SuddenLink Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

SuddenLink Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Altice USA, INC.
1 Court Square West
Long Island, NY 11101 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-516-803-2300
Sales: 1-877-694-9474
Business: 1-800-490-9604
Customer Service Number: 1-877-794-2724

  • Try calling 1-516-803-2300 corporate hdq. for altice who owns suddenlink. Another number is 1-877-794-2724 customer service at altice. Chief Ex. Officer is Dexter G., VP Hakim B. Altice address is 1 Court Square West, Long Island, NY. 11101 USA Corporate

  • i had new service installed and my Mini quit working after a few day
    was on the phone with support for over 2 hours and ended up having a tech come out
    I was told that if it was on my end i would be charged $60 and if it was there equipment it wouldn't cost anything, needles to say it was there box and they still charged me
    after talking to 3 different people they all said i would have to pay because they could not take it off
    i asked to talk to a supervisor and all 3 told me no
    I have contacted the BBB and hopefully this gets taken care of
    I also have another account at my in-laws house and the Bill went up $20 with no warning or explanation

  • Another dissatisfied former customer. Suddenlink is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Overcharge and when you try to canceled service they have every excuse in the book. They refuse to disconnect, even when you no longer have their equipment (it was shipped back to them) and they charge your account each month anyway. I have reported them to BBB and am contacting the Attorney General to complain. This has gone on for too long.

  • I have been trying to get help with my account since 9/9/19 and still it is not fixed. I was being charged $17 for STARZ, I don't have STARZ and don't want STARZ and now my next bill is $50 more than I've been paying. I have called and chatted multiple times and they have all told me it is taken care of but it still hasn't been corrected when I sign in online. Yesterday I went to the local office and tried to get help too and was told it would be fixed as well and when I logged in this morning it again was not fixed. If this does not get corrected before the next billing cycle, I will be cancelling my services and going with another provider.

  • How can I be receiving phone calls from the outside using my phone number? . we receive numerous telemarketer calls which we DO NOT answer but DO MONITOR where the call originates from and we have been receiving calls showing they originate from our home phone. We use Suddenlink for our home phone service and would like to know how this can happen.

  • My 69.99 bundle ballooned to $145.43. I expected fees, taxes, but maybe around $25-30 (which is still a jip), but this is mobster like. Their service is horrible, never hooked up right and they charge another fee every time they come out and "fix" it. Their technician also lied about hooking up devices when installing the wack service they offer, which was another $20. I mean, who can't hook up internet or put in a wi-fi code on their own? They go into small towns around America and setup shop, just like organized crime in the prohibition era.

  • I live in the eastern sierras and we have been a customer of suddenlink for 8 years! I rented a fight on pay pre view and got confused and made a mistake and hit the Spanish version well i quickly changed it to the English not thinking it would be a big deal!

    yes i made a mistake and admitted that! I received my bill and we got double charged. I called them to get it resolved and i was told that their is a policy that you have to call with in 24 hours. I did not know that!!

    so needless to say they would not credit me ( they gave me $25.00 off) to a loyal customer! who has never been late on a bill! let me ask you if i new about the policy and called on Sunday would they be open!!

    suddenlink has raised my bill a lot in the last few months and i'm not happy with this out come. It was a mistake!! I work hard for mu $$$$$$

  • I had ATT for 20 years, but all they could offer was a slow DSL, so we moved to Suddenlink. We agreed to a price when we ordered, and got a bill nearly twice what we had agreed to, and they had added services we didn't order. We have spent hours of time with representatives who told us wildy different information, but bottom line, THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY LIFE!! They run a scam on you from day one and are always trying to add charges, and, get this, you can't even customize your caller ID, so when your name comes up on someone's caller ID, it will be your billing name, period. This is just one example of the intransigence of this stupidly run and inept provider. You can't contact the executives because they are criminals and cowards hiding from reality. Instead, they hire nice sounding people that don't know what they are talking about to make promises they don't keep.

