gym training for me. Guess the only thing for me to do is call the better business bureau to see if they can help me get my money back. Not once did I get the training I sign up for. I am not young man, it is recommendation from doctor to go to a Gym. I will b e 67 next month. Is there someone that can recommend some sort of help.

  • On 12-31-16, at approx. 3:30 p.m., I was in the shower at Gold's Gym,Fishkill NY, when the lights went off. I yelled, "HELLO!" No answer. I thought that a fuse had blown. IT WAS TOTALLY DARK. I couldn't see my hand in front of me. I thought that maybe a rapist had set me up. I had to act in spite of my enormous fear. I wrapped myself in my big towel and proceeded to bump around in the dark, waiting for some man to grab me. I cornered myself a few times and finally got out of the women's changing room. I went into the gym and NOBODY was there. There was a female at the door. I went to the door to let her in, hoping that the alarm would alert the fire department, so that I could use one of their flashlights, but no alarm was sounded. I asked this young woman to stay in the gym so I could go back into the dark, even though I was terrified, to get my clothes. Same thing going back in-bumping around, trying to feel my way, hoping I wouldn't run into a pervert. Come to find out, the gym had closed for New Year's Eve at 3:30 P.M. No sign was posted at the door. No greeter informed me that it was going to close early. No announcement was made. No check of the women's changing room which includes the shower, steam shower and sauna.
    I had personally checked the steam room because the light was on. I was SOOOOOO happy to get out of there.

  • I belong to Gold's Gym Allentown Pa for 9 years. At a time when gyms are going 24/7, this Gold's gym cuts it's hours of operation and it's Staff,offering even less to it's members. It's filthy, which we have dealt with .We just got 90 pound dumbells, which were broken 5 years ago. Last night the gym was set to close at 10:00pm. At 9:58 pm they shut all of the lights off leaving people in complete darkness while still using the equipment.This has got to be the most Customer Unfriendly business I have ever experienced. No one that works there has any answers or cares for that matter. It is an absolute disgrace to have the Gold's name on it.

  • I wanted to check out the Tewksbury Mass. gym without divulging all of my personal info to prevent an onslaught of spam etc. They are sooo friggin cold and worse than TSA. They only cited me saying it is a business and that is how they run it. They are either stupid on how to run a business and have no clue how to create a rapport with possible new clientele. I doubt they have a brain attached to the steroid looking bodies and have most likely had NO experience working with a quiet community where I live. They should close the doors and let someone else who knows the people of Tewksbury have the building to put it to better use than a musclehead mill

  • I was apporached by a staff woman who works in he gold gym in New Braunfels who teaches the Zumba class her name was Priscilla. I have taken her class before and will not take it again after this. She asking me if I would like to buy some Medictions that would help me produce and increase my productivy. I later found out she was selling Steriods. I told her no and she went on her way, i have seen her since then and I have talked to some poeple and she is still do the same thing. I have not taken her class anymore on tuesday and got to be honest I scare to go to your gym anymore and just finshed up the time I have there. She needs to be dismiss so there will be a saft pleace to go to.

  • 9/27/2016 A couple of things to add to all this: First, the address on the Internet as the Irving, TX address resulted in a Return To Sender as address was unknown. Second: When I tried to use the toll free number, that does not work. Third: When I used the regular number, for complaint, the person hung up on me. Fourth: The one trainer I had was really good, but because he knew so much, I realized that the local Gold's here in Asheville, probably pushed him out. The next trainer I got gave me the wrong exercises, and I wound up in my chiropractor's office for several months. Must be 90 day wonders. I am aware that some more debits were taken from my debit card, more than the regular monthly dues. But not all that much. For 1 year, my health insurance paid my dues. So I don't really know what transpired at that point. Basically, most of the chain gyms are a real scam. Stick to the local guys, forget the saunas and swimming pools, get a qualified trainer, and get fit! Even a large gym with a swimming pool and sauna is much better than the chain big box ones. Gold himself would never have stood for these complaints…he would have cleared this up in no time. Thanks for the rant!

  • Wow! Look guys, let's be honest, Gold's Gym has a lot of problems. Most of these problems from what I have noticed are due to old and run down equipment that never seems to get fixed in a timely fashion; there are also issues related to cleanliness and sanitary concerns. In many cases, there are rude and worthless staff associates. HOWBEIT, I am an honest person, some of the complaints I am reading are a joke! Stop whining about the parking lots being too crowded; every gym parking lot is crowded! What about lockers that get broken into? Well, there are thieves everywhere! Also, several of the people who get their stuff stolen do not even lock their stuff up and then wonder why their stuff got stolen! Lol! Back to the staff….I have personally known and have met great ppl that work at Gold's and other gyms. There are good and bad ppl in every profession; not everyone at Gold's, or any other gym for that matter, is a bad apple! Over all, the biggest issue that I see many people having is in regard to the contract. First and foremost, it is YOUR responsibility to READ the contract and what it entails; this is the same for any other contract i.e. your cellular provider contract. The contract states that you are required to pay an annual enhancement fee; most gyms have an annual fee! If you didn't know about it, then you didn't look over the contract before you signed the dotted line! NO SALESPERSON is gonna read a contract to you when you make a purchase!!!!!!! I agree that the whole contract thing is garbage; they and all other goods and service providers should have simplified contracts; unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way. It is even more unfortunate that so many businesses give ppl the run around on cancellations. Speaking of which, most contracts, such as cellular providers and Gold's, you have to give a 30 days notice. Walking away from the gym and not showing up does not equate to a cancellation!!! 24 hour fitness and Gold's cannot read your mind. I noticed that someone was upset that they had to send a certified letter in the mail to cancel. They do that to validate the authenticity of the member who wishes to cancel. Imagine if someone had it out for you (Billy Bob) and they walked up to the front desk and said, "Hello, my name is Billy Bob and I would like to cancel my membership." Guess what, you just got Cxl'd through someone who had it out for ya! I have dealt with contracts before and this is why they want a certified letter. My problem with the gym is the broken equipment; it really is a joke when it takes months and months to resolve��

  • I am a current (trying to be, ex-member) of the Golds Gym in San Antonio at Bandera Trails. The gym isn't very old but extremely run down, looks dirty and is unsanitary. I wouldn't walk barefoot in the bathroom if you paid me. I stayed at the gym only due to promises of upgrades. My first thought was…finally! They're going to fix the walls and clean the place. Unfortunately, the upgrades entailed a crossfit area and cycle class…both of which were an additional charge to members. The facility had no intention of making an improved establishment for members but only to make more money for the company.
    Now for the cancellation process. I went on-line and there was an option to cancel. Upon submission, there was a comment indicating it had to be done by phone. I contacted the gym and was immediately told to do it on-line. I explained the situation and was told, it should process and would take an additional 30 days once the request was received. My question to this rude receptionist was if it takes a year for your company to receive and process, you will continue to take payments from my account? Her response was…"it won't take a year."
    I brought attention to the already confusing procedure and indicated the potential for this process to go awry. She said she understood. Naturally, I received no firm date as to when payment would cease and I find it extremely convenient and profitable that the company can process new members in a matter of hours and the payment is immediately removed from your account but it takes months to stop payment. This seems extremely illegal and by definition, sounds like a scam!
    Anyone contemplating joining this gym…please read all comments and take it to heart. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a gym. The facilities are dirty, people are rude (once you sign up), and it is hell to cancel!!

