Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters HQ | Contact Info, Address, Phone Number

Pizza Hut Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75254
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-338-7700
Corporate Fax Number: 1-972-338-6869
Corporate Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: YUM

The world’s largest pizza chain, Pizza Hut has been around since 1958 when it first opened its doors for business in Dallas Texas. With over 2 thousand locations worldwide and still going strong after all these years.

The offices for the Pizza Hut Corporation are located in Dallas, Texas.  The toll-free customer service number for Pizza Hut is 1-800-948-8488. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website for pizza hut.

  • I ordered a pizza from my local pizza hut and they deliverd the wron pizza. I called the local store and was told there was nothing they could do and I would have to reorder and pay for a second pizza and was cussed at by the so called manager. I will never buy another pizza from pizza hut. They are the worst people to deal with that I have ever seen. What a joke your company is

  • I believe Pizza Hut is doing wrong by advertising 2 pizzas, with bread sticks, and some kind of cinabun danish as a meal. You are selling greasy, fattening, cholesterol loaded junk to people of modest means and are making them ill. Instead, what you should be offering is pizza with a salad, and a hot veggie. I know when I bring pizza home, that's what I eat and it is tasty and healthier than the crap you are advertising.

    Stop trying to fill up people's stomachs with bread and cheese and start thinking about your customer's health.

    Btw, your pizza is soggy and it is junk.

  • well this not a complaint on food, service, cleanliness etc. Personally, I am not Pizza Huts biggest pizza fan. The boneless chicken is another matter. In my estimation, these are the best tasting items on the menu. Unfortunately, I have eaten my last serving. I learned today the corporate has made a bad business decision by backing the NEA (teachers union) over their customer base. CRT or critical race theory is a power and money grab that is poisoning our great country. No matter how you choose to justify your position, it is not based on facts, just a pandering to a minority position to try to placate the teacher union. I have to take a stance and not patronize your restaurant. I will encourage any and all I can to spread this word. You have taken a position now so have I.

  • I just tried "The Edge" pizza. I do believe that this was the worst pizza I ever had. Dry. not arriving hot (delivery), no taste – almost like cardboard, not filling at all, waste of money ($26), the toppings were flat (no texture).

  • On 3-19-2021, I called Pizza Hut In Lithia Springs,Ga and ordered for delivery. The pizza was good and delivery was quick, But, the unauthorized charges appearing on my card statement has me totally PISSED OFF!!!!!!
    As of now I will no longer order from Pizza Hut, and I will be filing a charges with the Douglas County Ga. Sherriff's Dept. against Pizza Hut and the employee when she is identified and arrested for Fraud and identy theft. I will not stop pursuing this matter until she is in jail, and I have been compensated for the hassle of having to have my account frozen and having to wait on new cards to be issued.
    The charges appeared on my statement as IDT Boss INT CALLING 800-676-8312, which is for prepaid minutes for international phone calls.

  • To whom it may concern
    I would like it if you would consider bring back the best pizza the hut ever made. The Big Foot and make it a permanent to the menu thanks

  • We live in Idaho. We ordered our pizza at 6:20 pm. We were told it would arrive in 1 hour. Well, 1 hour and 45 minutes later our cold pizza arrived. The pizza was not what we ordered and no side of tomatoes, that we ordered and paid for. When we called the pizza Hut back, the person on the phone said he was the manager. He had an attitude and only complained about being short staffed. He would not let my husband say much. Finally my husband told him that we were going to call corporate, and he said, "Good. Tell them we are short staffed too." Then he hung up on my husband. An apology and good attitude goes a long way. A call to say your pizza is running late would be helpful too, and betting what you pay for is the law!! We live in Idaho, and the Pizza Hut is on Caldwell, Blvd. Do not go there!!

  • A couple of weeks ago we ordered a 2 large pizza for a game watching night…..they were very poor quality. I contacted pizza hut and received two free pizzas. Last night we cashed in our coupons for two more pizza for a basketball night. We picked up the pizzas at the Overland Park, Ks carry out Quivera & College and the young man named JAKE was super kind and made sure that our pizza was the best. I want to thank Pizza Hut and Jake for the kind service. Please give Jake a pat on the back.

  • A couple of weeks ago we ordered a 2 large pizza for a game watching night…..they were very poor quality. I contacted pizza hut and received two free pizzas. Last night we cashed in our coupons for two more pizza for a basketball night. We picked up the pizzas at the Overland Park, Ks carry out Quivera & College and the young man named JAKE was super kind and made sure that our pizza was the best. I want to thank Pizza Hut and Jake for the kind service. Please give Jake a pat on the back.

  • Hello — At 4:24 pm on 11/17/2018, I walked into the Pizza Hut on 3610 Springhurst Blvd, Louisville Kentucky. I believe the store number is 014321. My receipt number is 0051. I walked out of that store without my food even though I had paid for it and I refuse to go back into that store ever again.

    When I walked into the store, I asked for a menu. On the menu, the smallest pizza was a medium pizza. I asked if they had anything smaller than that and I was told they had a personal pan pizza.

    At that point, a man (I am assuming it was the manager) said to me, "You can get the personal pan pizza with breadsticks and a drink for something like $8.99 (I do not remember the price). I said, "No, I do not want the breadsticks or drink" and at that point, the manager walked away.

    The girl behind the counter than took my order. It was for a personal pan veggie pizza without tomatoes and 6 traditional wings. She wrung up my order and it came to $15.35. I paid with my debit card.

    After I paid, I said, "I forgot to ask if you had any specials going on."

    The girl said to me, "We have are $5.00 deals by request only."

    I said, "What is that?"

    She said, "It is a medium pizza for $5.00, bone-out wings for $5.00."

    I said, "You mean I could have gotten a larger pizza for only $5.00 and wings for $5.00?" "Don't you tell your customers about this special before hand?"

    She said, "It is by request only."

    And I again said, "You don't tell your customers about this before hand?"

    At that point, she handed me my receipt and left the register area to go back to the kitchen area. As she walked in back there, she said, "That customer up front is having an attitude and if you don't to something about it, I am going to leave."

    Now, I can hear her and I can see her and at this point, I probably did cop an attitude. I said loudly, "I do not have an attitude. I only asked a question." I had to repeat myself two more times before the manager finally came to the front.

    I explained to him that all I did was ask a question. I was not requesting a refund or to have my order re-done. I was only asking whether or not they let their customers know about the specials they have going on before the customer orders. I could tell the manager really didn't care and I was now becoming hot under the collar. So, I said, "I will wait for my order outside."

    I went outside to wait and after a few minutes, I decided to go back inside to sit down to wait. As I walked in, the manager and the girl who accused me of having an attitude were talking about what happened and making fun of me. At this point, I had had enough. I walked out the front door without saying a word and without my food. That store owes me $15.35. I refuse to go back to that store ever again.

    When I got home, I called that store to ask for the number to the regional office. They gave me 502-339-9339. I called that number and tried to leave a message, like 3 times. The recording wasn't very long and by the third try, I was beyond angry.

    I got on line and found a number to call. I called the 800-948-8488 number and talked to Kevin. Kevin took the time to listen to me and to reassure me that my experience was not acceptable. He said that the management and employees of Pizza Hut should never make fun of or talk badly about their customers. Kevin took down my name and number and my email address. He said he put a ticket in for the regional manager. He said that I should be hearing from the regional manager within the next 3 business days. I hope someone gets a hold of me soon.

  • Your newest commercial, at the beginning there is knocking.
    Can you PLZZZZ REMOVE that part?
    I always think it's someone at the door & I know I'm not alone on this.
    PLUS it's NOT GOOD for elders either. A couple other companies had the knocking but they removed it.
    Many would GREATLY appreciate it…
    Thank You


  • Pizza Hut in Bedford Ohio is the worst. Just left from picking my pizzas up and others were leaving because the pizzas were burnt and was taking to long to cook. I will this will be the last time that I order from Pizza Hut.

  • The Pizza Hut in Elizabethtown, KY on Dixie Ave. is the worst pizza hut I’ve ever seen. The interior is poorly lit and dirty, and the service is terrible. I have had problems with this specific restaurant before and I must say this will be the last time I bring my business to this franchise. I very much enjoy the Meaty Marinara pasta your restaurants have but it honestly isn’t worth it anymore. I have to call the restaurant 6-7 times before anyone picks up and I am almost certain the employees there are simply ignoring the phone so they don’t hae to make any food. The last time I ordered a pasta fromthe pizza hut on Dixie it took 5 phone calls to get through and place my order. Then once i finally got through and had my order placed, i arrived to pick it up and find that it is the wrong pasta. They gave me buffalo chicken instead of Meaty marinara. They promptly fixed it and sent me on my way but when i got home and opened up my pasta the pans were barely half full so i paid for a full meal and was given almost half of one. I will be taking my business to Papa Johns or Dominos from now on.

  • The pizza we ordered yesterday was of low quality crust on a hand tossed and thin curst; I've had frozen pizza that tasted better and was not hard like a rock.  We have ordered from Pizza Hut for more than 20 years and probably will not due to the crust and due to cheese used (mostly American). You may have lost a regular. 
    William Rigole

  • I ordered Pizza online and used my credit card and then someone stole my information and started buying stuff online. They bought stuff from the Apple store and Big Lots in Ohio. NEVER AGAIN, oh and to boot, the pizza was so bad I didn't eat it.

  • I went to Pizza Hut on Gage Blvd. in Topeka Kansas, they are just a pick-up or delivery location. Placed my order, it was ready in 10 minutes. They were the nicest, most courteous people I have dealt with in a long time. Plus it was the best Pizza we have had from Pizza Hut seams like for years. Please let them know, I will be back. JoAnn Hendrix—don't know what profile to pick so I guess it will be anonymous.

  • I ordered 2 hours ahead of time online. The email confirmed my order. And they still screwed it up. I will never order Pizza Hut again. I ordered online – email confirmation. 6:30 PM for delivery at 9:00 PM. WTF

  • I hope people at pizza hut sees this post but I just want them to know I promise I will let the insurance company know about pizza hut they are up set for people with fire and rescue asking for what are most given is 10% off the bill for eating at places I promise when that fire call comes out to put out a fire at pizza hut the fire dept will bring hot dog buns and wenniers and chips so I will right the insurance company's and let them no we will stand by and protect any other bussines around them

  • The employees handling the pizza dough and toppings DO NOT wear gloves. Further their dangling hair is hanging directly over the pizza that is being made. The service is fine but the hygiene used in preparation is awful. I will notify the health board of these concerns. After reading the above comments it seems to me the corporate office does NOT pay attention to these concerns.