  • PLEASE, Do anyone know the real phone number to Suddenlink Corporate office???? They are horrible, dishonest, and disrespectful

  • I tried to get Suddenlink to fix my daughters Internet connection in Lubbock Texas. I run an ISP in Texas. I looked at her cable modem and saw she was still running the original 1.x firmware version. I looked on line and found that Netgear was up to 2.28 (two years). I called their "technical support" who had no idea how to push a firmware upgrade to her cable modem. I asked for tier 2 support and a supervisor. Nothing. I have tried in vain to reach someone in corporate, but got nothing. I'm switching to ATT. Marco Coelho Argon Technologies Inc.

  • I have never dealt with customer service like this. This is TERRIBLE! No one knows what they are doing. Everyone makes excuses for the last person and I cannot get a straight answer as to why I always have extra charges on my next bill. I get stuff on my bill that I never added, I'm forced to pay for it, then extra charges are added on my next bill to take away from the credit I was supposed to receive. This is ridiculous!

  • Trying to reach an agent or representative is almost impossible. One must listen to an assortment of prompts; why not add agent or representative to their list of options. Bad customer service makes unhappy customers; however, do they really care? Raise the rates and lower company standards? The issue is trying to send an attachment, but having it rejected due to usage limit (a two page document). Since when did this policy go into affect? Shame on you.
    Suddenlink, you SUCK and I will never recommend your services to another friend, relative or neighbor. A valued VIP customer…………..?

  • I do not recommend this service to anyone they suck.
    Their customer service are rude they can not figure anything out their service men are a joke come to fix my service said oh your internet will be so much better , Now it boots me off its slower they have no idea what they are doing,
    Now they dropped channels and went u 45.00 a month WTH.
    Yes we need a class law suit on them..

  • One month Suddenlink customer and I’m already regretting my decision. Moved to a condo and didn’t want to setup a Satellite dish. So the only cable provider was Suddenlink. Was promised Cable and high speed internet as well as a free year of Netflix and a discount for switching from Satellite. My 99$ a month has turned to $142, no Netflix (was told I didn’t get it because promotion had expired), have sent 5 emails with a copy of my Directv bill, and they keep sending me emails asking for it. Do not do business with this unethical company.

  • I recently moved to Payson, AZ and signed up for internet service with Suddenlink. As it turned out I am unable to set up my computer due to lack of space in the home. I have set up my computer in a friend's home which is suiting my needs. Two days into the new billing cycle I stopped by the their office to disconnect my service. I was told they do not pro-rate and the disconnect order would take place on December 25th (a holiday?). I told them I would not be paying for services I do not need. This is robbery!

  • i am not using suddenlink ANYMORE, THEY claim to give one free hbo and showtime and then I get billed for hbo, WTF!!! im terminating their service and will not pay them 311.00 they are so wrong …

  • I had a guy come out yesterday to replace some bad wires. he said there's nothing wrong with them. They are very old and have cut spots in them. I'm going back to satellite TV

  • Classic Bait-And-Switch Marketing Fraud 3 July 2017

    Suddenlink sent an advertisement via USPS to my home address. It included one bundled-services offer: “Best Triple Play Offer Ever, $59.99 mo., Internet: 20 Mbps, TV: Up to 200 channels, Home Phone: Unlimited calling, Visit for American Express® Reward Card web-only offers (this was next to an image of an American Express card)”. Below this offer was a horizontal line across the page separating it from an Internet-only offer. At the bottom of the page was: “Offer expires July 10, 2017”.
    I went to the web page noted above and typed my home address (identical to where you mailed the ad). The price for the bundle noted above was “$99.99 per month” and included a “$200 GIFT CARD” … presumably the “American Express® Reward Card” referenced in the ad I received at home.
    I called the number listed in the ad (844.391.3730) and a supervisor told me the web-only “Best Triple Play Offer Ever” had been terminated … obviously before the July 10, 2017 expiration date.
    I hope Suddenlink ends up in liquidation bankruptcy.

