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Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tractor Supply Company
200 Powell Place
Brentwood, TN 37027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-366-4600
Fax Number: 1-615-366-4686
Customer Service Number: 1-877-872-7721
TractorSupply.com Online Store: 1-877-718-6750
Consumer Credit Cards: 1-800-263-0691
Business Credit Cards: 1-800-559-8232

  • As a viet nam veteran and prowd American I cannot believe how a company can treat its employees the way it does. The Ardmore OK. store was in process of changing Managers. The old manager(Rick Stone) was transferring to another store and a new manager(Scott) was taking over along with his newly hired asst. mgr. I was literally driven to being a complete cripple in less than three months with NO OFFERS to ever see a Dr. about my physical complaints. All of this right in front of the District Manager (David, I think). I have no reason to lie to anyone as all of my private Dr. records are available upon request as well as current and previous MRI's. My Dr. is extremely concerned about my ever failing health and my wifes insurance is having to totally foot the bills from what should be a Tractor Supply related issue. Is this a far reaching problem with TSC and its employees that may require public scrutiny or merely the actions of an overzealous store manager trampling of an employees rights?
    I haven't really expected much from the previous emails. Nor do I really expect much on the corporate level either. Maybe a human interest story on the nightly news might be next.

    • I was treated the same way, was hired with a permanent partial disability then threatened with termination every time I told them I was not supposed to do something. When I had a 40# box of bolts knocked over onto my head and injured my neck, I begged for 3 days before they would send me to the doctor. Then they refused to pay the bills. Get a workman's comp lawyer and fast. Post his contact and I will back you up.

  • I do like having TRS next to my home but the constant over use of an outdoor pa system is getting out of hand. I have tried to voice my opinion on this but I guess they can't hear me since the pa is so loud. The Blairstown N.J. store is located adj. to a residential area which is also located in a small valley this cause the pa system to increase in volume. Some one should let them know there is a great invention known as a radio. Oh well I guess I no longer have to buy bird seed from them since I can't hear the birds anyway.

  • Went to Tractor Supply in Burlington, NC. The worst customer service ever! This store had no feed for chickens, no Equimax horse wormer that has BEEN on sale. They have been ot of it for 1 month!! Cashier was extremely rude when a customer spilled their coffee. She said, "I don't do spills". She would not even help the customer. Will never do business there again!

  • Filed a complaint with the New Jersey BBB yesterday against there Washington NJ store, have not heard a thing from them. There customer service really stinks. The manager in the store pretty much told me to bend over and hold my ankles. Hope they close up real soon.

  • TCS…if anyone knows anything about anything…..WORST STORE EVER….worked there for 6weeks then thy decided too fire me for my back round…(not a single felony or anything to even fire me…just didn't like my past….SIX WEEEKS later?!?!?!?!)…way too go….GO out of business!!!!!!!!!

  • I use the store in Inver Grove Heights Mn. for years. I did retail for 25 years. I have not one complaint. Love to shop there.

  • I went to the NEW LOCAL DEFUNIAK SPRINGS FL store fully intending on purchasing a rototiller that was advertised in the TSC circular. In front of the main doors were racks of dead garden plants. Once inside, I asked the clerk if the plants were for sale or if they were giving them away & I mentioned that water might revive them…her reply, "Yeah, they're for sale & I'll water them when I get around to it." When I asked the same clerk for info on the rotillers on sale, she told me to get a circular & see if the display models were the ones on sale. RUDE..RUDE..RUDE…The floors & ladies bathroom were filthy…No clerks available to inquire prices of dog food…shelves were not clearly marked with prices. Needless to say, I will not be going back to the DFS FL TSC ever again…It seems to me a serious change in MANAGER & CLERKS is severely needed…WHAT A SHAME & THIS IS A BRAND NEW TSC STORE!!! I will go back to the Crestview Fl store where I am treated with respect -OR- maybe I'll just go to LOWES, ACE or ANYWHERE BUT THE DFS FL LOCATION!!! SHAME, SHAME ON YOU….

  • When a farm supply store cannot keep feed for farm animals there is a problem. Some animals cannot have the feed changed overnight. There has been numerous times and products I have needed from this company and the supply is always out. Always.. I don't get it. I had to go 35 miles today to get feed because my store was out of their own line of feed. I can go to the horse speciality store and some things are cheaper.Unbelieveable….. Who do you think lives in rural America!!! FARMERS with herds!!! I am done with TSC! DALLAS,GA.

  • We recently moved up to Michigan and was in need of several items for te winter, one of them being a log splitter. Well after 7 trips back and forth to a TSC which is 100 miles round trip with a non-working splitter and the cost of gas and a $60 bill for a oil change for the splitter, I was told by a District Manager that it was "the cost of doing business" Well I need several more things for winter but I will not be doing my business with TSC I will bring my business to where they treat the customer with more respect like Farm and Family..

  • I have a friend that works in new milford ct and has been treated like crap from her manager. she called hr and was told they can’t retaliate against her and guess what, she lied. tractor supply should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen to employees. I have been in the corporate world for many years and know how the system works and will be watching on how this plays out. if need be we will seek the advice from my attorney on this matter. hope this gets to someone that can take care of unfair employee relations, lack of training, managers falsifying payroll and changing dates on them to name a few.

    • went through the same process and had the store manager lie to my face ,how do you work for someone like that when your always looking over your shoulder

    • My son who is a senior in high school is currently going through the same thing. Every time he makes a mistake one manager in particular threatens him with his job. I am going to talk to the head manager and if I don't get action I will contact legal counsel.

    • Every employee has gone through the same thing since the Columbia, MO store opened about 4 years ago. This is terrible and I may find myself shopping for their competitor now.

    • My daughter is currently going thru the same situation at the Tractor Supply located in New Windsor NY. It was so bad that she finally was fed up and quit. The Ass't Manager, Liz G. and Store Manager John Garland should both be fired !! They both have personal problems at home and take this to work with them. Then they continually demean there employees and treat them as if they were two years old in front of customers. I can go on and on with the ridiculous manner things are done. I just hope that these two employees get reprimanded or demoted or both ASAP.

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