Walmart Corporate Phone Number and Office Address

Walmart Corporate Phone Number and Office Headquarters Address

Official Address:

702 SW 8th Street

Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278 or 1-479-273-4000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-479-277-1830

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: WMT

Wal-Mart is famous for large home and grocery stores worldwide. Walmart sells products through their website,

Walmart offers online support, email support and phone support. Walmart’s customer service phone number is 1-800-925-6278. Their support hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Walmart Corporate Offices in Arkansas

Walmart Corporate Office

  • Just left store 6263 on University Pwky Winston Salem NC. On belt open, lines 5 deep at the self checkouts. Im done with WM. The side part, I am retired Walmart manager! The home shoppers are always parking their carts in the middle of the aisle, there are pallets on the sales floor all day long (which is a very definite safety hazard), and never any cashiers. In addition, you are not the least expensive store any longer. I just purchased the same items I went to Walmart to get at Harris Teeter for the same price as Walmart and did not stand in a line to do your job. Between my wife and I we spend every Saturday $150 +/- on food. In addition, I have COPD the medications are approximately $7000 per year that Walmart is paid between the insurance company and myself. That is approximately $14,000 to $15,000 per year that will never see the inside of a Walmart again.

  • we are pretty much done with walmart
    the mens clothing just falls apart after 2 or 3 washings
    employees at the store are some nasty people ( rude )
    they always give you a hard time about returns
    never can find help

  • i wondering who you talk to about a employee who works for walmarts in springfield ohio on tuttle rd caue i talked to a manager and they said theres nothing to do about it.cause ive been having a promblem with a cashier there and im not the only customer has problem with her she very rude and even calls people names while your in her line theres got to be something done about this , i love shopping at walmarts but im going to start shopping somewhere else

  • The walmart stores in Cookeville and Sparta Tenn are not being stock in alot off the departments. Shelves stay empty and service is lousie. Almost anybody can walk out with merchandise and the alarm going off. The works don't seem to care. I and another custumer where going out and the alarm went off. We tried to get some one to check and one man said it was just a car alarm. Tried to get a lady to help us and she just turned walked away.So we had our receipts and so we just went on our way.


  • cuanta gente fue afectada por eincidente que dejo mucho gente erida fisaca y mentalmente despues de lo ocurrido en la ciudad de sanjo california. en una tienda de walmart. y walmart neciquiera les dio attencion a todo esa gente, no les llamo para ver como estaban, si necesitaban ayuda para superar el incidente , poco les importo ellos re-abrieron sus puertas y siguieron como si nada…. pues claro a esta corporacion lo unico que les importas es el dinero de nosotros… walmart no es una tienda segura para que nuestras familias compren… pues no cumple con los requerimientos basico de seguridad, ellos deberian de tener seguridad en cada puerta,, ya que contratan gente se 55 anos de edad a 65 anos para que les cuiden las puertas en lugar de hacerlo correcto y contratar a una company de seguridad armada quien hubiera podido prevenir esto.
    en mi conclusion y opinion personal yo no vuelvo a walmart pues tengo hijos de familiares que estuvieron ahi y el saber que facilmente pueden entrar y hacer lo que hicieron y que no hay una seguridad, hacia ti y tu seguridad no me da confianza, en lo mas minimo…….
    mas aparte se que tienen muchos incidentes incluso sus propios cajeros golpean a los clientes y en lugar de correrlos les dan mas trabajo es una burla para el cliente la verdad,,,,,,,

  • how many people were affected by that left much people eincidente Erida fisaca and mentally after what happened in the city of Sanjo california. in a Walmart store. walmart and gave neciquiera attencion all those people, do not call them to see how they were, if they needed help to overcome the incident, they care little they re-opened their doors and went as usual …. Of course this corporation all they care about is the money from us … walmart store is not safe for our families to buy … it does not meet basic safety requirements, they should have security at every door, and they hire people 55 years of age to 65 years for childcare doors instead of right and hire a security company army who could have prevented this.
    in my conclusion and personal opinion I would not go back to walmart because I have children of families who were there and know you can easily get in and do what they did and that there is no security to you and your safety does not give me confidence in what slightest …….
    more apart is that many incidents even have their own ATMs hit customers and run them instead of give them more work is a mockery to the client the truth,,,,,,,

  • I'm a very patient person. But at this time I have lost it with WALMART. I have been trying to purchase a bike for my son since October 23,2012.My son saw the lime green thruster 700c bike on the WALMART website.The site stated it was in stock at the Niles Illinois Golf Road store. When I went to the store they didn't have it in stock. All I wanted to do was have WALMART order the bike so I could go in and purchase the bike at the store . I was told by a manager at the store they would order the bike. That was back in October 2012.I have called the WALMART store in Nile Illinois on Golf Road 14 times about this bike and it is April 1,2013. I still haven't heard anything about this bike. I called corporate 3 times and didn't hear back from them either. I'm disgusted and disappointed with the WALMART corporation! I'm going to let everyone I know how WALMART treats their customers. I'm going to the social networks,and the media with my experience with WALMART. Unfortunately my son really wants that bike and I'm still trying to get this bike. I will look outside of WALMART to purchase this bike. "WALMART, you have lost a customer!!!"

  • Hi it's April 1, 2013 and today the joke was on me ,Vernon , Texas Walmart – I see a cactus I want to buy go to check out get told I maynot buy the cactus because it is fixing to be put in the trash I ask where the said the compound , so I go to managment and get told the same thing and also get told the do the same thing with there meats , I can understand meats if it gone bad , but from what I was told no it was on sell and did not sell and got put in trash , this just blow my mind , that Walmart could be so wasteful . and just word of advice meat will sell most of the time if folks are aware it's on sell , plant will sell all the time even if it a low price , NO need in throwing stuff a way that not bad…. SHAME ON U Walmart!!!!!!

  • We shop at Wal Mart store # 711. Glasgow Ky. The store many days have empty shelves. I go in the store different times and days. Products are moved around almost every time I go. I can not fine people on the floor to help find things or to get them off high shelves. The self check out is a mess. When Using them they most always stopping working. This also causing me to spend more time in line because I choose to no longer use them. I'd rather go to a living person. I have started to shop at other stores such as the Dollar Store because it is a people store.

  • Just wanted to say that shopping at Walmart is a really great experience. The prices are very reasonable and the sale items are fantastic. The Walmart I go to has wonderful people working at the checkouts and on the floor in each department. The staff a friendly, helpful and always willing to help locate items. As a matter of fact I was looking for an item and a lady actually brought me to it. The customer service staff are excellent and the mangers are very professional. I am amazed at how clean the store is and is always stocked with great stuff. Walmart is true to it's name and does offer great prices. The food department is always clean and sells wholesome foods. Whenever I have to return something the staff are always helpful and courteous going out of their way to make it right. I am grateful for Walmart in everyting they do and provide customers. They are a model store for other chain stores..Walmart gets it right!

  • Could Walmart get some decent shopping carts? A person would think as much money as they make they could afford shopping carts that do not make so much noise. The carts are so loud. Walmart please invest in new shopping carts. Also, your website is down it keeps updating. How do you expect people to shop online if you do not attend to your website. Ole man Walmart is probably turning over in his grave.

  • i want to know why we get taxed double on our receipt , first before total and again after couponds , twice and no other store does it and no one has the answer ,ive called headquarters and have been on hold all day

  • I have worked in retail for 13 years and I have never experienced what I just experienced at your store in Cleveland, OH. I would compare going to Walmart in the steelyard commons on par with going to a flee market with farm animals deficating all over the place. My experience started with the outside appearance of your store… Trash was everywhere. Even used tires were just sitting in the parking lot, among piles of trash next to every full trash can. As I entered the front doors there were roughly 25 shopping carts full of 'go backs'. I continued inside and every aisle had trash on the floor and products everywhere. For instance underneath the travel toiletries section, there were about 100 toiletries under the baskets containing the items. In the deodorant aisle there were open tubes of deodorant on the floor. Every aisle looked empty as if no one was even filling the floor. The only employees I saw were the ones behind the registers and even then, there were only 3.
    As I grabbed my two items that I had to buy I made my way to the check out aisle and there was an open tub of yogurt sitting near the gum. The employee didn't seem to care. Again, there was a ton of trash on the floor including an empty bottle a package of empty m&ms and other misc. items.
    I can't believe you let this go on. Do you have a store manager? If so that person should be fired immediately. Do you have a district manager? If so, that person should be fired immediately. I get that the clientele you cater to in this specific area are low income, uneducated people but that does not excuse the fact that there is trash everywhere. I will never again be stepping into a Walmart. There is a target across the street that has never been dirty and has never looked the way your store does. I don't care how much money I will save, I never want to be grossed out like that again. I'm convinced all of the employees are just sitting in the break room watching TV while your store crumbles. I realize I am a small fish in a large pond, but I've never been that disgusted in my life. Please send someone to help fix this. It's the worst experience I've ever had in a store- and I'm including stores on Black Friday and thrift stores.

  • family mobile svc is a horrible product. the coverage is awful, the customer service is rude and no help at all.i dont reccomend this product to anyone.not up to walmart standards.dont buy it.

  • i am in Hays, kansas in a blizzard. it's snowing so bad that they closed I-70, my self and about 10 other trucks were parked at the local wal-mart out of the way. there were a few cars in the parking lot because of the weather. well, the management complained to the police dept. that there were to many trucks in there lot, so they had the Hays police dept remove all of the trucks off the lot. they had us park on a side road a block away. i remember watching a training video at wal-mart with the founder of wal-mart SAM WALTON stating that this country wouldn't survive without trucks, and the are always welcome on any wal-mart parking lot. seriously ya'll, we're in a blizzard and the only reason we're in the lot is to get off the road and park in a safe place to wait out the storm..well i guess it's time to shop at target while on the road. target don't mind if you park there..

  • My wife & I visited the Walmart Store located on the east side of Alburn, NY a few days ago and found the store to be dirty, smell like a dump and their products not displayed in an attactive manner. Plus their prices did not seem to be lower than other stores which we shop at. Walmart Stores are fun to shop at!

  • And I hope your profits fall even more! Whenever I hear of a company that makes huge profits and pays their employees so poorly, offers their employees insurance they can’t afford and THEN tells them to get food stamps and welfare, I refuse to shop at that store. No more corporate welfare for YOU!
    After I hear a company that makes very large profits say they will fire people if they have to implement the Affordable Health Care, I refuse to shop there. No more corporate welfare for YOU!
    As for Walmart and Sam’s Club, I now have a Costco card and shop at Costco, Target, Walgreens, Price Chopper, HyVee and anywhere else except Walmart and Sam’s Club. I will continue to do so until companies, restaurants, etc., stop robbing their employees of a decent wage and benefits.
    A few of the places I no longer frequent: Walmart, Sam’s Club, Olive Garden, Papa John’s Pizza, Shoney’s, Hobby Lobby….any other store that spouts the ‘We can’t afford to pay our people’ blah, blah, blah. I am sick to death of all these companies reaping humongous profits at the expense of ‘we the people’ and not sharing a decent part of it with the very people that make their company rich! This will continue until your corporate rape stops!
    And don't feed us that garbage about you keep prices low for people because….the very people you are raping with tiny wages and benefits turn around and give that money right back to you for the goods they buy at your stores! That doesn't float out here anymore!

  • walmart in johnsburg il. needs to get their act together. in order for them to make money.the product the consumer would like to be purchased needs to be available have the time I shop at the store I never leave with everything I came for. pretty bad business on their part. and it happens all the time!!!!

  • I want to know why Walmart stores arent carrying ammunition like they use to. The store in Oakland Tn stated that they arent buying enough and soon as it comes in its gone. Well buy more, maybe the head office needs to kno this or they dont care.

  • At the Walmart store in Logansport indiana the District manager Kyle, the store manager TJ and the assistant manager Adam think that if you are a elderly employee you need to be mistreated and made to do jobs that a younger person should do imagine being over 70 years old and made to carry out a 48 inch television for a customer, having the over 80 year old employees get down on their hands and knees to clean the bottom shelves told you cant have sunday off for church but the assistant manager who told the employee that was off all day sunday I thik a good lawyer should get with these employees and sue the managment at this walmart maybe then they would treat the elderly employees with respect which they do deserve imagine if it were your mother or grandmother and that was happening to them, how would you feel.