  • It's incredible how that works; it's happening to me also. It's been more than 4 months that I tried to cancel my membership and they still taking my money from my debit card. I even have a termination paperwork where stated I cancelled the account. Anyway; sent an email to hopefully I get a respond. I been with Gold's since 2011 and will never come back again. This is ridiculous, now I am working in overseas and communication is worst than when I was local. San Antonio Gold's Gym really need some kind of customer satisfaction training.

  • My name is David and I wanted to comment on how bad your business treatment of you members are . I understand that each Golds gym is privately owned. but I thought they had to follow so sort of corporate high standards of conduct. I joined the Spartanburg South Carolina Hill Crest area Golds gym in march. My wife text me last night that at 10 pm the gym is closing. and Planet Fitness bought you out.I went this morning to the gym and they said yes this is now closed. I paid for 3 people a year in advance plan. I asked will I be getting a refund of the months I didn't use with Golds. they said we don't do that. that we can use their other location to work out at.. I joined Golds not Planet Fitness. Golds knew months in advance that they would be selling out . Why were not one of your members informed and giving a chance to cancel they plan. This kind of business sucks in my opinion.Now I go to their gym or lose all that money. So pissed off. this is not how business is to be handled . I would love to know why we didn't get a heads up.Golds is supposed to be a leader in Fitness. maybe fitness but not ethics we all now see.I want a reply back.

  • I am in Dubai and unfortunately I see myself in the same situation as most of the above worldwide comments/complaints. total absence of the customer service, hygienic issues, and lately, somehow you enter the class of X you find X and a fresh graduate driving the class instead, of course no one cares and the management is in total denial. shame!!

  • How come they are only in Dallas? Build some in Fort Worth also. There are other places besides Dallas. I do realize they are in other places but I'm just talking about the DFW area.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a valued Gold’s Gym member who has some concerns about how my account has been handled and how I have been treated by your franchisee location in Bowie, Maryland.

    I have on several occasions been receiving collection calls on a closed account that was paid in full in fact, when I paid the account I was issued a new card and a renewed membership. However, I am receiving calls on the closed account and apparently the account is in collections and now has appeared on my credit report erroneously.

    I have called the franchisee location on several occasions and have been told that they mistakenly did not close the account and that they would take care of the mistake. I AM STILL RECEIVING COLLECTION CALLS AND MY CREDIT IS STILL SHOWING THE NEGATIVE BALANCE!!

    I have spoken again to the franchisee location where I was promised that this would be taken care of and the manager never even spoke to me…. she sent out a sales manager to tell me she would be sending me an email…again I thought the person I was speaking too was the manager….…the email never came….I asked for a copy of the paid bill and was told they could not send or print me a copy of my OWN BILL showing paid!!!!

    I am highly disgusted by the callousness of the manager Tara , as I was attempting to resolve my issue she walked right passed never said hey we are taking care of it or anything. This behavior is uncalled for I am the customer and I am paying for your service so my membership fees that I pay in part are paying her salary…..

    Never will I treat anyone like I have been treated this evening, and once my membership contract has been fulfilled I will not be renewing my membership. I will for the next few weeks be writing every website that can and give my personal review of how I was treated less than a valued member this is unacceptable and no one should be mistreated like I have

  • I have been on hold for 53 minutes..still have not been able to speak with anyone at the corporate office about my overages. poorly run operation

  • Upon discovering $720 in over charges for personal training sessions I contacted the Mechanicsville, VA location and asked to speak to the manager. Manager said he would look into this and call me back next business day. That was one month ago. Personal trainer confirmed I was overcharged. Have left numerous message for them to contact me. Mailed letter to corporate office address above but it was returned due to insufficient address. Determined not to allow them to place further charges on my card, I had my bank reissue a new debit card to eliminate any future charges. $720 is a lot of money. I will take them to court if necessary

  • I don't like giving my debit card # to gold's gym or anyone else.No other gym in my town requires this info, and i'm not giving it to gold's gym either!

  • I worked as an instructor at many Golds Gyms in the DC area for 14 years. After I quit teaching I emailed the GGX manger nearby to inquire about opening at the front desk to help a friend of mine seeking work. The response I got was nothing short of rude!!! Actually he was an as*!! I emailed his boss and she said he had probably been drinking or smoking weed before he replied!!!! She made an excuse for this jerk!!! I unfriended him on FB and am totally disgusted!!!! If this had happened in a real company he would've been fired on the spot!!! Golds GGX management is a joke!

  • I joined The Rush which was bought out by Gold's Gym. I had completed my membership with The Rush when Gold's bought them. I decided to cancel my membership so I called them and ask how to do this. I was instructed to come in and fill out a form, which I did. They continued to debit my checking account for the next three months so I put a stop payment on them. Now they are saying I did not follow proper procedure and need to pay them another 58.00, which has been turned over to a collection agency because I absolutely refuse to pay them one more dime. They are trying to say I needed to send a letter to corporate. If that is the case, then why do they have people come in and fill out cancellation forms. Every thing I have read here only proves they are one big rip off and want every last penny they can squeeze out of someone.

  • I am a member at the Gold's Gym off 1604 and Bandera road in San Antonio, TX. Not all of the employee's who work at this corporation are rude, obnoxious, arrogant and uncaring. There is a young man at that location named Javon Joseph, who has gone out of his way to address my concerns. I had a billing concern and he fixed it! I had a problem with the unsanitary conditions of the men's bathroom and he not only addressed it, but called me to inform me that it had been taken care of. He has a pleasant attitude, and always warmly greats my wife, my son, and myself. It is because of people like Javon, that I attend Gold's gym!

    Gold's gym has its problems, but not all of the fine young men and women who work there are losers! I just renewed my membership for another year, and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

  • Visitors/members watch out! I was rudely met by a Korean girl named "Sharon" upon entering the Fullerton location. She apparently worked the front desk, supposedly offering "customer service" to those needing assistance. Wow…Gold's Gym must not offer any customer service training what so ever! This girl is an embarrassment to the facility and to all Korean Americans who might be indirectly associated to this girl just by being Korean. So unfortunate for Gold's Gym and all those courteous employees who actually work there and provide great service. Sadly, this Sharon is the first one you see and talk to and once you experience her rude and extremely unprofessional behavior and attitude, you may never want to enter this facility again! I certainly won’t and will let all my friends know about my nasty experience!

  • I am a member at Gold's Gym( on Austin Hwy) in San Antonio, TX. There has been a rash of lockers broken into during members' workouts. Looks perhaps like an inside job. If you are a member at this location, be sure and leave your wallet and any valuables locked in your car. Management did not seem to be very concerned in my opinion.

