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  • Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters

Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Walmart Corporate Office

Walmart Home Office Main Address:

702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 USA

Walmart Texas Corporate Office Texas Address

5300 Westport Parkway, Fort Worth, TX USA

Walmart Headquarters Phone Numbers and Contact Pages

Walmart Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278 or 1-479-273-4000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-479-277-1830
Email Help & Chat: info@wal-mart.com
Website: Walmart.com
Jobs: Online Job Listings
Corporate Stock Symbol: WMT

Walmart Company Profile and Bio:

Wal-Mart is famous for its large home and grocery stores worldwide. Walmart Corporation sells products through its website, Walmart.com.

Walmart’s main competitors are Target, Costco, Publix for Groceries, Best Buy for Electronics and Amazon.

  • Address: 1102 SE 5th St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA
  • Phone Number: 479-273-4000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 2.2 million
  • Established: June 13, 1945
  • Founder: Sam Walton
  • Key People: Doug McMillon, Greg Foran

Walmart offers online support, email support and phone support. Walmart’s customer support phone number is 1-800-925-6278. Their support hours are 24/7 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Walmart Corporate Office
Walmart Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

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  1. I cannot believe that Walmart is more concerned with a hackers rights than a customers rights!!! They refuse to cancel our hacked account or change the email address!! This makes absolutely no sense. We will definitely have to quit using them for anything other than in person charges. Now I am afraid to even put our email addresses in at the register for my receipt. Makes absolutely no sense!!!!

  2. On this nice cold and rainy day I went to pick up my Walmart purchase in Rhinelander WI, only to find out I had to park in the parking lot and the poor young man had to deliver my groceries in the rain. Why not have an area that is covered for the pickup areas that are in adverse weather? Shame on You Walmart. The young man was very nice and did not complain but I sure did for him. He even said Walmart gets us these rain jackets. Well, how nice of them. I sure hope you pay these people well. You have great staff and the young man was pleasant.

  3. AS much money walmart makes they could fix the phones. I have called two times and got who knows what country and told that they where going to get in touch with head quarters about the problem. What gives , I thought the customer mattered? I have a flip phone not a smart phone and I am handy caped so I can not go into the store. All so if I call into the store there are no managers there . This is at the WM in Warner Robins, Ga. on Watson Blvd.

  4. Angela Okamoto / Michelle Martin. purchase made the end of February 2023. Return pickup Match 3rd. says:

    Shoplet, a supplier to Wal.art mis labeled their flashlights as rechargeable, which they were not. I returned them, I have UPS proof with tracking number. They refuse to refund my money. SCAM FRAUD!!

  5. I sent this letter to Furner and McMillon. The have done nothing. They still haven't dropped the charges against my innocent wife. I have done a website on it. I am going to sue Walmart and the women who did this to her. I am also going to get Arkansas' illegal shoplifting law thrown out.

    January 29, 2023

    Mr. John Furner, CEO
    Walmart U.S.A
    702 SW 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

    Mr. Furner:

    On the afternoon of January 26, 2023, my wife, Joyce came back from doing some grocery shopping. When she came in, I immediately could see that something was very wrong. She was very distraught, visibly shaken and on the verge of tears. When I asked here what was wrong, she began to cry uncontrollably. She was unable to speak. When she was able to speak, she told me that Walmart had called the police and had her arrested for shoplifting. That is absurd! But, she had suffered the humiliation of being arrested fingerprinted. She had been treated like a common criminal by Walmart.

    My wife and I are both 81 years old. Neither of us have ever been arrested in our lives. Neither of us have so much as a parking ticket for the last forty years or more.

    The first thing I did was to go to the Malvern Police Department with her and speak with the arresting officer. He said he did not know why Walmart insisted that she be arrested. He had apologized to my wife at the time that he was forced to arrest her.

    When Joyce was able to talk and relate to me exactly what happened, I was shocked. Angry does not describe my feelings. I am livid! Walmart purposely set her up to be arrested and insisted on it being done. I am not a lawyer but I firmly believe that it was entrapment. I will engage a law firm to determine whether or not that is the case. Whether or not it is, when Walmart realized that she was not getting all of her purchased scanned at the self check out, rather than help her, they chose to set her up for the arrest, humiliate her and treat her as if she is a criminal.

    We do not steal! I lost an $82 per hour contract programming job through IBM be cause I refused to lie to the customers. I am an ordained deacon and served a deacon at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church in Little Rock. I was a computer programmer/systems analyst for fifty years.

    I am taking the time to familiarize you with our family so that you will understand how absurd the vicious action Walmart has taken against us is.

    I have been married to Joyce for sixty-three years. We have four daughters. One of the is a school teacher. One is a master seamstress in constant demand. Two of them are registered nurses; both holding very responsible positions. Prior to being a nurse, one of the was a photographer and was selected by Walmart to do portraits of Sam Walton.