  • It has been brought to my attention, while placing an order in McDonalds at walmart 669, that Store manager and co managers, talk about me and others when we leave, loud enough for other patrons and McDonald employees(whom are behind the counter) to hear, Slandering cusomers is not a good practice or exmple for Management to be setting!!! I will be contacting Walmart corporate and making a formal comolaint starting with complaint against Rick Bartlett Store Manager @ 669!!! He makes life hell for customers, employees & for Merchandisers in his store.. it is time for change in this store.. amazing how store 5173 is the exact opposite!

  • ASAP I moved forward with what I felt ( with Wal-Mart personnel recommendation) for this application and at the time believing it to be an acceptable safe tire for the truck (15,000 GVW); something perhaps I now realize Wal-Mart is not equipped to properly contend with and Wal-Mart should know their limitations and have stated so without delay for the sake of all. The fact that due to the manner in which Wal-Mart handled this resulted in an income producing vehicle being off the road for four days sighting safety concerns with the tires. Wal-Mart provided products were in fact, unsafe. I will not specifically name anyone within the dept. mainly due to my observing that the entire dept. could use a good going over, or perhaps that’s the manner they’ve been trained. Although one employee was doing his best to look into what could be done but, with his hands apparently securely tied behind his back possibly due to company policy and not admitting any obligations to the product Wal-Mart sold, could do little. Everyone else and I do mean everyone else had a sense of not caring what-so-ever, just doing the job & clocking time.
    At the time of installation the department was not that busy and to take 3 hours or so of my time to change 4 tires is ridiculous. Yeah, funny how the invoice says 2:00 +/- but, even at that the time was excessive. The performance of the tires Wal-Mart sold was substandard and the morning after the day of installation realizing the tires; for the sake of injury or life threating failure I promptly returned the following morning. No one and I mean no one offered any apology or any real concern as to Wal-Mart’s obligation’s to the product they sold. I had to contact the store upper management (George) to resolve the issue but, following that and arriving back at the tire dept. no one claimed to know anything, the personnel I spoke earlier with were not on site. Those there refused to consider the prior agreement and were in a sense defensive, quarrelsome or claimed to know nothing; being an employer myself, I assure you I maintained my composure. I remained professional and polite regardless of the rude behavior, poor service and manner in which I was treated. Never at any time did anyone show concern or a polite apology for my inconvenience or even take the time to look at the tires. Which at that time remained on the rim and placed in the back of yet another smaller truck and may I add the tires on that vehicle also had come from Wal-Mart but, never again. Yes, there have been other minor occurrences of bad policy or poor work ethics within the Chipley Wal-Mart work force but, to this point not life threatening such as this.
    I do personally know some of the upper management and have known them to be good, honest and very upstanding people however, as for the main part of the auto department; I am definitely done with, life has many tribulations; Wal-Mart doesn’t need to be one of them. I believe I’ve made my self-clear in the matter; unless something more from this incident should arise that I’ll be forced to defend; I consider my business with Wal-Mart concluded.

  • Before my animosity subsides and being a business owner myself in excess of 35 years; I’ve learned how to treat or not to treat a client therefore, within this, my informal rant I thought I’d relay to the Wal-Mart corporation my disgust with the manner in which I’ve been treated.
    Having recently had the less than pleasant experience with the auto tire department at the Chipley Florida location and not being your typical Wal-Mart shopper I will expect nothing more than for you the reader to simply hit the delete button; regardless I feel compelled to air my absolute disgust. Only now that my business has been concluded will I speak out. I learn quickly and may I assure you any thought of subjecting myself to this type behavior and the in general bad attitude will not happen again. Never again will I consider Wal-Mart for anything more than minor purchases and only then when it’s more convenient for me to do so.
    The first thing a customer should feel welcome upon arrival (tire dept.), didn’t happen. Second when a customer has a concern it should be addressed in a manner as to not make the client feel as if he / she’s done something wrong, this didn’t happen either . I must say that Wal-Mart has indeed trained or should I say conditioned their employees to defend the company profit regardless of the safety of life or limb of the patron and to that I say, good for you; be sure to keep that ledger in the black.
    When you retail sale a product unsuitable to the application you assume a degree of responsibility; this is negligence after it’s brought to your attention and when it is without a doubt extremely dangerous. When the customer without delay returns said product your employee should never send that customer back out the door with a “ you can leave now and I’ll call you back later to let you know what we can do about it” ( and I did question and verbally confirm that Wal-Mart employee was suggesting that I leave to be called later). At that point assuming Wal-Mart had no responsibility and placed it all on the manufacture. What! You may say. Yes, this did occur on the morning of Feb. 6 @ 10: 45 +/- AM. at the tire counter. This is nothing more than unacceptable behavior to subject anyone to those conditions, no one within that dept. , to my knowledge, at any time even took the time to go out and visually inspect the tires. I’m appalled.
    Later that afternoon I called and spoke with upper store management . Only then did I to come to a reasonable understanding with Wal-Mart personal; or so I thought, yet the total disregard for the concern did and was going to continue within the tire dept.
    My business truck “ down time” along with my personal time has far exceeded any possible profits Wal-Mart could have obtained from the sale. So, for Wal-Mart personnel to also crudely remark concerning “the money” aspect was ill-mannered at best. This incident without a doubt has financially cost me far more than the profits Wal-Mart could have realized on four tires; that’s right, this whole incident is over just four tires.
    The first things we’re taught in the business world are never direct blame or take a defensive posture but, Wal-Mart has failed measurably and I’m well past that at this point. May l now provide a general overview of the past four days dealing with Wal-Marts apparent policies and conditioned employee response. For the sake of my convenience; Saturday Feb. 2, I called Wal-Mart to inquire into the availability of truck tires realizing at that point the selection was limited but, regardless needing them

  • I am a Marine Corps retired veteran who was treated with disrespect by management and I was subsequently fired for not "sucking up" to them. I have read in the media where Walmart will be be hiring veterans to its ranks, Believe me Military veterans will not tolerate the disrespect imposed by its management. I appeal to the Walmart home office to please instruct its management team to respect all veterans with the honor and respect they deserve. For me at least when I was fired I left with my Honor.

  • Walmart the store i work at they treat u like a kid tghe treat their employees like crap they make up their own rules up. Thjey dont give u enough equipment that works to do ur job they run alot of people away because of how they are treated. Things with walmart need to change They lie to their employees they dont just dont care ,

  • I just have a question how do you enter mywalmartbenefits when you have forgotten your username password and even the email you register with..It's been awhile if you can see since I have logged in..

  • Here in Kankakkee, IL the store manager Chris (John) Delgado runs the store as if he is Hitler. He treats his female employees like crap and refuses to coach male employees in automotive who have done damage to cars of patrons. Also they leave nudie mags out in the open where customers see them this is a very poor representation of your company. They will no longer get my business.

  • Oh my they have to approve a message before they post it. Wow now my story will never be told, because they don't want to look bad. They stole from me!

  • I have been a regular customer of Walmart for 15 years. I shop now at their Lancaster, Ohio store. I was there last Friday Jan 18 2013. I am shopping now a big shop because I have a back surgery in 2 weeks, so need to get prepared. I was shopping for Valentine's Day gifts, Household items, cleaning items, and a big grocery shop. I was in there for an hour to only shop for V-day gifts, household items, and cleaning items, because I didn't have time to shop for the food because I had to pick up my 12 yrs old twin daughters at the mall. When I cashed out for that first shop I left, but only to the front of the store when I received a text from one of my twins asking to see a movie, so I said yes, because I still needed to shop for the food now. So I went back in, and showed the greeter my items I just purchase, and showed him the receipt for it. I tied up the bags and put the receipt in one of the bags. He okay'd me to go back in and finish shopping. See I broke my back in 14 places in a car wreck in 2007 and my back is broken again which is why I need surgery again in two weeks. So preparing for surgery I needed to shop so we have all we need for a while after my surgery. Anyway I shop and then when I get into line to cash out for a 2nd time, I get approached by 3 employees about where my receipt is for the three white bags. I said yes I have it hold on and let me finish cashing out here. My first purchase was for $256 and second purchase was for $311. Then it turned into a witch hunt. The receipt was in one of the white bags, but they wouldn't let me check them and took my purse and cell phone and wouldn't let me contact anyone. I was there until almost midnight and my 12yr old twins were alone outside at a closed mall at midnight and it was 10 degrees. They didn't care and wouldn't let me answer my phone nor call them back or call anyone…Walmart family oriented!! NOT! They don't care about anyone except for your money. They stole my receipt and now I have no proof of purchase except for a statement from the greeter proving I had one because I used a visa gift card and threw it away because there was no money left on it. The second shop they stole $100 from that one and figured that out when i got home and noticed missing items $100 worth. They made pull up my shirt and expose my breast to make sure nothing was in my bra. Every time I tried to explain they told me to shut the "F" up.They found nothing on me or in my purse and took my receipt from my first purchase. They pressed charges on me,and I'm 41 yrs old with a clean record, never been in trouble ever, and now look what I'm facing.
    They stole from me! Worthless and will never go back. Now they are out $1000 a month from me for the last 15 yrs. What do I do about this? I'm innocent and lost $356 in items now because they won't give them back. So much more to this story, but this is just the small synopsis of it. I need help! They are the thieves not me! They suck!

  • Dear Walmart, May I Suggest you corporate Highly paid Desk working individuals in Arkansas possibly travel to these walmart locations and just see WHO is running your stores. Every SINGLE time I am there shopping, when you need help in a department no associates are around and you have to hunt an associate to get the help you need, and then most of the time you get an answer like "I don't work that dept but I will try to find who does. Or you see multiple associates standing around running their mouths instead of WORKING!!!! Then when im ready to check out, you have 20 People checkouts up front with only 2 open and 8 self check outs set up with only 2 open. WHAT GIVES???????? No one likes to have to WAIT when they are ready to finish and check out to leave!!!!! LAGRANGE GEORGIA

  • Dear Michael Terry Duke,

    I understand that the Obama Administration is pressuring you to support his gun legislation, whether it's a so-called Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) or similar registration and subsequent confiscation of American guns. I am urging you to categorically REJECT any support of the AWB, in any form by any sponsor.

    I thank you for your outstanding support of American firearms freedoms in the past. I have purchased guns, accessories, camping gear, supplies of all sorts, food, clothing, and all types of merchandise for this support. Your past stance in this area, despite misguided public pressure, is commendable and true the vision of Sam Walton. He believed in the freedoms of America.

    However if Walmart capitulates and in any signs on with the Obama Administration in their gun control agenda, I will boycott you forever. Moreover I will take advantage of powerful and wide reaching social media to encourage the same. We have many retail avenues for our items such as tax free and many department stores. We will give our business to them.

    I hope it does not come to that and you will again REJECT all attempts to destroy, limit, curtail, or weaken the 2nd Amendment of the United States. If you do that we will continue to support you 100% and accept my sincere gratitude for standing strong.

    Thank you for you time

  • Dear Michael Terry Duke,

    I understand that the Obama Administration is pressuring you to support his gun legislation, whether it's a so-called Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) or similar registration and subsequent confiscation of American guns. I am urging you to categorically REJECT any support of the AWB, in any form by any sponsor.

    I thank you for your outstanding support of American firearms freedoms in the past. I have purchased guns, accessories, camping gear, supplies of all sorts, food, clothing, and all types of merchandise for this support. Your past stance in this area, despite misguided public pressure, is commendable and true the vision of Sam Walton. He believed in the freedoms of America.

    However if Walmart capitulates and in any signs on with the Obama Administration in their gun control agenda, I will boycott you forever. Moreover I will take advantage of powerful and wide reaching social media to encourage the same. We have many retail avenues for our items such as tax free and many department stores. We will give our business to them.

    I hope it does not come to that and you will again REJECT all attempts to destroy, limit, curtail, or weaken the 2nd Amendment of the United States. If you do that we will continue to support you 100% and accept my sincere gratitude for standing strong.

    Thank you for you time

  • I have been reading the comments made by a lot of different people concerning Walmart and most of them are negative against Walmart. Corporate isn't much better.