  • People READ THIS, I am compiling as much information as possible on problems against "Suddenstinks". I strongly recomend RECORDING all calls with suddenstinks, (MAKE SURE YOU INFORM THE PERSON YOU ARE RECORDING THAT YOU ARE DOING SO! I have recordings statments , bills, Payment proof and more going back years. One of The ways to get their attention is to go federal.Thats the one thing that gets things done. Get together and contact me @ C. Smedley C/O 185 N. Eucalyptus # 21 Rialto Ca.92376. Please allow some time for me to respond to any mail .

  • I've been a Suddenlink customer ever since they took over Cox Communications in my part of TX and what really irks me is if I lived just 22 miles further east I would not have to tolerate Suddenlink as my IPS provider. I have had so many billing issues with this company that I did away with my phone service, did away with my cable TV and now I'm about ready to end the internet service as well. It sucks because that means NO internet for me because the only other provider is much worse than them.

    Suddenlink constantly lies, the service department and the billing department. Their favorite answer is; "We're sorry but you were misinformed and that person should never have told you that" and then nothing is done, you're stuck with the issue. Suddenlink cares nothing about customer service and as many have already stated, there should be a major lawsuit brought against this company by their customers and watch the changes then!!!

  • Suddenlink Communications Company is a multi-million dollar company with 2cents service. Beside being pencil whipped with their billing and charges, this is the first time I have had to communicate with them and it has cause me nothing but stress. They need to train their workers to be more courtesy and caring. It is all about the dollar. Since those new boxes came out, I continue to get a sizzling sound and I worked with the people on the telephone to help me with the problem. She tried for about 30 minutes and could not get the problem solved. She politely said I will send someone out. I said okay. Someone came out and stayed five minutes and could no get it done. I called back and she sent someone out again and he just looked at the TV and said nothing he could do about it. Literaly stayed 2 minutes. I received my bill and 100.00 was charged. I must have passed out because I thought it was a joke. My mother is on a fixed income and cannot afford this. I have been talking to nine people, 4 supervisors and has been getting the run around. One supervisor said he would refund the 100.00. I said cool. Next bill, it is still there with a late fee. I asked them to listen to the recording to hear the supervisor will refund that. I thought their word was their bond but they lie. I too am waiting on the call back. It is going on two months now. They kept telling me that it is their policy not to refund charges. I told them that they can forgo a policy sometime when it comes to helping loyal customers out. Apparently we as customers don't mean dilly squat to them. I tried to tell one of the supervisor that if it wasn't for us, then they wouldn't have a job. He told me to have a good day. Something need to be done about their price gouging.

  • 12/15/16: Online Suddenlink account shows balance as $0 on 12/8. Look again on 12/9, balance says $83.xx and it was due Nov 29th (note, I paid my Nov bill on 11/11 of $60 and balance said $0 after payment and remained at $0 till 12/9). Called them 12/9 to see why my online statement for Nov said $60 but my Nov paper statement said $28.50 and why I suddenly had a past due amount. They said online was wrong and I had nothing due until the Dec statement come out. Go to see if Dec statement was up today. Say I now owe over $100 AND $28.50 is now past due. Um. No. #SuddenlinkCommunications , get yourselves together! This is NOT ok! Suddenlink Communications
    Update: I've now spoke to 4 agents today. One guy completely lied to me and said he couldn't find out what agent I spoke to on 12/9 (funny, because the 4th agent I spoke to got me both the agents name and asked the agent to contact me) and also found about every way to say I was lying without outright saying it. Going on 2 hours waiting to hear from a supervisor.
    Update 12/16/16 at 5:28pm: Almost 29 hours since I first called. Still no call from a supervisor. Talked to another rep today who admitted that many have had issues with the online bill not matching actual statements and found it ridiculous that rep #3 that I spoke to yesterday told me that I was the only one that had this issue. Discovered that I'm being charged a $5 late fee on top of everything. Thankful for the understanding of the rep today. Now if a supervisor would call me back so maybe we can get this righted.
    Update 12/17/16 at 2:22pm: Still no call from a supervisor. Therefore, still no resolve.

