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  • Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Hello, on Saturday, May 14th we visited the Foxboro, MA location. Place was NOT full, yet we had to sit and wait for a table. we order our food, food arrives. NO PLATES!!! Finally my husband was fed up with the waiting game he proceeds to use his napkin as a plate….ugh!!! She finally makes it back to our table and has to go off again to get plates. ok good we finally get to eat …. O M G here comes the worst part. Nachos were horrible, pulled pork was dry, it looked old and it was tasteless. push that to the side, 13 bucks wasted! so we try the boneless wings.. O M G .. they tasted like Tyson frozen boneless wings! Are you freaking kidding me!?!? 10 bucks also wasted! Try the fries… OVERLOAD ON SALT!!! needless to say, horrible experience, will NEVER nor recommend anyone to eat there! I WANT A FULL REFUND. I am not one to complaign, however, food and service WAS horrible!!!! I regret not going somewhere else to feed my family.

  2. Love the OKC Toby's BUT do not like that as a senior citizen I am charged $2.00 more to eat off the kids menu and you don't get more food for it either! I don't always want to eat a big meal and besides, my bill that I pick up for my family to eat there is always $200 plus. Wish they would do away with that adult charge on the menu!!!

  3. Pretty sad when workers get shut out when a location closes and even after several attempts to contact accounting and payroll no calls nor emails have been returned as to when the workers will revive there paychecks. Hard worked hours to keep the business fair and outstanding customer service and still can't even get an answer from anyone about when we will receive our pay. Glad there are laws in affect for such things

  4. The Location In St Louis Park MN was a lot of fun and now they are closed too. What is going on. We had plans to go there next month for a 21st birthday. what a shame..

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