  • ELECTRONIC BUYERS BEWARE!!!!! I bought an RCA 7" Dual DVD Mobile System for the car for my kids for X-Mas. We are always in the car so I thought it would be perfect! I also bought an extended warranty for an extra $10, so it was around $100 all together. Well, when they opened it, it didn't have all the parts in the box (straps for head rests, cords, etc.). So, I took it back and got another one, making sure it had everything in the box. I hooked it up in my SUV and it worked ONE TIME!! It did NOT work again. When I bought it NO ONE GAVE ME THE PAMPHLET FOR THE WARRANTY, so I didn't know I had only 15 days to return. I thought I had 30 days. I went to take it back 21 days after I bought it, only to find out that I had to deal with the manufacturer. I called the manufacturer and I had to pay for shipping and allow 3-4 weeks for a new piece of crap DVD player. So, this would be the 3rd one, if I go through with it. I really just want my $$$ back or a gift card so the kids can get something they can actually use!
    VERY UPSET CUSTOMER!!!!!! $100 down the freaking drain!!

  • It has come to my attention that Wal-Mart has now joined in league with the Leftist Government Administration of Hussein Obama and Wal-Mart has now decided to stop selling firearms ammunition.

    Although I have never purchased ammo at your stores I will no longer do any kind of shopping at your stores since you have now joined with Obama in weakening and eventually destroying the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    A business that has enjoyed the prosperity that can only come from a free market in a capitalistic society and, whose corporate officers have been greatly enriched by the spoils of capitalism should do all that it can to stand up and protect the Constitution. You have joined a man who has great spite for the Constitution and whose main goal is to replace the Constitution with socialism and a society that Karl Marx would be proud of.
    You have hurt this nation and you will soon see that you have hurt yourselves. Mr. Sam Walton is surely turning over in his grave. Shame on you! Shame on you!

    Mike Rios
    Longview, Texas

  • if walmart caves on this gun ban then every American needs to boycott walmart for they are infringing on our second amendment rights and denying our rights to arm ourselves.

  • My fiance and I were in the Waynesboro, VA store tonight (1/13/2013) My fiance was making the purchase and asked for a pack of cigs. Now keep in mind, I did not at any time ask her for cigs. The cashier then asked for BOTH of our ID's. My fiance showed his but mine was in the car where I keep it. We also had our 4 year old with us. I went to the car to get my ID, my fiance came out to check on me and our son. I then proceeded to go back in with my ID and went in the same line. I then asked for the cigs and showed my ID when asked ( I am 44, my fiance 43) The cashier then refused UNLESS he showed his ID too. He had already shown ID when he was asked the first time. Virginia law requires the person making the purchase to show ID not the person that is with you. This is not the only problem with this store. The employees are rude and not one employee gives a crap about customer service. Not only will I voice my complaint here but I will be calling headquarters. I will NOT purchase anything from Walmart at all. I may only be one person BUT I can REACH millions and will do so. The signs in walmart state if you look under 40 they will require ID for alcohol and if you look under 18 for tobacco. Again I am 44 and damn well look OVER 18

  • I appreciate the support in the past for the second amendment walmart had previously demonstrated , but it seem now that walmart is bending to this currupt current administration .
    It is the disarmed, that empower the criminal,no matter who it is .

  • Walmart does not have the intrgrity to do the right thing for their employees. To think that we the taxpayers are having to subsidise the poor people that work for Walmart so that their children can have health care, food, etc is dispicable. Mr. Sam would turn over in his grave if he knew who was running the organization now. He was an honorable person. Sure cannot say that about the management now. There will be a corner in hell that will certainly be full of unscrupules people.

  • THe Walmart stores at Springville. Al, Attalla, Al, are great I am very fortunate to live by these two stores the employees are always nice and courteous, 90 % of them always have a smile on their face and are always trying to better your experience and help you anyway they can! KUDOS for these Walmart stores!!!!!

  • Wal-mart- Please have your consumers intrest in mind when you visit with Washington. Remember, they are trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment. What ever they offer you will be taken away after a short time. Just like they do with everything else they offer. Get the acceptance with promises of money and then when everyone agrees they take it away. Better to keep the longterm money coming in with your consumers than the short term money from the government.

  • Had a real nice day of standing in line at the pharmacy! They had misplaced a prescription from my doctor for pain meds…on Monday! I have been without them for three days and still had to wait in line for 55 minutes to get them. Sorry excuse for a pharmacy!! They have no compassion for their customers!

  • I was pregnant with my second daughter and had to take out early in October the 19th because i was having complications with my pregnancy and i had my second daughter November 18th of 2012 and i have another daughter she is 23 months old. I came back to work on january 4th and i have a D-day it was supposed to be over on may 10th and it got extended at the end of August becuse i was out for Maternity leave. My Question is why did my D-DAY get extended until the end of August, when it was supposed to be May 10th? To me i don't think it's right, i have been working for Walmart since October of 2003. Almost 10 years for this company and i'm tired of getting treated like crap.

  • I shop at the Methuen Massachusetts Walmart Store on 70 pleasant Street. I have found some fantastic bargains at this store and over all enjoy shopping there. The pharmacy people are competent and friendly. The lines are some what long at certain times of day, but when everyone piles into the store right after work its bound to happen. Whats a few minutes wait in line anyways. No big deal. Walmart has allows answered any phone calls or letters I have sent and resolved all issues.

    In my humble opinion its a good place to shop. There is a Targets right across the street from this Walmart and it is empty "ALL" the time. Everyone is in Walmart …. LOL

  • I have been in this area for 16 years, using Wal-Mart, every time I go to the manager to complain about the Electric Shopping carts for the elderly folk, management is not concerned, they just say "we will look into it, that time never comes, I have seen as many as 10 carts sitting, not plugged in and not one is charged up. out of ten carts only two is sitting with out of order signs on them, it appears that wal-mart managers does not care about the elderly folks. SO I AM CALLING FOR ALL ELDERLY FOLKS THAT IS NOT BEING TREATED WELL, TO "BOY-COT" WALMART FROM NOW ON THEY DO NO CARE FRO OUR BUSINESS!!!!

  • I purchased a box of 48 Pop Tarts because they were advertised in the middle aisle as $7.98. When I went through the self check out the price came up as $9.78. Obviously, someone transposed the numbers. When I asked if they would then change the price in their computer no one would give me an answer. This occurred on 12/31/12 at the Forest Park, Illinois store. Funny how the error in price was to Walmart's advantage.

  • Walmart needs to start taking responsibility…its very convenient for your stores to put a price for a 1.00 for shampoo and then charging 1.50 knowing darn well the person won't go back for their .50, but tell me how many million is that for Walmart….shame on you.


  • I have been working for the Walmart in vineland nj since thay opened and now thay are cutting my hours down to 31 per week what is that all about if it keeps up i am going to loose my home i was berly making on 35 hours what can i do i am a full time assoate please someone help i like the store but need more hours

  • This is concerning the Walmart in Hillsborough NC on Hampton Pt. BLVD where I attempted to return a few Christmas gifts that were given to me from a friend. The tags were still attached and they were not open. They were a car wash kit $10, a blanket $20, and a pair of slippers $6. I called the store to make sure it was ok to return the items without a receipt and they said it would be fine as long as I brought in my Driver’s Licenses and they would put the money on a GC. When I arrived at the customer service counter I was told they could not give me a gift card, however, I could pick out other merchandise to equal the same value. I picked up a pair of jeans for my daughter and a phone card. I was told that I could not purchase the phone card and they would offer no explanation. I suggested exchanging the jeans for the other items and putting the rest on a gift card. I do not understand why they refused to give me a gift card. I understand that I had no receipt, however, on the phone I was told that without a receipt the policy was gift card which I was happy about. They three women behind the customer service desk were very rude. I asked to speak with a manager who came out named Regina. She was a tall African American woman with long brown hair in a pony tail. She called me “Whitey” to one of the other African American workers. She said “Whitey is back”. I felt very upset that I was discriminated for against color. My daughter was with me and it brought her to tears. The woman, Regina said I looked like the lady she called the cops on before. I asked for the specific date and time of that incident which she provided. I explained to her that she had me confused with another individual that day. I was in surgery for a kidney stone when that event happened. I am not sure if that is why I received the treatment that I did, because she assumed I was the individual that she called the authorities on. All white people are not identical anymore than African Americans or Hispanics are. I still did not get to return my items. I called the Walmart in Mebane NC and they told me to bring my DL and they would be more than happy to give me a GC. I have contacted my attorney, Mrs. Lauren Dickerson to find out what type of civil court options I may have. I do have witnesses. I asked an elderly lady in the story, Mrs. Andrea Archmen to remember this event. We exchanged information and she did hear the worst part which was being called “Whitey”. I really don’t think Regina would appreciate being called “Blacky” which is something I , a Christian would never do. I am so ashamed that the General Manager would allow such people to run the store. When I asked Regina to speak with Daniel, the response was and I quote “No you aint talken to him”. I am so disturbed by this. Unless I receive a letter of apology from Regina, the other three “snickering” associates who went along with it, my full refund, and a small compensation this will go to court and the papers. I refuse to be discriminated against for being a white person. We are almost at 2013 and this is the mindset that people still have.

  • i know for a fact as i called the corporate headquarters that walmart does not donate anything to any charity's in that straight from the corprate headquarters mouth! also was told the same thing by walmart store managers in several states i polled-no american charitable contributions. hmmm?

  • Given the vicious and hostile tone in so many cases, here, I have to assume that many are "planted" and are fabricated stories and situations, by the enemies of WalMart who want the chain to become "organized." You see, if that ever happened, all this venom would suddenly disappear. I really like and appreciate WalMart and do all my grocery shopping there. The staff is as courteous and helpful as can be, and I have never had a bad encounter or experiece in any visit to the store. Thank you WalMart, you are special to me.

    Robby Bonter Port Leyden, NY

  • The wal-mart on 4401 Highway 83 South Laredo, TX 78046 Phone: (956) 727-0492 has Terrible service, they have over 20 registers and only open 4, for over 70 people. They take forever to refill the shelves of cosmetics, hyegenic, and pet stuff. Two weeks ago my husband and I went shopping and he could find the scent of the deoderant he normally uses (Old Spice), he bought another scent. We also noticed other Old Spice deoderants ran out. For the past two weeks we've been going 2 days a week for other reasons and walk by the deoderants and they still don't fill out the old spice deoderants. It's the same thing with other products!! They are also stealing W.i.c benefits. On 2 ocasions I've tried to use my benefits for milk and they show me the receit that says I don't have milk benefits. That can't be true bec I keep the receit of the benefits I've used. The Wal-mart on
    2320 Bob Bullock Loop Laredo, TX 78043 has excelent service and it's located in the same city. So there's no excuse for stupic service.

  • My name is Wilma Smalldridge I have worked for Walmart store #799 for twenty-two years .I have woked as a cashier, sales floor person,Customer Service Mangager,and a front-end zone supervisor. I enjoy my job at walmart. I want to thank-you for giving the associates the 20% off a purchse so that we may reeck the benift of being employed with Walmart. It helped for me to be able to buy a large amount of groceries for my family. I am sure others will enjoy the benifit as well.Thank you again Wilma Smalldridge

  • I was injured in the Rogersville, TN store by some maniac who deliberately rammed his cart as hard as he could into my cart which crashed into my abdomen. He was laughing like a lunatic saying "I saw you trying to hit me" when in fact I was trying to avoid him by moving to the extreme right of the aisle. The kid that was with him kept asking, "why did you do that to her" and the man silenced the child. I reported the inicdent to an employee and she never came back to find me. I went to layaway and had the manager paged and this same woman came back She was the asst mgr).
    She made some stupid remark about the man not having an answer as to why he did it. I asked if he had left the store because I was afraid to leave in case he followed me. (The man was a complete stranger and there was absolutely no provacation for this kind of cruel act). She said he was buying a coffee pot an may have left. She never got the man's name, she never asked him to leave and she never called security. A man who heard my conversation asked the manager why she wasn't taking down my name in case the injury was worse than it seemed and she just kept standing there with a dumb look on her face like we were imposing upon her. I got so frustrated that I left my cart in front of her and said I would shop elsewhere. This other man was nice enough to escort me to my car, wait until I was locked in and driving off before he left. Merry Christmas Walmart, you proved what asses you employ. you will get my medical bill

  • Urge Walmart of Puerto Rico to stop supporting "La Comay"
    TV program in Puerto Rico and to remove all advertising
    in WAPA Tv programming and station. I will not shop and will
    take part in the camping developed this days in Puerto Rico
    comming to USA mainland communities.

