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Twitter Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Twitter Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Twitter was started in San Francisco, California and they are still headquartered there. Twitter’s corporate office address is below:

Twitter Corporate Address:

1355 Market Street Suite 900

San Francisco, California 94103 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-924-2008

Fax Number: n/a

Email: support@twitter.com

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to express themselves in 140 characters per post. The site allows you to follow interesting people and allows other follow your posts.

  • You incredibly stupid people.

    Do you not realize that blocking them and allowing only what you deem acceptable will certainly guarantee that which you claim to want to prevent?

    There is no evidence that words caused the attack, but there is mountains of evidence of instigation by trouble makers and that your actions will cause many to want to use what they have to resist your intolerance and dictatorial control.

    I only hope you recognize your foolishness in time.

    George Weible

  • Hi, I have a TWITTER account with you Pete Broderick @1Encoder. Twitter seems to have been infected by a TROJAN, probably on 7/29/15, spread maliciously , and expanded on Halloween, and is almost behaving like a double dip recession, later today, to coincide with BBC's Children in Need.
    Things that need to be protected urgently are the EE, the EMP, the CENTRAL PROCESSOR, and MAINFRAME.
    Twitter, need to automatically Follow users, as this is a LOGOS:/ connection, as it stems from logging on, to data being logged on the trend, and the users history. the LOGOS:/ is also employed to link advertising thumbnails, to their respective sites.
    Twitter can then employ both the TRASH method, & SHRED, material, based on a priority basis, such as offensive material, & what users would want BLOCKED.
    The nature of the SCROLLS of both Twitter & Facebook, indicates storage problems, for both HUBS. It is making access to the RAM:/ cluttered, and bottle-necked, to the point of Gridlock.
    For the GRIDLOCK, open the PORT, using the PORTKEY codes, and you might even have to create an extra DRIVE, to contain viruses, before regularly destroying them
    The EMP, probably needs being recharged, or even replaced @ worse. CRACKERS are needed to FILTER TWEETS to the RAM:/ more effectively, as they are likely to be RETWEETED, and this is causing the VIRUS to circulate.
    TRACEKILLS also need to be employed, and in this case, similar as to what would occur on a PC, much of the maintenance has to be performed manually, as the Automated system has attended to what it can. It is like the VIRUS, is working with PRIME NUMBERS, and Algorithm's, that are above TWITTER's capacity, similar to how a calculator displays "E" @ 9 Figures.
    The Computer should be indicating which parts of the system is corrupted, most of which should be SHREDDED manually, in a parallel, to what MCAFEE would suggest, when encountering a TROJAN.
    Finally, TWITTER moving to Automated following for TWITTER to users account, the user has TWITTERS Details, handy, say like a TASKBAR, on the PROFILE page. Then, when users contact TWITTER, it is done through the MESSAGE system, like TWITTERS E-MAIL. Most importantly for TWITTER, is then these communications do not end up on the TREND, as they do with the TWIEET facility, as TWITTER are not FOLLOWING back. FOLLOWING back, would provide users with TWO, rather ONE channel, of communication, and you are relying on the ONE that could publicly embarrass your Company.
    I appreciate, that both Twitter & Facebook, as well as other Social MEDIA sites are helping develop, the TRANSLATION function, for the INTERNET, which of course goes along way to improve Communication, Globally. Which kind of takes us back to 9/11, and all the reasons, the DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, for the TRANSLATION became delayed. 9/11 was not only employed as a reference to the Emergency Services, but is a Biblical Reference to GENESIS Chapter 9, Verses 1-11, which relate to the TOWER of BABEL
    I enjoy using TWITTER, and it is a lot fun, even @ my age, which I wasn't expecting to be honest.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Service you provide to millions today & billions in the Future.
    When you find it appropriate could also pass on Seasons Greetings to all Crew, as the Holiday's are just around the Corner

  • I supplied a Cell Phone No. that was not mine but my sister's so I could get my account back on due to blocking from your security department. I am not sure why they did it but I have done nothing wrong. I want this number removed. Could you send me a message about how to do that because my sister is furious that these tweets are going to cost her money due to the fact it is in message form. Can you take care of that at the corporate office and get it removed.

    • Yes, You can Open the needed message(s) and Take Screen Shot, press simultaneously Ctrl+PrtSc functions on your key board, open a word file and then paste the Screen Shot and you can deliver it to court either a copy of your word file or print from the word file to any court or law enforcement office.

  • I really needed the address for a project. I hope this is the actual address because I looked for the Twitter HQ address at different websites, and they were all different. I trust that the real one is this one(well, Twitter CAN have lots of different HQs), so please don't let me down!(Don't worry, I know you won't!)

    • When we go to twitter we see this: Enter the confirmation code
      Enter the confirmation code sent to +*******1234 and follow the steps to complete the process.

      But, we are not receiving a text. We have tried eveything. Help center, emails and nothing is working.

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