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Swiss Chalet Head Office 

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Swiss Chalet, a well-known casual dining restaurant chain in Canada, is celebrated for its signature rotisserie chicken and warm, welcoming atmosphere. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of Swiss Chalet’s head office, including contact details, the scope of their services, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. It also encourages readers to share their experiences and feedback on Swiss Chalet’s offerings.

How To Contact Swiss Chalet Head Office Headquarters HQ

Swiss Chalet Headquarters: An Overview

Swiss Chalet Head Office

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Swiss Chalet’s Role in the Casual Dining Industry

Swiss Chalet is renowned in Canada for its casual dining experience, specializing in rotisserie chicken and ribs. With a focus on quality food and service, Swiss Chalet has become a favorite destination for families and diners seeking a cozy and relaxed meal.

The Competitive Landscape of Casual Dining and Swiss Chalet’s Position

In the competitive casual dining market, Swiss Chalet holds a unique position with its distinctive menu offerings. It competes with other casual dining chains and local restaurants. Swiss Chalet sets itself apart with its commitment to quality ingredients, classic recipes, and a family-friendly environment. Swiss Chalet competes with Boston Market, Tim Horton’s, Chic-Fil-a, Burger King and Panera Bread.

Swiss Chalet’s Dedication to Quality and Customer Experience

Swiss Chalet prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring high standards of food quality and service. Their focus on creating memorable dining experiences is evident in their menu, restaurant ambiance, and customer service approach.

Swiss Chalet as a Part of Recipe Unlimited Corporation

As a subsidiary of Recipe Unlimited Corporation, one of Canada’s largest full-service restaurant companies, Swiss Chalet benefits from extensive industry experience and resources, which support its operations and growth in the competitive food service market.

Other Notable Casual Dining Chains in Canada

Beyond Swiss Chalet, the Canadian casual dining landscape features a variety of chains, each offering unique culinary experiences. These include brands like Boston Pizza, Franz Bakery, East Side Mario’s, and The Keg, contributing to the diverse dining choices available to Canadian patrons.

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Sharing Your Experience with Swiss Chalet Services, Complaints, Reviews, Feedback, and Comments

We welcome your insights and experiences with Swiss Chalet’s services, food quality, and overall dining experience. Your feedback helps others gain a better understanding of the company’s offerings and commitment to customer satisfaction. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and reviews section below.

Swiss Chalet Home Office - Order not correct, Cold Food

October 17, 2023

Got the Beef on a Bun tonight at Swiss Chalet in Huntsville Ontario. Asked for gravy, got no gravy. The only thing hot in the whole meal was the “Chalet Sauce” that I did not ask for. The dip for the sandwich just came out of the fridge and was cold. The whole meal went to the dogs. It was terrible.

Pauline Peever

Swiss Chalet Home Office - Food Disappointment

October 9, 2023

I ordered a quarter chicken white with an extra large sauce and extra fry. I waited at the window for 20 min. They opened the window and asked me what I ordered. I told them and waited another 10 min. I arrived at the Holiday Inn located right beside the Swiss Chalet and opened my bag to eat. The food was cold. The fries were soggy and not cooked, and the dipping sauce was Luke warm. Very disappointed. I just arrived back from Vacation hoping I could have a hot Thanksgiving meal. I always loved SWISS CHALET and live in Brantford. It’s always hot and fresh. I paid $26.53 and never ate anything. I would like to be compensated for this.

Jennifer Cassidy

Swiss Chalet Phone Number

December 13, 2022

Try this phone number: 1-905-760-2244 or 1-844-332-1022

Eric Strand

Swiss Chalet Customer Service

December 13, 2022

I am only writing since I have not received the courtesy of a message or telephone

call since my experience on June 18/23.

It was not busy with customers that evening but we didn’t get waited on for almost

one hour. When our waiter finally waited on us, he informed us that they had run

out of chicken as well as barbecued ribs.

When we asked what was going on, he went to check on our order, we were

Informed that our order was put aside, for some reason. Shortly thereafter, we

received our order which was not hot

After that experience, we asked to speak to the manager. After quite a bit of time,

someone came but he was just a ‘line manager’, who could do nothing for us.

We promised to have the manager call…still no call.

I tried to complete the Guest survey but it did not get forwarded. I then tried

to speak to Customer Service. The lady promised to contact the Sarnia restaurant

for me…still no call.

I decided to try the Contact Us number 416-940-5611, this I tried many times but

always get a Busy signal.


Swiss Chalet Customer Service

December 13, 2022

It’s been over 6 weeks now, still no resolution made ?? have called Customer Service a few times and was told waiting for resto response . posted a review online a month ago told to email a link online still nothing?? should not take this long at all hoping someone here can help me ? this happen April 6th!

read my review


5 reviews

a month ago

Take out | Lunch | $20–30

Picked up late lunch after being out all afternoon. Got the quarter chicken and baked potato meal with perogies. arrived home only 10 mins away and had to reheat everything but app. also no sour cream or butter for my potato. Not sure if it’s the new paper boxes but maybe they need to keep meals under heat lamps till ppl arrive?? called couple days later looking for a discount or free dessert as I was busy over Easter weekend. Manager was very rude- needs CS Training or maybe upset she was working Easter Sunday?? asked for a receipt like she was doubting me? but I didn’t take one that day . have it on my card tho if they need to investigate wow ! saying I should of called on the day ? I had a busy day out 4 hrs and lots on my mind when I got home too that day . said she couldn’t do anything? I called head office who was to call me back within 3 days… still nothing 😂 sadly prices have gone up but meals and service have gone down !

Jen Sousa
Corporate Office Headquarters