  • My brother works at your Lawrenceburg store. His daughter has become very ill and is in Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Both parents are unable to work because they are at the hospital with their daughter. They will be there for another 2 to 3 weeks. Friend of the family opened a bank account in the child's name to help with expenses. They made a poster with the child's picture and her story. All the other businesses in 3 County permit for him to hang Even though the child's father is an employee of Walmart you refuse to let us hang a poster in your lobby. How dare you? So I posted about this all over Facebook.

  • My brother works at your Lawrenceburg store. His daughter has become very ill and is in Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Both parents are unable to work because they are at the hospital with their daughter. They will be there for another 2 to 3 weeks. Friend of the family opened a bank account in the child's name to help with expenses. They made a poster with the child's picture and her story. All the other businesses in 3 County permit for him to hang Even though the child's father is an employee of Walmart you refuse to let us hang a poster in your lobby. How dare you? So I posted about this all over Facebook.

  • and as times go and new ways to steal are found and it becomes so vast a operation it gets every body at some point. when i go to wal mart i now have to check my reciept standing there because some of the reqister folks seem to be hitting cash back button. pocket your cash as yopu walk out the store. better check you reciepts folks , i was seeing quarters not in change for awhile ,they still do this schem, the new one now.getting cash when you said you didnt want that.check yareciepts folks , i am talking about the ugliest wal mart in nation in selma alabama , check your reciepts folks ,merry christmas too.

  • Last Friday, November 30, 2012 I visited the Walmart at Checotah, Oklahoma.

    The shopping cart that I got out of the supply just inside the doors had Female Menstrual Discharge all over the handle of the shopping cart. It was the most foul stinking mess I have ever experienced. I got it all over my hands and it was almost impossible to get off.

    Walmart needs to sanitize the shopping cart handles as they are returned to the supply for customers to use.

  • I walked to my nearest walmart supercenter in Payson, Utah today intending to buy a bicycle and ride it back. Normally, this would be a 15 to 20 minute walk, but I am disabled due to a botched back surgery, and it took almost twice as long.
    I sat down to rest for 10 minutes before going to sporting goods where I looked at bikes, AND FOR SOMEONE TO ASSIST ME, for not less than 30 minutes before giving up and finally walking back home. I passed at least 4 open registers with no lines on the way out.
    I wonder why local retailers are losing business to online stores. I got a lower price and the same no help service from Amazon.

  • Fed up with the managers at store 2340 in Ephrata pa disrespecting there hard work associates they deserve better respect. They work real hard doing there job and management disrespects them. That's a joke if they can get away with so much,but yet when u disrespect them they write you up that's a joke. Something needs to be done. But the ones who don't do there job gets alot of special treatment and as a regular customer I shouldn't have to see it.

  • I have shopped at walmart many of times however the walmart store in chula vista, california #2291 and that store has the most unprofessional and very rude management. I have numerous complaints against the management there, I could even name the managers names that have been very rude on numerous occasions not only toward me but also toward my mother. That makes me not every want to shop at Walmart again. That management team makes all of Walmart not only look bad but very unprofessional also.

  • People give me a break. I have been working for Walmart for a year. It's not the best job I've had, but it does put food on the table. I do recommend working the overnight shift, it's much more peaceful than day!

  • I simply CANNOT fathom how Walmart Stores and be TWO COMPLETELY different situation accommodates. Is it not ALL WALMART at the end of the Day? Is there a distinct CEO for each of the companies individually!!!

  • I love Walmart–I just wish there were stores closer in the Bay Area. The employees are always pleasant and helpful, and I appreciate the fact that they hire challenged individuals. I have always had a positive experience while in Walmart stores, and am very surprised to read all of the criticism. I also wonder why these very unhappy, unsatisfied individuals continue to frequent Walmart stores–there are so many choices. And if the management is so awful, why work there? Go somewhere else. I agree with the person who commented on the poor English skills. We speak and write English in the United States of America, and you don't have to be in an English class to practice it. I couldn't and wouldn't even consider hiring the majority of the people who commented about Walmart in this response portion. Go WALMART!!!

  • ok here it is right from the cripples mouth
    saturday Nov twenty fourth i took the one hour bus ride in my electric wheelchair to the 24 hour Walmart super store number fifteen sixty on six zero zero five S Eastern ave and patrick ave in Las Vegas NV

    i was told by my local store that they had the item i wanted (but they dindt have the item either)
    i spent many hours rolling arround shopping and looking for just the right things for my sister for christmas

    I bought alot of things and spent alot of money
    and it took me a long time to save up
    beiing on a disability budget
    I was very excited

    just as i was getting ready to leave atsix fifty three pm I noticed that i had been there so long i was out of juice in my chair and i wouldn't make it home

    so i looked arround for a outlet to plug in for a while and found one where they plug in the store handicap carts, in a corner out of the way of everything so I pluged myself in, took out my traveling book, bought a drink and made myself comfy

    after a couple of minutes the lady that checks reciepts said you cant charge up here that I had to unplug myself and leave i wasnt allowed to charge up

    i told her to call the manager and when he showed up i told him my chair needs to charge up it was out of power
    he said it was against the rules , company policy and a liability
    and i had to unplug and go somplace else down the street maybe to the gas station just not there to plug in

    i continued to argue the point that my chair wouldn't move
    i told him i wouldn't hold them responciable if i blew up my chair
    i told him i could sit here for two hours plug in and charge up or i could sit here for two days and let the chair charge up naturally the chair won't move

    he finnally gave up and walked away so i pluged in anyway and sat for the 2 hours until i could get home but i wont ever be going to that walkmart again

  • here it is right from the cripples mouth

    on saturday Nov twenty fourth i took the one hour bus ride in my electric wheelchair to the twenty four hour Walmart super store number fifteen sixety on six zero zero five S Eastern ave and patrick ave in Las Vegas NV
    i was told that they had a item i wanted that my local store didnt have (but they didnt have it either)
    i spent many hours rolling arround shopping and looking for just the right things for my sister for christmas

    I bought alot of things and spent alot of money
    and it took me a long time to save up
    being on a disability budget
    I was very excited

    just as i was getting ready to leave at six fifty three pm I noticed that i had been there so long i was out of juice in my chair and i wouldn't make it home

    so i looked arround for a outlet to plug in for a while and found one where they plug in the store handicap carts
    in a corner and out of the way of everything,so I pluged myself in, took out my traveling book, bought a drink and made myself comfy

    after a couple of minutes the lady that checks reciepts said you cant charge up here that I had to unplug myself and leave i wasnt allowed to charge up

    i told her to call the manager and when he showed up i told him my chair needs to charge up it was out of power

    he said it was against the rules,company policy and a liability
    and i had to unplug and go somplace else.. down the street maybe to the gas station just not there to plug in

    i continued to argue the point that my chair wouldn't move
    i told him i wouldn't hold them responciable if i blew up my chair
    i told him i could sit here for two hours plug in and charge up or i could sit here for two days and let the chair charge up naturally .. the chair won't move

    he finnally gave up and walked away so i pluged in anyway and sat for the 2 hours until i could get home.. but i wont ever be going to that walmart again

  • November 27, 2012 4:03 p.m.

    I bought a computer on Good Friday and when I looked at my receipt several days later. I realized they charged me more than the add said. I took the computer back to the store and told them what had happened and they had the nerve to try and give me another computer when everything that was in the paper was the same that was on the box of the one I had. So, actually I was ripped off. I hope I never see another Wal-Farts.

  • i will like to tell everyone about my last day i shopped at walmart i have my own biz and i have a tax exempt card for my taxes so i was there shopping and was at the register so i give the cashier my card as i do everytime for eight years same card so all of a sudden she wont take it becauce its not signed well it has not been sighned for eight years it wasnt so i told them may i speake to a manager he was 14 years of age so i said can i talk to your manager so i told him this srory im gettin mad at this time so hes standing there winking at the 14 rear old manager like its a power trip so needless to sa he said i needed to reaply and sign the card in front of him now i have a letter from goverment a id and a credit card with my name and company on it that was not good enough so i left the stuff that would of been a nice little chunk of money for them now dont you think the propper way for customer service would be look it up on the computer and let me use it no they chose to be asses to me aftedr eight years and thousands of dollars a month i will be taking my money and nyself to target……. so that is my story of the last time i went to walmart

  • Don't purchase American Express gift cards at Walmart. Should you get a defective gift card neither company will return your money. Nor will they give you a replacement card. I purchased a defective gift card in October and I am still fighting to get my money back. Walmart told me to contact American Express and American Express told me that Walmart never activated the card. I call almost everyday and a manager is never available.

  • I purchased a 10" aquarium in September 2012. I decided I did not want the aquarium after all since I was planning on moving. I returned the item where I had picked it up. I was told I needed a return slip and I can get it on line. Ok I did that packed in it's own packaging I again took it to the the Walmart where I picked it up. Fine or that's what I thought I received a bill for it and I contacted customer service and they were no help. I did provide all information they needed…and now the end of November I am still disputing this charge and still getting billed very very unhappy customer. Walmart Sucks

  • walmart pulled a big scam last night for black friday i wanted to buy a tv the add says that the tv does not go on sale tell 10 pm get there at 9 30 and they say there sold out the manager says you need a ticket that i needed to be there at 8 pm to get the ticket where does it state in the add this info. it does not state this

  • I am an employee at Walmart, and I would like to know if we can go shopping at any Walmart location when we get our 20percent discount on December 6 and December 7, 2012

  • As much as i dislike Walmarts business practices in general I do believe in a free market and the ability to walk freely and safely into any retail outlet I choose to do business with. I also believe that it is the sole concern of said business to provide me with safety while on their premise. If the Justice Department will not intercede on behalf of Walmart to stop the trespass, loitering, and intimidation on private property by union thugs with the possibility of confrontation and the safety of patrons at risk then Walmart should employ a "security firm" to ensure the safety of its patrons and the rights it has for criminal trespass just in case local law enforcement sides with its union brothers. I call on Walmart to exercise its right to protect the safety of its patrons by standing up to the intimidators instead of cowering to them.

  • Find it amazing mycomment wasn't approved about being open on Thanksgiving……everytime I think you company can't get any lower….it does

  • I will not shop Wallmart anymore!….I think it is discusting that you are taking people away from their families on Thanksgiving day….that is a day for family!. I will not support a store that has no respect or concern for people and is just worried about their bottom… wrong…

  • I am very disappointed that Wal-Mart is participating in opening on Thanksgiving. I am equally upset with Target, Toys R Us, Kmart and Sears. I will not be shopping at any of these stores during this holiday season, and I am going to go out of my way to encourage anyone I know to do the same. There are very few times each year families can gather due to the fact that most businesses are open seven days a week with Thanksgiving and Christmas being an exception. I feel Wal-Mart is leading this trend of destroying Thanksgiving. What will be next, Christmas? I am very upset. I want you to know that no one in my family works in retail therefore this will have no affect on my family personally, but I feel it is an attack on the American family. This is making the rift between the haves and the have nots even greater. I foresee in the next ten years that this trend will destroy Thanksgiving. Families gather more at Thanksgiving than at Christmas. Many families have to travel several hours to celebrate, but these family members will no longer be able to be part of their family celebration.

    I was going to buy a new Vizio TV for my bedroom last week at Wal-Mart. I had been looking for a 32 inch smart TV for a good price. Wal-Mart had one! I told my husband, this is the TV we are going to buy, but then I heard about Thanksgiving. I am now going to buy my TV at Costco. I am sure the loss of my business will not faze Wal-Mart and unfortunately the individuals that this policy will hurt the most in the future years will be your best customers this Thanksgiving. This saddens me that they do not realize the future repercussions of their shopping on this treasured day.

    I hope Wal-Mart will take a lead in not opening next Thanksgiving and also consider stopping the craziness of opening at midnight too. This is probably an impossible dream, but I can always hope. I am very sad that corporate greed is taking this wonderful holiday away from the American family.

