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Off Broadway Shoes Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Off Broadway Shoes Corporate Office Headquarters

Off Broadway Shoes Inc.
4300 Alexander Drive Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30022 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-678-393-0081
Fax Number: 1-678-393-2964
Customer Service Number: 1-678-393-0081

  • Oh, I was in the store in Charlotte, North Carolina perimeter Parkway. I was going to buy $110 pair of brooks shoes.. told me I could not buy another pair of brooks for 50% off which was fine but I could pick out either pair of another brand and get 50% off. And I did not say any other brand that I wanted and so I asked them to give me a coupon so my wife could come back in a day or two and buy a pair of shoes for 50% off.. they told me they did not do that and I did that with them about a year and a half ago but the manager told me that I was wrong that they have never done that because she has been there for three years. And I told her that I have done it before and she at all, but called me a liar and glared at me. And I have bought LANY pairs of shoes there in the last few years but I ain’t going back. If she would have just said that they might have done it before and don’t do it now that would be fine but she insisted she was right and I was wrong and I know I’m right.

  • I was shopping at the Off Broadway store in Danvers, Massachusetts. I had picked out and planned on buying 3 pairs of shoes totaling over $150.00. I asked the clerk if I could use the restroom and was told store policy is customers aren't allowed to use facilities. I handed the shoes to the clerk and advised that this is yet another reason why brick and mortar stores are closing left & right. I went home, went shopping on line in the comfort of my home (and facilities) ordered my 3 pairs of shoes plus 2 more for the same price I would have paid at your store had I been allowed to use the restroom facilities. Big mistake Broadway shoes. This is going to be posted on Facebook as well as me telling all my friends. DUMB policies are going to ruin your store.

  • I got my cell phone stolen at the mall and the people also stole my credit card and tried to use it at Off Broadway and I called to see if I could com in and get a look at the security footage and was told only the corporate office could allow me to look. I have called the phone number given several times with no response and I have no other option but to get the police involved.

  • Please save your time and money and DON'T shop online with this company.i bought three pairs of shoes a month ago but they were shipped back to OBS because they say the address was wrong. I have tried to contact this company for a month now. The customer service line NEVER gets answered and the corporate line is busy all the time. Three emails and no response! Is this a scam company or what? Well get ready to hear from my lawyer. This company ought to get sued because they are scamming people out of their money.

    • After I had bought several different pair of shoes from Off-Broadway I had noticed one pair once I put them on left my house that one was bigger than the other I contacted Off-Broadway made my way back there which was a hundred mile round trip and she said because I wore them there was nothing they could do about it although she did turn around say what like it allow you $11.99 credit which I had to pay the difference of almost $30 I just don't feel like that was very good customer service if they would have just swap me out that would have been much more appreciated corporate office

  • I made some purchases at your Lexington KY store on Black Friday. When I arrived home (which is 5 hrs away)on Saturday I realized one pr of shoes were not mates. I immediately called the store and talked with Jason.
    Jason was so concerned and apologized. I knew he would take care of this situation. What totally surprised me was that I received the correct shoe the very next Tuesday with a pre-paid envelope to return the wrong one.
    This is what I call FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. Off Broadway is my shoe store.
    I am sending a letter to the Corp. Headquarters to show my appreciation to Jason.
    Personal Customer Service is so hard to find. Thank you

  • I bought shoes in your Phoenix store today. The sales clerk wanted to see my CC I asked why, he said he wanted to see my name and #. why when I was going to slide the card thru machine anyway. he palmed the card, turning it over and checking the # out.
    This i have never encountered before. he read a phone # to me , i said it was not mine. He said no problem! I got the distinct feeling he was memorizing my CC #
    He was assoc # 086840 . I had bought shoes there before and the sales person did not touch my card??? In this day and age , Identity theft is rampant ! I did not like this at all.

  • Response to Case ID 26968
    Very sorry to read this information. I quite liked the shoes your establishment sells, but will refrain from any and all future purchases, as well as recommending others do the same.

    I followed directions provided by your staff, I was not asked to provide a tracking number before shoes were sent. This is information that should have been provided by your staff. I have never had a mailed package "disappear" and am confident your company received our shoes and an employee took advantage of my lack of knowledge on returning items. If the shoes were not received they would have been returned to me. It's a shame your company is not accepting responsibility on the part of its employees, whether it be the directions I was given for returning the shoes as well as claiming they weren't received.

    Additionally if a customer informs you of poor follow-up, the best way to escalate that situation is to tell them they are wrong. ( I know how many phone calls I've made and I know I received one message that said someone would call me.) Responding that there was indeed follow-up, but that I didn't answer the phone is unprofessional. It's basically calling an already unhappy customer a liar, at best. I have spent more time dealing with these shoes than warranted.

    Furthermore, thanking me for shopping in your store is just incredible, as well as inappropriate as you know my shopping experience has been one of the poorest, therefore in essence you are thanking me for letting your company and its employee take advantage of me and my situation.I've dedicated my life to helping others and knowing I've been taken advantage of by your employees is frustrating!

    Finally, you add salt to the wound by not resolving the situation. I will forever feel cheated by your company and the fact that your company will not accept responsibility on part of it's employees is unforgivable.

  • I was in the store in Sunday evening. I approached the counter where two cashiers were at separate registers, each helping a customer. I stood waiting to be checked out next. The cashier on the right completed the purchase, thanked the customer for coming and then walked away from the registered. I stood there thinking that she was going to come back, she did not. A few mintues later I look directly at her, she looked at me and continued to sort through papers. I continued to stand there waiting for the other cashier to finish when I looked around to see another store clerk standing behing me just looking at me. I became very angry that two people were available to ring my purchase but instead made me wait. I slammed the shoes down on a shelf behind me and started to leave. The clerk that walked away from the register yelled " I don't have a register open to help you" . I yelled back "Well you could have made that known". What I don't understand is how could the register not be open when you just helped someone else. I, along with several other colleagues, shop at this store all the time. I shared this story with them and two of them said that they have had horrible experiences there and that this is the straw that broke the camels back. Well, just lost about 7-8 customers so far.

  • I purchased a pair of shoes and paid 59.99. I exchanged them for another pair that was 59.99 as well. I had to pay an additional 19.38 for the same priced shoe. I call the corporate office and nothing was done. Will never shop there again.

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