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  • Tween Brands Corporate Office Headquarters

Tween Brands Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Tween Brands Corporate Office Headquarters

Ascena Retail Group Inc.
8323 Walton Pkwy.
New Albany, OH 43054-9522 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-775-3500
Fax Number: 1-614-775-3938
Email: info@tweenbrands.com

  • WORST CONPANY TO EVER WORK FOR! In store 965 at prime outlets on international drive The managers don't deserve to be managers at all. When I began working there I was guaranteed 15 to 25 hours per week (THAT WAS A LIE) it's more like 6 hours. Then the few hours you do give they choose to cut! Two weeks ago I was suppose to close on Sunday but one of the leads (Clarissa) called and told me that they had to cut my shift because they were under hours. Come to find out that right after she got off the phone with me she called another associate and asked if she wanted to close instead…..if that's not favoritism then I don't know what is. They are constantly complaining about not having hours to give but they continue to hire more people To the point where the head manager confessed to wanting to make people quit so there can be more hours to give. I've never met a group of managers so unprofessional. They are constantly talking about each other and associates on the sales floor to the point where the customers over hears. when the customers says that they're going to call corporate on them, All the leads run to the computer to write an email to the district manager first so it doesn't look like they're in fault. Then once the customer write a complaint online it magically disappears. They want respect but don't even give their own employees respect back. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone. It's not worth anyone's time or energy.

  • Never ever work for this company their management is terrible and totally unprofessional.My very first day at store 965 Prime Outlets in Orlando two managers were already gossiping about how they disliked me and thought I wouldn't last…. on my first day (ZaTianna and Sabrina)I decided not to confront them about it since I had just started and brushed it off if that wasn't a red flag enough the Managers All talk behind each other's back i know all their personal business for example one LEAD Sabrina talks about another Lead Clarissa ALL DAY LIKE SHE HAS NO LIFE (I will spare you the details) She is 45 minutes late all the time her excuse is looking for parking …. go outside and the parking lot is empty.Plus she takes an hour break in stead of a 30 minute break.The Lead Clarissa is always on her phone and can't go 15 minutes into a shift before going to eat. Many times before customers have complained saying that the store doesn't have enough people to help which is causing them to lose customers meaning loss in revenue I belive there would be more if the managers didn't stand in the front or back and talk.This is not even a job doesn't matter about your work ethic or availability they schedule who they choose favoritism if you choose to work here prepare yourself for three hour shifts while others continue to get long shifts they call out for. This store is corrupted with a staff that is just unqualified to do their jobs and will never prosper people quit every day and they wonder why.

  • When are you going to have more magnetic trio locker boards??? I really need them for Christmas Gifts for my daughter and her friends. Looking for letters S N and Z please help!!!!!

  • Can you believe that the manager of Justice at Tanger in Jeffersonville,ohio refuses to pick-up the store mail? I was in the area on leave from the Army purchased some clothes for my nieces sent them through the mail to just correct sizes returned to me no mail receptacle,thought maybe had done something wrong on the address contacted the Jeffersonville post office.They explained that they had contacted the store manager about the mail piling up 5 times that she never picked it up and the box was closed because of unclaimed mail.So being in the serviceI am out the cost of the postage and the clothes because of a lazy ass manager.Cannot believe she won't pick up the mail,nice buisness you have

  • I did not remember my password. So I clicked ''forgot your password'' and I was sent a temporary one. I went to the link provided. Are you ready?…….in order to get a new password….I had to put in the old one!! IF I knew the old one, I
    would not be trying to set a new one. I have talked to Customer Service
    twice now. She said that that is the way it is….???????????????
    She then suggested that I had to open a new account and start over….duh…I had already done that…but it cannot be done because their system recognizes my email and won't open a new one and I only have one email.
    I can no longer be a customer because I order the half sizes or plus sizes which one can only do online. This is just unbelievable. She said that this issue has happened before and the complaints were sent to their Client
    Services……so I guess they are just collecting them in a little box somewhere.

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