    Sondra Schwartz Mendoza

  • I strongly agree with the majority of employees here. I also work for wal-mart the store I work at, they have no respect for their employees at this store. When I was pregnant I was treated wrong, my asst. Managers at the time disregarded the fact that I was pregnant and had me pull heavy pallets, pick up fright that weighed over 20lbs. They disregarded my doctors note I had. Never moved me to a lighter area in the store. There was also another woman pregnant at the same time I was and she is caucasion, they moved her to the front to be a cashier. When I told my asst. Manager that I couldn't work as fast because of my growing tummy they coached me and threaten to terminate me. The support manager told also told the other asst. Managers in front of me, when she was pregante she was carry 75lbs and had no problem. So they took that as a go go situation assuming that I can carry the same amount of weight. I almost lost my baby 3 days after this conversation we had in the office. And with the stress they put me through the doctors almost lost both me and my son. When i came back from maternity leave, only been to work four days i got yelled at my my supervisor about my times and i was to slow and if i had a problem with him for me to take it up with my store manager… I have proof of this because he did it on the sales floor in front of my co-workers… I use to love going into work every night, but now i dredd it. My store manager doesn't even acknowledge us hard working Hispanics. Every support and asst. Manager is caucasion. Even the district manager's daughter works at the same store and gets the first picks at a higher entry. We need an undercover district manager or store manager even an asst. Manager to come see what's going on no one goes by the book at this store. There is so many other problems at this store, ethnic discrimination, gender discrimination, and favortism.that i can't even write them all or explain them. You just have to come and see it for yourselves… Thank you and God bless

  • what a bunch of cry babies that what most people of color do is cry… give me this give me that i want what u have cause it has to better than what i have what alot of crap pleeeasee…cry babies cry..u want what i have well cry babies WORK for it.i think EVERY employee that stays out on friday should be FIRED belive me there are plenty of people that WANT to work…

  • Because of you donation of Berry Obama, I will no longer be shopping in any of your stores. Thank you for helping to destroy America.

  • My neighbors and I will not shop at Walmart until the wages are higher and hours longer and the store is generous to its employees. The corporate office should read Nickel and Dimed in America to see what they are condemning their workers to. Raise the pay! Be generous. The owners are billionars.

  • iama associate from store 867 in scottsbluff. It is bad that walmart cuts their employees wages, which it is hard for empolyees to pay their bills or make a living. It is also not fair a employer like walmart can stop anyone finding a extra job to help in paying their bills or will not work around ur schedule to let that happen its not right. They dont treat us with respect something needs to give they make theoir own rules.

  • i was fired from Walmart #3783on oct.23,2012 dayton, Ohio. i was happy working even thou we had micro managers who gave me 2 couchings that weren't printed out for me when i requested it and only got the other 2. i don't understand why when you are a employee with years under your belt with a raise as little as a few cents that it gets you fired. i thought i knew what my job was about and what they wanted of me but i really have no clue.the jobs around me including my own kept changing by who ever was working the head office that day. i have respect still for the walmart company but i think it is misguided right now. i wish the corporate office would really take time to figure what they want the walmart store higher ups to behave with the associates. my daughter wanted me to go use the open door policy today on 11/17/2012 but i can't do it with how i was treated and don't feel safe around the acting manger that fired me after the way he behaved in the office with me in front of my new superviser. this is why i feel you corporate owners should really discuss higher up bahavior you want them to use with associates. my name is jennifer h.

  • i bought a xbox game and the next day tried to return it wasnt working so just wonted a different game told me i had to get the same game … what the hell is that ….. dont see that on my receipt was not asking for my money back ….and still tring to return the game .billion dollar company and they cannt return a $60 game.. I hate shoping there !!!!!

  • The Greenwood SC store is so bad it has pictures and write ups in the news. Already over 45 locals have commented and NONE are good. Check it out at

  • I have enter the survey many times and not won that is fine but today was the first I filled it out and was told sorry you didn't go to the departments we wanted you to so no entry into the contest. Also it has been since 2005 when I quit working at Walmart. I was told I could re apply after 90 days well I tried just a few weeks ago and was told thanks but no thanks. Oh well sorry to trouble you


  • I went to walmart to day to buy somethings and i got a 60.00 phone card and went i got home i didnt see the phone card and when i went back they said it was in the bag what can i do about that should i call the main office

  • Terrible Selection of merchandise at Cockrell Hill Dallas, TX, They are always out of the same merchandise week after week. How can you be out of Great Value items? Also out of Ragu, Crystal Light pink Lemonade, Lipton Rice, Caress Body wash and Oil of Olay!

  • Dear Walmart!

    Just coming back to USA, I noticed almost(?) everything that is sold at the stores is produced in China? What happened to Sam Waltons dream? Selling American products only to crank up the US ecconomy?

    The Chinese goverment is a communist governmet still? Are we so stupit and are buying our own bullets for destruction? I money more important than our grandkids?

    The Holy Books says: "The love of money is the roof of all evil." And "What a man soweth he will reap" – these are unchangable laws, the are hard & sad will become reality.

    Sadened Wilhelm

  • i shop at the Polson Montana Walmart Store Polson has a much higher percentage of retired then most areas and so the battery operated shopping carts are essential. They had four and it worked fine but two of them broke down about 4 months ago I have poor lungs and a bad lower back so shopping in a big store is difficult without a battery shopping cart. Out of the past 7 times i have been in the store i managed to get a cart once but only because i seen it at the check out counter and followed the customer so i would get it next. I keep asking customer service people who are located with the battery operated carts when they are going to fix them. They keep saying well we dont know we keep requesting them to fix them and never get any results someone somewhere in Walmarts employment must know how to get this done it is getting stupid all you have to do is go to the store and you will see that it is rare to find a battery operated cart available

  • Hi,
    I live in Jackson county, wisconsin and our closet Wal Mart is in Black River Falls, Wi.. Our Wal Mart is just aweful. They don't have enough employee's ther to get the jobs done right. The ones that are there have to many departments to handle and there are many time where there are lines off people to be checked out. You have all them check out lanes with no one operating them. Also what happened to the over night stockers????? It has gotten so that the shelves are bare so people can't purchase the items that they are shopping for when they need them, they have to go back on another day. Then you have employess stocking the shelves during the day while people are shopping. Are you looking for a law suit or what???? You have alot of the elderly shopping during the day not to mention regular customers. They having to go around boxes to get bye and Then they can't reach what they might be shopping for cause you have employees in the way. What if some one fell and hurt themselves or is that what its going to take till someone opens there eyes. Really, I feel you need to fix these issues. Also I have been having to shop at Shopko just to buy designer jeans in my sizes because you don't handle plus sizes. I don't know but someone needs to come check this out without the store it self knowing. SAD SAD SAD.

  • How about building a walmart in Lewistown montana we are in the center of the state with a state hy-way right down main street. Major cities billings mt 130 miles Great falls mt 109 miles were a town of,7000 with a,lot more people in the surrounding counties.

  • i live in Waukegan Illinois and will NEVER shop the WALMART there again. You go there and only 6 lines open and lines half way thru the store and ask the cashier why only 6 lines open and was told there were other stores in the area where i live and could shop them. I will publish this on my facebook page and will never step foot in WALMART again

  • walmart also treats its vendors like crap i was in the shelby nc store the other day and they make the ice delivery guy pull a full pallet of ice all the way from the back of the store to the front with a manual pallet jack i know he has a power jack ive seen him at other stores that is an accident waiting to happen but they (walmart) dont care

  • I have tried to get Zote soap that you are suppose to sell…no such luck….Not at Coshocton or Zanesville Ohio
    Sales people cannot find it AND COULD CARE LESS… IF YOU CAN FIND ANYONE TO HELP WITH SERVICE.Something needs to change…less products do not make for a one stop shopping with Wal-Mart anymore…This is not just with this one item believe me…I wonder with all the above
    comments does anyone listen to what is said…quite a topic with so many of us at our club meetings.Just think how many do not complain!
    l will go out of my way to tell a manager when i get good service and a clerk deserves this for the hard work they do.
    Maybe you need to forget some of those so called "Great Values" and get back to the people that want what you had before..better selections. Thank You…if you indeed read these comments.

  • I went to the store in scottsbluff nebraska to ask if I could place a missing person flyer of a 20 year old young man. The girl at the service desk ask her supervisor he said NO, nowhere to put it in the store.Not like it was a yard sale sign for goodness sake.

  • I worked at Walmart for almost two years. They had me work off the clock on many occasions. And work a number of positions without the pay for them. I ended up getting terminated because I went into the hospital. It's not only the customers Walmart disrespects but the employees as well.

  • i am an employee… i have been there a few years.. my hours recently got cut to like 20 a week… i have a limited availability, but it has been like that for over a year. i have never had them cut this much and this long. there is never enough people there to cover the store due to this. they told me that corporate is doing scheduling now and they have no control over this. is this true?

  • I went to get my car serviced at the Wal-Mart in Anniston, AL and a few days later I went looking for my CD case and it was not in my car. I leave it in there all the time and never take it out.I can't prove that one their employees took it while I'm sitting in the waiting area,but I will not be going back. How else could it have disappeared? I keep my car locked.

  • the walmart located on gale street in city of industry store 2251, currently there are two associates (dinah s. ortiz, c.s.m. & michael rosario, stocker who have been taking identification cards as well as credit cards and atms of customers who have accidentally either lost or left their wallets at the store. ive repeatedly seen both associates attempt to use credit/atm cards for gas, etc. i also know that they are under the influence of a controlled substance meth while on the job. i am an intermediate family member of one of the associates who have been victimized by these people and i believe everyone should be aware of this.

  • This letter is addressed to anyone at coporate headquaters who will listen if anyone really reads these. March 2011 I bought a phone from Twin Falls Walmart and at the same time I bought a phone replacement plan. The plan cost an additional $40.00 and that is after paying $139.00 for the phone.
    For starters, the plan says 18 months additional protection and the manufacturer of the straight talk phone places a 12 month warranty on the phone. Additional to me means 18 months additional protection after the manufactures 12 month warranty is up.Hence additional. When buying my phone I was led to believe by the sales associate and the information booklet that came with the card that my phone would be replaced due to loss or damage. However this was not the case. So I carried the replacement plan card in my wallet for a year and six months. Then I lost my phone. I call the number on the back of my card and when prompted to answer the question if you cannot make or receive calls press certain # I did. At the end of this I was directed to Walmart with my card for activation. They ran my card and it said my card was not active. To activate scan bar code. They scanned and it asked for cash. In essence the clerk never scanned upon inital purchase. Therefore, rendering the card worthless. So in total, my phone was not replaced, I was not compensated the 40.00 for the card or phone, and also spent an additional $137.00 for a new phone. which was not activated until the next day. Straight talk said it was your problem, not theirs, when in fact, it was mine , which I was told by both Walmart and Straight Talk. I usually come to Walmart for hassle free returns and I have spent thousands of dollars there. In fact I was going to purchase four tires that day also, but this left me short. I will not be buying anything else from this Walmart or any other Walmart, instead I will take my and my families money elsewhere. The service I received will be passed on to all friends and family and anybody else who will listen. Thanks for nothing. Jeff Wirth. Hansen, Id. 208- 212-5105.

  • I know what kind of employer you are and if you want me to keep my mouth shut you better give me a good reason. I am from Lancaster county Pa and on Route 30 east a manager was given a raise after 30 people have removed and she was told the less people working at wal-mart the more money she makes. An employee who worked at this wal-mart worked for 15 plus yrs and she was left go with out warning. I will be looking in to this with the FBI if I have to. Make no mistake about it. I know the Law and this is a violation of a work ethnic.

  • I call the new hudson store and asked for electronics department and no one would answer so called back and still no answer called back asked for customer service and still no answer so called back and asked for manager and still no answer so called again and guess what still no answer what a store right no one works there

  • Walmart apologizes after a manager at one of its Florida stores calls kids' chorus a 'liability' and prevents them from singing 'God Bless America' on 9/11. Then the police are called. Walmart apologizes for 'miscommunication' and vows to make it up to kids.

  • I live in a small New Mexico town, seems theres not alot to offer around here.I live between 2 cities Tucumcari,New Mexico and Santa Rosa, New Mexico, neither one has a store worth a crap,Tucumcari has a Kmart and Alco and Santa Rosa has a family dollar. Come on you're Wal-mart get on the ball put a store in one of them cities or in between them in Newkirk, New Mexico a prime location right on I-40, after all the nearest wal-mart is 85 miles away in Las Vegas, New Mexico. So please take in to consideration and put a store somewhere close

  • i am a walmart employee i do my best to help every customer i come by, even though im not a stocker or cashier, its not fair to judge all of walmart just because of a few bad employees, everyone needs to be responsible for them selves and stop blaming everyone else the associates may have a hard time helping you but that doesnt mean they cant do their job it means their frustrated because they have about four managers on their case at a time plus twelve associates begging for their help and now they have to help someone find something thats on the other side of the store… yall think yall are the only one who have problems? ooh someone was rude to me wah wah oh look starving… in a hot desert… yeah see the difference get ahold of reality and see that the world does not in any way revolve around you or YOUR problems, and also mabye if you were taking a different approach instead of me me me they might actually listen to you. duh.