  • The Golds Gym in Germantown MD had a training director that gives out/sells steroids to gym members. He no longer works as the training director but he still works out there. This man needs to be put in jail for offering steroids to members. He was the training director in 2014. His initials are JCT. He is bad news and has no business in a gym. This needs to be known by the corporate office because he is clearly doing something illegal. I hope that someone from the corporate office looks into this and investigates further.

  • The Golds Gym in Howell MI is falling apart. It used to be exceptionally managed but dthe gym has gone to Hell. The Stair Master has been broken for almost a year, all the Elipticals are broken or make horrible noise. They are so old you cannot get replacement parts for them. We have TWO broken mirrors in the weight rooms that are duct taped, there are 10-15 tread mills upstairs taking up space because the owner decided to buy new ones without dgetting rid of the old ones. No room now to stretch or do single workouts. There are two Arc Trainers and we need at least 4 as they are always being used. The gym is not being utilized to it's full potential and could be used now due to there being over crowded equipment. The equipment is old, jammed together and the machines need to be repaired.
    In all honesty, the gym is kept very clean and they work hard to maintain that.

  • Oh those dreaded mornings laying in bed just thinking about going to the gym before work! After many weeks of just thinking about getting up and going to work out at 5 AM after braving the cold weather to get there……I went this morning.!! Only to SIT IN THE PARKING LOT FOR 40 MINUTES WAITING FOR THE WORKER TO SHOW UP AND OPEN THE DARN DOOR!!!!! Lee's Summit, MO location. How unprofessional of that person. Show up on time, unlock the door, and sit on your butt for the next several hours. Sounds tough.

  • Gold's Gym (San Antonio – Hill Country)

    These personal trainers are a scam! One left to a new job during my sessions and I have yet to be contacted by a new trainer. They will not issue a refund, although I have 12 sessions left and its paid for. John, the Fitness Manager, was rude, inappropriate, and very short. I've never had a regret in life until I signed up with this gym.

  • I am writing because I am very upset about your membership/billing policy. I prepaid for a yearlong membership. I did not know when my membership expired – I thought I had another month on my pre-payment. I was planning to renew my membership.

    Instead of contacting me (I know you have my phone number and email address) and giving me warning that my membership was about to expire, instead of contacting me to tell me I missed only one payment because I wasn't warned you didn't have my credit card on file, instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt – you send my information immediately to a collection agency?!

    The only reason I find out that I missed a payment is by going online to do a reverse lookup from the phone number that is pestering me and calling me 3 times a day to see if it is a legitimate service. This collection agency sounds extremely sketchy, they are extremely difficult to understand and sounds like it is a scam. Another reason I thought it was a scam is that I could not think of one single possible reason why a collection agency would be calling me.

    I'm truly shocked how this situation has been handled – the epitome of horrible, horrible customer service. I am honestly offended and feel like you scammed me. Surely your company can develop a different process.

  • Wow, I was told they did not use chlorine in the pool or Jacuzzi, and they did use it in the Jacuzzi. I called the front desk to make sure and the clone at the front desk told me NO They do not use chlorine…well I am allergic and suffered severe burn and rash and have been under medication for five months, and I cannot work out. I asked for a refund for those five months, had to give them copies of my prescriptions, and argue with staff, even though they could see my rash. They are really phony acting at the Montclair California gym, and I don't think they will return my money. They put a three month hold supposedly on my membership, yet still charged me for the next month. I am going to get an injury attorney if they do not give me the last five months membership dues back. I am so disappointed with the employees there who are under educated and give misleading information at the expense of the members getting injured.

  • I used to go to golds in corpus christi texas also. Everytime I ask for a manager when they have over charged my account I get a different person everytime. I went to the gym to talk in person and found out that everyone I talked to was just an employee and there is no real manager to talk to. They pretend to be managers so that nothing goes up the chain of command. Finally talked to a manager named Mark and he was a complete idiot and couldnt get his stories straight. If you want to go to a gym that will rip you off and not provide any customer service then golds gym is the place. Worst gym and customer service in the world.

  • golds gym is corpus christi texas is the worst gym I have ever been to. The manager Mark is a complete idiot with no knowledge of his job or suroundings. There staff is nothing more than college brats collecting a check and refusing to work and do here job. They have double billed several of my friends that are members as well and all the say is that if they cancel in a year or 2 then the will credit a month. That is so damn stupid and I cant believe they get away with it. I say if your into stealing money from people and dont need to worry about getting in trouble then golds is the place to be. You would have to be insane to go to this gym.

  • I sent a letter to the CEO, Jim Snow, in Irving, Tx. It was returned (even though it showed a forwarding address of 4001 Maple Ave., Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75219)….so where is this corporate office? They're charging me as a family plan (as was originally set) but should have changed to individual plan–and I'm afraid to stop the drafts or they'll report it to a collection agency–I've heard enough stories. The Customer Care office is horrible–they're like a bunch of zombies and probably have a script. A manager left me a voicemail that they couldn't help. I finally cancelled my son's account too. Was waiting till his personal trainer sessions ended but i don't even care about that anymore.

  • I had a 3 year membership. Beginning of August, I checked on expiration date and was told membership expired on 9/17/14. Yesterday (Aug 25) I went to check & make sure payments would stop – was told I must purchase another month of membership because I needed to give 30 day notice. Another rip-off and poor customer service. I should have been told I needed a formal resignation when I checked my expiration date.

  • I was first a member there for a year at a golds gym in Cape Coral, FL. Under the ownership of a Joe. I then became an employee in the beginning of 2014 as a filler position for the day care area. In that time I was told that I would have a free membership sense I was an employee and was working at least 1-5 days a month to fill in when ever. Around March of 2014 I decided after seeing the ins and outs of this place i no longer wanted to be an employee and noticed i had been charged for my membership the whole time i was employee. I contacted the owner who never actually spoke with me but the accountant of the Fort Myers , FL golds gym. Who told me that anyone who works less then 20 hours a week has to pay for membership. But there were a few months i worked at least 20 hours if not more that month. Then was told by many employees if you work at least one day you have a free membership no charges. Well the owner refused to refund me from the month i started till the day i was calling including the "maintence fee" of $60 . I went through my back with a charge back (just for the months i was an employee) well as of this week I have been recharged and they were refunded by the dispute department.
    This gym is a joke the owner of the cape coral and fort myers gym is a joke. What a sad person to rep this company. The Cape Coral gym is FULL of mold. They use the same protein powder for ever drink they use chocolate syrup for the shakes. There was many times the gym had the checks bounce because there was no money to pay employees. The gym smells many of the machines are broken so I am not sure where this made up maintence fee goes.
    I am not done with this company I was falsely charged as an employee. This place is a joke I will blast golds gym on ever media site, every news station every blog etc to make sure no one has to deal with this company or this person or be scammed in such a way. This place IS NASTY. The amount of times kids get sick in there I got sick working there and when I stopped working there havent been sick sense.

  • don't even bother applying for a job with this company. they post positions that don't exist. why bother wasting peoples time filling out an application for nothing?

  • I joined the Gold's Gym (San Antonio, TX) last September. School is off, so I paid extra for the Kid's Club for each kid per month so I can continue my workout routine.