  • Ok get this we had bad weather last weekend in Elkin NC and my son could not go to work for we live on back roads that do not get cleared for days needless to say he called in to tell the manger John he could not get back from work so what does the manger do he tells him he is off the for the weekend for it ok last night he was told to call pizza hut and talk to John who told him he was off this weekend so he goes to get his check and John says he will not put him back on so he was fired for bad weather way to go Hut no wonder I do not get anything from you anymore you have no respect for employees nor their lives so do not worry will not darken your doorways again

  • Pizza hut of Leadville, CO is pretty much the most stuck up pizza hut I've ever eaten at. I filed a complaint about my pizza being one hour later than it should have. The next thing you know, the manager said that I can't order from their pizza hut again because they'll spit in my food. Now, that they've said that, they are at my mercy and will never eat there again. Plus, the pizza hut there has bad reviews about everything so I'm not sure why I bothered in the first place.

  • Pizza Hut of Tomah WI has terrible customer service. We ordered online at 5:39pm and got a confirmation email syaing our pizza would be delivered by 6:09.At 6:45, we called asking about our pizza and they got rude and hung up on us twice. We called back another time and they didnt answer the phone. After waiting another 45minutes we called again to cancel our order and the manager said it had already been cancelled. I can only assume the rude woman Emily on the phone,who hung up on us, cancelled our order for us. I ended up ordering from another pizza place in town and 20minutes after i ordered, they were at my door. Because of how the situation was handled by the staff at pizza hut, i will no longer order from them.

  • I just called the local pizza hut in elgin texas. they informed me they were out of the meats needed to make a meat lovers pizza. how can that be it is your business?

  • Listen very carefully to the new commercial advertised, 2 medium pizza's with any topping for $6.99. No where does it say $6.99 for EACH!!!!! So I called our local hut for the deal and asked them specifically, if I could get 2 medium pizza's for $6.99. He said "Yes"! I proceeded to order my 2 medium pizza's for $6.99. Then he said that my total bill would be over $15.00 dollars! It was only then that he explained the pizza's were $6.99 EACH! This is false advertisement, and I am really tired of large companies taking advantage of the consumer. Edmond, Oklahoma, Lyn

  • Took my family to Pizza Hut in Flagstaff, Az. on hwy 89 and the staff were yelling and chasing each other in and out of the restaurant and then all were gaging in the food prep area with customers in their dining room. Very unprofessional group.


  • I have tried for the last two weeks to fill out an application on line for your store in Canton, Illinois, but to no avail I can only get to the availability part of the application. It continues to make me fill this part out over and over again. I have called the Canton store and no one seems to know what to do. I have asked to come in and fill out an application and have been told that this wasn't allowed. I am hoping some one from the corporate office can help me with this problem. I was also treated very rudely during an interview at your Havana Illinois store. I called several times in one week to check on an interview I had and was told that I wasn't the type of person they wanted. What type of person do you have to be to work for Pizza Hut. I just graduated college with an Associates degree and continuing my education toward a Bachelor's degree I Hospitality Management. Please contact me at

  • me and my family decides to go to pizza hut very rarely get all the kids together at one time so we go because we haven't been in a while we went to another one before and didn't like it so we decided to go where we have been going for years,first we were seated ok but had to wait good while for a server there were four tables seated the restaurant was almost empty so we thought we should be in and out in no time but that wasn't the case we finally ordered and they would not honor the apple bites which said $4 for 6 and they say oh no its $ for 4 so we say never mind the food seem to never come at the same time people are sending food back it was cold ect.. them some of our food finally comes to medium pies oh yeah and even the drink order was messed up but the two come and we wait start eating because don't want to get old then the cheese sticks then the last pie some spots had no cheese at all then had to wait another 15 minutes for wings which was so disgusting we sent them back the next table left without paying because the manager would not come out and address the problem with customers our whole time the was a little over 2 hours it was so disappointed now looking back that's why the place was empty the same dirty tables that were there when we got there was the same dirty tables there when we left the place needs sprucing up and carpet is dirty and on our way out when we were paying(only for the food that was edible) I noticed no employees had any head gear on no nets ,no hats nothing,it was the worst restaurant experience I ever had and it pissed me off I am ready to turn against pizza hut all together and I love love love pizza I could eat everyday and they was always the best know I have to find a new pizza place the only thing I felt sorry for was the 2 servers they received all the backlash and very upset customere it was not their fault it was kitchen staff being very shorthanded trying to get all their deliveries out the door and not worry at all about dine in customers I think they need to do an undercover boss series on pizza hut it will shock you I am still in shock and you have managers who are not on floor to see that things are going as they should and when their is a problem wont come out to address customers this is sad .this is an must read for pizza hut

  • Pizza Hut needs to change their fundraising policy. Our local high school had a fundraiser at the Bowling Green Pizza Hut in 2-10-16 from 5-8 p.m.. We copied the form they gave us and handed it out to all of our students. Over 1400 copies. That day we got a snow storm and I was very concerned about our fundraiser. My family ate dinner and I was amazed at the steady stream of traffic in and out of Pizza Hut and at the drive up window. I was thinking we were going to have a great fundraiser. When I went back in at 8 pm I was told they had to turn orders away because they could not keep up with the orders and the wait time of a pizza was over 30 minutes. Then I was told I should have told them I was having a fundraiser that night that they did not have enough staff on hand to handle the orders. ME TELL THEM are you kidding me. The manager was the one who helped me fill out the paperwork and file it with Pizza Hut. The manager was the one who should have scheduled enough help for the night NOT ME. The issue came down to most parents did not bring the slip of paper with them that night. They told the staff they were there for Project Prom but we did not get credit for their orders. Pizza Hut needs to come up with a better way to track fundraisers than an piece of paper attached to the receipt. If you look at the amount of money Pizza Hut made between 5-8 p.m. you will see a significant increase in sales for the night. I challenge you to compare it to any other Wednesday night and I bet you will see an increase in sales. Having a piece of paper should not matter it should be based on sales during our time frame. The night manager was all excited about us signing up for another night due to the sales they had that night. I explained until Pizza Hut comes up with another way to track the sales then we would not be participating again. There is no telling how many sales we lost because Pizza Hut turned away orders and deliveries. We need to place an order for 30 plus pizza's for our event on April 23rd. Question is will Pizza Hut make this right and help out a small town high school or not.

  • I ordered 2 pizzas tonight for the Super Bowl,and I ordered in advance.
    We got the pizzas, one had green peppers, which we did not order. I called the store, here in Richlands, NC, and told them the problem. My fiancē is allergic to peppers, so when I told the female on the phone this, she got a snobby attitude with me asking me if it was just a few by mistake or the whole pizza. It doesn't matter, an allergic reaction is still an allergic reaction. The whole pizza was covered. She said we'd have to wait an hour for someone to come pick up the pizza, and deliver the new one. And again, she had attitude. We always order thru Domino's, but decided to go with Pizza Hut tonight. Well, no more Pizza Hut for us, ever!

  • Just like to know why the Guyana Pizza Hut only sells medium and large what happen to small and personal pan. The previous franchaise holder used to have same for sale.

  • Ordered pizza at 2:30pm, recieved cold pizza 2.5 hrs later. Called and talked to a manager twice…. promises to get called back, no call, no refund no help. 4 phone calls.. no service or help from anyone. How can a buisness be run like this and survive?

  • I was sitting here thinking of the pizza delivery vehicles. I know the employees of these places have to use their own cars. I know the people who are hired at these places are of a lower part of society, just because of their economic standing or are new to the work field, and may not be able to drive a new vehicle and why have the wear and tear on their vehicles? Im sure they are proud new owners of their vehicle and or it may not be up to great standings. Why doesn't pizza hut as a big cooperation provide vehicles for these places? I am not trying to speak ill of the people who are hired at these places, but I have seen some of the vehicles and seen the insides of these and they are not clean and to think my food I ordered for my family is riding in that vehicle, its quite a turn off. I have since be using the take out window but sometimes if I am in a bind I will order delivery. Plus I really haven't been going to pizza hut at all because of the cleanliness of the store. Last time I was there for the buffet I stuck to the floor, it was disgusting. I know they have already been turned in to the health department so I will not disclose the location of this place. It seems pizza hut has forgotten the employees who keep their places running and the respect for having a genuinely good name around the country.

  • At your Maquoketa, Iowa Pizza Hut, my vehicle was hit by a Delivery Driver named Brittany in a white Chrysler Sebring. Little did I know that's not the first time she's been in accidents on the job (and not reported them). I demand a urine test be distributed to said employee as that is the law in such a case. Thank you for taking the initiative to read this, as I'll start ordering from there like I used too so long as she's gone. Also, my neighbor witnessed her speeding through a trailer court whilst children are playing. This is not okay behavior in my book.

  • Really I Never Order Hot Hot Wings And A Plain Old Ass Pizza With No Toppings Yet I Call In The Order And All Was Well Till The Order Shows Up At My Front Door Step With No Pep Only A Poor Looking Pizza and HOT HOT Wings I Orderd Mild Wow For A Small Town In Berthoud Co These People In This Very Small Ass Town Seem To Fail A lot In There Orders And The Mgr Just5 Sruggs It Off As Though Its No Big Deal. Yet They Want To Argue With The Customer Really What A Joke!!!!!! Don't Order From This Pizza Hut If You Pass Through This Town.

  • I ordered a pizza from pizza hut express. I put the pick up time for 5:15. placed the order at 3:00. I got there at 5:10 and had to wait till 6:00 to get my pizza!!!!!! express lol…. NOT




  • ******Attention*****
    ********Dont Use the mobile app!!!*******
    I placed my order at 10:21pm. The email confirming my delivery would be arriving at 10:56pm. At 11:10 I called To find out where my order was. The call center was very rude along with the supervisor. 19.98 was taken out of my account. I paid through the pizza hut app. Guess what !!! Took my money! No pizza! And yet No refund. No I'm sorry or anything.!!! Dont give them your Bussiness! They are very unprofessional and conduct poor business. Take your business else where!!! So Im spreading the news!!! Not just here but on Facebook too!