  • I'd like to know how walmart can cut your full-time hours to less than 34 to a 40hr for 2wk check and expect you to live and pay your bills. Oh and also cut our bonus from $477 with 2 days left in July to $282. Sounds like a scam to me.

  • Here is th bottom line regarding Walmart. THEY ARE ALL ABOUT MONEY AND NOT THE CUSTOMER! I am appauled at the way I was treated by management this past week. I am disabled and clearly they wnat my money but will not help me. Just ahve to love big business…we should never have let the corporation into our state!

  • I was walmart in Middle Island New York and my brother was stung by a bee. When my mom took him to the pharmacy counter the women was rude and she was not willing to help. She told my mother to go make a purchase of benadryl.

  • I work for store 5185. and i have a set availability. so when the store decides to. they just disregared this set availability. I strongly disagree with this pratice and think it should be looked into..


    This is the WORST of the stores nationwide. Employees, for the most part are rude, arrogant, obnoxious, biligerent, and downright MEAN. Here you are building this new store. WHY??? As you already know, you have never made a profit, due to stealing [by the employees] in house ripoff's. They refuse to accept competitors prices. I SHALL NEVER ENTER THAT STORE AGAIN!!!!!!

  • walmart sucks!!!!! i work at the checotah, ok store and the management at this store is awful. i went on medical leave and was off longer than was supposed to be due to complications during surgery. before i was fully released to go back to work my job got posted and filled. i was not called or asked if i was coming back. i was told rumor was i was not coming back. i talked to the am and the manager and was told sorry they could give me a position but it would not be my job. it would be different hours and less money. i think this sucks big time!!!!!!!

  • Went to Wal-mart (8/18/12) to get two tires in Little Elm, Tx. Dropped my truck off at 2pm, went back at 6pm and the tires were not installed on my truck. Claimed that they did all options to put the tires on but did not call me after 4 hours. Said that they needed the cheetah to put the tires on. Forgot to put on my chrome sleeves and valve caps on the new valves. This Wal-mart staff sent me to The Colony. Tx. Wal-mart to get the tires placed on my truck. I was there two and half hours, tires were installed on my truck but they put long stems valves instead of the short stem valves. Had to go back again today (8/19/12) for them to replace the valves for short ones. I will have to go back and have them balance my front tires because the technician said that the tire did not move and does not need to be rebalanced. On my way home, my truck got upto 55 mph and my tires started to vibrate from the un-balanced tires, in the front. The customer service in these two Wal-marts is unsatisifactory!! It has taken three days to do work on two tires. I paid $350 on these tires and the service was no good. I will be calling the Corporate office in the morning.

  • My walmart #2355 there's only three people that can actually help you ones a zone manager and the other to are reshoper and the funny thing is they all work the. Same shift and are in the grocery department. I think corporate should fire everyone else there. Laura is spunky intuitive and very motivated person. She always makes sure if the store doesn't sell it she knows others that do carry it. Ashley is a very bright but timid person she always ensures me that when they don't have a product I am looking for that she has the company call to inform me when they have it in. We when it comes to speaking her mind she tens to stick with the same cut in dry manual Scriptures. Andrea she should be the face of walmart she always has a smile and always is happy and giggles no matter how bad of a day she is having. Not only that but she really does connect with me and others on a one to one basis. Nothing is never off the table whether its about a product or just a personal note. She should be walmarts mascot in fact all three of theses lady's should. They deserve raises and to be tuning the store. You guys should keep a close eye on theses girls because they are walmarts future.

  • Walmart sucks ass. Specailly the Clarence walmart of NY. The management there sucks ass. Every question you ask them they lie and always try to get you off from what you want to know. They change there shelfing and floor displays so much that nobody knows were or how to find it. There's only three associates in that store that actually know where things are and give you honest answers for all your questions and concerns. Hell to of them are grocery departments putter backers Andrea is always smiling and giggling and always gives her honest opinion to anyone who wants it. Hell she is more like apart of my family because she connects with me and my kids everytime we come in and shop. We even know that her life's not oranges and peaches. And if anyone knew how much she's been through in her life time. You would ask the same thing my family asked how does shelaugh and smile and giggle all the time with no care in the world. She should be who we see on the TV not that coursed actor Guy.

  • i hate wal mart in city baldwin park california they have very bad rude employees in that store they have 27 check out lines and only 4 lane`s open i ask manager of wal mart why dont you open more check out lines he tell`s me not enough help well then hire more employees then

  • My $6500.oo check was also stolen and cashed at Wal-Mart.

    I called the check cashing department where the check was cashed and they said “all we require is one piece of ID BUT they have to key in a social security number” NIETHER piece of ID is cross checked to government data, so you can steal a check go buy you a fake ID key (for 25.00) key in 111-22-3333 and Wal-Mart will give you $6500.00 cash (less a $6.00 fee).

    If I go to MY bank, they will not cash the check but allow me to deposit it. Then they will freeze the cash until the check clears and I have been banking with them for 30 years and they hold my retirement savings.

    I called the local authorities and they told me that they run continuing investigations at this Wal-Mart on this very issue.

    So Wal-Mart your policy / process is costing the City, State and Federal Government all this extra expense and as a tax payer I think YOU should be reimbursing the tax payers.

    I hope the Feds nail you!!!!

  • I had worked for Walmart from 07 to 09 they fired me in 2009 for missing a lot of days of work I was very sick I had a disease that was killing me I was going to doctors appts. but that was not good for them they knew I had the disease that was the first thing I told them when I got hired back in 2007 and when told them that I was getting help from family members to help me get the paper work done and Walmart told me it was not there job to help get paperwork done it was my job to do it and that made me mad.

  • I came to the Corporate site hoping to get resolution related to a comment made by a Walmart employee. My daughter walked down an isle while shopping, she came upon an employee who was stocling the shelves. The employee was blocking part of the isle and the items on a pallet were blocking the rest of the isle. My daughter waited for the employee to aknowlege her and allow her to pass. The employee never looked at her and never moved. Myy daughter was sure the employee saw her standing there but was too busy to care. My daughter went around another way. As she passed the isle that was being blocked she heard that same employee tell a manager walking past that she was so tire of these people.

    After advising my daughter to contact the corporate office I decided to help her. I sat on hold for almost 13 minutes. As I held I read many of the posting on this page. I must admit, Im appauled. It seems that America corporate giant has lost it's way. I also feel it's time we (the consumers) help them find their way again or find their way out, of our communities that is. We have given way to cheaper prices at the expense of the Mom and Pop stores. You know, the ones that are friendly, helpful, greatful to have your business. I will be pulling all investments from Walmart stock and looking for other places that WANT my business. If Walmart cares to respond they can reach me at

  • Unfortunately, the turn over in staff and management in Sioux City, Iowa is cleary a sign of poor Administration. The employees are treated horrible. My own experience and philosopy as an administrator is to treat your employees well and with dignity to maintain a successful business. This will benifit the whole community. Many people shop there, however, their comments are, yuck, going to Walmart. The employees are harassed, threatened, verbally abused, and physically challenged because they don't distribute the work-load and responsibilities appropriately. They direct 65 year old women and men to unload, hall, and push truck loads of pallets while they assign lazy younger staff to stock the shelves. One man was let go after all his years working there because they over spent on remodeling and they cut staff hours. This man died of a heart attack because of the devistation. He needed the job to support his family. Another manager who they demoted committed suicide. As a customer I observed a Manager making fun of one of the employees mopping the floors. As a daughter, relative, and friend of more than one staff member who are really good people, it is very difficult for me to see how this company has taken a toll on many employees lives. Lots of unessecary stress, conflict, and disrespect. I am surprised there hasn't been any law suits. What does that tell you about the Walmart here? I see a lot of unhappy faces. So those employees who are scared, go unrecognized and not appreciated for their work, my apologies and sympathy goes out to all of you. God bless.

  • i bought a game and when i got home the plastic lock thing was still on it so i went to the once closest to my house and because i bought it in a different neighborhood walmart which is 15 miles away i cant get them to take the damn thing off… stupid as heck man… walmart is walmart i have my recipt so whats the big problem…

  • To corporate management. It is wonderful that you brought the craft department back to the stores. But when I go in to purchases thread for the embroidery machine. It seems that you have gotten rid of it. You have outdoor thread on the small cones. You need to purchase the Coats and Clarks T41 thread. This is used for everyday sewing and for the embroidery machines. Having some outdoor thread is okay but you still need the T41 thread. I usually by 3 or 4 spools at one time when you have it. But I will not purchase the outdoor thread.I have asked the store in Ankney, IA and Altoona IA to purchase the t41 but have not seen anything happen yet. Thank you for your help.

  • STORE #(3420) Westbury, NY 7/29/12
    Asst. Mananger "Le fay"

    Unhelpful,Unprofessional asst. manager who seems to go by the name of only "Le fay"

    Did not honor store policy to provide a "comparable"
    item when said item is posted for sale and is not available.

    Did not even offer rain check.
    Did not even provide complaint form when asked.
    Walked away when asked her name.

  • I wish all the stores that walmart put out of business when they moved in our town were back.
    And just to add. Does anyone have problems with anything they buy from Walmart that requires electricity. They all seem to have some kind of fault with it or will not last very long. I was told once by a Poulan chain saw designer that when they have a bad batch Walmart gets it because walmart demands a certain low price when they buy it or they won't do business with them.

  • Batavia Ny store…Disgusting. Since this store became a 'super center', it has done nothing but go down hill.There is nothing 'SUPER' about this store. Filthy dirty, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT SO EVER. Lines are backed up through the isles and they have 2 open check outs. Why have 30 check outs? Why have empty shelves that don't get re-filled for weeks? No one around at any of the other check outs to help…It's a joke. You are losing customers left and right….OBVIOUSLY WALMART DOES NOT CARE!!!!!

  • i live in gibsonton,fl, we have a wal-mart about a mile away. i called the store to talk to paint department. i started at 6:15 p.m, the first call.the lady came back to me 3 times to ask who i was waiting for. i got tired of waiting, so i called back,this time it was over 4 minutes. same thing… so i call back and ask for supervise. that was a 5 minute wait.then i call complaint office, the first time was 11 minutes. got hung up i call back this call lasted 13 minutes. and was hung up on again. then i finnaly got someone to listen to me and i then asked for a superviser. and the lady told me it would be half hour wait to talk to a superviser. i finally got in touch with some guy named john f. that was a 53 minute call. and still had to call back because we got disconnected.(yea right) that was a 15 minute call. thats 104 minutes. then still had to call the store back and wait more. just to find out my product only cost $16.77. now i make $15.00 p/h. so i think i should get something for my time and trouble having to deal with b.s. like this.but noone at the complaint office will do anything to help the general public. besides put u on hold for hours at a time. and then there still no help. oh by the way i still had too call back 2 more times to find out the price. my last call was at 8:27 p.m. i feel that they should do the undercover boss so the big boys can see how there comp. is being run. this is nuts. i wish there was a store closer to me so i didn't have to deal with WAL-MART. great stuck thats the way they like it i guess.

  • Now we are in hard times why isn't there layaway? A familey of a set of twins and a set of triplets its very hard for school shopping and holidays.Come on Walmart bring back layaway.I hate to go somewhere else not unless you don't care.If it wasn't for us customers you wouldn't have a business,now it time to help us.Alot of us would like to see layaway back and to help us.Just think more people more money when you get layaway back,think about it.

  • not sure if this is the place to write this but here goes, i love walmart stores, better than meijer stores for sure, but where i live we have to drive so far to one on sherman blvd in muskegon, it may not seem far to some but for my illness its sometimes hard to go that far, i live near whitehall road in michigan, i know its not a big city but we sure could use a walmart they have taken a few stores out anyway and to have a walmart that would be the greatest thing, we finally got a save alot and i go there alot, hope you consider this request, most likely you wont, but i had to ask, i shop only at walmart when i can get there, and if i have to go to meijer i do, but id rather keep using walmart, i love the people and the prices are awesome on the things i buy, thanks for listening, hope it is considered for us that need one closer,,


  • Someone needs to look into the Forest,MS. Store they never have the items i need. They are never fully stocked sometimes i won't see the items i need for months. One day i was looking for a pair shoes for my neice and all they had was big sized shoes not everbody wears a 12. The employee i talk to said they put out what the truck brings. today my husband went to buy a pair of shoes and did not have what he was looking for the same employee told us the same thing as before. And its not just shoes it's everything. I live 30 to 50 miles away from another walmart. I would be better of shopping at freds or they dollar store….CAN SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. WHO EVER DOES THEY ORDERING FOR THIS STORE SUCK AT IT.PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM. Thank You Kathryn

  • There is a video on Walmarts Cruelty to Pigs that EVERYONE should watch. It is sooo sad. It is about the farm (Christensen Farm's) where Walmarts gets their pork from….it will make you,like me NEVER SHOP AT WALMARTS AGAIN! I have signed the petition, sent emails to corp headquarters and posted on FB. Everyone should know about this. It so cruel. It made me sick and cry but you need to watch it.