    We have nine grand-children. Among them along with their spouses are two doctors, a registered nurse, a surgical technician, a counselor with children, a master chef, an expert coach and a priest. John, the priest and his wife was taken to Israel by Mike
    Huckabee. Doesn't exactly reflect coming from a family of thieves.

    I am including photos of Joyce and myself with dignitaries and others that reflect the life that we have led. Included is a photo of myself with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joyce and myself with United States Congressman Dan Boren, Joyce with Osage Nation Principal Chief John D. Redeagle, Me with Joe Garcia, President of the National Congress of American Indians and me with Chief Redeagle.

    Joyce served as president of the Ladies Auxiliary of American Legion Post 198 for five years during which time she was invited to speak at the meetings of the Rotary club and other organizations.

    Two weeks ago, while coming out of a store, Joyce found a ladies wallet lying beside our car. When she picked it up, we could easily see that it had credit cards and a lot of money in it. Joyce immediately took the wallet in the store, told the cashier about it and handed it to her to be returned to the owner.

    Joyce has had to make frequent trips to Walmart for a very good reason. I suspect that the frequency could have been part of the reason that Walmart security singled her out for a target. Thirteen years ago, I suffered a terrible case Shingles. Two doctors said it was the worst case they had ever seen. It left me with terrible nerve damage. To this day I can not wear a shirt without suffering excruciating pain. At home, I have to wear a shirt with the back cut out of it. For eight years I could do absolutely nothing but sit in a recliner with my left arm across my chest. During twelve of the last thirteen years, Joyce had to do everything by herself. I could not even answer the phone because all during that time, I was suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder too. I was told by a leading Neurologist my condition may never heal. He also said that the pain that I have is the worst pain that the human body can suffer. That is why I never accompany Joyce when she goes to the store. Between have to take care of me and everything regarding our household and our lives, it has been a terrible burden and she has suffered about as much as I have. Stress causes my problem to flare up causing terrible pain. The stress from what Walmart has done to us with this vicious arrest is bound to have its effect. It also could easily cause a Shingles reaction for Joyce for which Walmart would be responsible.

    In my condition, I can't go out with out suffering great pain. Therefore, it is almost like Joyce has been in jail for thirteen years. Her frequent trips to Walmart were about the only outlet she had here in Malvern. When she was arrested, she was told that she was permanently banned from all Walmart stores everywhere. They told her that if she came on any Walmart property, she would be arrested including Sam's or any other stores. As I am unable to do our shopping, this increased our cost of living severely. I Walmart denies that, they should be forced to stop using slogans like "live better for less".


    Paul M. Allen

  6. I was shopping at the Walmart store on Navarro St., in Victoria, Texas today. I was in the Garden department trying to check out with two large bags of potting soil and was also purchasing 3 large bags of mulch (which I needed to get from the parking lot). After waiting behind several other customers, it was finally my turn. The young man/checker placed the "lane closed" sign down and turned to walk away, along with another employee. I asked them if anyone was coming to check, and as they both just gave me a blank stare, turned and walked outside saying nothing. There was another shopper behind me with a basket loaded with heavy bags of fertilizer, etc. and we both couldn't believe they walked off without a replacement shopper. This is early April, the busiest time of the year for the garden department. We continued to wait, as I went to the outside doors and hollered at the security girl and the employees in the outside area. and they just shrugged or ignored me. At one point, one of them came inside and I asked if he was going to check. and he said he couldn't. I then asked if he could get someone. or a manager and he said nothing and walked away. This had now been going on for 15-20 minutes. The other shopper. and myself. began calling the store and no one answered the phone. and it sounded like they picked up and hung up the phone. Finally. a young man came in and I asked if he was going to check. and he was surprised to learn no one had been there. No apologies from him either, but I did finally get out of there. Upon going to the parking lot to get the mulch I purchased, there was no on there to help load it, so I did it myself. I am a 68 year-old woman and the bags were at the top of a new full pallet. I managed, but I almost wish I would have gotten injured, so I could SUE the almighty Walmart.

  7. My wife had a box dropped on her back on Jan 28 2023. We have a claim number and the 1St person is on leave until June. the 2nd person was to call us back 10 days ago. Is this Walmarts policy.

  8. Walmart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (West Milwaukee near Miller Parkway) will not cash payroll checks without the person's address printed on the check even if the person's name and address is printed on the check stub. My payroll check has the company name and address printed on the check and on the check stub; plus, my name is actually on the check itself. I have a valid ID and I am standing in person at the check cashing center and keep having problems. All the information is correct on the check plus checks are identified at the actual bank by routing numbers.

    What is the problem? Is this even legal? According to your own website and checking policies something is wrong here.

  9. who do I talk to about a t.v? warranty. I have gone to Walmart itself they said they can’t look into it I p. I purchased a 3-year warranty it is plain on the receipt. the only thing you can’t see is a Store ref number. and that was the cashier’s fault I asked her about it she said it was OK. well, the t.v. went I UT about 8 months ago and I’m still trying to get someone to help me. I guess I could go to the news. someone needs to help me my warranty is fixing to go out. you we me a t.v

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