    You would think if Gold's Gym REQUIRES me to pay extra for the Kid's Club, shouldn't the Kid's Club hours be covering anytime when there is a class being offered, or daytime hours like 12 PM to 4 PM especially for the summer because the kids are out of school?!

    I called the General Manager at the specific location and asked her to extend the hours of the Kid's Club; she said it's the decision from the Corporate Office. I called the Corporate Office; she told me to talk to the Operation Manager or General Manager at that location because scheduling is in the local level. I called the Operation Manager; Operation Manager ensured me that she will not change the schedule because it was planned a year ahead and couldn't be changed (really? why?). I explained to her that this is summer time so many parents might need their Kid's Club service. She said "NO!" and told me to call the instructor's manager if she allows me to bring my kids to the class and they sit at the back. I bet she will say no because this is a liability issue, as the gym worker there told me last week when I found out they closed the Kid's Club as I was about to drop my kids off at noon and go to my class. The following evening, I talked to another General Manager in another location. He couldn't do anything, either. I decided to cancel the Kid's Club memberships that I signed up a week ago. He wouldn't do a refund even when the gym is unable to provide the childcare that I purchased for. Worse, they charged me another month. So, now I will be forced to pay 2 months of Kid's Club memberships that I am mostly unable to use.

  • I am from california and the golds gym west covina is bad and the people are so stupid they won't refund my money

  • I moved. Filed for early termination- moving from Alabama to Maine. Sent in paperwork (after confirming correct forms accepted with Keisha Clyde). Over month later billed twice from account. Called again- spoke with Cynthia Hernandez said nothing was received.. I forwarded her my email from last time. Heard nothing. Called back again, talked with Nick Martin (who was over-the-top rude) and he spoke with Cynthia. Cynthia tells him my proof of move or whatever isn't valid? It was a utility bill/statement issuing me a refund??? So, still waiting to hear what's going on? Calling again tomorrow. I have, in the mean time, cancelled payment through my bank. Anyone else should do the same if they know they've been scammed. CANCEL PAYMENT THROUGH BANK OR CREDIT CARD COMPANY.

  • Wow! i wish I would have read all these comments before joining in. After this week of payment, I am out!

  • I was double charged by the Gold's Gym in Rosslyn, Virginia ten years ago. They drew monthly charges from my checking account, and at the same time they charged me $5.00 every time I visited them. I still have the receipts.
    In 1997, I complained to their financial company called BELMONT FINANCIAL SERVICES and the Rosslyn Gold Gym. But both ignored my complaints by letter. I did not speak good English at that time, and after 10 years (now), I have decided to call their customer service department. Ms. CYNTHIA HARNANDEZ an emploee, has told me that there is nothing I can do about and basically has told me to go away. Ms. CYNTHIA HARNANDEZ has insulted me although the fault is theirs. She won't let me speak to her supervisor or manager. My complaints are blocked and buried by her. The company does not have a moral.

  • Golds Gym held my husband to his one year contract even though he was called into active duty. When he stopped paying his monthly dues, his account was handed to a collections agency. When contacted by the agency he paid in full what they were calling to collect to fulfill the one year agreement. He advised the agency he did not want to continue a membership with Golds Gym. The agency said nothing about him needing to contact Golds Gym directly. Two years later he received a call from the same collections agency stating that his contract was not cancelled and he owed another two years worth of monthly dues! When I called corporate headquarters they said that we were responsible for the amount because the collections agency doesn't have the ability to cancel the contract. Why weren't we told that by the agency?!?! The Golds Gym recovery agent's words were, "You can ask anyone in the company, this is how this is always handled." So this must be a normal occurrence!!!!

  • I had the same problem in Staunton, Va. I moved out of the area, no Gold's gym within 75 miles of my home. I wrote to cancel membership and they filed a collection on me. I've been trying for years to have it removed and they aren't budging and neither am I. It'll stay there until I'm dead and gone.

  • I am a member at a Gold's Gym Express in Del City, Ok. The customer service is horrible with the exception of a couple of their staff members. One person told me that a late fee could be waived but the person who accepted my payment said it could not be waived because they can only waive one late fee per year. Also, two of the front desk staff are bf/gf and insist on carrying on their arguments at the front desk or out in the parking lot. The gf loses it and yells and curses and at one point, even threw a set of keys against the wall. I am not sure how a couple got hired together but it was obviously a huge mistake. As was my decision to join this gym.

  • I am from texas but I'm in california now and the golds gym in fullerton is great but the people are so stupid they won't refund my money and the gyms in la have horrible machines do you guys have good octane machines?

  • After reading so many of these comments, I'm amazed this company is as large as it is. I recently ended my employment with GG because I was asked to enter false information in the system to make the store look better then it was. That along with so many other things I witnessed I realized I could not work for this company another day. They violated my work ethic. I gave written notice and recently realized they have not paid me for the last week I worked for them. When I tried to file a complaint to the corp office, you have to pay $25.00 to file a complaint. OMG what a company. I will join them again nor will I recommend them to anyone. GG was once a great company, that is over. They only care about the money and not the customer.

  • Today, 2/18/14 I went to the Gold's Gym in Milford, NH. It is snowing. I stepped up on the sidewalk and fell because there was snow on ice. It had been lightly cleared. I went into the gym and a young blonde said she had shoveled it. As I left I approached the manager and asked if he had shoveled again. He looked at me with a blank look and smiled. I suggested he shovel every half hour and salt the sidewalk. I hurt both palms on my hands and have pain in my lower back. You staff didn't even ask me my name or take any information about my falling, They were not interested in my status. Is this how your train your staff? The reason I'm commenting here is because I was told to leave a message on Tishia Price's voice mail and she would get back to me in 48-72 hours. If my pain continues, I will seek medical care, and Golds will get the bill. PW/Milford, NH/

  • I was a member of a fitness first in va for almost ten years and it was recently bought by Golds gym. Initially I was excited. With it being a chain I figured I would have more facility options. What I didn't realize was my gym was bought by corporate which only allows you to use other corporate owned gyms. The problem is when you go on their website they don't distinguish between which ones are corporate and which ones are franchise. You have to call each gym to figure that out. I've discovered fees are different amongst those that were acquired by corporate. I am finding that they have changed many of the amenities with the acquisition. I probably won't be there for much longer and with all of the comments I've read I hope I have no difficulty canceling my membership. It's a shame. I loved fitness first and the staff is wonderful.

  • I see more than a few negative comments here, Including one from myself regarding the way the Round Rock, Tx location treated my family. However, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. As such, the customer service rep that I just spoke with was very helpful, friendly, and professional. If you need to call customer service, I would recommend using option 2. The folks at option 4 were less than helpful, she heard the worlds but not the meaning. Would not transfer me to a supervisor. But when I called back and used option 2, I was treated with professionalism and courtesy. She listened to my concern and actually understood my concern, I simply wanted to downgrade my membership. If anyone in corporate reads this, may I suggest the lady at option 2 get an "at a boy" for helping to keep a long time customer of Gold's Gym.