  • I want to know what in the world is going on with Wal-mart here in Fremont, MI.. Sam Walton the founder of this company would roll over in his grave knowing what the heck is going on and the Associates being treated like crap thrown around like they are animals. I am seeing this as a concerned customer that these issues need to be addressed in this company.
    When you start treating your associates better underneath you maybe you will have good workers who love to be at Wal-mart plus do a better job. Then you get some crappy Assistants that think they are better then the associates act like they are better then them… In Fact they not any better then them taking advantage of their Management status.. that is a bunch of bull crap needs to stop, I do say you have good Assistants but they need to be rewarded for treating the Associates under them good plus find them out. It makes a much better working experience for everyone plus the customers who shop their.


  • Was in the TLE at store 5049 and asked to speak with the department manager I was told shes on break and should be back momentarily. She didn't after 10 mins so I asked the young man again because it is regarding an oil change I wasn't satisfied with after seeing it leaking a few days after I was serviced at 5049 littleton, co. Finally the lady said "yes im the department manager and I said do you remember telling me i would be satisfied with the job?" she replied "Yes, what can I do for you." then I noticed her eyes were very glazed and she said "Well go on, were very busy??" I said Nevermind. Im taking my business elsewehere because she looked high as a kite im never coming back there again. Nothing but a team of "stoners" as usual from uncertified auto mechanics and managment. My husband wanted to pursue a refund and we decided the managment was so lacksadazickle we are no longer customers


  • Well well well Walmart… seems you have managers in your stores that apparently have any brains.. Is this by design on your part? Recently read about that 74 year old lady that has worked for you~ 23 years.. seems a typical customer shoved her and the bodies natural defense mechanisms kicked in and the woman reach out to grab something anything to keep from falling and it seems it was the sweater of the aggressor and you fired her for touching a customer.. I think I should seek employment and demonstrate exactly how to cold cock your customers who assault employees, but I won't cause I am no longer a customer…

  • Just left the Wal-mart in Dumfries, VA at 17041 Jefferson Davis Highway. Previously, bought home odd ends there as well as groceries for the convenient location. Now I will go out of my way to take business down the street. Why ?

    Because the eye glass department is unable to keep track of who is next in the department for service. It is a wild west without even a paper "next" number system nor is the clerk capable to keep track of the customer arrival order. The staff has to ask "who is next" and rely upon the honesty of the customers rather than know for themselves.

    I refuse to be the victim of lies by customers as to order nor be talked over or down to when seeking the involvement of management. I realize I will not bankrupt Wal-Mart but I will have the satisfaction of taking my money to a more appreciative business. If you are unable to watch persons/customers to know their arrival and who is next, then you are unable to watch for shrinkage and pilferage as well. So merchandise and customers are walking out of the store or optometry department.

    Customer service and my service observations as well as complaints are important enough to PF chang's, Nordstrom's and Morton's to warrant a discount for an offense or oversight but the management of this Wal-Mart did not seem particularly interested to make me a satisfied consumer. Fair Warning to other shoppers at Wal-Mart !!

  • I worked at walmart as a customer service manager. On Thuraday evening June 14, 2012 The assistant manager gave me hi login number and password and asked for mine so we could reset the registers. I asked him if it was ok for us to overide "no sale" transactions using each others numbers and he told me that was the way he and another csm reset the registers. We then proceeded resetting the registers doing the overides as he instructed me to do. On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, I was called into the office and terminated for not following company policy. I know four other csm's and three assistant managers who use each others numbers to do overide transactions. The assistant who told me to use his numbers is still working. I am the only one who has been terminated. This is totally unfair and what happenen to the first basic belief walmart boastfully tells everyone about. "RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL". That is nothing but a bare faced LIE! The only thing walmart has any respect for is all the money the corporation has. I would advise anyone seeking a job at walmart to search elsewhere.

  • I went to the Walmart store in Middle island NY on Monday June 18, 2012 while in the health & beauty aisle I saw a senior woman trying out hair brushes and putting them back on the self. Last year I saw someone trying on dog clothing and putting them back on the self. Today I was on the 12 items or less line and the person 2 in front of me had at least 30 or more items ( food, shoes clothes etc) her cart was full of bags when she was finished. The line behind me began to wrap around the main aisle. I said something out loud " This is a 12 item and under line..that it was ridiculous" The gentleman 2 behind me said "Oh my God she still going". When I got up to the register I asked the cashier why she allowed her on this line her answer was "We are not allowed to turn people away". What is the point of a 12 or less line then? Well I did go to the up front manager and asked he said " No" He did go to her and told her that her line is 12 or less. She was not happy that I told her manager but her attitude sucked. FYI there was only one 12 or less line open. The woman stated she didn't see the sign. Funny since the 7 year old boy behind me read the sign out loud and asked his mom what it meant. No apology from the woman (just the finger from her teen daughter as they exited the store) no apology from the cashier…HMMMM I so do miss Kmart in Middle Island.


  • Saw it all today!! my friend and I was at walmart in Erie, also known as Ghettomart, and two young guys came in and proceeded to take the motorized handicapped carts and started running them around in the lobby and then took them outside and was using them as dodgem cars!!! tried finding somebody to let them know but that was useless, and the cart man was coming in, said something to him and he said he didn't see anyone. When we left we didn't either, so I imagine the carts are now along the tracks or in the woods with dead batteries or whatever they are run on. That walmart needs to be closed down, you can't find anything there anymore and forget about calling, any of the numbers because they don't answer or it goes to fax.

  • My complaint with walmart is their checks. I am an ex employee and when they cashed me out on my last day the check didnt clear. Now, I received my 401k check and guess what…yup, the check didnt go through. The company that walmart uses told me that they get alot of bad checks, the ones walmart uses so they couldnt allow them to cash it. SO with that being said, why doesnt walmart use good checks?

  • Dear Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:
    702 SW 8th Street
    Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611

    June 8, 2012

    Subject Cart Associate “Larry’s” GOOD DEAD!

    Friday June 8th was a very stressful day; I was shopping at Wal-Mart and after loading my groceries into the car I accidently left my purse in the basket and drove home (35 miles away from Wall-Mart).. When I got home I found that I had left my purse with everything important inside of it including,…credit cards, Medicare information, a list of my prescriptions and more. I’m sure you understand how worried I was that someone might have all my information. I felt stupid, scared and worried all at the same time. Saying a prayer that my purse might have been turned in I called Wal-Mart

    (208) 265-8332
    476999 HIGHWAY 95
    PONDERAY, ID 83852

    Customer service checked to see if my purse had been turned in; my purse was there and what a relief it was. I asked who turned it in and was told that the young man who takes care of the carts found it and turned it in. I was so grateful to Larry and would like to let your store know that he should be singled out and told that he did a good dead and it was very important to me that my purse found its way into his hands. I know that Wal-Mart tries very hard to give all kinds of people a chance to work, young people, people that have disabilities, older people and your customers know that you have good intentions when you hire such a variety of people. You got very lucky to have hired “Cart Associate Larry”. It is my hope that you will take a minute to let him know that he was appreciated, not only by me but by Wal-Mart. I also want people to know that young adults are honest and do work hard and are appreciated for their honesty and high morals.

    Thank you for watching out for your employees, when you do this you are also protecting your customers. I know Wal-Mart will always remain a quality store and I will continue to shop in them. I do hope you take a moment to let Larry know that their employer knows about the good things that happen in their stores.

    Grateful in Idaho

    CC Wal-Mart Store # 2485
    Sandpoint Bonner Bee

  • Well i am in a walmart in Odessa Tx. This is the fourth time i have came in to this store and the lines are full. They only have 3full lines and one speedy check out line open The lines have over 15 set of people…. I have been in line for 25min. Hope someone from corp. looks in to see why the line are alway like this. My home is in Ar. And they never let this happen.

  • Hello my name is Frank. I'm a concerned law abiding tax paying citizen and a member of the United States Civil Militia Civil Protection Division. I was at the Rockton Wall-Mart Yesterday located at [ 4781 E. Rockton Rd.
    Zip code 61073 ]. In witch my Constitutional Right to free speech was violated. The Management staff's reasoning for doing so was solely based on the grounds that Wall-Mart is a. Privately owned and operated company. Now i have done over 28 years of research into the U.S. Government affairs as well as local , state , constitutional , federal and international laws. And have also done extensive research into the inter workings of the Wall-Mart corp. And know that the Wall din. grand kids sold the Wall-Mart corp. To China. Now with that being established Wall-Mart is in fact a privately owned and operated company. operating on American soil witch means all Wall-Mart stores within the U.S. Are exempt from being protected buy the U.S. Constitution and are also excluded from from being protected by local and state laws of the U.S. Being that all Wall-Mart stores operating on American soil are foreign owned and operated by China.

    Now i am bring this to your attention because it is Unlawful and Unconstitutional. For Wall-Mart Corp. To implement or enforce policy set forth by a foreign Government on American soil. Do to the fact that the U.S. Constitution and state and local laws only protects American owned and operated company's and corp. and because
    Again all Wall-Mart stores in the U.S. Are privately owned and operated by China witch is a considered under all American forms of law a foreign country. Wall-Mart dose not have the legal grounds to implement nor enforce foreign policy's on American soil. Now as a member of the United States Civil Militia's Civil Protection Division. As of today's date of Friday / June / 15th. / 2012. All Wall-Mart stores will be monitored under the Civil Protection Act.

    Thank you for attention to this matter.
    Sincerely Capt. Frank A.
    United States Civil Militia
    Civil Protection Division.

  • so walmart gives me a job i pas the pee test and my background check comes back clean , but i self admitted to a felony in 1992 so they stopped the hireing process because of this even though my background check came back clean i repeat came back clean,,,,,, so why is it i dont have a job prejudece its my past from 20 freakin years ago then curt from coorporate tells me i can go to work on jan 1st of next year mmmm something just isnt right im trying to push this story to the public by every means neccessary if anyone can help me my email add… is cthompsonnaroofing and make sure u sub it about this article so i dont spam it

  • My daughter purchased a wooden shelf and a wooden desk at the Walmart

    in Georgetown Texas.They were in boxes and needed to be put together.

    She started on the shelf first and figured out real quick that they were not of

    very good quality. She and a friend decided to take the desk back and look for

    another one. She had lost the receipt. I told her "no problem, Walmart will take

    returns. You just need to show them your drivers license." So she loaded it back

    up and took it to Walmart. ( this desk was heavy enough that I could not pick it up.)

    When she got to customer service the employee called for a Manager.

    The Manager walked up and said to the employee " oh, another obnoxious costumer

    without a receipt ! " Then they basically accused her of possibly stealing this heavy, bulky desk 😮 ! ! ! REALLY???

    They rudely decided to put the purchase on a gift card.

    My daughter called Walmart and spoke to another Manager about it.

    By that time, she was so angry and her feelings were hurt. The Manager probably

    could not understand what she was saying she was crying so hard and yelling because

    by that time anger had set in and she was furious to be treated like that.

    NO ONE deserves to be treated like that………………NO ONE ! ! !

  • This keeps getting better.
    In other words if corporate dosen't like or agree with what is being said they won't approve it !
    Then what is the point of commenting ?

  • I recently purchased two money orders from Walmart in the amount of $25.00 each. I sent them to my grandchildren only to find out that in order to cash them at Walmart they are charging a fee of $3.oo per money order!This means that now
    a gift of $25.00 becomes a gift of $22.00. Walmart are you serious?! I don't understand why there should be any charge
    when I purchased them from Walmart! Nice way to rip off and decieve customers not to mention the recipients of the money order!!!!!!! What genious approved this policy?

