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  • Habit Burger Corporate Office Headquarters

Habit Burger Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Habit Burger Corporate Office Headquarters

Reichard Bros Enterprises Inc.
17320 Red Hill Avenue Suite 140
Irvine, CA 92614
Email: n/a
Website: Habit Burger
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-851-8881
Fax Number: 1-949-852-4650
Customer Service Number: 1-949-851-8881

Habit Burger’s competitors in the fast food industry include Wendy’s McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Culver’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

  • My name is miles lee I live in Northridge ca I patronize your habit burgers,
    I went to get 2. Number 1 with cheese and a side of onion rings. The burger bun was so old couldn't even bite through it want to post the picture of what I paid $15.00 for.
    This is insulting to me and my wife the onion rings were so tough I know you think we are just another customer I promise you that will be your down fall.

  • Went to Habit and ended up at In-N-Out!!

    Having your wife, a schoolteacher called a liar and cheat on your date night at Habit. Lovely

    Well as it says on the birthday email just show your phone to redeem. The question here is, to redeem what? Criticism, called a liar and told you had already redeemed your free char. If you want it, you need to pay for it.
    Every year my wife receives her free birthday char. We picked the night to go out and have Habit for dinner. Everything was perfect until my wife’s barcode on her phone would not scan properly.
    Alyssa took our order and tried scanning my wife’s phone for the free burger, unsuccessful. She tried again it would not accept it. Alyssa calls over a coworker, a young man for help. He tells us the birthday char had already been redeemed, even though you could clearly see there was no Redeem mark over the barcode. My wife explained this is the first time she tried using it. He told Alyssa to try the other cash register. He scanned it on the other machine, the same. He told my wife again, you have already used it and they are only good for one time use. Placating us he scans it the fourth time and proceeds to lecture us, you had already redeemed it and if you want the burger you have to pay for it.
    Alyssa continued to ring us up and she said it will be $17.30. At this point, my wife was furious, and she wanted to go. We walked away very upset and disappointed on how the situation was handled. The manager was never notified of the issue. Instead, two team associates, one a cashier and the other on the shake machine decided to take matters into their own hands. Using condemnation and not caring to really help us, they let us walk out.
    My wife still wanted a burger, so we headed to In-N-Out. On our way there, my wife looked at her phone a saw a Redeemed stamp covering the barcode. So obviously it had not been redeemed but now after their scanning antics the code was finally redeemed, and my wife was denied her free burger.
    This is the store where it happened Habit Burger, 26921 Aliso Creek Rd., #A, CA, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

  • Regarding Habit on Century Blvd, 1600 Lane 2. On June 20,2018, Check #136 @ 11:37am. I was told Chick Salads are not being sold here. I called to confirm and was told this location does serve Chicken Salad. Which is it? No matter how good the food is. Knowledge of the menu should be priority. My first impression is incompetency of the menu. I will NOT support this establishment or the brand.

  • For an author, your grammar and punctuation are atrocious!!! How would you ever expect anyone to take what you write seriously? LMAO….

  • The Habit is negligent towards vegans! If a Moslem person who eats dead flesh anyway, was given pork repeatedly, without knowing it 7 times and then finds out that they were given pork, then they would be screaming bloody murder even though they still eat dead flesh! But when a vegan gets DEFILED you don't take it seriously! I made it
    clear that I was vegan and explained in detail what that means every time I went to your establishment! This is author of The conscious Planet and journalist for JetSettingMagazine.com I will be sending you an article about your chain that i'm ready to publish. You should consider changing your minds about the way I've been treated! Word to the wise:The next time you screw over one of your customers, make sure that they're NOT a journalist! A Certified Mail copy of this magazine article is being sent to CEO, Russel W. Bendel before publication. You can still contact me at (760) 905-4143 before I publish! Thank You Neil M. Pine TheConsciousPlanet.org

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