  • I just called Gold's Gym Customer Service and now know why Gold's Gym is receiving a "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Talk about less than helpful.

    To my fellow Military Personnel and their families, Unless Gold's Gym makes some serious policy changes, I would recommend that they be placed on the Banned Services List

  • Does Gold's Gym really have a policy that prohibits children under the age of 18 from using the locker room to change and shower?

    Kind of curious as the Round Rock, Tx location charges members an additional $5 on Saturday mornings, to provide children with an hour long workout. But after an hour long workout, my son was prohibited from going with me to the men's locker room to shower and change. Not only is this unprofessional and unethical, but it is also unhealthy.

  • I have been a member of a Golds Gym in Maryland for the past seven years. I WILL NEVER join another Golds gym EVER. I was initially a member of Golds Gym Baltimore Inner Harbor, and it closed unexpectedly a few years ago. I had my membership transferred to Golds Gym Bel Air Maryland and it too closed unexpectedly on Dec 20, 2013. There was no notification to the members either time which is in my opinion unforgivable. I will never recommend Gold to ANYONE because of your unprofessional way of closing gyms. Totally unreliable company.

  • The people of Mount Pleasant SC are in need of a full service Gold's Gym complete with weight room, cardio, sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and swimming pool ASAP. We would like a gym jut like those of Columbia, SC….Preferably built very soon.

  • I made an error with names: I spoke to David on 1/15/14 not Greg, Sorry. But I did meet & spoke to Greg, today, 1/20/14.

  • On Saturday 1/11/14 and inquired about the gym & spoke to a gym employee by the name of Shawna. I have to tell you, this is an employee was extremely disappointing & not customer friendly. Needless to say I was unimpressed and left the facilty.
    I returned the following day & spoke to an employee by the name of Abbey. What a delight & informative. She offered myself & a friend of mine a tour of the entire facilty.
    I returned on Wed. 1/15/14 & soke to a gentleman by the name of Greg. I expressed my concerns of the gym as a honestly wanted to purchase a year membership, but was unsure if there would be any follow-up with the free one time trainer session. I explained to Greg that there had been someone I know ~ this very thing had happened to.
    I have to tell you, after speaking with Greg, I was impressed & purchased a year membership.
    PS… this company needs to cloneemployees like Abbey and Greg…

  • Currently serving in the military and a Golds member. Joined in Killeen, TX and very dissapointed and disgusted by how this gym is maintained. Constant equipment broken. (Yes I understand things break). The cleanliness of this gym is not up to par at all. And this city is so populated im not understanding why there is not a 2nd golds gym. Its constantly over crowded with very little to offer. This is by far the worst golds gym I have been to. So for all you military personnel who are looking for a gym. You might want to skip this one

  • My daughter was falsely accused of hurting a child in the play center when employed at the Kingwood location. She was terminated today on a false accusation from a member that had nothing better to do with her time. My daughter was friends with the parent of the child she is accused of "kicking" and adores him!!! She would never harm a child and because one member with not a single shred of evidence accuses someone they are released from there position???!!! On top of that Golds gym has allowed my daughters information to be given to this woman in which case she has posted personal blogs with!!! Lawsuit is being filed against the gym for releasing personal information and against this woman for slander. This disgusts me!!! Do not join this gym as this just adds to the numerous existing complaints!!!!

  • I have worked out at Golds on Venice Beach for two years now. The ONLY reason I maintain my membership is because of a certain employee there, that has been nothing but dependable, honest, friendly, professional, and courteous. I've seen him be mistreated for two years now by manager Jason and his boss Josh. It's unbelievable how this employee keeps doing his job but gets treated like crap at work. He has been passed up on promotions we all thinly because he doesn't look like your typical gold gym kind of guy. Qt all see it . I think there is a lawsuit just screaming discrimination. Get some quality managers or I'm canceling.

  • At least once a month there is always something broken in your facility in (stl, mo 63136 linebergh) jacuzzi is down are the steam room is down are the pool is down, are the pool and the jacuzzi is down are the steam room and the jacuzzi is down. Consistently there is something broke in your gym. So my question is why is this? Why do I have to pay full price for something that doesn't work full time. A couple of times the things have been down for almost the entire month. What are you doing for your customers to compensate for the constant inconvenience? If you find this a exaggeration I will be contact with you next time so you can read about it next time and there will be a next time probably real soon. That's if they put the bandaid on the jacuzzi before the end of 2018.

  • Gold's Gym customer service is a joke as is their management. I requested by phone to cancel my $110 per month personal training contract two months in advance of the expiration and was told it would be done by the manager, Shane, at the Olney, MD gym. I was again billed. I called national customer service to ask to have the charge removed and was told I needed to "fill out a form" to cancel. I was never told this and now I'm being charged an additional two months because I have to fill out the form and give 30 days notice. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the rep, Rochelle Washington, refused to allow me to speak to anyone else. I am outraged and will be sure to let everyone I know what a lousy company this is and that they should not spend money with them.

  • I went to Golds Gym the total of 2 TIMES! in 2010 under the impression that is was a no contract month by month. I got sick with blood clots and could no longer go, and have not gone since. I have been called none stop everyday for the last 2 years from Golds Gym wanting money from me!! 2 times going to the gym should not justify being harassed for 2 years!! NEVER NEVER GO TO GOLDS GYM!!

  • I guess each location of a Golds Gym is independently owned but since it’s using the name GOLDS GYM it should have some type of clause that the franchisee must maintain the integrity of the company. I had a horrible experience at the Golds Gym in Arcadia, CA and even if you ask for corp. # “we are not authorized to give that information” or god forbid ask for the manager. Each day the name changes depending on their mood. THERE IS NO PERSON OF CONTACT besides the snotty females working the front counter and the juiced up meat heads prowling around checking out girls. This place is a complete joke! Everybody is nice when you go in to check out the amenities but once you sign that 2 year contract say good-bye to good customer service and good-bye to any professionalism. I will share my experience with everyone I touch on a daily basis and write many reviews based on how I was treated in that rat hole of a gym with juvenile delinquents working.

  • So I brought my dad today to my gym, Gold's on Babcock. He will be moving here in a couple months and he wanted to check out the location although he is an Anytime Fitness member in Florida. When I arrived, I asked for a 3 day pass for my dad. They told me he had to pay because he did not live in San Antonio. I said, "you advertise 7 day passes in your print marketing and on your website!" They told me that special was for in-state only. I then proceeded to tell them he was moving here and wanted to see if this was the gym for him. The front desk guy doesn't make the rules so I asked for the GM Charlene Campos. She was working out so I went over to her and she was rude and unprofessional. She didn't care to ask me the circumstances of the matter, she didn't care whether or not she gained another customer or lost one no less, she also didn't seem to care that my father is a retired Vietnam Veteran who was shot in battle or the fact that he is a senior citizen. I know at least 2 people by name, that walk in that gym and don't pay a dollar to work out almost everyday and I have a membership I have been paying for years & they have the audacity to charge my father, a retired Vietnam Vet on a fixed income, to work out for 2 days and possibly join their gym in 2 months???? I am cancelling my membership tomorrow, I have already filed a BBB complaint, I will contact the Veteran's Administration tomorrow and post everywhere I can about this appalling display of customer service!!!! They have lost a customer for life and by the time I'm done, I will make sure a lot more!!!!