  • June 24 at 834 pm my family and I went to the pizza Hut in Portland texas and very disgusted and disappointed while leaving the facility. WE went inside and we stood there for almost 10 minutes until I approach an employee to ask if someone was going to seat us or should we seat ourselves the employee responded that he doesn't know anything until another employee asked me to repeat myself so I repeated what I had told the other employee, so he responded that if you find a clean table someone might be right with you. So my family and I had noticed that 75% of the tables were dirty with left over dirty plates and cups from previous customers.Even the salad buffet table were really filthy with lettuce and shredded cheese every where. I also looked over to the right and noticed left over pizza that had been sitting for a long time from your buffet stopping at 8 pm. So my family and I decided to leave the facility. As we were leaving we noticed an employee in crutches working in an uniform. Shame on the manager of the facility that is allowing an employee with that condition to work. Most of all besides the condition of the restaurant and unfriendliness from the employee. I hope you all follow through with this situation because the reflection of what the employees give and the condition of the facility reflects the name of Pizza Hut consumers are not going to want to dine or even eat lunch with family and friends.

  • To whom this may concern:

    On Sunday May 31, 2015 at or around 3pm I placed a call to the Pizza Hut located at 2226 North Collins in the City of Arlington, Texas 76011. I spoke with Rebecca over the telephone. During the call I told her that I wanted the same order that was placed the previous time that I called in. She explained that the order was no longer in the system and that I would need to start over. I then told her that the last order was the "$11 Any Pizza". She proceed to tell me that I could only get the deal if I ordered online. I then explained to her that when I try to order online there is an error message when selecting my favorite toppings. I further informed Rebecca that this was an issue in early Spring and it had to be escalated to the General Manager for investigation; I proceeded to tell Rebecca that a Manager would need to override the system and place the order. Rebecca told me that the manager on duty was "backed up" and could not accommodate my request since the other orders took precedence over mine. My issues are as follows, First off your advertisement is for "$11 Any Pizza" there should be no error messages while ordering online. Secondly, The General Manager should have properly trained his staff to override the error message and Finally, it appears that your advertisement can easily be construed as "false advertisement" since there is a limitation on the toppings if ordering online; which now in turn leads to a question of civil lawsuit?? I am taking this matter very seriously especially since this has been a problem in the past which obviously has been covered with a Band-Aid. I would like to further discuss this issue immediately I can be reached at: 469-509-8889

    Thanks in advance for your prompt reply

    Jay Thomas

  • The Pizza Hut in Shallotte is as unsanitary looking as a service station restroom. The employees are courteous but not very efficient . Seem to be overwhelmed by the whole process. The quality has been on a rapid decline in the last few months. I would be seriously concerned if my business name was displayed on this establishment. You could benefit by a visiting unannounced.

  • I am a regular customer of your Company, but after my experience tonight, which was totally unacceptable, you may have lost a loyal purchaser of your product.

    I ordered a pizza this evening at 6:30 pm CDT. I received an email shortly thereafter that stated my pizza would be delivered by 7:40 pm.

    At 8:00 pm, I called your location at 8576 Highway 6 N., Houston, TX 77095 to get a status update on the delivery of my pizza. At that time, the restaurant staff informed me that the order had been cancelled at 7:15 pm. Based on your website, the only way an order could be changed or cancelled was if I called the location and made a verbal request, which I did not do. Plus, no one from this location attempted to contact me to let me know about the cancellation. Also, nobody, including Your Manager, could answer how my order was cancelled if I did not initiate it.

    All they said was that they could place a new order without any discount on it. When I placed the order at 6:30, I used a 20% discount code from an email that your Company sends to me on a regular bases. They expected me, including Your Location Manager, to pay full price for the same pizza that I had ordered without any apparent issues 2 hours before with the 20% discount included. That is not only wrong, that is bad business. Your Company cancelled my order and I have to pay the price? If the company I work for operated that way, we would be out of business.

    We have received discounts in the past from this location when they messed up our orders (which has happened 3-4 times over the last year). They once even gave us a credit for a free pizza. Now tonight they informed me that they could not provide at least the 20% that Your Company provided to me because it was over the phone instead of the Internet.

    My Roommate also called to speak with the Manager, and was told that they were too busy to speak with her. I think my order was "accidentally" deleted out of their system locally so that they could keep up with the demand. Short of any real substantiated explanation from your Company's Employees, that is the only rational reason for my order being cancelled. That's like a Customer Service Group "accidentally" hanging up on customers and blaming it on phone issues!!!

    Has your Mission Statement changed to "Forget the Customer and make as much money as you can"? Most Companies operate under the premise that the Customer is always right and Customer Service is Number One. But if my experience tonight is any indication of Your updated business philosophy, then I will no longer be purchasing your product.

  • I won't be returning to the pizza hut on henderson st in Galesburg. The waitress keep cleaning all around us the entire time I was therw with my husband. She flirted with him right in front of me and even procceded to touch him!!! What kind of business are you guys running where your team members won't keep their hands off peoples husbands!!

  • Yes, my family and I stopped at the Pizza Hut in Cushing OK. The place smelled bad for being a new Pizza Hut. They only had one Waitress and she did the best she could for being alone. We ate at this Pizza Hut when they first opened and the experience was terrible. We decide to give it a try and I wasn't impress by the way it is managed. We call in today place an order and she stated that she couldn't put it in the computer and couldn't take our order and to call back. We called back and received the same excuse. This has done it for me. I will never eat at Pizza Hut again. There are a lot better places to eat. They act like they are better than the rest of the Pizza business.

  • Today wasn't as good as I expected. I tried to get a job at the Pizza Hut in Upper Marlboro, when I called the number and some guy answered, I really didn't understand what he was saying but I asked is there hiring person there and he just hung up on me. At first I felt that part of it was my fault because I didn't ask for the manager in the first place but that doesn't give that person the right to just hang up on me, he could at least be polite and either said "we don't take calls like that", "this is only for delivery use" or "this is not to right time" or either put me on hold or something instead of nothing but the opposite. Sadly, I don't know what happened to the boss in that pizza hut but that's who I really needed to talk to the most to ask. I've called two more times to apologize or ask for the manager but the message said it was out of service. They did that on purpose. What if I wanted to forget of what I said before and just ask for a pizza or wing delivery? What now? But now, it's okay if I don't get the job.

  • As far as knowing she is taking money. Ive seen her. I am also her husband and I think Perla Trevino should be let go. I used to work at pizza hut and when I worked there no of this would be going on. Pizza hut tought me alot .not taking from the store cuz thats how I made my pay check was important. I think it should still be

  • I cant believe you guys dont have any problem when a shift manager lets people in the store after hours. And takes money from you. Letting all her friends eat for free. This has to do with your hondo store. Check your records. Perla Trevino should be fired. I had two people go in the store and it took over 20 minutes just to take the order. She is alwaay on her phone rude to costumers. You guys need to do something about this before she robs you blind.

  • Austin MN We have had a other Pizza Hut in this town. That was a disaster and we found the new one (after several years without one) was just another disappointment. The original Pizza Hut my husband and I visited there. My husband ask for coffee as his beverage. The waitress informed him that they only had one coffee cup and someone was using it. Pizza Hut disaster number two. It was a Tuesday and we arrived and was seated at 4:45. We were served our drinks (my husband wasn't taking a chance, he didn't ask for coffee) There were a total of 5 people in the whole store at the time. One women came in placed her order and walked out, a gentlemen came in ordered and left with his order, another women came in and ordered and left with her order. We had not gotten our 2 personal pans order. After 45 minutes we went to Godfathers. The girl that waited on us was so sorry for having the problem we had. We ordered we served ate and we left in less then a half hour. Thank goodness we had Godfathers. Last time we will ever go to any Pizza Hut and after reading what others have to say I bet we're not the only ones.

  • Just had the worst experience ever at the pizza Hut located on Fairview RD in Asheville, NC

    They messed up our order. Said they would fix it. Called us back and said they changed their minds. Then charged us again when THEY messed it up.

    I am livid. your customer service is ridiculously bad. So now we have paid 45$ for 3 medium pizzas and a small cheesesticks. When medium pizza is 6.99 :/

    Logically does not make sense. We got screwed


    Dear Customer Service,

    One of your driver's "Joe" who delivers out of the Walnut Grove, GA store came to my home by mistake. Joe came to my home thinking I ordered a pizza but it was actually the folks who live behind me, which is two driveways up from mine. Joe's delivery vehicle is a jeep that's in poor mechanical condition at best. Unfortunately, Joe's jeep leaked transmission fluid all over my driveway and before Joe left my driveway we both witnessed the fluid leaking from his vehicle. He said he would report it to the manager. Since I didn't hear from the manager I called the store and Joe answered the phone and I asked him if he had reported it and he said no. I asked to speak with the manager.

    When the local manager "Will Gogue" (or so he says) came to the phone I explained why I was calling and he told me that Pizza Hut did have insurance but they would not repair this type of damage. I asked Mr. Gogue to please repeat that and then he stated Pizza Hut does not fix property damage of this nature and it was up to me to clean the damaged area if it was important to me. I personally find Mr. Gogue's position offensive and refuse to believe that Mr. Gogue represents Pizza Hut's official position regarding property damage. My driveway is less than 6 months old and cost more than $3,000.00.

    I have tried all afternoon to speak with someone at corporate but it's impossible to get through your automated attendant. Therefore, I would appreciate it if someone from your corporate office would contact me to confirm whether or not Mr. Gouge is correct when he says Pizza Hut will not repair the property damage caused by a Pizza Hut driver.

    I am a business owner (Vanguard Technology Consulting Services, LLC) and customer service is critical to my success. If I told one of my customers the same thing Mr. Gogue told me, I would lose that customer's business forever. It's been my experience that most customers may or may not recommend your product or service even if it has been excellent, but one thing is for sure.if they receive poor service they will spend a life time telling people all about it.

    Tom McDonald

  • Pizza Hut, brown bridge rd. in Gainesville, Ga. refusing to accept an American $100 bill even without cheking the bill, it was at 6 PM on Friday before Easter on April 2015.?????

  • Visited Pizza hut, So. Madison St., Muncie, IN on 4/4/2015 at 7:35pm. While entering a group of 8-10 people were leaving, I held the door for them, EVERYONE in this group told us DON'T GO IN THERE TONIGHT,GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO EAT. I and my wife visit this location 3 or 4 times a month and have never had a problem, so we went in and ordered our meal, at which time a very LOUD voice from the counter area started SCREAMING that his motorcycle club was going to come in for a meeting and that the pizzas they order had better be a lot better than what they made for the regular customers. This LOUD gentleman came into the seating area and hung club jackets on 6 or 7 booths to reserve them, and again started SCREAMING to the employees to bring more silverware and towels to these areas. 2 other tables of customers got up and left when this gentleman came into the seating area screaming.( I should have made it 3) When our server delivered our meal, she said that she would not be serving the "other party" so if we needed anything just ask. I asked her who this LOUD 400lb man was and why was he screaming at her fellow employees. She said that he worked at the location but took tonight off so his motorcycle club could have their meeting here. I do not have any problems with motorcycle clubs, but I do have a problem with a large LOUD MOUTH gentlemen who chases away customers, just to impress everyone. I also have a problem with any business that allows an employee to carry on in this fashion. If this Pizza Hut location wants to go under fast, let this employee keep his job.