  • Walmart in Monticello, NY

    Corporate, where are you? There are rats, and mice droppings all over the store, you have received five notices to clean up your act. Don't you think that the Mr. and Mrs. public deserve a clean store to shop in. It appears that you have lost touch with what is important to the general public. We in the Monticello area are banning the store due to the health hazaard it is creating. You should be ashamed that you have not published a letter letting the folks in the area know that you are taking steps to alleviate these issues, if you are not, we can assume that you don't mind the store closing and people not shopping there. Your inaction is abominable.

  • CMI: Walmart is stalling on my claim. Nearly five weeks and not heard from CMI, a moral obligation claim is now made for $100,000, amd if not heard from CMI in writing by a week, said claim, goes up to one million United States Dollars. Ref: Automobile dented by Walmart shopping cart in Walmart's garden shop parking lot. I have requested follow-up by store #5274: Mr. Ray Ramos, A.M. and Mylanie at C.S. and Walmart Pear City, Hawaii management team.
    posted by g.v. victim

  • CMI: Walmart is stalling on my claim. Nearly five weeks and not heard from CMI, a moral obligation claim is now made for $100,000, amd if not heard from CMI in writing by a week, said claim, goes up to one million United States Dollars. Ref: Automobile dented by Walmart shopping cart in Walmart's garden shop parking lot. I have requested follow-up by store #5274: Mr. Ray Ramos, A.M. and Mylanie at C.S. and Walmart Pear City, Hawaii management team.
    posted by g.v. victim

  • I called up mililani Wal mart on the island of Oahu June 5, 2012 called between 10:00 to 10:15 pm and asked for the manager, the person answered an said what's the problem? I ask when are they going to block the grocery area for moping because I couldn't get the items I needed so I can come before or after.He said why' u don't want your floors moped?then he said to go times supermarket" I been in mililani half of my life and Wal Mart mililani is so convenient because it's 24 hrs unlike times super market.Please over see how this store operates" atleast have the customers be able to talk to the manager.your faithful mililani customer.

  • Find somewhere else to shop, even if it's inconvenient. You'll never get him fired, they will protect him, he's obviously a manager because they are the only ones who job allows them to stand around and that's why the other employees looked nervous. They're afraid of him, he probably does it to them also. This IS the new walmart culture, it's just finally filtered down to your store, but it's been in effect for many years now. Winning thru intimidation.

  • Last week I had to return one of your luggage carriers that I had just received as a gift to one of your stores. The customer service person exchanged it for another on thursday last today is tues May 30, 2012. This one collapsed getting off a bus at the bus stop. To add injury to insult the bus stop where it totally collapsed was crawling with ants. When I tried to pick my bag and the collapsed luggage carrier up there were ants bitting and crawling all over me and the bag. It was a good thing I had a can of deep woods off in a tote that I dropped and was trying to get at it and smack at the ants as well. I am covered in bug bites then I had to drag that collapsed carrier around to this library and pay two dollars to used this computer to send this email because I do not have a library card for this county area. Note this pisses me off even more. This has happen to me before with your luggage carriers and I contacted the 1800-walmart number and went into the store and ended up getting a used carrier. That one I had approx. two months used(diff brand I think, there was no manufacturer info with this used one.) You have to do something about your product failure rate with this product. Note also: there has been rain storms for atleast three days so I really did not get to use it much and this is how long it lasted. I am hearing stories from others one of them worse than mine in a way. I heard that your stores are pulling things that you usually put in the garbage and selling it to people instead of tossing them. The orig. cart came from Middleburg, FL, I returned it to the store in Mandarin area of Jacksonville, FL last thursday. Please contact me my email address is

  • My son works for Walmart & he is harrassed everyday by at least three or four managers. He starts one job & another manager will come along & tell him to do something else. He said all of these managers stand around & gossip about everyone & do nothing. He said you can't finish one job because you're constantly pulled away to do another & then your harrassed from the previous manager for not finishing the job they told you to do. I wouldn't work for Walmart because they don't care about their employees. I look at all grocery store sale ads & buy most of my products from the grocery stores or shop at dollar general stores. There is no way I would take a sale ad from another grocery store for walmart to match. Not happening with me. I would rather shop 5 different stores & get what I need than buy everything at Walmart. They have 30 lanes & usually only open 2-3 at a time. So that tells me they don't care about the customer, which really means they could careless about their employees. Walmart only cares about the all mighty dollar…. Pure greed… And only in this life time will greed get you anywhere…

  • Iam very upset at the way store 3397 treats there employees when it come to there health.Some of those manager there put on a show when the outside people come to check on the store. On the frontline cashiers and customers are waiting almost 45 minutes just for change back or for the cashiers change to be brought to them.I know mulitple people work for store 3397 and have health problems but cant go to a doctors or hostipal because they have on health insurance, so they call out when there sick because they were told to call the 800 hotline.some have been terminated Because of there sickness it there children sickness…what do we do because one person i know that was just terminated yesterday needed her Walmart job to pay her rent and feed her children but in a couple of days her and her children are going to be homeless because managers at this store 3397 don't followup on there mistakes please contact me

  • Can you please tell me why the zm or the manager allows two greeters at the exit door, one sits on a bench and the other on a stool one goes in at 7am and the other one starts at 2pm,seems like a waste of money to me and then they cut hrs, makes no sense, then they have 4or 5 csm, that stand around and say nothing to them, this store is 1918 in Bellingham Ma,.What is wrong with this picture, they sit around and do nothing and then you have the greeter
    on the entrance door who is alone and will zone the cart reel when they are not busy, do you really need two greeters at the exit door? This has been going on for over ayear now!

  • What is the point in trying to complain to corporate office if they do not take an interest in the hardworking people that work for them and get treated like dirt, must be something to do with your age and race. My husband works for Walmart and he got "coached" the day he returned from vacation. He does not have the best crew and most times he cannot do his job as a dept mgr since he has to do the job of the people in the dept that continually call in or don't call in at all. He got his second "coach" when he returned from his 2 days off. The reason given was that he was supposed to have made a list of job duties for his dept while he was on leave. What good would it have been to make a list if no one reports to work? Who would have done the work on the list? It has affected my husband medically b/c he has never been coached before going to work at this new Walmart in Texas. The person who is doing the coaching is the one resposnsible for making out the schedule for his dept. Just goes to show you that corporate does not care about the hardworking older person with strong work ethics and only about filling their pockets with $$$$. I will make sure that if something happens to my husband because of the way he is being pressured, that my voice will not be silenced.

  • I am thinking about applying with Walmart. Can someone give me some pointers? I am 54, in god health except I have a bad back (spine) lifitng up and down is bad for it. I don't want to wind up homeless, I need work. But I am affraid I haven't worked on paper for some years. I did not grad high school. But I am not stupid. I come from a time where common sense was born in you. I don't know what position to even apply for. I need to earn the most I can.

    My questions are: What will I BRING HOME a month? And lastly, will they take a chance on me considering they hire so many young people. I am so worried about my winding up homeless, I used to take care of people in their homes who needed someone to help them remain independant. Now those jobs are eaten up. I need surgery and need to earn 30,000.00 for it. God can anyoone give me a shimmer of hope… I really need someone soemthing… If I lose my fixed income I would wind up on the streets. Please answer…I am so nervous God… so afraid.

    • If you keep trying they will probably hire you, they hire a lot of older people with few to no skills. They start you out at $8.20 hr, (50cents more for over-night hours, which is EXTREMELY hard work, even if they call it something that sounds easy like cashiering) but no one get full-time any more, the norm is 20 – 30 hrs. So bring home, for two weeks, is $300-$400ish, depending. not great. You won't be eligible for benefits for a year, and then it's expensive and no eye or dental because you're part-time.
      You will get abused, be ready for that. You will have people half your age ordering you around like you're a dog. You will see cliques that have formed, and lots of unfairness and favoritism. There is a culture of protecting the abusers and keeping the peons afraid for their jobs so they'll jump when told to jump. And you'll find managers and CSMs that are cruel just for the fun of it. If you think you can take that, go for it.

    • Well shoot, Raven, smarten up! call in the local news media, get them to cover your story, tell them you need a job!

      Don't shrink up in a ball, nervous Nelli, shout to the world like Norma Ray! All ya have to do is speak up. Life is a movie, ya know.

  • I applied for a job at the ash flat walmart after waiting a day for the manager to call me back I called them becuase I had told him that i was going to go back to school he informed me that the walmart community likes to have people that stay with the company and have longevity he wished me luck and hung up on me I have been laid off and out of unemployment how the hell can i afford college without a job i know people that are students and work there and they are not staying I call predjudice walmart sucks.

  • Stole something worth 8$ from the Walmart in Pullman. I got caught, and i need to "ask" for a misdemeanor compromise under the state of Wa. Can't find anyone to contact and the store manager said i have to contact someone higher than him. So I'm stuck feeling like the court sent me on mission impossible.

  • well I guess when you are a former employee and try to comment about a injury that a incident report was denied you get turned down on a comment. Also get turned down a comment on how managers need to learn their department. Oh did I mention that if I could talk to Sam I would tell him he should fire all Mangers who didn't learn their department and have control over their employees who stood around talking and not being helpful to customers.!
    And that the CEO's should have desk made out of old doors and saw horses like Sam had!!

  • Undercover Boss wouldn't help. All the stores I have been into are all the same. They would have a years' worth of the show and it wouldn't help. Corperate isn't going to do anything!! We can all complain, rant and rave all we want. Sam Walton is rolling over 24/7.LOL they didn't get the #1 Fortune 500 this time,Exxon did. YEAH !!!
    I wish I could shop else where but when you have to depend on someone else for transportation you tend to shop where they do. I may just switch to K-Mart anyway. They are more friendlier and will give discounts when they are out of stock and will sell you the display item. And there is always a friendly associate to help you. You don't have to interupt a conversation between associates. And the managers know about their products.
    I have been stopped at the door and they have gone thru my purchases as if I had shoplifted. I asked what they were searching for and "We will tell you when we find it" I didn't get an apology and never did know what they were looking for.
    I have since moved out of state and I have left my cart after checking out at customer service to go and purchase an item I forgot to get. I walked to my cart and walked out without anyone asking me if it was my cart, anyone could go and walk out with over 300.00 of my purchases. Where was their Loss Prevention then?? It all comes down to WE ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY!! Your emotional welbeing doesn't matter to us, being embarresed in front of onlookers doesn't matter to us, and your purchases are paid for and you could be SOL if someone else grabs them..
    I am embarresed to even mention that I use to work at WalMart. I was fired for eating broken stale Nacho chips because I didn't get my breaks. I had a Door Greater stop me in the middle of an order so I could go to the restroom, I to this day have back problems because they wouldn't take a incident report because I had to put stock away on my own which contained pop syrup.All because I had to work by myself while the snack bar manager was on vacation. The 2 other workers never showed up or were late.
    If I could talk to Sam I would tell him to fire all managers if they didn't do their job and manage their department and learn about what they sell. I would hope he would turn the tables and get his stores back the way he started. Make his CEO's work on a desk made of an old door and saw horses like he did.

    • You people who think you have it hard because you shop there, you have no idea, try WORKING there if you want to find out about being abused. Try being a cashier there. I used to, believe me, shopping there is a picnic compared to being a cashier.

      Not only do they get abused by their managers, but a good third of the customers think it's fun to treat them like slaves also. Do YOU stay after work for as long as anyone and everyone wants you to? Maybe she NEEDS to head out the door at a certain time to pick up her child before she get's financially penalized for being late. Do you have any idea how badly her feet, legs, and back ache after standing in one spot all day lifting and bending, lifting and bending?

      You should be ashamed, cashiers are not your personal slaves, but they are treated as such by half the public and their managers. Maybe that day and that person was the straw that broke the camel's back.

      You want the walmart to LISTEN to you? Talk w/your WALLET, stop shopping there, that is the ONLY thing they will ever hear.

  • I think they should have the "UNDERCOVER BOSS" people in Wal-Mart everyday and see just how the show (Wal-Mart) is really run. Wal-Mart is getting bigger and bigger and it is running other stores out of business.I also believe Wal-Mart needs to stop with the Fructose crap (sugar)they put on their shelves and push in the their stores. They need to stop with the store growth and take care of the stores they already have. Wal-Mart is big enough and I am so tired of the store. Seems like where ever we go there is a Wal-Mart and no other store to buy from that is so boring. And Wal-Mart saying, "they roll the prices back is a LIE"!!! The prices keep going up-up-up. This needs to stop and soon..