  • Gold's Gym in Reston VA may be hazardous to your health. Recent sanitary problems included mold in a shower and mold covering the walls of steam room, filthy floors and filthy shower curtain. Overall maintenance is terribly substandard.

  • On October 29, 2013 I spoke to the manager Antonio about a current charge. His customer service was terrible. I had a $40.00 charge and went to the gym to talk to them about it since my membership is only 9.99 per month. He just stared at me and said we tell everyone there is a 40.00 fee to hold your monthly membership price of 9.99. I told him when I signed up I specifically asked if there were other charges and was told no. He said it wasn't his problem and handed me corporate phone number. I asked to see my contract and he told me call corporate. I asked if he could me the salesgirl's name that signed me up and he said to call corporate. I asked for his name and he FINALLY said Antonio. I told him I needed to update my credit card and if possible could I cancel my membership due to the charge and his poor customer service. Guess what…I was told to call corporate. What really frustrated me was the terrible customer service. All day long I give wonderful customer service at my work (even when the customers are rude). I have tried calling corporate twice in 2 days and get a recording they have a high volume of calls and to leave a message and they will get back to me. I still have not receive a call. On facebook I asked if anyone else had problems with Gold Gym. Yes, there are many. Also that Antonio at the South Jordan, Utah gym is always rude. Guess it's time to call Utah Consumer Fraud.

  • If you read your contracts, at least the one from Gold's Gym Express. You have to notify them in WRITING, certified mail that you want to cancel your membership. It seems gyms are notorious for this because they want to make it difficult and convoluted for you to leave them. I found fine print in the membership contract that authorizes a $25 payment draft fee. So there $1 to join and $9.99 a month rapidly becomes nearly $70 in enrollment fees if you don't want a year commitment. I wouldn't mind considering things if they were upfront about stuff like that. But they hook you and the more I research this company the less I want any of my financial information in their hands. Sorry.

  • I have tried on several occasions to cancel our contracts with Gold’s Gym. This started back in May of 2013 as I fell down the stairs and hurt myself and could not use the service.

    I called several times and spoke with Jim the manager at the Gold’s Gym in Florissant, MO and he stated no problem to cancel and his main concern was that I was NOT hurt at the gym. I told him I fell down the stairs at home.

    I then received a bill from a collection’s agency so I made another phone call to Gold’s Gym, paid both the collections notices in full and explained to the person that I need the contracts cancelled. She then told me I could only cancel online. I asked why I was not informed that prior, she was not certain. She explained to me they would need doctor notice, so I faxed them doctor notice with a statement to cancel my account immediately.

    So, I go home and get online to cancel my husband's account, the website would not give me an option to cancel but I could however, get a help screen to pop up to request from customer service to cancel my account or help me to cancel my account.

    I never heard from one person from the company, did not receive a bill or notice of any type regarding my husband's account or mine so I assumed issue resolved.

    Over the weekend I received another collection’s notice stating husband's account past due. I call Gold’s Gym once again and I get a really rude person, Nick Martin, on the phone who would not let me explain my situation and all he would say is I CANNOT CANCEL my contracts.

    I do not know where to turn from here. So, I filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. I was also informed they would automatically renew. I cannot get anywhere with the company’s customer service department nor will they let me speak with a supervisor.

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  • I have been trying to cancel my membership for months and it's impossible to find a number to do that. Once you do they leave you on hold until you hang up and keep billing you every month. You can't cancel online which you should be able to. THIS IS A COMPLETE LAPSE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CLEAR THAT YOU JUST WANT TO STICK IT TO YOUR MEMBERS FOR A FEW MORE MONTHS.

  • I Purchased a Membership @ Gold's In Las Vegas NV on Loosee! I was told with the membership I purchased that I was allowed to take a guest! WRONG they want the guest to be a local with a license from NV my friends & family are from out of state how can they pick & choose who can & cannot be my guest? Needless to say I will not be renewing my membership @ this facility theirs plenty of other gyms their loss! NV is not the only gold's gym why would they do that? You would think that they would want people signing up for their facility! Love the Instructors but management is another story, what happened to customer service…

  • I had been a happy Spectrum member at Rogers Ranch in San Antonio for many, many years. When they changed hands to Gold's I was semi excited! Wow, a "real" gym with (hopefully) "real" trainers and staff who knew the machines and how to porperly use them. Wrong! It is hard to even find a staff member unless you go to the front desk. And then, they can not locate ayone to help even with their radio communication system. And when there have been issues involving cleanliness of the locker rooms, sauna, whirlpool, steam room and pool… it laid on deaf ears. Numerous complaints and even letters to the GM have gone unanswered. The pool even has tiny bits of diaper pieces floating in it (they allow a childrens swim class to use it 3 times a week)! I was so disgusted that I baled to another gym and am now playing the waiting game for my Gold's membership to be up at the end of the year! I had stupidly re-upped on my contract to add a teenager just before Gold's took over. Huge mistake! Do not sign with these folks! Go at peak hours and look at every crack and crevice… they do not run a tight operation.

  • Thought it was just the Middletown NY branch that was worthless and stealing my money, now I see branches all over the US are ripping people off!

    How is this possible? We should all join together and report to the Better Business Bureau!!!

    This is even worse then most internet scams!!!!!

  • WOW! Same here! Billing me after I went into the local gym in NY and cancelled my membership, 5 months later I realized i am still being billed!!! Have called and called and called, always getting the run around "so and so will call you" but of course nobody ever does! Hundreds of dollars! Talk about a criminal organization!


  • they are doing the same thing to me,,,,last month they took out an extra $25.oo and yesterday which is not my due date they took out a payment that is not what I am supposed to pay!!!

  • Gold's Gym withdrew $467 from my checking account without notice or cause. When I contacted the Corporate office they told me that the action came from my home gym in San Antonio, TX and would need to be resolved there. When I went to my home gym they blamed the corporate office for the mistake. Later, I was told that an entirely different gym debited my account for personal training sessions I never received. After days of getting the runaround, I was told that it will take 14 more days to get my money back because they wanted to mail it. It wasn't until I said I will not be further inconvenienced by there unprofessionalism that they agreed to credit it back to my credit card. After reading all the blogs and posts from people saying they had similar experiences, I will be checking into legal counsel to determine to possibility of a class action lawsuit.

  • Do not do business with Gold's Gym in douglasville ga!

    This is why I didnt want to do automated drafts and this is why they are losing business!

    Poor Management!

    They use abcfinancial for their billing and Netcollections.

    I am getting the run around because of their processing error.

    I am having a horrible experience!