    • same here they took me for 500.00 because of direct dep, i even got print out from bank, no results, please gather class action suite, i will join please,i am 72 and live on ss, i need my money, thanks

  • This is scary. These people are the scum of the earth. One of the most unethical companies I have ever dealt with and you are correct, they don't care. If this is the pervasive attitude of Senior Management, they will be sold within three years at a smaller multiple because they will have lost a lot of business.

  • Reporting your West Virginia company (again) to the FCC for charges for services I did not received BECAUSE I MOVED!!!!!! There is nowhere to contact anyone with brains to resolve this issue. Now after moving six weeks ago to another state I get a bill for $298.64 which includes a past due amount for October I assume and service dates 11/10 – 12/09. All equipment returned to Suddenlink on October 21, 2016. Where is pro-rated bill???? Please get some people with brains to work for your company and yes I am totally pissed off.

  • Anyone who is thinking about getting suddenlink I urge you to think about another provider, this company will leave you without service for almost a week and not give a damn and when you mention that you are thinking about switching again they could not care less and offer to send the call to cancellations so keep this in mind before you use this company

  • Sent a letter to the address listed above and it boomeranged back. The envelope had Vacant UTF written on it. Phone Number is bogus also.

    No problems with billing like many commenters but service was sporatic and often dropped out. After a year, went to another provider. Wrote comments in BBBC website and got a response they would like to help. They already had said that repeatedly with no results over a year and I had already dropped their service so what would be different? Said Good Bye.
    Some people did get billing issues resolved. Read the BBB website for Suddenlink in your state.

    No Corporate Address there either.

    • Suddenlink Communications main number is 314-315-9400 NOT 314-315-9500 There address is 520 Maryville Centre Dr. St. Louis, MO 63141

  • We have the same problem with the phone & sometimes internet & cable as well but most especially the phone. Recently, we don't have a phone because they have disconnected it & have talked to their supervisor,customer service many times & just all BS & not calling us back to resolve the problem! When they send a technician,they don't have any idea about fixing too. In the past,they have like 3 good ones (whites) but maybe not happy with the company & went somewhere! Now, seems they have lots of turn over,hiring hispanics & aren't really good & don't know what they are doing#$@!!

  • i think everyone needs to get together and get an attorney with this bs
    in the old days when companys got bigger than there pants size people faoght them and one i say we do this

    • I am looking for people who would care to join me in putting together as many people and their incidents as possable . Tell others to start recording their calls with Suddestinks, ( inform the person you are recording them on the recording). I would like to hear from as many as possible. Lets do this. Strenth in numbers. C Smedley.CO 185 N eucalypyus. # 21 Rialto Ca 92376

  • As a long time customer of Suddenlink for not only my personal account but also my business account I can say I have never received this poor of service!!! As a local business owner I count on my service (internet & phones) to work properly. For the last two days our phones have been down and all Suddenlink can tell me is that it was a known issue yesterday and that everything should be working today. When I notified them our system is still down today all they could say is we will look into it. Everytime I call to get a status update I sit on hold for anywhere from 35 min to 45 min. Not sure if Sales is Suddenlinks number 1 priority but it seems to me keeping your current customers happy with there service working properly would be your number 1 goal…..

  • I've been going to Garage/Yard sales and Thrift Stores lately, finding Suddenlink Equipment (DVR, Modem & Set-Top Box) for sale. One time before I had purchased a DVR from a thrift store and tried to use it (unaware that it was the property of Suddenlink) the equipment worked for a brief peirid then stopped working. I called Suddenlink as to why it was disabled and found that it was Suddenlink's Equipment. They informed me that the equipment was missing and being charged to another customer for failure to return the equipment. I inquired about the reimbursement of my purchase expense (I had a receipt) and they denied any reimbursement for the equipment to be returned. I've been seeing many of Suddenlink's equipment at local garage/yard sales and thrift store, I feel reluctant to purchase this equipment to return to Suddenlink, because they will not reward you for your deed of recovering their equipment. I'm recently in contact with the Suddenlink Legal Department in discussion of this event. Where does it pay to do the right thing if they will not at least reimburse your expense to recover lost equipment? Regardless of your fuel expense and personal time invested. Phone Number is (314)315-9400.

