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Reach LA Fitness Corporate Office 

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LA Fitness Corporate Office is located in California. The details below offer a closer look at the corporate office for LA Fitness, encompassing their address, phone number, customer reviews, and more.

Overview of LA Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

LA Fitness, a renowned chain of gyms and fitness centers, is headquartered in California.

Corporate Office Location:

3021 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

Contact LA Fitness:

  • LA Fitness Corporate Phone Numbers: Dial 1-909-392-1063 or 1-949-255-7200 and press #5.
  • Corporate Number: 1-949-255-7200
  • Fax Number: Currently not available.
  • Email for inquiries: info@lafitness.com
  • Stock Symbol: LA Fitness is a privately held company.
  • Official Website: LAFitness.com

LA Fitness Corporate Office HQ

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LA Fitness competes with Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Orange Theory.

California: A Hub of Corporate Offices:

In addition to LA Fitness, California is home to many other prominent corporate offices. These include tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, entertainment companies like Disney and Netflix.


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LA Fitness Tripping Hazard, tear in treat mill walking mat

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 15, 2023

On Wednesday 1/13/23 on the sixth treadmill from the left if you are looking from the floor at the row of treadmills. To my right, I noticed a treadmill with a tear on the walkway. After I was done on the treadmill I walked to the front desk and spoke with Angle to told me he was the general Mgr. I told him this issue should either be locked out or that he may want to tape an 11 1/2 X11 sheet of paper with an out-of-order. This morning at around 11:00 am I was on the tread mill the the tear was there and the machine is not labeled. I spoke with Angel, and I told him that it is a tripping hazard and that folks up to 80 years old are on these machines. I told him that I am 69 years old and that over my career, I have had to take employees due to preventable accident incidents. When he continued to make excuses I pressed the issue. His response was “I will formulate a plan with the maintenance dept and we will take care of it”. Really? I said some older people can trip and get injured and his response was. We have our members sign a release so I am not worried about getting sued. (Really a known safety issue that is ignored, what lawyer wants to get on this potential case) Is this the normal method of operation of LA Fitness? And, who is coaching this individual? The Lack of concern for a tripping hazard that can cause an injury is Outrageous. I have been a mid-level manager for over 30 years. In such as Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado, Waste Management, or AT&T, allowing a known safety issue to exist is grounds for termination in these companies. I do not know what your policy is, however as upper-level managers, and you okay with this? I am a USN veteran I have seen several serious injuries in my career that were preventable. The attitude of the GM at the Palm Bay Fitness Center is alarming at best.

Robert L. Stise

Do Not Join LAFitness!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 7, 2023

LAFitness offered me a complimentary 2-day pass online, which I accepted to try out the club. However, when I came in to redeem the Pass, they told me I had to join for a month instead. They finally relented and said I could try out the pool and gym for one day and then pressured me until I said ok, I will purchase a monthly membership. Every time I came in, the manager continued to pressure me to purchase Personal Training sessions. I once had to say to him, I will cancel my membership if you ask me again. Two months later, I injured my hip and had to go to Physical Therapy. I asked if I could freeze my membership, and they said sure. But, I was not told they would charge me $10 per month to freeze. When I saw this charge on my bank statement, I went to the club in person and asked to cancel my membership. They processed my cancellation on the computer, but I never received any confirmation. Since then, I am still being charged $10 per month (now up to 6 months), and they keep telling me I will get a refund. Today, when I called again, they told me my membership was never canceled, only frozen, and there is no refund. So, today I had to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau, and my bank has put this charge in dispute and is helping with the investigation. LAFitness has many claims like mine against them and has a Class Action Suit filed against them for false advertising of costs, not canceling memberships, and charging customers while providing no services. They are a disgrace.

Corporate Office Headquarters