    Attention: Golds Gym Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address:
    125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
    Irving, Texas 75062
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-574-4653
    Fax Number: 1-214-296-5000
    Email Address:
    Stock Symbol: Private Company

    I am having a problem with billing.
    Please call me at xxx xxx xxxx case #2601-58016

    From: Vickie Wilson
    To: Eric Maxwell ; Toni Williams ; ""
    Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 2:09 PM
    Subject: RE: 2601-58016 membership

    Please contact your club regarding our membership.

    From: JJ Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 12:56 PM
    To: Vickie Wilson; Eric Maxwell; Toni Williams;
    Subject: Re: 2601-58016 membership

    Has this issue or collection been resolved yet?I need to speak to someone.
    Aug. 16, 20131:55 pm
    To: Vickie Wilson ; "" ; "" ; "" jjSent: Monday, August 12, 2013 3:35 PM
    Subject: Re: 2601-58016 membership
    OK, I just checked my E-mail for the notification dates Vickie Wilson gave me today and I did not receive any notices on my Email either.

    Is this a scam to get more money out of people who cancel service?

    What are you guys up to? Am I missing something? I may need to take this to court and I will show the judge my E-mails and the conversation in black and white that I had with Kailyn Thompson.

    You guys are really taking me through a lot for an original $12.50 payment that has grown into a wopping $187.50. We made need to expose this kinda of trickery to the media. Please fix this. My patience is running very short! I don't have money to waste and time to lose on such foolery.

    Please clear this up within the next 24 hrs or I will file a small claims case against you because these are very unfair and unprofessional practices.


    From: JJ
    To: Vickie Wilson ; "" ; "" ; JJ
    Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 3:06 PM
    Subject: Re: 2601-58016 membership
    copy from JJ

    Aug. 12, 2013

    To: Vicki Wilson, Eric Maxwell, Toni Williams, Kaitlyn Thom,pson
    CC: JJ

    From: JJ
    To: Kailin Thompson ; "" ; JJ
    Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 3:02 PM
    Subject: Re: Cancellation Issue- billing- jj
    Hi Kaitlyn,

    Thanks for the response.

    I just went to Gold's gym and I also talked to Vickie Wilson today on August 12, 2013 at or around 2:00 to 2:30 pm to find out why my acct.#2601-58016 has been sent to collections with NETCollection$.

  • Wow!! Just reading all these comments has made me wonder if I should even call and give them the new expiration date for my card. It expired last month and I didn't think about calling to give them the new one until I got a bill in the mail for the 15.95 plus 39.00 plus 25.00. I was asking them to take the 25.00 off for NSF in my account when it was just my exp. date and they said they would not be able to do that. That is when I first started to get upset, so I started to look for a corporate number I could call and came upon this. Well looks like they will just have to keep sending me bills and I will pay with money orders in the mail. They will sure not be getting my credit card number again and I will keep all my receipts when I do pay them for the 1yr monthly subscription. I cant believe a company would be run so poorly and they are really getting away with this!?!?

  • I cancelled my memebership back in 2008 when I left for college and I just got a phone call from First Credit Services, collection agency, threatening me and telling me that I have $500 due to Gold's Gym in Live Oak, TX.

  • Reading all of these comment above is in line with our experience. Gold Gym in Rogers Ranch San Antonio bought The Spectrum a year or two ago, and the facilities and service have gone down the toilet ever since. The Gold's Gym in Roger's Ranch is mismanaged, has clueless staff, nobody seems to know who is in charge, the facilities are falling apart, not maintained… our pool use to be crystal clear & blue is now green with algae… the weights and video monitors… Gold's service & facilities suck… you are making a HUGE mistake by considering joining! Especially in San Antonio…

  • ive been canceled since December of last year and im still being charged bi weekly. ive called three or four times since then complaining and asking for them to cancel because ive moved out of state!! bunch of crooks

  • did someone filed a complaint with better business bureau? i had experienced the same thing. me any my husband just signed up last april 26th. we are in contract with them for a year and we paid upfront for the trainer almost 2, 000 and still has to pay 1000 for the remaining 12 mos. they were not supposed to charge us until the first of july but they started the charges in june. i signed up my grandson for swim lessons for 99/mo and with contract of 3 months but they already charged me 198 in a matter of 2 weeks. i went there and told them about it but they said my membership due date in on the first of the mo, so if you signed up mid month, they will charge you when you signed up and collect another monthly 2 weeks after. they really suck. they are a bunch of crooks.

  • I've canceled 3 other family members in Dec of 2012, and in Feb of this year realized that I was still being charged for all for those 3 members. Apparently the paperwork that was filed with someone working with corporate did not see to it that the papers were processed. Both the gym manager Marty Landers and Brown Smith were to handle the situation and told me they would but after months went by they never did anything!!!
    I ended up calling corporate myself only to find that I missed a 90 day disagreement period where I could have disputed everything. I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THAT!!! Marty and Brown led me to believe that they would handle everything and they didn't. And now I'm out $170+!! After leaving them both numerous emails, voice messages, and letters they have not bothered contacting me at all. Because they didn't take the responsibility to help me like they said they would, I am the one out the funds that should have stopped in Jan 2013.


    I'am absolutely appalled by the service i have experienced, I've been trying to contact gold gym about canceling my membership due to a on going back pain, i have noted the times and voice mails i left over a 2 week period, the supervisor on the phone was one of the rudest people I've ever spoken too. I then receive a uncaring voicemail claiming that my doctors note is not valid because its DOESNT say 'PERMANENT' I've now had to go back to the doctors and get a new doctors not claiming 'PERMANENT INJURY' What a inconvenience on top of that I've had the run around about a 'decline fee ' 25$ my card was stolen and i had to get a note from wells fargo claiming that it was 'actually' stolen are you f***ing kidding me ? So again i run around and go to wells fargo and they tell me they cant release thats information.
    The woman on the phone said " oh well i guess you will have to pay for it "

    I was also NOT told about the 40$ "service fee/lock in fee" at the sign up, yes , i should have read the whole contract before but i actually signed, but i thought they were at least going to be honest with me,
    At this point.

    I owe
    – 20$ month of may on top of
    – 40$ ( lock in fee )
    – 25 $ decline fee – that you cant do anything about and they refuse to take it off.

    Now there saying that i need to pay the another payment of 20$ for my last month ???

  • The worst gym I've ever been too !!! – DONT GO HERE !

    I'am absolutely appalled by the service i have experienced, I've been trying to contact gold gym about canceling my membership due to a on going back pain, i have noted the times and voice mails i left over a 2 week period, the supervisor on the phone was one of the rudest people I've ever spoken too. I then receive a uncaring voicemail claiming that my doctors note is not valid because its DOESNT say 'PERMANENT' I've now had to go back to the doctors and get a new doctors not claiming 'PERMANENT INJURY' What a inconvenience on top of that I've had the run around about a 'decline fee ' 25$ my card was stolen and i had to get a note from wells fargo claiming that it was 'actually' stolen are you f***ing kidding me ? So again i run around and go to wells fargo and they tell me they cant release thats information.
    The woman on the phone said " oh well i guess you will have to pay for it "

    I was also NOT told about the 40$ "service fee/lock in fee" at the sign up, yes , i should have read the whole contract before but i actually signed, but i thought they were at least going to be honest with me,
    At this point.