  • People are so quick to write a bad review, and not enough do we comment when its good, so here is a great review! This is in much appreciation to the manager of Pizza Hut on 140 S 32nd St in Springfield Oregon. I hope this does not get him in any trouble, if so I apologize but I wanted to let people know of the kind act that he did for my 3 sons. Im in a spot with money and tonight after asking everyone I knew for a bit of help I had no luck, that ws until I called Pizza Hut. I asked for the manager and he was speaking. I believe he sais his name was Jayce but it could have been Jake. I explained my sitution to him, I said how embarrassed I was and gave him my word (as it was all i I had) that I would pay it back if there were any way he could help me out with a lv cheese pizza for my boys. He said it wasnt something they usually do, or are supposed to do but that if I could go pick it up he would make one up for me. I then told him how sorry I was because I do not have transportation and couldnt get there, so after everything he went ahead and made one up and had it delivered so my appreciation to the driver tonight as well, unfortunately I did not get their name, but ….a HUGE thank you to the manager here for being so kind and understanding, and for the driver going out of there way to make a free run just to feed my boys tonight. THANKS GUYS!!! 🙂

  • I received the worst experience on March 5.. I called 2 hours ahead to make my order for my daughters Birthday party and the delivery person tried to deliver the big order, the last15 minutes of the party, Which I was told with 30 minutes..*** WHICH TOTALLY RUINED MY DAUGHTER SPECIAL DAY*** Thanks for your POOR service! In between the party I call 15 time to find out where my order was at… no answer.. Sent a friend to the shop and was told the delivery person had it in the vehicle– the management wasn't willing to call the delivery person to find anything out about the order. So finally on the 16th call go hold of someone to cancel the order to make sure it would be credited back to my credit card and the response I received was it would be credited and excuses to the weather etc.. and hung up on me before answering all my questions and concerns.. That BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! So had to go to the Moundsville Pizza Hut Shop and requested a manger and the head manager and received more excuses about the weather, phone lines being down and that they was backed up.. Get real it does not take 2!! hours to deliver pizza… I would have been nice to get a call to be informed .. THAT'S WHY EVERYONE HAS A CELLPHONE!! PLAIN OUT BAD SERVICE — POOR MANAGEMENT– NEVER AGAIN!!! YOU RUINED HER BIRTHDAY!! to everyone do not want deal with bad customer service.. management should not give excuse, but correct the PROBLEM!!

  • I had a terrible experience with one of your Greensboro, NC Pizza Hut locations today during my lunch hour. I placed an order online at 12:53 (using my own name and cell phone number, NOTHING to do with my place of employment except for the address, NOT ever the business name) for a personal pan pizza to which I added cheesy bread sticks so that my total would be enough for delivery. It was a rainy day, I work for a doctors office on a limited lunch and am pregnant. An hour after I placed my order I called the location and asked about my order. I was very upset that it was taking so long. The manager and I were both frustrated. She told me that on a rainy day I needed to call the location to see how long it would take for delivery rather than trusting the online timer. She asked what doctor's office I worked for and wanted my personal information, I told her she had all she needed with my order. She told me she couldn't help me if I didn't give her the personal information she needed. I felt she had everything she need in my order. She then hung up on me. About three minutes later the delivery lady arrived and I asked if there was any "wait policy" and that I had spoken with the manager and was upset. There were three co-workers present as well as a patient who had just walked into our office. I did not get mad at the driver at all. After all of that the manager called back on my personal cell phone, we settled the issues and she even gave a $10 credit toward my future purchase, which probably won't happen.
    The most FRUSTRATING part of the whole situation is the fact that this manager then googled the address that I used for my delivery order and got my place of employment's work information. She then took the time to call from a "private" number, asked for my office manager but wouldn't give my manager her name or any information and told the office manager that I was very mean to the driver. First of all we had other staff and a patient in the practice checking in with another receptionist while the driver was speaking with me, so I would NOT have been mean to someone in front of a patient! Two, I CANNOT believe she took the time (that she needs to be using to cut down on one hour orders for personal pan pizzas) to track down my employer via the address I used and complained to my boss about me. Please explain to me why a personal order that I placed had anything to do with contacting my boss? Because she delivered to my place of employment? Well where else was I going to have the pizza delivered? What happened today had absolutely nothing to do with contacting my business when the whole order was placed on my lunch break! She also told me she didn't have to deliver to me or our office if she didn't want to and that she could put us on a list of places not to deliver. Yes I was frustrated and yes I got angry, no I never cursed at her. I thought the slate was wiped clean after our second phone call but an hour after that she called my office? Again I don't understand why my boss needed to be contacted when I was OFF the clock, using my own name, number, and payment. NOTHING in that order had to do with my boss.

  • The pizza hut on Manhattan Blvd. In Harvey, Louisiana is the worst Pizza Hut ever from the female manager to the food. I have tried over and over again to give them a chance. The first time I've purchased the pizza the pizza got to me an hour later and it was cold. The second time I purchased the pizza it was an hour and a half late and the manager was very rude on the phone I had to go to the store and then I was ignored for about 5 to 10 minutes before they even answered me. The third time I ordered, the pizza was delivered to us uncooked. The manager was very rude and refused to listen to what I had to say.

  • I go to one of your store in my area I went for the lunch buffet well that was a joke. The food was so cold and it was 12:00 p.m. There were about 20 people for the lunch well the waitress were not on the people to help them they were talking in the back and could not care if the place had or not had customers. After yesterday i will not go back there and I will be telling all the people I know about that terrible service and the worst pizza I ever had !

  • I worked for Pizza Hut for a very long time as a manager as well as a driver. If there was a problem with a customers order, I was NEVER mean and I always tried to make it right for them. I put myself in their shoes as to how I would feel in the situation. That being said, I also have had customers who abused my 'niceness' to the point I had to start making a list of 'repeat-offenders'. I have also had a customer to come to the store and physically threaten to beat the s@@t out of me. I am a female. And I tried to fix the mistake ( which DO happen), but I had to have my drivers protect me until the police came, because he busted out the door when I tried to lock it. I have also been robbed while delivering a bogus order.
    Employees DO go through alot. When we had the ice storm in 1994, along with 18 inches on top, I was delivering that night because the other management knew I would drive through anything, and if I said roads were too bad, they would stop delivering. So I went to make a delivery and could not make a curve and slid all the way up to customers porch in my truck, we stopped delivering. It was bad, we DID stay open for carryout, for customers who wished to come. I had a customer call for delivery and I was cursed out and threatened because he said HE didn't want to get out on those bad roads to come for his pizza, but yet he expected our drivers to risk injury just to get him food?
    I just needed to let some of you know what the managers and drivers go through on a daily basis.
    I am NOT condoning bad customer service, nor nasty establishments or food. That does need to be fixed. My store was NEVER nasty, neither were the drivers. If they looked dirty, I sent them home. We never use gloves because there are sanitizing stations that HAVE to be used before food is touched. But from what I have heard about some of these stores, makes me wonder if they are even doing that?? YUCKIE.
    OK. I am done. 🙂

  • San Benito TX Pizza Hut. We ordered a pretzel crust pizza with chopped veggies and spinach on top (Large) and was really disappointed in what we got. I wish I could post the picture we took of the pizza to show the world the sloppy work they did in preparing our dinner. Looked like the spinach was just tossed inside the box before they closed the lid. We had way to many chopped onions that mushrooms. The whole pizza seemed rushed. This is a small town and we love supporting our local businesses but I won't be going back there. I will go down the road to their competitor.

  • I went into a pizza hut last week to see the cook preparing a pizza with his bare hands, no gloves, when I asked the assistant manager why don't they use gloves to prepare pizza's, she stated they Don't use gloves. I feel like this is UNSANITARY, and I would appreciate if corporate would enforce their employees to wear plastic gloves when handling and preparing pizzas.

  • Holdenville pizzahut is awful the service is bad the manager Homer sets at a table with his girlfriend or wife he's rude to his employees his woman goes in the back and follows him around the store she helps herself to drinks and she's there almost everyday. On thanksgiving they was there and had their dog inside with them. Homer has sent a pizza that fell out of the oven onto the floor with an order. A heavy set woman with short hair has had a young man in the back with her and also another man has been in the back with her assuming he was her husband or boyfriend. I've over heard Homers woman telling a customer that she can have anybody fired just because she don't like them all she has to say is babe fire them. All the good waitresses are gone now the only ones there now are slow or can't get an order right.

  • As a long time customer I am outraged at your anti American stance on the Second Amendment! Your policies against drivers carrying a conceal weapon is appalling to me. They go out everyday making you millions in revenue even though it puts them in harms way but you don't care, it's all about your god the mighty dollar. It isn't you who is out there getting robbed, hurt and even killed because you're not doing the delivering. You anti views has made the decision for me, I will never set foot, buy or eat your food again along with friends and family. You're anti gun and anti American!

  • Tina Frederick
    We ordered a chicken Tuscani and two order's of cheesy breads on 11/26/2014 from 2854 Highway 41 South, when it arrived it was one order of cheesy bread and the tuscani with cheesy bread. My husband called to tell them the order was wrong, the gentlemen that answered the phone told my husband he remembered that order and it was right. My husband told him again that we needed another order of cheesy bread and an order of plain bread that goes with my order, we did not order cheese with the tuscani. The gentlemen told my husband how about I take the order off your card and you bring me back the food. That is not good customer service and this is not the first time they have been rude. We will not support Pizza Hut again.

  • My husband and I went to the Wytheville Va Pizza Hut. Ww will not be back. Our order was wrong to begin with. They had only one waitress not only was she waiting on us and two other tables,but she was tied up on the phone taking to go orders the whole time we were there. I had to get up and go to the front to get more tea. They also handle food without having to wear gloves. I have been in the food service for 33 years and I have always been required to wear gloves. Not a good thing.

