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  • TD Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters

TD Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact TD Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Two Portland Square or P.O. Box 9540
Portland, Maine 04112-9540
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-462-3666
TD Bank, N.A. New Jersey Office

1701 Route 70 East
Cherry Hill,
New Jersey 08034
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-751-9000
Corporate Head Office in Canada

TD Tower, 15th Floor 66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5K 1A2 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-416-308-9030
Fax Number: 1-416-982-6335


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  1. Attention Everybody, please inform your friends:
    Below I document a scam I just been victim of, a scammer hacked my PayPal account and within seconds made 6 charges, I had my PayPal coming out of my bank account and he emptied it in seconds. PayPal says the charges are valid and the bank does not answer. Lucky I did not have much money in the account but I am facing over $300.00 in "Overdraft fees".
    Please advice everybody to have PayPal money come out of a Credit Card NOT your Bank, You can dispute the Credit card and get your money back. that way PayPal gets screwed not you.

    Update on the SCAM, I had my account with TD Bank and even though they have the fiduciary obligation to protect my money they watched as the scammers emptied the bank account without telling me what was going on, and when the account was empty they charged me with $105.00 in "Overdraft Fees" and $70.00 in "Returned item fee" (NSF) then without notifying me they send $287.83 for collection to a Debt collection agency in Minneapolis, MN. Visiting the Bank was a waste of time, only one desk was occupied and the banker claimed to be the manager, (Doubt it as his desk was not at the end) refused to do anything, saying something like I needed to talk to "Recovery". Called Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-462-3666 talked to "Customer service" was told to talk to "Recovery" asked to be transfer to "Recovery" and they hung up.

  2. We had 12 accounts with Td. They put all our accounts on hold because of an ongoing issue with our credit card and them thinking the same charges that occurred for over a year were fraud. Time and time again we tell them they are not. Than they put holds on all of our accounts. My employees were almost without a paycheck because of Td even though there is plenty of money in the accounts. Thank you Bank of America for stepping up and handling that situation for us so quickly. $10,000 in checks out with plenty of money in our account and they return all of them as NSF checks. How unfair is it for a company owner to deal with this because a bank who doesn't care about their clients. It was excuse after excuse and no actual answers to remedy the situation that should have never occurred. This is the worst bank ever. I will not recommend this to anyone for business or a personal account. They can't seem to be on the same page with answers and have invalid excuses time and time again. Please read this post before doing business with a company like this. My employees matter to me and NOT to TD in anyway. This started at Td in Mauldin SC but extended all the way up to the highest contacts we could speak with. Across the board these people are awful. Rebecca Swanland branch manager in Mauldin is a liar as well as her boss Jay. Her poor employee Hunter was trying his best to remedy the situation because Rebecca wouldn't even try to step in because she is a poor excuse of a manager. Her boss Jay lied many times and both him and Rebecca couldn't even be on the same page with their lies. Just tried blaming everyone even each other . Brittany the assistant at Mauldin told Jay she was handling the situation but never once stepped in to do anything . Even a week prior to our situation Brittany complained about how Td has shut off her accounts and cards and did wrong to her as well. Janet a teller in Mauldin was highly upset that Hunter was trying to help us because she refused to stay at work until 6pm doing bookbags (whatever that means)and she felt as though he should be helping her instead of us. And to voice her opinion so loudly in front of us was rude and uncalled for. Thank you TD for opening our eyes to the worse banking experience ever. We will take our business elsewhere. Thank you

  3. Just like everyone else on this posting page, I have nothing good to say about TD Bank. I put in a request to be removed from an escrow account (attached to my mortgage loan) that has been ripping me off for the past eight years. Now that I am on to this Ponzi scheme, TD bank is taking their time closing the account. I called mortgage solutions customer service to get an update on my request. Why did I do that! I spoke to an account representative named Brenda who doesn't know her A–, from a hole in the ground, but she repeatedly tried to give me false advice on how escrow works. I was so annoyed with her that I asked to speak with the supervisor of that group. Her name was Jennifer. She was apologetic but another person that knew nothing. I'm just wondering why either of these people are employed with this outfit, because the jobs that they are trying to perform are way over their heads. No wonder this bank gets such bad reviews. Can't wait until I pay this mortgage off. They don't have to worry about me dealing with them ever again!

  4. My husband an I are customers in good standing, we save up our change throughout the year and to hand it to our grandkids when the bank did away with the "Penny Arcade", we were given coin wrappers to bring our coins in to the bank . My husband did that today and guess what??? they actually charged us.. Are you kidding me??? I am steaming mad. Were doing all the work and they charge us??? I'm really considering pulling my accounts and leaving . The nerve they have nickel ad dimng their customers. I am livid.I am now going to email the corporate offices and see what their response is.

    1. TD is the WORST BANK. I never opened a credit card there and BAM, i have one. Then I worked it out with them and NOW in hell with them…. right now 3 hours just on hold. They have pulled my credit twice, UNAUTHORIZED. TD bank blames TD CC? They are a run around bank. I am pulling my accounts. I have probably talked to 25 people in 6 months and no one knows what they are doing. TD BANK YOU ARE NOT THE MOST CONVENIENT BANK but feel free to take the title as the worsts.

  5. TD Bank is no longer the best bank to have an account in, they have taken away pass books, stopped taking change and they wouldn't cash my cashers check

  6. I should have done my due diligence and read these comments before engaging TD Bank for a homeowners loan. The loan officer who should be fired. I do not say this lightly, but her customer service was non-existent, unprofessional, and quite frankly appalling! Requesting documents which were already submitted only to realize that she did not check fax. No communication, days to return emails and messages, just to mention a few. Do your self a favor and use this bank as a very last resort.

  7. I took out a personal loan about a year and a half ago , which I have been paying monthly now . I applied for a new personal loan for the same amount to pay off the old loan and put the balance into my account . The person I spoke to on the phone spoke broken English and I could barley make out his questions . I must have said excuse me or what did you say 20 times . I was told someone would contact me within 2 days . Two days went by and nothing so I called back . I was informed that it was not approved . I explained the situation to find out the loan wasn't filed right , again I was told someone would call me the next day . No phone call again . Again I called and a third time it was resubmitted , and that someone would call me ,. Yep no phone call . I was told that my in coming money and my output money did not meet the companies criteria . Funny how a person paying off the same loan for a year and a half with the same income all of a sudden doesn't meet the companies criteria , especially when the new loan would only be four dollars more a month and I have a credit score of 793 . On top of the unprofessional courtesy of no phone call three times . Perhaps it's time for me to move on to another establishment who care about their customers . Perhaps I should inform my family and friends and everyone else I can reach out too , to do the same , may of them owning business and doing business with TD .

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