    I owe
    – 20$ month of may on top of
    – 40$ ( lock in fee )
    – 25 $ decline fee – that you cant do anything about and they refuse to take it off.

    Now there saying that i need to pay the another payment of 20$ for my last month ???

  • Gold's Gym on Bailey Cove in Huntsville, AL is HORRIBLE! Quality and the up keep of the gym is not good at all; and the billing and customer service is worse. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and found out that their rating is an "F". I am now pursuing a legal action against them for continuing to withdraw from my account. Since this report to the BBB, they have withdrawn from my account again and now owe even more! Summary of my complaint with the BBB is as follows: "My gym membership and my son's membership was paid up front, and they continued to withdraw from my account. I paid this gym my startup fee and first months dues for mine and my son's account. They continued to charge my account. When trying to work with the billing department (Hailey in Florida) she was horribly rude, disrespectful and would not acknowledge the overage that I should have on both accounts. In trying to work with her, she told me to work with Jeremiah at the local location. Jeremiah tried to help in the beginning; however, he would never make himself available and then would ignore my calls. This business does not provide the customer service that I deserved. At one time, he had another employee answer the phone and she refused to put him on because he was leaving. In addition, she would not give her name; however, found out it was "Morgan". This salesperson on the phone, Morgan, was horribly rude and refused to give her name; as well as 'dared' me to "come down there". These are kids running this gym who have no customer respect, much less adult respect. Do not go to this gym, the billing is horrible and the customer service is worse. They should not be in business whatso ever!!! They still have a balance due to me and if not received, I will pursue that balance legally."

  • Seriously unsatisfied with Golds gym!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!!! Worst decision my husband and I have made. We cannot get in contact with anyone from customer care. I called corporate office in Irving and each time I get referred to another person who only forwards my calls to voice mail. Its a joke! Not to mention the unprofessionalism of the staff. Wow. In complete amazement that golds is in business. Im sure the original gold's out of California would be ashamed to be associated with this behavior of business. Some thing needs to be done. Would NEVER recommend golds to anyone. Worst gym experience in my life!

  • I put my personal training sessions on hold, because I had some to make up, no use in continuously paying $550 a month when Im not caught up (right?). SO I get a collection notice of $1,800.00! I go to figure out what the hell was going on in my local Golds in Roseville Ca, and their rep says the only way he can rectify my situation, is if he resigns me up for another month paid in full. So because of Gold's error, by an associate who was let go of their company due to fraudulent behavior, I have to pay the price? No only that but the steps this Representative took didn't make sense. He first balanced my account said it was taken care of, even made a little side note (im thinking ok its taken care of) but the next step was resigning me up for another month. (his response "thats what the system will allow") UM NO its because you get commission/credited for signing me up. I feel defrauded twice!!!!!! Have yet to speak with corporate.

  • Gold Gym #1108: Brownsville Texas general manager lacks management knowlege and the personal trainers are unprofessionals and low lifes.

  • My Comment to all the unhappy people who are unhappy.

    Let it go, and go find a gym that will serve.

    In my town, I can go to the rec center and pay $10.00 a month if I pay them $120 a year or $20 a month and no contract. They have all the best equipment and it's clean.

    I have used Gold's Gym twice since I signed up in 2011. The salesman was really good and I pay them. Their facility wasn't all that in Utah. It looked like another 24 hour Fitness. In California, their Gyms make you feel like you are working with the professionals and why I chose Gold's Gym.

    So, I would say to all of you – go find another gym that will give you what you want.

    So you say your company or you has signed on their dotted line already? And???? Go find another gym. I did and I bring in a very small income.

    Gr8 Advice: Just let it go and chalk it up as a lesson.

  • Dear John plus Mary,

    Dear God's Gym:
    How are you worth it?
    Ill say it again my friend. How you worth the price of pain without pleasure?

    Fact: We are in a the worst Recession with the 2013 no hope rope "due to" bad customer service on the entire nation. The sad is not just you which means we are not enjoying the right stress vs bad stress.

    The Bad News is More Loss for everybody.

    Your team members need a refresher's course in serving good lemonade vs weak.

    I have not read any of your list of letters – I skimmed and they were all pretty much bad which means your clients including myself are getter fatter vs fit.

    My intention is to get in shape for the purposes of health, wealth, and hired. That is my plight plus playing dirty due to windows not clean.

    Life is harder due to whatever. I am sure God's Gym with Gold's Gym can give some love our way since all of you eat well and better ie: your brains are suppose to be more aware.

    Improve This: The Poor Customer Service of no love on all of your clients is not smart if you want to have a business with less work without lies.

    If you are the best, people will flock but not if you are not living up to what you claim as far as giving me a better life cause the $400 something to go on my bill is wrong chess move on the cosmic chess board in the fast lane.

    I wasn't going to go here with but I saw the comment box saw what your other clients thought in these times of recession from foul.

    The bottom line: I got lured in like a barricuda and I'm am not happy.

    I have $400 something to go on my bill and youre policies to not give righteous is cruel and without rewards. Tip: You need to refresh your policies without mercy. I am sure it was just an oversight since HQ is from Texas.

    Thank you and Have a Nice Day!

  • We first had an account we spectrum that we really liked and then was taken over by golds gym. We never had an account with golds and they are trying to charge us for 6 months.. what kind of corporation does this? We have contacted corporate many times with no feed back.. Horrible company

  • Ditto here with the Green Brook NJ Golds Gym – I cancelled my membership when transferred abroad, sent the local gym and their billing agency in ga (per the membership fine print) via certified mail and they still tried to tell me they didn't get it and just kept on drawing money from my acct each mo… Had to put a block on them from 1/2 way around the globe and then the collections calls started… Took the BBB and attny gen'l office consumer affirs to get they scumbags off my back… 3 yrs later!!!

    Then I Find out that's the golds' mo… Run don't walk away if you value your money – must be organized crime behind the golds gym syndicate

  • Same here, they just tried to withdraw money from your bank even after I cancelled the membership 3 months later. They even sent me a bill that place me in collection. I called customer service line and was on hold for ever and never got to talk to anyone. I called the local gym and spoke to the manager and she asked me if i have a copy of cancellation sheet even though it showed in the system that it has been cancelled. She said that she needs proof that I was actually the one cancelling it. Can you beleive this? Gold Gym is so UNPROFESSIONAL and please DO NOT be a part of it or have anything to do with thier business. It's totally a scam.

  • I am so disappointed with the Gold's Gym in Greenbrook NJ. Due to indifferences with the landlord Rob, the gym owner sold his gym to the Retro Fitness. Without giving my the option I am a member of Retro. I do not want to be a member at Retro. We were all effected by the Hurricane Sandy, including the gym. They had no power for 2 weeks and somehow not only was I billed for the full months gym, but I was billed by Retro?!! I am so dissapointed, I really enjoyed Golds gym and I chose Golds over Retro for a reason. I would like someone to please contact me. Since Golds is no longer there my membership should have been canceled and I should have been given the option to stay or go.