  • Yesterday, I had placed an order online around 3p to be delivered at 6p. from your restaurant on 10504 Broadway St, #100, pearland, TX. 77584. Around 6:15p I made several attempts to contact them but phone kept hanging up. I then contacted your call center and they tied to no avail. I had kids at my home waiting to eat so I decided to go to the restaurant. When I arrived I noticed the pizza I had ordered the manager was giving away for $5 each. When I asked her about that and pizza not delivered she was Very rude. She tried to tell me it had been delivered which was a lie then she said it had been cancelled out and could not tell me way. I was soooo upset; she did not offer any solution. I ordered early online to make sure it would be delivered on time. This spoiled the evening for me and the kids. I do want to say the person at the call tried to help but could get through to the restaurant as I could not. Why have it where you can ordered to had delivered at a later time?

  • They do really suck. Never used to be like this. And who in hell does not put taco chips on their taco pizza!!?? Take a lesson from Godfather's losers!!

  • I place my order online as usual… Tuscaloosa AL 15th street location good on time with my orders… But today I was on the other end of town where the Skyland pizza hut sits so I placed my order for there as any other… Zero minutes of wait time it showed on my screen but I knew that wasnt accurate…10 minute wait I had expected… I pull around no one at the window great Im first told the lady my name she took my money and closed the window after she handed me my change… After 20 minutes and cars piling every another girl told me to pull down however there is a car now parked in front me close to the door because its raining hard… So i just cut it hard and pulled in a parking spot because If I had known my order would keep me waiting another 10 minutes I wouldve asked for a reimbursement… Due to the fact I had to get out go inside because no I dont want your pizza just my money so I can get me and my wife something else… The slim lady said we asked you to just pull down my blood pressure boiled over why would I take my foot and place it a the pedal just to move inches… Pizza Hut why would you have somebody badly oversized working the window and giving out orders on the side I have i have no freakin idea… O yea the fat lady sighed with a ugly gesture like you thought I was walking your food to you dude you crazy…. Pizza hut pizza hut I wanted to get in my truck drive it straight through your window and end up on the other side that fat hefer dont know me… That whole crew should be fired.

  • I love your pan pizza crust but the blend of cheeses you use on your pizzas is awful. It has a sour taste to it. Give me just good old mozzarella any time. My Pizza Hut is in Monroe Mi. Our staff is excellent here, but now they have moved to another building and have carry out and delivery only.

  • Ordered online for the first time last week, the pizza was better than expected. I got an email offering a discount online two days later, it expires today. I went back online to order each of the last three days, it says they don't deliver to my area, that I should order takeout or find another store. That was weird because I'd just ordered a few days before. Anyway I called and asked if they only delivered on certain days but that wasn't the problem. Turns out it was the website, so I went back and tried to contact customer support, it wouldn't work either. You get a discount online and when I explained that the site wasn't working they said they couldn't help, they couldn't offer the discount either. I called back and asked for the owners name and phone number, they did give the discount 'this one time", like it's my fault online service isn't any better than in person. Again I was surprised the za was sooo good.

  • oh buddy, I had a bad experience with this store on 07-17-14 as a result I was given a $25 credit that was only redeemable at THIS store. First, there was trouble with finding the credit to begin with. but that was taken care of.i was told it would 40 to 50 minutes.(i figured this much) I was hungry so i had no choice. this was at 15:47 (3:47pm) I called to see what was going on with my food. I was told my order didn't exist. After some back and forth i was told it was in the hot box, the hot box? So now there is some more back and forth and now not only am i hungry as heck i am angry because i have to explain how my order was to go because she asked for an address and where inside the hotel to deliver it. Then a driver walked in, it had to be Marco because that's who Delivered my food, saved me from another hour and a half wait because there were only TWO drivers left. so from the sound of things it sounds like i just called during the wrong time (shift change) again. and to make matters worse No cheese and Peppers AGAIN!!! but oh Marcos went to his car to try and find me some cause he didn't like the sadness on my face…and brought me back some. but they must have been in there for a while cause i think they had coffee stains on them. But I don't want another credit or anything from this store. I still love PIZZA HUT, because the admiral and Harvard store really rocks!!!!!!! which is my default store. but there is so much that could have happened to prevent such a horrible re-occurrence by the way it was 17:20 (5:20pm) when i my food was delivered

  • My daughter recently put an application in for pizza hut. Well we had lunch at holdenville,Oklahoma location and she asked to speak with the manager. The manager approached her holding a syringe. And while she proceeded to have a very rude conversation with my daughter, she told her she just didn't have time to look at any applications. And that she didn't really need people. As she is tapping the syringe with her fingers. Another day we went there the assistance manager was very very rude. Took my order like it was bothering her to do so. I'm sorry but that is not very respectful. Never going back there again and my daughter will never work for those people.

  • I ordered 2 pizza's from the Bashford Manor location in Lou Ky. 07/09/14 and got some of the worst service i've ever gotten from a Pizza far as i know carry out means carry out.This person that took my order asked carry out or delivery,i said carry out,He then asked if i was picking up pizza?If the person taking orders cannot understand the English language they should not be taking orders over the phone.And then he was rude to me.I think somebody needs a lesson in customer service.If you are rude to customers they will not patronize your business! I guess we will order our pizza's from somewhere else like Pappa Johns,Dominos. Bearnos.The real thing is,pizza hut pizza has always been below average place.And the when the staff is rude,it's time to go somewhere else.When your customers leave it will be hard to regain their business or respect!!!See your employees at the unemployment line. : – ) =

  • This happen in Salisbury MD a pizza hurt driver pull up to my kids and throws coupons at them and say make me some money niggers…..really what was the point of that these are kids and u are a grown man..I am taking this to a lawyer and the media I have ur name and tag number.!!!!!?

  • Just ordered from domino' s since you no longer have p'zones, I always order pizza for the family and since I really don't like pizza that much I have always got p'zones. Guess Dominoes gets my once a week business.

  • The pizza hut in Duncanville,Texas on Cedar Ridge is horrible the woman name Heather must have missed the customer service part of training. This lady was so rude it took everything in me not to throw that pizza at her. They made a mistake and instead of fixing it she wanted to point the blame else where instead of owning the problem and fixing it. This will be my last time ever eating at that pizza hut. Mabe someone can give her a website to read upon customer service.

  • I am so not pleased with your traditional wings. I paid 16.00 for 16 wings what seemed like I paid for four wings. Your sauce is great but the size of your wings suck and are a rip off. Your slacking off on your pizza and the quality of your dough. My family and I used love eating at your establishment but now im sorry to say you lost a valued customer.unlike you care it's just sad to see a company go down the drain like that.

  • I had a birthday party at Pizza Hut in Starkville, MS on May 2nd. And from the time we made it there it was a complete disaster. The room we booked was hot as hell. And on top of that my pregnant sister was there and other people were there that were hot. We constantly told them that the air was not on in the room and the lie they told was that it was on already. How in the hell was it on when in the other areas of the store it was cold and air was blowing hard. The manager did nothing to solved the problem or offer any type of discount for the inconvenience. She was too busy stuck under her damn boyfriend to even care about the our complaints. Also the pizza was gummy and I was upset due to the fact they ruined my child's birthday party. Never again will I use the establishment for any type of party. I wanted to let others know so they so not have to go thru the same ordeal I went thru. That manager needs to be fired…

  • I used to work at pizza hut on 2100 west kimberly in davenport iowa and it was that worst ever first off the main problem is the rgm jake is the lazyiest manager in the world he does nothing. He sits in the office with his feet on the desk on very busy day he doesnt help out at all he runs outside when all the phones are ringing and then yells at people for. Not doing their jobs really??? This is not the only thing bad with jake he smokes weed always in the walk in during bussiness hours he is very young and is not a good fit to run a profit store like west kimberly in davenport iowa

  • I literally order from you guys like 5 times a month and I order p'zones every time. Your stores don't have enough p'zone bread being taken out a day. The employees don't even tell you if there out of the bread and then use regular pizza bread that comes out burnt. It's ridiculous that my store I order from takes 3 breads out a day. I keep calling the store and complain but the manager doesn't seem to give a crap and that's not good customer service. The manager was rude to me when I wanted to speak to him.. Telling me his opinion that's rude and on called for. Your stores need to take more out.

  • I ordered a pizza from Batesville, MS. I ordered a pepperoni, onion, and extra cheese stuff crust pizza. When the pizza arrived it wasn't done, so I called the store for them to remake me another one. When my second pizza arrived the driver said I owed 4.99 for the remake. I called the store and spoke to the manager in charge and she told me I had to pay the convenience and delivery charge for the new pizza, and I couldn't charge it to my card that I had to pay cash. I told her I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake. So she told the driver to bring back both pizzas. I then asked for my money back and she refused. I will never order from Pizza Hut again if this is how they treat their customers

  • The pizza hut in humble tx on wilson road absolutely is the worse! They are 5 minutes away from our house and yet they are always late. Im talkimg an hour late. We just ordered again from this place and it has been 2 hours. This is a joke. They told us he was 5 minutes away when we called the first time and its been another 20 minutes. I will be sure and tweet anf fb about it too. They need to shut their doors. This is the 4th time this has happened to us.

  • I ordered a pizza online tonight….as I do fairly often. When I got my pizza….surprise….it had a garlic crust on it!!! I contacted the manager of my store here in St Petersburg, FL…who was very nice about it and was told that you have switched your crusts as of this week. I wonder why you guys did that….as I find it disgusting!! If I wanted Dominos or Hungry Howies….I would have ordered from there. I am going to think twice before I order again….and am now leaning heavily towards Papa Johns. I feel like if I want a flavored crust….I should have to ask for it….therefore, having a choice….not having a choice made for me!!!!

  • Your call center in birmingham al sucks! Let local buisness deal with there people they dont care your order is wrong! Love your pizza but Im done!

  • also for the pizza hut in Oregon ill the manager and the staff was rude to me and my husband when the manager got your on the phone his words were I guess we can not satisfy you . did not even try to help a worthless manager and corporate office is no better they don't call you back on the phone to ask about your complaint. . it seems like you cannot be rude or complain about the pizza hut or you are accused of robbing or are looked as a criminal no wonder pizza hut has lost customers .if the coporate office would do their job to you might not have a lot of complaints . DO YOUR JOB CORPORATE OFFICE .

  • your location in Denver, NC on cross center drive has the worst management I have ever seen. The redhead looks like an emo pot head who is going to slit her wrists. The multicolored hair girl is just big and rude. They have an attitude about them that makes you want to boycot pizza hut forever and tell all your friends.