    • Just FYI, if you do purchase any Suddenlink equipment, be aware that all their equipment is traceable due to the digital addressing signature of the equipment, so if you try to use it illegally, they will know you have their equipment. It makes you wonder why the people (original holders of rental agreement) don't return the equipment and save their credit from being ruined?

    • ive got a problem like that but i can prove the call center in texes is bogus and they dont know how to use computers and i can almost prove imbezalment im in the middle of the bbb and wrting a letter to the attorny general

  • I contact the local office today to find out the telephone number for the HR department just to ask questions referencing their employment and thecompany itself. I was given another number to the corporate office where the person that answered the phone was just a receptionist. I asked her for the HR number and she stated that she could not give me that information as if I was calling to report something on her and don't even know her. I just wanted to get more information about the company. WOW, now do I really want to work for this company…Makes me wonder…..

  • I don't see how Suddenlink is getting away with the way they treat their customer base . Their selling and billing practices are highly suspicious and very soon people will join for a class action lawsuits . Every single mistake made on your bill is conveniently in their favor . They totally disregard their customer complaints without any resolution or satisfaction . The supervisors are arrogant and make the issue even worse . They will Bait you in with false 65 dollar advertisement only to harrass you within a month to tell you that your bill was due two weeks ago for the amount of 128 Dollars . I never seen any company have to run so many ads for services while all along all they have to do is to treat their current customer with integrity and Value their business.

    • Where do I sign up for the lawsuit? I moved my service to another location and was charged at the old location for 7 more days. They told me I had service and I did not. I turned the equipment in the day after my service was disconnected. They also conveniently increased the cost of my service with the service at the new location with no advance notice. But according to the 'customer service' woman I spoke to she said I was notified in the same billing period that the increase came in. What kind of 'advance' notice is that!? They need to be reported to the FCC


  • Suddenlinks Corporate office phone number that is on a bunch of websites as 1-314-315-9500 is wrong. It is misinformation put out there by suddenlink so no one can call the corporate office lol. The real corporate office phone number is 1-314-315-9400. Everybody should make a note of this phone number for future issues and problems.

    • I can't get anyone to even answer the 314-315-9400 number. That is the number registered with the FCC too. I called it three times on Friday and each time let it ring until the phone company timed the calls out. Locally Suddenlink call center agents won't even let you speak with a manager, on orders from management in Parkersburg, WV

    • They are hopelessly deceptive and unwilling to respond to calls, chat or emails. I filed a formal complaint with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau. Their services are HORRIBLE.

    • I have never been so disrespected by a company. I contacted suddenlink to disconnect our service as we are moving to an area that is not serviced by suddenlink. The girl who took my phone call, Bailey- stated she would be unable to cancel our services due to some code I don't know. I offered ss#'s, DL #'s any other verification. Bailey stated she would not disconnect without the code. the code I have is apparently not the code they have. When I asked to speak with supervisor she refused. When I pushed the issue, she stated her supervisor Rodney refused to speak with me. The service with Suddenlink has been atrocious since we started the services a few years ago, multiple and daily outages and their equipment resets itself hourly, but as the options are few in our small town, you are stuck. At this point I have not been able to disconnect my service. I am flabbergasted at the verbal abuse and complete disdain the company has for its customers. Rodney the supervisor refused to speak with me. Who does that to their customers. I am disgusted and frankly upset. So I guess they just get to keep billing me forever?????

    • This is 2020 and Suddenlink should be banned from doing business by the FTC and Department of Justice. THEY STILL SUCK!!!!! HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING HOW BADLY YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS??

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