  • I ordered a large pizza from Pizza Hut (Edgewood,MD location) on 11.10.13. I usually go to pick up my order; however decided to have it delivered. The cost of the pizza was $10.60 plus delivery charge $2.50 for a total of $13.10. I gave my son $15 to give to the guy when they arrive. Upon arrival, the pizza guy said the order was $15.10 not $13.10. My son gave him the $15 and went to get .10 cents. Afterwards, I asked my son why did he give him .10 cents… when the change was the tip. He proceeded to tell me the guy said the order was $15.10. I said NO, it was $13.10. I asked my son, did you get the receipt, he replied NO. I called Pizza Hut to verify the order total to which they responded $13.10. I explained to the manager Chris what had occurred to which he stated he would have the driver return the $2. As I stated to him, I could care less about the $2; however its the principle. I also told the manager this was probably not his first time changing the price with other customers. I waited at least 3 hrs for the driver to return with my change. I called Pizza Hut again to speak with the manager and informed him the driver had not returned to give me the money. The manager said he spoke to the driver and told him he needed to return the money. Of course, the manager was shocked when he learned he didn't. I informed the manager I've made a complaint with corporate office because the driver basically stole from the company as well as myself (the customer). The manager said he was going to write him up and speak to him again when he returned. I've never had a problem with this location; however WILL NOT do carryout again.

  • My wife and are watching the world series. Pizza Hut just had its ad, in which one of the men talked about Butt-Kissing. Guess Pizza Hut thinks its customers like crude lines. They would be wrong, at least in our case.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing to complain about your location 9672 SW 72 St Miami, FL 33173 . I usually don't ever take the time to write to any corporate office, but tonight one of your psychotic drivers almost crashed into me by cutting me off. My little sister is autistic and started freaking out, it was unacceptable. First of all they were speeding and driving out of control, after cutting me off and speeding even more so to get away from me I saw them turn into the Pizza Hut, it happened right on the street where the restaurant is located (72 ave) . I saw the number on their car and decided to call immediately It happened at about 9:30. I was very upset to say the least, not only was the woman who picked up the phone rude, she wasn't helpful at all. I may have been upset but I told her exactly what happened and told her I wasn't sure who to talk to , all she replied was " Okay, thank you" after a pause she then said " I'll let him know". Are you kidding me? Is everyone who works at this location a bunch of idiots? It's one thing to have a lunatic driver representing your restaurant , and then to have even worse customer service is unbelievable. Have your general manager get his employees in check, unless he's part of the problem too but someone has to get that poor excuse of a restaurant together.

  • Usually had good experiences at the Espanola, NM Pizza Hut we all know good help is hard to find everywhere however, yesterday evening they were having a busy evening and after waiting extra 15 minutes I asked about my order and Sam Garcia the Store Manager said they burned my order of breadsticks and I asked for my money back because I needed to leave he walked away came back put two pizzas on the counter walked away again and I could smell something burned and I looked at the pizzas and half of my pizza was burned the crust was so black/burned so I brought it to his attention and he said thats what I ordered that thin and crispy look like that and again I asked for my money back and he raised his voice with me and told me that there was nothing wrong with my order and I told him again I need to get going Sam I do not have time for this and he said that is not my problem and I told him I didn't want that burned food that I wanted my money back and he made me go outside for my receipt and gave me my money back after he humiliated me and I refused to take their food…I thought their general manager would like to know but Carmen didn't care to listen to me and acted like it had all been handled because Sam called her last night and told her what happened and she did not care to hear what I had to say…very poor management in Espanola, NM and I say this sadly because we are a small town which I have pride for and at this point I will not go back till they have that bozo control his temper and apologize! Also, I had given Sam a tip at the window when he collected the money maybe next time I should wait till I get my order before I give tips!

  • I like Pizza Hut better than Dominoe's. My wife keeps telling me that Dominoes is better and Pizza Hut proves her right again, and again. I live in Largo, MD, right outside of D.C. The Pizza Hut here is horrible. The wait is always long and they never have drivers. When the pizza does get here, its never right and they always forget the Blue Cheese for the wings. I hate to admit it but my wife is right. Dominoes is faster, has better service and even though I like the taste of Pizza Hut better, I'm willing to go to Dominoes because they have great service.

  • My friend, who is disabled, and I ate at the Kirkwood Highway Pizza Hut in Wilmington, Delaware recently and the girl there, who was the manager, did not wait on us in a prompt manner so we seated ourselves. There was plenty of room because there was virtually nobody there. And we waited I would say about a half-hour, after I asked her and another employee, the only two people working there, for silverware and drinks. After waiting all that time for service, another patron, who felt sorry for us came over to our table to give us silverware and napkins. It was humiliating! Then the girl finally got around to bringing us drinks later on. I had to go back to the counter to ask for refills and to pay the bill and while I was doing these things the girl said not a single word to me. So, I knew for sure then that she was hostile to us and had singled us out because I noticed that she treated all of the other customers differently than my friend and me. They were all waited on promptly and given proper attention but, my friend and I were not. We were virtually completely ignored. If I hadn't kept demanding proper service from her and the other male employee we would have sat there and never been waited on at all.
    My friend was dismayed at the treatment we received. It was the worst it’s ever been and we've been patronizing Pizza Hut for many years as steady customers. So he decided to tell the girl off that was ignoring us when we were leaving the restaurant. So, he went up to the counter and said to her that we didn't deserve to be treated like garbage and the woman said she had told us to wait to be seated in the past, as a way to brush us off. She also told him that she would talk to him later; she had customers to wait on at the time. He told her that he had to go and couldn't talk to her later. Then when my friend was trying to explain to her this problem further she totally ignored him. So, we left there vowing never to go back to Pizza Hut again.

  • pizza hut should just become a bakery. The dough is wonderful, but it is just too bad that they stopped putting anything on top. See-through pepperoni and almost no sauce.

  • I visited the pizza hut today in Franklin VA. Two other lady and I ,placed and order before we got there. I had a coupon for BOGO,small,medium,or large any toppers, at regular menu price. I when in to pick up the two large pizza. The manger waited on me. I gave her my coupon, she look at it, and said this is not us. Now she got me thinking, so I took the coupon and then walked out . I told the other lady what she said. There turn around to see if we was sitting at pizza hut parking lot. There ask me what she mean, I said I don't know she just said that that coupon isn't there coupon. It had pizza hut logo on it and the coupon is good until 12/31/2013. Then I when back in to see if she can explain to me what she was talking about, who know what she was talking about. Something she made up. My trip last week to Nags Head NC I used these coupon the hold week I was there . I had no problem at all. Good luck eating at Pizza Hut in Franklin VA, because I will never spend my money there again.Roanoke Rapid NC PizzaHut is the place to go.

  • My friend, who is disabled, and I ate at the Kirkwood Highway Pizza Hut in Wilmington, Delaware recently and the girl there, who was the manager, did not wait on us in a prompt manner so we seated ourselves. There was plenty of room because there was virtually nobody there. And we waited I would say about a half-hour, after I asked her and another employee, the only two people working there, for silverware and drinks. After waiting all that time for service, another patron, who felt sorry for us came over to our table to give us silverware and napkins. It was humiliating! Then the girl finally got around to bringing us drinks later on. I had to go back to the counter to ask for refills and to pay the bill and while I was doing these things the girl said not a single word to me. So, I knew for sure then that she was hostile to us and had singled us out because I noticed that she treated all of the other customers differently than my friend and me. They were all waited on promptly and given proper attention but, my friend and I were not. We were virtually completely ignored. If I hadn't kept demanding proper service from her and the other male employee we would have sat there and never been waited on at all.
    My friend was dismayed at the treatment we received. It was the worst it's ever been and we've been patronizing Pizza Hut for many years as steady customers. So he decided to tell the girl off that was ignoring us when we were leaving the restaurant. So, he went up to the counter and said to her that we didn't deserve to be treated like garbage and the woman said she had told us to wait to be seated in the past, as a way to brush us off. She also told him that she would talk to him later; she had customers to wait on at the time. He told her that he had to go and couldn't talk to her later. Then when my friend was trying to explain to her this problem further she totally ignored him. So, we left there vowing never to go back to Pizza Hut again.

  • I would like to start with that fact that I am an employee at a Pizza Hut located near central Nebraska. I will not share which one for the sake of my pathetic job, but I would like to fill some of you in on a little secret. I have noticed that Pizza Hut does not care about the way our customers feel. I have delt with many many angry customers. Unfortunately my customers still left our store unhappy, due to the fact of poor management. I am very unsatisfied with the way our store runs. Our cooks are terrible. They are always messing up orders and screwing around. They don't care because they do not have to deal with the unhappy customers first hand, which leads me to my second complaint. Our management. Our managers do not try to satisfy our customers 100%. They do not care. Especially our STORE MANAGER who is in charge OF EVERYTHING!! She is very rude not only to customers but to her employees as well. I have delt with many unhappy customers, in which I tried my absolute best to apologies for their terrible experience. They were still not satisfied. I have witnessed our employees at busy times literally pick up the phone while ringing and slam it back down, leaving the other side of line to receive terrible service while listening to a telephone tone. It upsets me so much that people are disrespected the way I have witnessed!! It makes me irritated because I, myself, know for a fact that I would never want to be treated the way I have seen my customers treated. I apologies to all that have had a bad experience with the Pizza Hut Co. around the world. I know exactly how you feel, literally. 🙁

  • I have ordered from my local Pizza Hut for a number of years now.(Loughborough Pizza Hut St.Louis, Mo) Suddenly, the service and product quality have just vanished. On the 3rd of this month, I treated myself and my family to the Big Dinner Meal. It looked as though it had been put through a blender when it finally arrived, 45 minutes late.
    I never complain about this Pizza Hut. I and my family have been very satisfied with the service and quality of product. I called and asked to speak to the manager on duty. I was then, transferred to Corporate…. which then said… 'ohhh… what a shame'…. and then transferred me back to the store. I got the same rude girl on the phone… I asked for the MANAGER…. and was then told she was off for the next couple days. I asked for whomever was in charge, and was told it was her. *sigh* really? Then, I proceeded to plead my case, and was told they can send out another pizza…. why? I said, no thank you… then received a 20.00 credit…. very begrudgingly….I called to use part of that credit tonight…. and was charged 12.00 for a 10.00 pizza… PLUS an inexplicable 2.75 'convenience charge'….. I then asked the driver about it, and his explaination was… 'I got another job… I'm quitting them… They suck to work for'….. REALLY??
    I then CALLED corporate myself, and got a strange song and dance about the 'convenience charge'… it covers the drivers… then it was its for the hot bags and the GPS and company vehicles…. No.1… they drive their own vehicles and get .30 per mile…. No.2… they DO NOT have GPS… I asked the drivers….. No.3… The hot pouches are so worn and tattered they should be tossed…. so… WHYYYYY, am I, and everyone else in the U.S. being charged 2.75?? There is no explaination. BUT… bet your bread sticks, I WILL be waiting for this phone call that will be here 'in 3 days'… from a supervisor that doesn't exist… because I have tried for a week on my own to reach them. As for the over charge of the 10.00 any pizza? Well… I'm still waiting for that explaination. I am disabled, or I would run this store, and it would be done CORRECTLY… PROPER usage of phone skills… PROPER drivers and delivery of product…ALSO…. the store WOULD MAKE MONEY…. AND THE COMPLAINTS WOULD DECREASE GREATLY. Pizza Hut… you should consider closing this particular store…..or at LEAST put in a staff that CARES about the QUALITY of PRODUCT and REPUTATION of the company. This is from a FORMER die hard Pizza Hut fan.. 🙁 What a pity…….

  • I placed a order with a young lady @ pizza hut st thomas for a large pizza half mushrooms peppers and onions half beef. The lady wrote it down on a piece of paper and told me have a seat. It toke a while to reach and when it finally did she brought a large pizza half peppers onions and mushrooms half peperoni (the same person who took my order) i went up to her and told her that's not my pizza…she reviewed her piece of paper and told me I'll have to wait. ..i agreed and by now my friends reached so i sat at their table. The same person came over and took my friends order. I realized their order got to the table before mine which the same waitress brought to the table. I went up to her again and her response was "oh you came back? I said was right there when you took my friends order..she's like so you gonna wait for the pizza? some thing needs to be done about the service at this resturant.i placed my order 7:00 pm and left about 8:15 ish. This is unacceptable and my next stop with this complaint is trip advisor

  • It's truly amazes me all the comment written by various people including the employees. It's ashame and a slap in the face that people are being treated this way. I know exactly how you feel been there and done it: one thing I can say I will never order a pizza from PIZZA HUNT EVER AGAIN,PLUS I WILL MAKE SURE I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS TO RESEARCH THIS WEBSITE. Pizza Hut may be the biggest pizza resturant in the world presently, but they won't be for long.Because there are so many more companies that specilize in the pizza business. Customer service is everything, if you don't have this in your business you won't survive. Evidently from reading the comments they don't pay their managers are employee very good, so that is why Pizza Hut has all of these problems.It's sad that companies treat people as if they mean nothing, but they will find out in the end, people will get to the point of not giving them their business anymore.Everyone reaps what they sow, or what goes around comes around.

  • 2 manuals I have from this company go against everything I have told you.

    I know this isnt the "pizza hut way"

    I know this has been going on for a long time, and enablers have aided that, this is the only way i know to make it change.

    I will probably never ever eat there again, nor will my family.

    The problems that i see now go beyond management because i am sure the owner of the locations. , he owns 2 of them… ultimately it is his responsibility to make sure his business is run correctly. It is also the responsibility of Pizza hut.

  • Now, how can this health code and OSHA
    violation be overseen?

    Ok there isnt time to rinse the dishes, if we did where would the water go? so they get run thru the machine without being scraped or rinsed. This is still going to take until 12:30 in the morning to get done this way.

    So guess what that stuff is on the side of your pizza you thought was burnt cheese. Its crud thats been left on the dirty pan and run thru the dishwasher with sanitizer and dryer soaking into it then thrown between pans on a shelf and used the next day, dried crud.

    The pizza cutter and pizza cutter holder is put out in the morning and never is washed or rinsed all day long, 12 hours in use with the crud building up on it accumulating bacteria. This is a health risk to everyone. Both of those items should REGULARLY be cleansed and sanitized and dried.

    They cant keep help, everyone quits, wonder why…altho there is a segment of the staff that are enablers who perpetuate and accept all of this. Not all, most employees are afraid of them or afraid to say anything except under their breath. The management and the franchisee as well as the County Health Department should be closely scrutinized and held liable for all of my accusations so that these problems are resolved in a timely manner.

    I am fileing complaints with every agency concerned in the state offices of the Department of Labor, the Kentucky State Health Department and OSHA.

    When the County Health Departments inspecting, everything is covered up and made to look like its all fine, They had me run the extra sink full of sanitizer because the dishwasher didnt pass and then the assistant manager whispered, just until they leave, when they left, the extra sink was emptied and was not used as instructed by the health department.

    How the garbage disposal and the stopped up floor drain as well as the wrong slope of the floor or, standing water, and black mold have passed any kind of health inspection is beyond me. I know employees have slipped on that slick wet floor and fallen to the ground. It is a safety issue as much as it is a health risk!

    Not all, but most employees are afraid of management and are afraid to say anything except under their breath.The bad apple manager has infected those closest to him. The last i heard even some of the assistant management has had enough of the managers attitude and sharp tounge.

  • Theres black mold in the vents, water stands in the dish area because the floor is sloped wrong, lots of water, one of the 2 drains hasnt ever worked, you cant squeegee it there is probably black mold under the tile too, when you walk on the tile its like water is coming up thru it.

    The air vent/ air conditioning stytem, by the dishwasher hasnt worked in forever, temps of 105 F in the kitchen for over a week this summer,
    and the thing is supposed to be venting the harmful fumes away from the dishwasher, so i have been breathing this every day this vent isnt functiong as it is supposed to! So we are just breathing the toxic fumes instead.

    I brought a fan to work and it was in the car, employees told me to get it and bring it in since it was so hot, so i did, when he walked in he threw it out. the other manager had said it was ok.

    He replaced the fans with ones he bought that hardly even worked, little tiny desk occilating fans. We endured the heat and the toxic vapors, and still are breathing them, the vent needs replaced or fixed and in operation NOW!

    The garbage disposal hasnt worked in NINE years on the dish sink, when it stops up, which is always, i was instructed to stick my hand into a live garbage disposal to clean it out. I told the assistant manager she was crazy for sticking her hand inside a live garbage disposal and that i would not be doing that!

  • A lot of things have gone on in the last year, ill try to summarize it. Number one the place is completely understaffed and the impossible is expected. So everything gets done halfway and everyone gets yelled at because they are 3 hours late on deliveries and the board is full of orders and customers are all the way out the door waiting on carryouts and complaining.

    The manager is yelling at employees in a condecinding antagonistic manner, in front of customers who are strangers, friends, family, your sunday school teacher and your pastor, rude insulting smart aleck remarks. Antagonistic, condescinding, and offensive tone of voice.
    I have many examples of which this is just one…

    The manager hands me the pizza as it had just came out of the oven and im grabbing packets of cheese and pepper to put in along with it and look at the map on the wall to see where im going, which is outdated and has little info, The manager starts screaming at me that i should already be gone, been out the door and the pizza was just handed to me.

    I looked at him like he must be insane. And ran out the door without even being allowed to look at the map to see where i was going. The only way that pizza got delivered was because I called them on my cell phone and they returned my call, but they didnt get it my call and return it right away, so it went from being first on my delivery to second. So it was late because of the manager.

    This man is the most smart aleck offensive person i have ever worked for. My pastor and sunday school teacher go there and they hear me being talked down to like a dog.

    Breaks, yeah right… more like, can you work and stay over till 1230 and get these dishes done. I rarely approached about a break

    maybe 4 times? and that was only a lunch break to save budget. I was cheated out of the majority of my breaks over the course of 15 months. My breaks are the responsibility of the management to guarantee that they are provided and taken. I am NOT the only employee there that this is customary to.

    The TEAM MEMBER HANDBOOK FOR PIZZA HUT AND WING STREET RESTARAUNTS MANAGED BY DALAND CORPORATION handbook even only gives you 5 min breaks, KY law is 10, the handbook is out of compliance with the law. A copy of it will be sent to The kentucky Department of Labor.

    • I know what you mean. At the Nacogdoches TX North St location on 2/15/2016, I witnessed a corporate employee from Dallas screaming and cursing at employees in the restaurant. It's very disconcerting that not only does corporate not care about their customers, they also devalue their employees. I've never witnessed such a high-stress negative work environment.

  • I ordered a pizza from pizza hut a the MANAGER Wrote on my box ,,Have a lovely nite!!!, after I called and complained of their unprofessionalism to their customers!! I will never ever order food from Pizza Hut in Macon

  • I cannot belive the way i was just treated,The manager on the phone is a very rude and angry person,i called in a pizza,was told we do not accept credit cards over the phone,made it very clear my wife will be picking it up on her way home,NOT DELIVERY,was told i have to order online to use my credit card,i said yes mam ill do so now.

    I ordered online,i noticed the bill was 10 dollars to high,i then recived a call from the store,Being YELLED AT BY THE MANAGER,asking which order did i want the pizzas were all ready in the oven,like she is going to froce me to pay for both order's,i said mam i spoke with you 5 minutes ago,and you told me to order online,meaning you were canceling the original order,Now im getting upset,she YELLS AT ME AGAIN,and said no ITS DELIVERY ONLY ONLINE,i said mam i told you it was for pickup on the first order is why you instructed me to go online ….crdeit card issue?? remember??

    Now i was charged twice on my card,for a product i never recived,And was yelled at for it,all i wanted was a pizza for god sakes,My wife called the lady as well thinking it was me,she was YELLED AT AS WELL,so now i will ened this with this,I WILL NEVER BE TREATED THIS WAY BY ANYONE,I TRIED TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT AND WAS YELLED AT FOR IT,SO NOW I YELL BACK.

    The location is main street in tomball texas,do not eat there or order from there,you will be treated like a fool and YELLED AT BY A VERY RUDE LADY.I have submitted the info online,called the corprate headquarters,now we will see what intentions they have for this type of behavior.

    I will not stop i will continue to email and call until i get a response,i will not be treated this way by someone.

    Corporate Office Address:

    14841 Dallas Parkway
    Dallas, TX 75254
    United States

    Phone: 972-338-7700
    Fax: 972-338-6869

    there is the corprte numbers for all you other people being treated like animals for wanting a pizza..Domino's here i come.——-pizza hut…

  • I worked at pizza hut in Maine. Didn't get no breaks what so ever no 15 min no half hour i couldn't believe the way my managers treated me. I covered some other girls shift for a week straight then my car broke down n i called my boss to let him know i was looking for a ride in n he told me not to bother bc i was fired i never was late never missed work n busted my ass when i was there as if they treat employees n customers like skum

  • Maybe all you complainers have ways to resolve Pizza Hut's issues? If so, feel free to apply for employment, get hired, go through training, prepare pizza and other entrees for a while until you are familiar with how it works, move into a management position, put together what you have learned and using your best organizational skills make these improvements youself.

    Folks always remember a "not so good" dining experience and seem have no problem expressing that experience publicly to others.

    I have been to my local Pizza Hut and have no complaints, nothing that I would publicly slander Pizza Hut over, anyway.

    …So, try it for yourself and see if you can make things better. If you succeed, congratulations!! If not, at least you've tried.

    • I (same person from above)ordered dinner again tonight for my daughter and I, at the same location in Vernon CT. and again, have no complaints. I ordered online and it was ready when I arrived there in 20 minutes. Extra napkins and dipping sauce were not a problem and at no extra cost. Counter person even reminded me to be sure to get my free bottle of Pepsi before I walked out the door.
      See how easy it is to say something nice? 🙂


  • called Pizza hut to complain & the corp office is very nice , as far as anyone getting back with you in three days , welll lets just say I havent received a call back yet but it has only been 8 days . So I placed another one call ………

    maybe again next week

  • Think you have it bad. I am an employee at PizzaHut. And our management has a policy, "Do as we say and not as we do." on our days off we cannot visit behind the counter for safety reasons, but the RGM can bring her baby and boyfriend in the back. We have an assistant manager, who at a crew meeting, tellings an employee "you don't like how I run a shift, then quit." Our morality at this restaurant is so low right now. Its a shame. the Area Coach sat in on the team meeting and watched arguments ensue between a crew member and a manager and did not one thing but sit there. Then when they tell the crew the meeting is over the management team gets together to decide whom to fire. I cannot even post my name nor my location for fear of being terminated from my job. This is the best anonymous forum i could find since there is no hotline to report this incident. I even know there is a recording of this crew meeting. To protect the crew members.

  • Hello,

    I currently work at pizza hut. The store number is 4504. Address is 8100 George Washington, Yorktown. Va. I have many complaints about the current GM. She talks very poorly to her employees. She will call them stupid, worthless, retarded, and many other hurtful and vulgar names.She uses expired products on a daily basis. I.E. dough that is not used that day should be thrown away that night. Yet we keep the dough for sometimes up to 3 days in order to "save inventory". She lets the cooks use their hands to put cheese on the pizza instead of using cups. Then when that failed endeavor makes us sort on cheese, they only use a cup and a half of cheese on pizzas to make up for lost product. Which makes for a very poor outcome for the final product, which results in a lot of complaints. Speaking of complaints, customers will complain about poor product, rude Managers (Mainly the GM), waiting up to 2 1/2 for a delivery, and lack of enthusiasm is employees, ON A DAILY BASIS! I don't want to speak for everyone there but as far as I know most employees currently at this store at very unhappy with the Allison Deeason and Stephanie Toppings. I really hope you take this all into consideration and make a change. The company is losing money and good employees. If you would like to contact me my email is I would really like to hear from you.

    • I work at a Pizza Hut currently. And we have no way to complain about the way we are treated. We have managers that say Dona's we say and not as we do. Managers who walk around using vulgar language and arguing with employees to where customers can hear the racy language from this manager outside. We do not know where we can safely report this behavior without putting our own jobs into jeopardy. And we cannot go to the area manager/coach because it seems as though they side with management. And when management cannot get their way, the way they want it from the employees. They just go out and hire a new crew.

    • I was just fired over a customer complaint, but the kicker is, the customer placed on on-line order made a mistake and blamed me for the error. Upper management does not care for protecting their employees. I hear what you say, people need to think before they act, or act out against.

  • I like Pizza Hut. I went there last night and it was very good. I went to the one in Bartow, FL. Best pizza ever and always will be. 🙂

  • My 45 minute wait, sugar land tx, burned pizone, offered to remake, but my pizzas getting cold, when opened box, they were burned! Asked for my money back, went to papa johns, got excellent pizza n service, no more pizza hut ever,,, done…

  • I hate pizza hut now. I do not appreciate they business. I have been ordering pizza from them for a while and every time i order they mess it up or i have to wait hours and hours before i get my order. Yesterday i order from them, waited 3 hours before i got my order, on top of that one of the pizzas was wrong. I called back to let them know they said they was gone send another. Waited 2 hours for that called back,then they said they was gone give me a ten dollar credit. Called back like 4 gours later they said they was gone give me another ten dollars credit which is 20 in all plus give me a free pizza. Called today now they dont want to give me my credit then the pizza they sent me was cold as well as my hot wings. Will not order from them no more never again. I have recorded their conversation. Montgomery ala.

  • I ordered a pizza at the pizza hut at maysville, ky. We drove all the way from tollesboro,ky. This is a 40 mile drive round trip or longer. Anyway I am not very happy. WHen we got home we were supposed to have a pizza with everything on it ( all it had on it was a little bit of bacon, a little bit of pepperoni a little bit of ham a litte bit of mushrooms a little bit of sausage and no green olives and no banana peppers and the last pizza we ordered had a whole lot of cheese on it and some green peppers and mushrooms and some sausage. Everything on these pizza didn't have a whole lot on them. I just thought I would let you know that I am not very happy because this has happened too many times too mention. Very, unhappy and mad.

  • I ordered a pizza at pizzahut delivery from sahakarnagar, jakkur area, Bangalore. I ordered a pepperoni pizza. I took a bite and I spat it out ommediately and threw up violently after. Fortunately I didnt feed my daughter. I called them up. The local manafer came home. He took a bit and ate it. The delivery boy who came with him gagged and spat up before he could throw up. I think it is disgusting that the manager could eat it. What is your standard. The pepperoni was gray in color from being old and smelled like a dead rotting animal.
    Then he sat in my house till hissuperior told him to leave. Then when I went to the store with the health inspector he tells him that pizza hut delivers in 30 mins, as it should be consumed then. If kept for longer than that it rots…..
    The food inspector will analyze the food today. Its not just that you serve rotten food, its also that your staff is slimy

  • To whom it may concern;

    I am writing you today to inform you of the worst pizza hut I have ever visited. First let me explain: I have lived in the South for many years and Pizza Hut has always been a favorite of mine, that is until recently.

    I live in the small town of Andrews, Texas and the Pizza Hut here is the absolute worse one. This Pizza Hut is giving the franchise a bad name.

    Here are just a few examples:
    I ordered wings and a p'zone and asked to have it delivered. I was waiting outside for the delivery and saw the driver drop my food, pick it up and then he brought it to me. It was a mess and they gave the wrong dipping sauce.

    On another occasion we ordered a supreme over the phone and when the pizza was picked up the only veggie on it was onions, the rest was meat. They told us that the manager was on vacation and the assistant had forgotten to order supplies. We were upset because they could have told us that over the phone, thus saving a misunderstanding, and they did not.

    There have been many times when the local Pizza Hut have been closed for one reason or another. They run out of dough regularly. To be quite honest the taste of the pizza's are not what they should be.

    I know I am not the only one to be unhappy with this branch of the franchise. I felt an obligation to let you know how the Pizza Hut franchise name is being represented in this small community.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • For 3 years I had stopped ordering at a Pizza Hut in Elizabeth New Jersey, because the average delivery time was 1hr 45min. As I am typing this complaint my wife made the terrible mistake of ordering from this Pizza Hut again it's been 2 hrs, well that will never happen again.

  • To whom it may concern, as a person who just recently learned that I'm allergic to wheat, I have trouble finding gluten free pizza. There are a lot of people like me out there who are potential customers. Having said that please make a gluten free pizza! I and a lot of other people would buy it. Thank you sincerely, Dawn R. Straughen.

    • ive personally offered to gluten free customers to bring thier own dough sticks or bread or whatever into my store and id be happy to personally make anything they need, but yeah gluten free dough would be wonderful. a work in progress for sure. all the sandwiches are made with A sour dough bread which has reduces gluten but not gluten free

    • More and more groceries and health food stores stock gluten-free products. That’s good news for people with celiac disease, who for health reasons should not eat wheat with gluten.

      Yet paradoxically, most of the people who reach for gluten-free products don’t have celiac disease and or even a sensitivity to wheat, Peter H.R. Green, MD, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, told WebMD. "The market for gluten-free products is exploding. Why exactly we don’t know. Many people may just perceive that a gluten-free diet is healthier."

      In fact, it isn’t. For people with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is essential. But for others, "unless people are very careful, a gluten-free diet can lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber," says Green.



  • I had a carryout order to pick up. Upon getting there the service was rude. I was lied to by the cashier claiming she was the assistant manager. The order was missing toppings and as well once I got home after my young daughter and I eating 2 peices I found the cooks or someone's hair that prepared the food in multiple spots under the pizza and on top…. WORST PIZZA PLACE EVER IN 7100 Arron Aronov Drive Fairfield AL!!!!!!!! Insult to injury is the fact this location will not anwser the phone and the district managers are no where to be found……….. WORST EVER PIZZA HUT!!!

  • I'm so disappointed in the service we got from the momunt we entered the pizzahut in Denver city Texas to get supper first of a lot of tables had not been cleaned and the ones that had were not wiped off we were not greeted when we walked in or ask to wait until they cleaned a table for us the girl at the counter was busy talking with a guy that was just leaning against the counter and kepted looking over at us as we waited finally my husband asked one of them if they had something to clean the tables with an she hands him a towel to wipe it with What's Wrong With This Picture, it was dirty an the floors were not clean we had meet their with a church group to eat but ended up walking out instead if pizza hut likes losing customers an money then keep it up because we won't get their anymore an our friends will know what kind of service is given at that location take my advise and Quit hiring a bunch of kids that don't care about customer service but only getting a paycheck, I don't know if any of theses complaints get taken care of But someone needs to look into a lot of theses complaints and clean house at a lot of theses locations.

  • we purchased the new pizza yall are advertising with the mini cheese bites i got a pepperoni and that part was good but the cheese ran out of the mini bites and was burned there wasnt any chees left in the dough not good we bought the pizza at the pizza hut in sonora texas

  • I am eating at a pizza hut in biilings montana on hwy 10 west.this is the worst pizza hut i have ever eaten at.we walked in asked to be seated and then someone walked in after us they were sat first and we had to wait.we got seated waited. 11 minutes to get a drlnk order with 2 other tables in here.then they brought the wrong drinks.then we waited for our order and brought the wrong order.then brought it back.then brought the the wrong pizza and and when i asked for a manager kevin said IM THE MANAGER AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE. I have never felt so disrespected by a kid waiting tables in my life.from the beggining to end he had alot of attitude and was very disrespectful facially and verbally. Then i found out he lied he was not the manager the real one came out and hassled me for saying damn. I did not want a discount on my food but he gave it to me. So i just gave the other waiter 20 dollars. Fix this problem i will be telling everyone at conoco to never eat there and why